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He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus - The New York Times…
This is a MUST READ, some excerpts are below:
.@SecAzar publicly announced in February that the government was establishing a “surveillance” system in five American cities to measure the spread of the virus and enable experts to project the next hot spots. It was delayed for weeks.
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“Today, the Committee was scheduled to hear testimony from #KellyanneConway, Counselor to the President, about her repeated violations of federal laws.” -Chairman @RepCummings
“This is the second time in three weeks our Committee has attempted to obtain her testimony. We invited her to appear voluntarily at a hearing on June 26, but she refused.”…
“The Committee then voted to authorize a subpoena to compel her to testify here today. In defiance of that subpoena, Ms. Conway is again refusing to appear.”…
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1/ The #KellyanneConway issue.
As everybody else, I read a version of this: "Office of Special Counsel => recommends removal => Kellyane Conway ("Counselor to the President")…
2/ So, like a well-behaved #BaffledImmigrant, I decided to learn something about the #HatchAct . You know, it might come in handy during a civics test that we, aliens, must take. Here's what I found:……
3/ The #WhiteHouse responded in outrage, suggesting that the Counsel was out of line, dangerously risking the country's free speech and suggesting that the Special Counsel was the one actually infringing the Hatch Act. So let's see. Oh, yes, this is going to be a mess:
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"We in the White House took this very seriously"
"President Obama had ZERO tolerance "
"If I violated the Hatch Act he would have fired me"
- Soon to be exposed traitor Valerie Jarrett

#QAnon #HatchAct #kellyanneconway
Cavuto asking the tough questions like....Melania breaking protocol by bringing Michelle Obama a gift...

Damn man...

"I think Obama did what Bush did for us and was to try & have a smooth transition of power" -Valerie Jarrett

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💥Federal watchdog agency recommends removal of Kellyanne Conway from federal office for violating the Hatch Act…
>> Federal agency calls Trump counselor #KellyAnneConway—a “repeat offender”—& recommends removal from fed office for violating Hatch Act by “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media”
Wow LAWYER KellyAnne CONWAY disregarded the law so often, OSC saw removal as best remedy! Lawless Trump's surrounded by lawless propagandists who lie, smear & cover up his failures w/propaganda. She's doing Putin's job—dividing & vilifying Americans to weaken us at home & abroad.
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Wow. @ChrisCuomo absolutely destroying #KellyanneConway's lies and spin. Holding her to account for Trump lying to the American people.
It really is remarkable to see @ChrisCuomo do what a real journalist should do: Say that Trump is lying to the American public and that those lies are "crimes of leadership and crimes of integrity."
This exchange between @ChrisCuomo and #KellyanneConway is absolutely riveting, an important moment, and an example of how a good reporter should hold this lying, spinning White House accountable.
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At bookstore to get the latest in my favorite series and guess what I impulse-bought? I'll share excerpts when I get home and pour a glass of wine.
By the way it was 40% off already 😂
P. 220-Trump calls Jeff Sessions "Benjamin Buttons" behind his back. 🤣
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You've gotta be kidding me. Mueller is investigating #KELLYANNECONWAY for violating the Hatch Act on TV during LIVE INTERVIEWS?

Am I understanding this correctly? It took him 10 months to find a violation she supposedly did ON VIDEO?
I realize DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is the one looking into political activity inside the DOJ to benefit one political campaign while attacking the other one during the 2016 election, but come on. If Mueller's going down this path too....
I'd like to thank the 20 or so people who just corrected me after I read this tweet and took it at face value:

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