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(1/x) So @RepMattGaetz is running around now claiming he's a dad, apparently to the teenage brother of his ex-girlfriend.

As a white dad via adoption-at-birth to a black son, I have some thoughts on how shockingly dangerous it is to let any child near @mattgaetz.

(2/x) I'm reading that #MattGaetz has backpedaled on the whole adoption tip, as it's been proven that Gaetz never actually adopted #Nestor.

Still, I'm going to use this framing because, during the adoption process, potential adoptive parents go through background checks.
(3/x) These background checks include financial reviews, to ensure you can afford to provide a kid with the necessities, and criminal background checks, to make sure the kid will be safe. You also meet w/ social workers to get judged as safe, stable, not freakin' creepy, etc.
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4 odd details from the House GOP's bizarre anti-impeachment SCIF sit-in… via @TheWeek
@TheWeek "Here are four odd details from Wednesday's bizarre circus:

1. A third of the occupiers had the right to be in the room already
Despite Republican complaints that this is a secret partisan inquiry, 48 Republicans and 59 Democrats are on the the..."
@TheWeek "...three committees allowed to attend and participate in the impeachment depositions — including 13 of the Republicans who "stormed" the SCIF, by journalist Marcy Wheeler's count."
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This #MattGaetz horseshit is pretty funny and all but can you even imagine the consequences if a weed dealer's family organized a flash mob to crash his closed grand jury proceedings?

Okay, you can stop imagining now. They'd go to jail.
And that's for a closed proceeding ahead of charges that could send someone to prison for decades. The House is basically just conducting a job performance review here for which the worst possible outcome is removal from office. Fuck all the way off.
Criminal courts will do anything to shut down challenges to their own legitimacy, esp. where that resistance comes from the populations our system is designed to repress. But white guys in suits disrupting at the highest levels, that's just a good and normal protest apparently
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#Gunda REVEALED .. and they are not all #GOP I am trying to send a message to ‘makana maoli’ Punahou grad PBO et al. We need them fighting for the #Resistance and Our Democracy, even if they chose to do it behind the many doors he, Hillary and Joe have access to. @maddow
The message comes from @Billbrowder in this tweet (Think #Magnitsky Act) He shares a note and letter from a #Honolulu Reporter who was THUGGED in 2017 (#gunda) by VERY SAME #MobLawyer .. #Cooper he was smeared by @guardian @latimes
DID YOU SEE? The Lawyer did it on orders of Fake DEM @RepTulsiGabbard #GundaGabbard, and by doing it she OUTED herself as acting #mob in 2017. (We #LGBTQ all knew she was mob, because she was virulently #AntiGay, another #gunda #mob marker.) @huffpostqueer @newcivilrights
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