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Henry Cavill wore the #Superman suit from #ManofSteel for #BlackAdam:

“I chose that one in particular because of the nostalgia attached to the suit...It was incredibly important to me to be standing there and enjoying that moment" Image
Zack Snyder sent a video to Henry Cavill asking him to reflect on the early flying scenes in #ManofSteel and noted: "I can't wait to work with you again" Image
Henry Cavill responded to Zack Snyder's video by saying, “He’s a lovely man, and I am enormously appreciative for everything he’s done for me" Image
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Henry Cavill shared a video confirming his commitment to play #Superman in future DC films:
“I wanted to make it official — I am back as #Superman,” Henry Cavill said. He thanked the fans, “most of all. Thank you for your support and for your patience"
Though there are no writers or director attached, the intention is for Henry Cavill to star in at least one solo #Superman movie, his first since 2013’s #ManofSteel
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Midweek 🧵 incoming! Last Monday I analyzed Superman/Batman issues #53-#56 and how they are references #BatmanvSuperman. It was a lengthy one, so I left a couple of references out of it. So, here’s a bonus track 🧵 with them! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
First, Bruce and Clark meeting at a gala just like in #BatmanvSuperman ImageImage
Batman’s classic entrance looking like the one in the Warehouse scene in #BvS. Also, him entering sort of a warehouse in the comic! ImageImage
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It’s a new Monday, so time for a new entry into the #BatmanvSuperman references the DC lore series. Today, it’s time for Part 2 unpacking the Batman v Superman scene in the 🧵 below. Beware it’s a mighty long one 😅! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #BvSMondayMood Image
Today it’s all going to be about the moment where Batman is about to be snapped out of his PTSD by Superman’s words about his mother, Martha. I wrote about this moment at length here if you want to check it out…
But there is also an interesting comic reference to this moment that I only saw some months ago from @TheNewAsgard. And the more I got into the storyline that contains this moment the more I thought it deserved its own thread. So, let’s get at it!
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It’s a new Monday, so time for a new entry into the #BatmanvSuperman references the DC lore series. Today, it’s time for the scene Kidnapping in the 🧵 below! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #BvSMondayMood Image
It’s a short one today with two references to the last issue of Superman: Birthright (#12). First, the dialogue between Lex and Lois resembles that of the comic. Her trying to show she will expose him, and him shrugging it off. ImageImageImageImage
Even a couple of lines of Lex minimizing disrespectfully Lois are in both movie and comic. ImageImage
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It’s a new Monday, and today is a special one since I get to do a thread on one of my favorite #BatmanvSuperman scenes (The Mountain) and how it references the broad DC lore. Everything about it and a small analysis in the 🧵 below! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #BvSMondayMood Image
In this scene, Clark visits a mountain where he talks with his father’s ghost about what he’s going through. Importantly, to dissect this scene a good starting point is thinking about Zack Snyder’s words about it (thanks to @hell0gary for the edit of the image). Image
In a way it’s all about the evolution of the Fortress of Solitude. Interestingly, the first part of Zack Snyder’s Superman arc (#ManofSteel) depicts a “sort of” traditional fortress, the scout ship in the arctic. A big palace where he talks to his birth parent, Jor-El. ImageImageImage
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It’s a new Monday, so time for a new entry to the #BatmanvSuperman references to the DC lore series. Today is the turn for the Metamorphosis scene in the 🧵 below! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #BvSMondayMood Image
In this one Lex Luthor uses his blood and General Zod’s body to start creating the desecration without name. In this one there is not a particular reference but wanted to highlight different things about these scenes that are similar to comics. ImageImage
First, Lex Luthor is trying to create a creature to kill Superman. This has happened a lot in the comics, especially for different versions of Bizarro. For instance, in Post-Crisis, in The Man of Steel #5 he creates a clone of Superman that ends up becoming Bizarro (a creature). ImageImageImage
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¿Por qué la figura del #Superman de #ZackSnyder genera tanta POLÉMICA?

Aquí va un #HILO, analizando la IDEOLOGÍA y la FILOSOFÍA de #Snyder a través de su trilogía que acabará desembocando en la #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague ⬇️⬇️ Image
Aunque #Superman ha sido reinventado en varias ocasiones en películas y cómics, siempre ha mantenido DOS RASGOS fundamentales:

• Superman NO MATA.

• Superman representa el ALTRUISMO y el SACRIFICIO más puro. Image
Si a esa MORAL judeocristanea intachable le sumamos que es prácticamente OMNIPOTENTE...

DIFICULTA sus adaptaciones al cine (o incluso sus revisiones comiqueras posteriores), teniendo que recurrir en demasiadas ocasiones a la #Kryptonita; entre otros factores. Image
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I'm gonna do this now because tomorrow i'll be busy: this thread will explore the interview made by the great guys of @ComicBookDebate to Zack Snyder. here we go!
Zack showing on purpose the Crimeran picture right off th bat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #WonderWoman
"I'm a big fan of Myth, and the power of the Myth, and i think in a lot of ways that's let me go to this genre in particular, because i think in a lot of ways comic books is a modern myth, is our way to figuring out the world we living in" [+]
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Seeing that Dean Cain is still trending, but I am actually thinking about #ManOfSteel. A lot of people didn't like that movie because much of it didn't "feel" like Superman to them. Yet, even though these characters are very old, the new tales always reflect the time we live in.
Dean Cain is right that "the American Way" is a big part of Superman's story. When he was created, he was the quintessential American because he was an (undocumented) immigrant refugee who made a home and life in this country, then used his power (privilege) to protect others.
Dean Cain is also right that America has changed, at least in how it views that story. In fact, as part of the right-wing media outrage machine he's helped with that. And it's true that Superman doesn't represent the "American Way" anymore because it no longer reflects his story.
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[THREAD] O que esperar do #SnyderCut?

Confira todas as mudanças confirmadas na versão de #JusticeLeague do diretor Zack Snyder:

Já quando Joss Whedon assumiu o longa, tivemos o anúncio da substituição do compositor Junkie XL por Danny Elfman. Junkie, que já colaborou com Hans Zimmer em #ManOfSteel e #BatmanvSuperman, revelou que seu trabalho já estava completo antes de deixar o filme.

Zack Snyder é famoso por seus créditos de abertura em 'Dawn of the Dead' e #Watchmen, mas em #JusticeLeague o responsável pela cena inicial é Joss Whedon, que já revelou em seu twitter que escolheu a música 'Everybody Knows' da cantora Sigrid.
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It is 6 years anniversary for #ManOfSteel. The film that I saw 4 times in theaters and keep all 4 tickets to this day. I saw it with my friend, with my sister, with my brother and alone. This is the Superman that forever changed my general worldview on life and media.
That Krypton sequence is a masterpiece and it gave us the best portrayals of Jor and Lara to date. The amount of love and care they immediately have for their newborn son is both charming and heartbreaking. I just wish we had more of them. Beautiful parents of Kal-El.
I'm still in love with how Clark's first appearance was handled. We cut immediately to him wandering the world, seeking for his place in it and already being a badass savior of those in need where nobody else can help. Right away we are shown what kind of person he is by now.
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Some themes in #DCEU movies also apply to the movies themselves.

#ManofSteel - It is valuable to have the freedom to choose your own path in life, instead of being confined to what society expects from you.

Many ppl wanted to confine Superman to past versions of the character.
#BatmanvSuperman - we should not jump to judgment or be swept up in ill-founded public narratives. We should consider others' perspectives.

Many ppl jumped on the bandwagon of hate toward BvS w/out seeing it or judging for themselves. Many refuse to reconsider their views on it.
#SuicideSquad - even those with flaws still have a soul and deserve to exist. We should give second chances.

It's a flawed movie but should still be accepted and valued as part of the universe. We should look for the good. The characters also deserve a second chance (sequel).
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