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I have no followers so I'm sure this post will be a waste of #TwitterSpace. I have personally been blessed and cursed by the whole medical system most of my life. To start off, my father shot himself when I was 7 due to mental health issues. Back then depression and bipolar 👇🏼
was treated with drugs like Valium. He had a really low moment and boom. “Tell Roger I’m sorry” is what they told me he said. I was introduced to #oxycontin at the ripe age of 15. My first dose was 40mg and I was sick as a dog for hours. That would trigger a lifelong battle 👇🏼
With addiction to #opiods. After my mom abandoned me when I was 16 and after some time in a homeless shelter
then rehab, I began to get my life together at age 22. 23 im married and doing ok and wreck an #ATV (4-wheeler) off a mountain in #NorthCarolina and become #paralyzed👇🏼
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Predictors of Retention and Drug Use Among Patients With Opioid Use Disorder Transferred to a Specialty "Second Chance" #Methadone Program 1/5…
BACKGROUND: Many patients in #methadone treatment have difficulty achieving or maintaining drug abstinence, and many clinics have policies that lead to discharging these patients. We designed a pilot "Second Chance" (SC) program for patients... 2/5
scheduled to be discharged from other local #methadone clinics to be transferred to our clinic.AIM: Determine whether SC patients' retention and opioid use is related to physical or mental health conditions, non-opioid substance use, or tre... 3/5
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During the pandemic, guidance for #OAT was modified around the world, leading to more flexible access to take-home doses for many people treated with #methadone and #buprenorphine. In our new study in @JAMA_current, we evaluated the impact of these changes on patient outcomes.
We looked separately at ppl treated with #methadone and #buprenorphine, stratified by level of take-home doses before the pandemic (daily or weekly). We then examined how more flexible take-home doses were associated with risk of OAT discontinuation, interruption and #overdose.
Impacts were most prominent among methadone recipients, where receiving new or extended take-home doses led to a lower risk of treatment discontinuation/interruption & a similar or lower risk of overdose.
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"It's like 'liquid handcuffs": The effects of take-home dosing policies on #Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) patients' lives 1/5…
BACKGROUND: #Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways of reducing risk of #overdose, arrest, and transmission of blood-borne viruses like HIV and HCV among people that use opioids. Yet, MMT'... 2/5
s use of restrictive take-home dose policies that force most patients to attend their clinic on a daily, or near-daily, basis may be unpopular with many patients and lead to low rates of treatment uptake and retention. In response, this art... 3/5
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A moment of #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday : I’ve been selected as a finalist for this years VGH/BMO Innovator’s Challenge with my team for developing a novel opioid analyzer.

Last year, BC experienced the highest rates of #opioid #overdose fatalities ever recorded in history, with the highest rates of death in Canada. #OUD can be treated with #HarmReduction strategies, therapy, and partnering with patients to meet their goals and priorities.

Medications such as opioid agonist therapy (OAT) can be part of the treatment plan for some or many patients with OUD.

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I WISH that I had good news to share with you all but sadly I don't. The #palliativecare doctor said he only treats end of life or #cancer pain & I am once again thrown back in the water like nasty stinky unwanted chum.
He said that I shouldn't be removed off Rx #opioids & in his opinion the the forced wean is too aggressive. I happened to have a horrible #crps attack so he got to literally see what that looks like. It's not pretty.
WHY are patients forced to go through this much shit in order to get basic care? I 100% feel discriminated against & it isn't ok. He did say that he was going to call my doctor tomorrow & speak to them directly to see if he can convince them to keep me on or adjust my meds.
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1/ @AmerMedicalAssn⁩ applauds
decision by ⁦@HHSGov⁩ to allow physicians to prescribe #buprenorphine without an X-waiver for the treatment of patients with #opioid use disorder. #OUD

However, it is important to keep in mind several considerations:…
2/ •Use of #buprenorphine by a person who has #OUD but is not in withdrawal can precipitate withdrawal. This is a significant adverse experience. It also dissuades patients from adherence to treatment.
3/ •It is unclear whether removal of the X-waiver requirement for #buprenorphine-prescribing will increase access to care in the community. Already, physicians who have an X-waiver do not see the full allowed complement of patients who have #OUD.
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Thanks @UTMBFamilyMed for inviting me to present Grand Rounds today! I'm going to share a few pearls for other interested folks in #FamilyMedicine, #TwitteRx, & beyond.

A long but extremely visual🧵🧵🧵
To understand the "opioid crisis", you have to accept that the first wave was driven by excessive prescribing. BUT you also have to accept that reactionary supply reduction interventions drove a totally preventable second wave of deaths due to heroin.
In order to help the people who are actually dying today, you must recognize that deaths to Rx opioids accounted for fewer than ⅓ of all opioid overdose deaths, and that proportion is shrinking every year.
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Advice from the DHHS about maintaining continuity for pharmacotherapy treatment is here. Key principals include writing prescriptions for longer (with regular phone check-ins with patients) and increased TA doses where clinically appropriate (1/3)
Guidance to support assessing appropriateness for additional takeaways are here. Where clinically appropriate, increasing takeaways means that people can stay safe at home and travel pharmacies. #Naloxone is recommended with takeaways (2/3)
Documents to support dose delivery are here (3/3) Much credit to the dedicated staff at @VicGovDHHS @VAADAENEWS and the broader sector in developing these resources for those providing #methadone and #buprenorphine @psa_vic @HRV_Aust @RACGP @DrGrinzi
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Thank you 2 all hard-working MATOD/ORT prescribers.
As MATOD/ ORT prescribers we are in a position to help reduce community spread by the way we work. An informal group of committed people put together some unofficial (at this stage) guidelines.
Here are our suggestions:

SCRIPT DURATION - give *up to* 6m duration scripts (in the event you become unwell to give time for a replacement to be found).
BUDDY / DELEGATE - particularly important for solo practitioners to have a colleague who can cover them in the event that they become unwell. 2/6
TAKE AWAYS - increase take aways for stable patients: *up to* 1 month for #Suboxone, *up to* 1-2 weeks for #Methadone
Ongoing risk assessment is essential.

NALOXONE - give all patients scripts for Nyxiod or Prenoxad. #Naloxone education found here: 3/6
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