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BOTOX: A PRINCIPLE OF MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS & THERAPY? Several insidious medical disorders encompass similar pathophysiology seeming amenable to #Botox therapy: #Migraine, #TMJ, chronic neck pain (#cervicalgia), & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (#TOS).
The pathophysiology found within all these disorders is the phenomenon of “crossed muscle” syndromes. Dr. Victor Janda is possibly first to describe this curious syndrome, which is easily discovered by simple physical examinations.
When the body musculoskeletal tower is asymmetric (tilted) within the ambient gravitational field, muscle pairs symmetric from side to side or which oppose in individual body part functions, become dissimilar in dynamic action; one muscle stronger & hypertrophic. The other weak.
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na nossa segunda #HQReload, trazemos um recorte triste, mas necessário, sobre a luta de mães da etnia #Yanomami. #SegueOFio e se liga na importância de conhecer a cultura da comunidade indígena, com infos apuradas pela @amazonia_real. #SOSYanomami
o #descaso com os corpos de pessoas Yanomami existe em morte e em vida, infelizmente...
e para piorar tudo, a comunidade #Yanomami também sofre com várias invasões de #garimpeiros em suas terras.
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#IBS & #TMJ: an interesting essay showing why these seeming separate disorders are related; with emphasis on TMJ etiology.
Relation of IBS & TMJ: The nexus is hyper-mobile joints. TMJ occurs in TM joint of face uppermost in people who chronically tilt head; oft associated w. scoliosis (common in #HSD) & d/t Masseter muscle spasm attempting to maintain normal dental occlusion.
#IBS is associated with ligament laxity of SIJ & autonomic nervous system impingement within contiguous presacral plexus, which tracts to intestine; #IBS is a #dysautonomia. These are my clinical observations and theories
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“Hip” is socket (acetabulum) where femur (upper leg bone) inserts into pelvis (ilium/ischium). If hip were to dislocate, person would have excruciating pain & be unable to stand/walk. Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is 17 cm square in area; vs. ilium & sacrum/coccyx (tail bone)....
SIJ commonly subluxes in pwHSD, generating painful ligament stretch interpreted as low back/hip pain in 13-30% pwLow Back Pain. When SIJ subluxes, Ilium rotates CW or CCW around a virtual transverse axis from Right to Left & through both mid-SIJs ....
Rotation of Ilium relative to Sacrum creates an oblique relationship of contours of the two bones. In a lean person, & depending on whether there is a CW or CCW rotation, the tail bone can appear to become stationed closer to the hip region on that side....
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O governo do presidente @jairbolsonaro é um governo de transformação, para fazer o Brasil realmente avançar, e ser melhor para os brasileiros. Os resultados mostram que o caminho está correto.
Os indicadores econômicos mostram um país mais próspero. Os indicadores de queda da criminalidade mostram que hoje temos um país mais seguro.
Todos nós que temos a honra de participar desse momento transformador sabemos que há muito a ser feito, mas temos a convicção de que o governo Bolsonaro está preparado para enfrentar os desafios de agora e os que virão. De minha parte, obrigado pelo apoio! #tmj
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Pessoas completa e inevitavelmente irrelevantes que vc conheceu só porque o Brasil ficou uma merda:

. Velho da Havan
. Joice Hasselman
. Oswaldo Eustáquio
. Abraham Weintraub
. Carla Zambelli
. Ricardo Salles
... podem continuar...
E eu nem ligo pra Instagram pra divulgar...
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A query was offered about my comment that ligament laxity was common to #TMJ & #IBS: “So, you would say the two are not connected other than the fact that the person has joint laxity.” My response to this comment is as follows:
In patients with only complaint of TMD (Temporal Mandibular Joint, TMJ, Disorder) there seems to be near universal generalized joint hypermobility (#HSD). TMD seems to occur mostly in women.
In persons who complain only of symptoms that prove to be #IBS, the near universal finding is sacroiliac joint (SIJ) hypermobility.
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