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I owe @KaylinEvergreen and Dionysos, one of my absolute _favorite_ Hellenic deities, a bit of attention. so here it is!

Dionysos, or "Bacchus" as he's been called in Greece and Rome, is an unusual addition to the Hellenic pantheon—a late addition, thought to be imported.

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his own mythology seems to reflect the likelihood that the worship of Dionysos came in from the East: the general story is that he was born in Thrace, had a long period of wandering abroad, then returned to Greece—triumphantly drunk off his arse.

for Dionysos was a god of drunken revels and *ecstasy*.

that's how I first learned about him from Euripedes's stark play "The Bacchae", which describes how the king of Thebes, Pentheus, falls foul of Dionysos by attempting to forbid his worship.…

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ah, more topics of interest.

I'm sure folks have noticed the extreme tendency in the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @NateSilver538 fascıst circle to one-size-fits-all explanations for...well, everything! "tribalism" and "narrative" are like Elon Musk's infamous "X App" fixation.

they're like the dreary Campbell "monomyth" that dullards like @jordanbpeterson think is actually a valid intellectual concept, when really it's just the same Western daydream: the Theory of Everything. the single concept or doctrine that explains...everything there is.

one sees a similar attitude in scientifically illiterate #STEM-Lord types (@sama and @ID_AA_Carmack, say) who don't really know anything about science and who therefore tend to think that "science" is merely a small collection of equations that somehow...sum it ALL up.

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our partner and best friend @KaylinEvergreen, to whom we feel we owe so much—we've benefited from the keenness of her mind; she "keeps it real" for us, and we *need* such tethering—doesn't like someone we talk frequently about, and that's the Christian celebrity, #CSLewis.

unfortunately, the Pnictogen Wing feels that it's got plenty of unfinished business with C. S. Lewis—"Jack" Lewis, to friends—because Lewis played a pivotal role in our lives. we rebounded from the disastrous 1992-4 mistake that was attending @Caltech towards #CSLewis.

we had caught a lucky break: our very first taste of C. S. Lewis wasn't something obvious. it wasn't the #Narnia books, which we didn't read until our mid-20s. it wasn't "The Screwtape Letters" or "Miracles" or any other of the famed Christian apologetic writings of Lewis.

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there's probably a good reason for this: the reactionary American #conservative movement and its political instruments (mainly @GOP politicians) knows that #Christianity is coming under increasing fire from all the peoples that Christianity has harmed in its bloody career.

@TuckerCarlson is *emotionally* correct about one thing: #Christianity is under attack. I should know, because I'm assisting in the war against this dangerous cult, whose death throes threaten to drag all humanity down it.

but #conservative diatribe is "doublethinkful".

that is to say, every word spoken by a right-wing celebrity like @TuckerCarlson has *multiple meanings*: his words do not mean what they seem on the surface.

nothing he says is plain truth; peddlers of #conservative panegyric have lost the ability to speak plain truth.

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we have never had the stomach to watch @KirkCameron's repulsive "Saving Christmas"—even in capsule review form, the movie (and Cameron's extreme smarminess) are difficult to take.

it's clearly an interesting document though—a snapshot of #Christianity in profound decay.

St. Nicholas is reduced to a thuggish brute, dealing with the famous "Arian heresy" by clubbing Arius over the head; @KirkCameron is the *fascɪst* sort of #Christian, the sort whose weak faith needs support from violent enforcement.

what is the "Arian heresy", by the way?

it's a fascinating interpretation of the Incarnation, a reasonable one in fact—Arius ( posited that the Son of God, like all other human beings, was *bound to Time*. he was conceived at a certain moment (so said Arius) and did not exist before then.

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(multiple chasers from me to come)
Chaser #1:
cc.@kimbiddulph, @ajw32:

Reconstructed medieval door, on the fabled island of Kilwa (off the Tanzanian coast). My photo: Image
Chaser #2. Secret door! Well OK. Modern slide door replacing an old secret door, that led from the wine cellar of the Hôpital civil de Strasbourg into the secret (because then forbidden) human-dissection room. My photo. Image
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Un chico o una chica se casan con la princesa o el príncipe. Este argumento de los cuentos clásicos desvela un deseo profundo del ser humano: llegar a ser reyes. A lo mejor no sabes que tú ya lo eres. Te lo cuento en #HilosDelEvangelio #HiloDeCristoRey #Narnia #CristoRey
Antes, os explico que hoy es la fiesta de “Jesucristo, Rey del Universo”, que se hace coincidir con el último domingo del año con un fin pedagógico. Siguiendo con el símil del cuento, es el “y fueron felices y comieron perdices”. [spoiler] Al final de la historia ¡Cristo Reina!
Pero ¿cómo el último domingo del año?, dirás. Si estamos en noviembre aún.
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Let's do some #Narnia #travel. Because, really, why not?
Thread. #CSLewis Appreciation Day, by (my) decree.
cc. @artnmuzic, @julietyler12, @RobertaWedge, @BrentonDana, @JenniferNeyhart, @nursemaiden
I took this photo in #HurstbourneTarrant, England. It reminded me extremely powerfully of the door into Archenland, "The Horse And His Boy". And it's great in its own right.
Close-up of that above. You see what I mean.
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