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Many in 🇨🇳China’s gay community are strangers to Western #LGBT cultures, and Westerners are unfamiliar with their Chinese counterparts’ lifestyles

Using Western metrics like #pride month & #rainbowcapitalism 🏳️‍🌈 to weigh their joy is intellectually flawed…
#Homosexuality existed throughout ancient China, but #gaypride is a modern American celebration → its irrelevance here is nothing to be appalled about

Demanding Asian policies to be more Westernised reinforces the harmful narrative that homosexuality is a Western “lifestyle” 👬
Gay venues and activities in China are unlike those in the West. E.g. In #Chengdu, teahouses are a popular LGBT integration space 🍵

Allies should NOT assume that they are oppressed based on a limiting framework that reduces the West to #liberalism and the East to #conservatism
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the Pnictogen Wing has been *noticed*—well, probably we've been noticed for a while, but some of the more *important* sort of right-wing propagandists (greetings again, Mr. @shadihamid of @BrookingsInst) are beginning to chatter, and that means...well I'm not sure yet.

it raises a lot of questions that we've honestly tried to avoid worrying about—like, what do people *think* we are?

whatever we claim to be, whatever we say about ourselves, we are ALSO a crazy person in Seattle. a homemaker, worried about cooking and laundry and cats.

we've often been accused of being a Democratic front but that seems standard with the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @shadihamid crowd (really they're all about the same people)—@TheDemocrats are the chief Satan of their political mythology, the stooge to blame all things on.

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#cdnpoli 🧵@JustinTrudeu
does NOT set #fueloilprices and @PierrePoilievre
knows that. We live in a democracy, not a totalitarian state. The price of oil is set in the global marketplace so the supply/demand balance determines the price of O&G products around the world.
The Canadian government has constitutional authority to regulate gasoline prices only in an emergency. However, provinces and territories can regulate prices, and Quebec and the Atlantic provinces do so.
@JustinTrudeau does NOT set #groceryprices and
@PierrePoilievre knows that. They result from factors that include yields, wildfires, drought, global supply chain problems and grocery chain price gouging, etc. Implying otherwise is #misinformation.
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I ask my few readers to consider the following possibility: ALL "#conservative" ideology these days—whether it's from @GOP ideologues or the @Conservatives' ideologues or #Christian ideologues or "gender critical" ideologues of the @bindelj sort—has a very specific motive.

not the motive you might be thinking!

I suggest that ALL these people—@DouthatNYT, @realchrisrufo, @Docstockk, @michaelshermer, whoever—adapt their ideology specifically according to who humiliates them in arguments the most reliably. because these people *can't argue*.

right-wing ideology can't be supported *logically*, because the core and center of "movement #conservatism" is irrational and emotional: they like old beliefs and old concepts, old ways of wielding power and regulating human beings, and they don't want anything to change.

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#geopolitical tedium is not for me. I like the world of ordinary matter and energy (and physics and chemistry and all of it) far too much. I like tools and instruments and equipment, and knowing how to use them. fretting about #Russia or #China is not my highest priority.

yet American #politics and political #media have completely inundated popular culture—because @jack Dorsey and #MarkZuckerberg permitted the politicization of #Internet #socialmedia. on specious grounds they kicked down the door between "public" and "private" online.

now, both @TheDemocrats and the @GOP, both @UKLabour and the @Conservatives, and political parties and political figures all over the world freely do business in full public view; @elonmusk openly conspires with @mtaibbi and @lhfang and @bariweiss in full public view.

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I'd like to return to this subject a bit—this strange business of how "movement #conservatism" in the United States, by which I mean the lethal strain of reactionary #Christian theocracy that infests the current Republican Party, puts such an enormous value on *feelings*.

it's strange, because not one American reactionary—not @loganclarkhall, not @thomaschattwill or @shadihamid, not a single propagandist at @NRO or @AEI or @FRCdc—will ever admit to being motivated by anything other than pristine, sparkling _logic_. it's part of the costume.

the @GOP and its partisans have been practicing this pose for *decades* now. William Buckley—a coarse, vulgar, thoroughly ignorant man who was good at sounding erudite when a camera was running—was typical of the new "rationalist" pose in right-wing American politics.

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it is difficult to talk about Western or American #conservatism these days—or #liberalism or #centrism for that matter. these meanings of all these terms, and dozens of other political terms, have been rendered deliberately confusing and multivariate.

so has #politics.

especially since the days of @RonaldReagan's catastrophic figurehead presidency, especially, "politics" have been made into a dirty word—something nobody is supposed to talk about too much in polite conversation, or during reviews of games or books or movies or anything.

probably this process was well underway by the time the @GOP and @Peggynoonannyc succeeded in propping up their cowboy-actor mannequin, @RonaldReagan, behind a podium and programmed him to spout neo-fascıst blather about "crime" and "the evil empire" and other such trash.

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#capitalism optimizes for bad engineering. I don't think there's any good reason to doubt that.

capitalism—thanks to the authoritarian methods of capitalist leadership, and the extreme fixation on profiteering and wealth-hoarding, *cannot* and will not build to last.

the easiest way for corporate #management and #executive persons to increase profits, instantaneously, is by *increasing their skim*. they shave more and more and more off every budgetary item they can possibly think of—capitalists *especially* begrudge paying workers.

the ideal worker, in #capitalism, pays the capitalist to have a job.

this is essentially what "company scrip" is about—and capitalists have been attempting to reintroduce the idea of paying workers with false money via the magic of @jack's favorite thing, #cryptocurrency.

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@RonaldReagan, the racɪst and profoundly *disgusting* figurehead President, whom the @GOP installed in 1980 through an act of treason intended to humiliate Pres. Carter, taught his nation a lot of very bad habits.

"worst President" sticks fairly firmly to Ronald Reagan.

among the worst of the habits which @RonaldReagan taught American politics was the appallingly hypocritical and destructive habit of pretending that "government" was an enemy force—it was always absurd, because Reagan and the @GOP were running the government.

but when the @GOP—through their mouthpiece @RonaldReagan, who was a third-rate actor going senile but was still lucid enough to be rehearsed and scripted into delivering speeches full of reactionary diatribe—said "government" they meant something rather specific.

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there's probably a good reason for this: the reactionary American #conservative movement and its political instruments (mainly @GOP politicians) knows that #Christianity is coming under increasing fire from all the peoples that Christianity has harmed in its bloody career.

@TuckerCarlson is *emotionally* correct about one thing: #Christianity is under attack. I should know, because I'm assisting in the war against this dangerous cult, whose death throes threaten to drag all humanity down it.

but #conservative diatribe is "doublethinkful".

that is to say, every word spoken by a right-wing celebrity like @TuckerCarlson has *multiple meanings*: his words do not mean what they seem on the surface.

nothing he says is plain truth; peddlers of #conservative panegyric have lost the ability to speak plain truth.

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"The Law" is an arbitrary, irrational thing.

that may come as a surprise to #conservative partisans, especially if they are themselves lawyers—lawyering has supplied the world with many of its politicians (like Mr. @dick_nixon) and its pundits (like Mr. @DavidAFrench).

lawyers are well-trained in logic and rhetoric, but logic and rhetoric may be placed at the service of irrational causes. The Law, as an icon of Western political discourse, is an irrational cause.

this is well known, or ought to be; many writers have written about this.

it is trivially simple, for example, to pass two laws that logically contradict each other—in fact it probably happens all the time. then the authorities who are empowered to administer The Law are stuck with the job of reconciling two laws that conflict with each other.

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There's much about #fascism that is largely hidden from us in Britain.

#Fascist ideas prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups.

In 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany, Hitler received less than 3 percent of the vote; after 1930, however, far more voters—many of them middle and lower-middle class individuals fearful of “proletarianization”—gave him their support.
The economic anxiety underlying the success of Nazism was reflected to some extent in party membership, which was drawn disproportionately from economic elites and other high-status groups—especially for leadership positions.
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🚫No, #Conservatism does NOT equal #WhiteSupremacy 🚫 And here’s proof…

Over the last few days, the #MSM has been conflating conservatives and white supremacists as if they are one in the same. This thread will detail WHY and HOW that is simply untrue…

🪡 👀 ⬇️

Since the #BuffaloMassacre major media outlets and certain journalist have been tirelessly attempting to tie words from the killer back to those of @TuckerCarlson 📢

The problem is these reports deliberately take words out of context, while ADDING context to imply racism…

First, a defense is only necessary following an attack 💥 Not-so-clever leftists tend to forget they are the ones fledging the assault

Next, quoting @TuckerCarlson’s words, the author attempts to ADD context, turning reference to political-affiliation in a racial attack…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/08/2022…
Airborne DNA From Plants Could Reveal Invasive Species, Impact Of Climate Change - WorldNewsEra…

#AirborneDNA, #PlantDNA, #InvasiveSpecies, #ClimateChange, #impact
The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life...All Thanks To Joe Rogan…

#MainStreamMedia, #JoeRogan, #ContentCreation, #FreePress, #IndependentJournalism
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/07/2021…
Pre-Columbian Latin Text Proves Early Knowledge of the Americas…

#MedievalHistory #europe #latin #translations
Extinction and origination patterns change after mass extinctions…

#MassExtinctions #consequences #evolution
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It is genuinely hard to see how some of the @Conservatives defending things coming out of #cpc21 can claim to have any semblance of a commitment to "conservativism". Funnily enough, this isn't a "get" at Conservatives though. Some of the biggest issues are apolitical. 1/
When you see the language and attacks from likes of Raab and Patel though, and the cheers which they received, you have to wonder what happened to some of the old school, small state, individual liberties, Conservatives. 2/
I grew up in a household of them. My mum used to collect Margaret Thatcher memorabilia. Pretty much my first memories are of sitting watching her in Council Meetings, where she was a Conservative Councillor. Before she died she was about to run for Parliament. 3/
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Trump should never have left office, never have let it get this far. As the level of provable sabotage - not Lin Wood's wild accusations - that McConnell and others have engaged in is made evident, it's increasingly apparent we needed the lion that everyone hoped Trump was.
Trump was larger than life. If there's a metaphor for him, it would be an ornery thoroughbred. He worked his butt off. People who could get past his often offputting combativeness admired his work ethic, focus, and noble pursuits. But he wasn't remotely as vicious as he sounded.
What decent Americans need is a lion. One who'll lead a pride of lions and chase out the hyenas and jackals in Washington DC. Make Washington DC a place ambitious, unscrupulous lowlifes avoid and fear, or go to die. An administration that establishes policing the govt, not us.
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It's not that bigotry against Jews or other ethnicities isn't a bad thing and can't be called out on their own, but @JackPosobiec and others who carry the "conservative media" label still virtue signal and play this game. This enables bigotry against whites and Christians.
The trend in popular media, and generally in our culture altogether, has been to tolerate expressed bigotry toward white people and/or Christianity without much, if any, pushback. Instead of confronting it or bucking the trend, conservative media engages in the same pandering.
The Nation of Islam is a dissident cult group wallowing in bigotry. Pick a group outside their narrow umbrella and they're generally bigoted toward them. Yet time and time again media figures ignore almost every objectionable thing about the group except "anti-semitism".
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Today I requested my absentee ballot for the #Ohio #DemocraticPrimary. It will be the first time I've ever voted for a #Democrat. The first vote that I ever cast was for #JohnMcCain in the primary for the 2008 #GOP primary at the age of 17, though I preferred #MittRomney...
I guess that's prophetic in a way, considering the #GOP and #Trump's treatment of both have been contributing factors towards my escape from the #Republican party.

Let me stress something right now. I am NOT a #Democrat. I am a #conservative through and through...
Before #Trump, I saw #conservatism and the #GOP as largely synonymous. I loved #RonaldReagan. I read National Review. I believed in small government, secure borders and a strong military. I was #Prolife to my very core. Guess what? I'm still in favor of all of that...
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A "bonfire of regulations". Exactly what Rees-Mogg wanted!

Only rich people will be able to afford non-garbage food. The plebs can eat the garbage.

It fits with the idea that supporters of this see ordinary people as that, too: garbage.…
It's the end-point of "I'm alright Jack" thinking and has been an underpinning concept of #Conservative ideas since #Conservatism was a twinkle in Adam Smith's eye.
Check your bank-balance. If there's at least £100m in there you'll be just fine post-(any form of)-#Brexit.
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