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Thread: There’s an insidious argument that it is automatically “un-conservative” to oppose anything that has been baked into the British political landscape for more than a couple of decades. Hence Brexit is supposedly a sign of the Tories being irresponsibly revolutionary. /1
Now, I’m the last one to disagree with the notion that this government has been (and continues to be) cavalier and irresponsible in flirting with a disruptive No Deal Brexit, which was certainly not the Brexit which I and many others campaigned and voted for. /2
But the lazy idea being bandied around by journalists, commentators and others (@sullydish has a slightly more measured take) is that Brexit is inherently un-conservative. Which sounds pleasing until you actually stop and properly think about it. /3
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A "bonfire of regulations". Exactly what Rees-Mogg wanted!

Only rich people will be able to afford non-garbage food. The plebs can eat the garbage.

It fits with the idea that supporters of this see ordinary people as that, too: garbage.…
It's the end-point of "I'm alright Jack" thinking and has been an underpinning concept of #Conservative ideas since #Conservatism was a twinkle in Adam Smith's eye.
Check your bank-balance. If there's at least £100m in there you'll be just fine post-(any form of)-#Brexit.
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1. I remember when you angry #Trumpkins stormed into #Republican Party; called #Conservatives “cucks”, “leftists”, “Killary voters”, “libtards”. You idolized #Trump in a cultic way. You fraternized with alt right #racists. You winked at #sexism. ->

2. You said #Conservative principles didn’t really matter, though you really couldn’t tell us what #Conservatism means. Of course, your leader didn’t know either; his attempts to articulate it were painful. You mocked our efforts to explain. ->

3. #Trump wild swings of rhetoric, positions, moods didn’t bother any of you. Whatever Trump said last was best & most true, no matter the word salad in which it was presented. His blatant self-contradictions were obvious to all but to you. ->

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