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As we head to the finish line in #nbpoli there are all sorts of guesses and interpretations of the polling we are seeing, and predictions. FWIW, here's what I'm looking at to get a sense of what to watch on election night.
1. First of all -- don't buy the posturing of those who say "polls mean nothing". If you use them right, you'll know more. What we remember as polling misses are usually (a) late trends that continued after polls went dark or (b) people mistaking the CW they remember for polls
2. A big part is to avoid getting caught up in any one poll. Sure, right now Libs love EKOS and PCs are all debunking it. But smart prognosticators look at the commonalities and averages -- any one poll can miss something, but they rarely all miss. NB polling has commonalities.
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My brother and I went to vote yesterday. We were joking before we went that it didn’t matter how he voted because as a white, middle class, educated male he would be fine regardless of who is elected. For me, a disabled female, the results of this election are crucial.
For the last four months I have been fortunate enough to live with my parents. Up until the last month I’ve barely left my house because, like many people with disabilities, I have no idea how COVID-19 will affect me. For us it simply isn’t worth the risk.
I went to vote to ensure that people with disabilities aren’t forgotten as restrictions begin to lift and everyone else moves into the “new normal”. And I did vote. But the HOW is completely unacceptable.
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Does it concern anyone else that besides a very small handful of incumbents that there are an even smaller handful of #NBElection candidates who are both women & mothers? 1/ #nbpoli
So many mothers focused right now on New Brunswick’s #SafeSeptember return to school and all the inequitable extra responsibilities of pandemic on top of the day-to-day. 2/ #nbpoli #nbelection
Women and Mothers, who are often devalued and dismissed, bring another perspective to the table. We need these voices helping to shape policies which affect the majority of our #NewBrunswick population. 3/ #nbelection #nbpoli
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Listened to @seguincbc's interview with @DominicCardy re: schools this morning. Thanks to both for an informative discussion.

Thought I'd share some thoughts on the fall as a parent of two kids, ages 5 and 7. #nbpoli

A longer than intended thread... 1/13
I agree with the Minister that New Brunswickers need to be patient. I appreciate all the work that gov't and our teachers are doing to prepare for an incredibly challenging school year.

Most importantly, I think the public needs to be clear-eyed about potential disruptions. 2/
A full school year without ANY major problems seems unlikely. Parents and their employers ought to be thinking now about what that's going to mean.

A lot of media attention has been focused on high school kids, but K-8 are really the key to everything, including the economy. 3/
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Could someone from New Brunswick Public Safety explain why bill 49 has a Henry VIII clause to allow cabinet to suspend, amend or supersede a provision of almost any public act or municipal by-law with impunity for at minimum 30 days during an emergency? #nbpoli #cdnnatsec
Considering that NB is currently in a state of emergency, what laws does the government intend to suspend, amend, or supersede without parliamentary oversight?
Bill 49 creates, unintentionally, a backdoor carding scheme during a state of emergency as a peace officer can stop anyone to investigate if there has been a violation of the Emergency Order & demand documents. So you can be stopped on foot and required to provide ID. #nbpoli
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⁦.@UniforTheUnion⁩, which represents 450 workers at #Northwood, says #PPE was withheld in early stages of the outbreak because the nursing home, like many others in Cda., was concerned about its supply running out.

Story ⁦…
2)@JanetHazey, Pres. @NS_nurses, said staffing levels at #Northwood have long been a major concern of hers.

She said the union has been calling for a staff review at Northwood for years and published a report called Broken Homes in late 2015. @MulliganCBC…
3) @LindaMacNeil3 of #Uniforsaid there will be a meeting of the health-care unions on Thurs. She said the call for a public inquiry will likely be a topic of discussion.

Janet Simm said Northwood welcomes the scrutiny.

(@StephenMcNeil has consistently dodged the question.)
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1/43 So far I've supported @fordnation's response to the #COVID19 pandemic in #ONpoli, but this marks a turning point that recklessly plays with fire & a return to partisan agendas that will explode the death rate in rural Ontario

See #THREAD for details…
2/43 #THREAD Re #COVID19 in #ONpoli #CDNpoli cc @fordnation

Although I appreciate the political pressures on Premier Ford to re-open the economy, he's become insulated in a #TOpoli bubble that is utterly tone deaf & detrimental to Conservative strongholds in cottage country
3/43 #THREAD Re #COVID19 in #ONpoli #CDNpoli cc @fordnation

I'm speaking in these partisan terms in an effort to get through to Premier Ford, that his predetermined decision to send urban Ontario to cottage country for the May 2-4 holiday is so mistaken it will cost him votes
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1. Before he was elected, @FordNation promised he would see the Basic Income Pilot through...

Once elected, he killed it.

Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

He's going ahead with it anyway

#cdnpoli #ONpoli
2. Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, NB Premier @BlaineHiggs he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

While he will go ahead with a Made in NB carbon pricing scheme, he is still involved in the court case.

#NBPoli #CdnPoli
3. Before he was elected, AB Premier @JKenney promised cuts wouldn't go beyond a certain point and that he'd respect city charters.

He waited until the #Elxn43 vote was held to drop a buget in which he betrayed those promises and many more.

#ABPoli #CdnPoli
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The former Clerk of Cabinet stated that it is normal practice in NB to spend money and seek legislative approval retroactively as long as approval happens in the same Fiscal Year. I find this practice concerning: What happens if the Assembly doesn't grant the $? #nbpoli
I wonder what the cultural view of civil servants is with respect to the constitutional role of the Assembly in approve spending: do they view it as red tape, an annoyance, or are most even aware?
It is misleading to suggest that the current government would not be bound by the Saint John agreement because of an improper Parliamentary approval. This is due to Parliamentary Privilege, the Courts are not going to look into exactly how the appropriation bill was authorized.
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You can start talking to each other and organizing a group in your region. Answer this tweet and say in what riding you are. Follow, DM each other and exchange contact info. RT to reach more people.
#nspoli #nbpoli #peipoli #nlpoli
If you want to join the Atlantic Canada group on Facebook:…
Vous pouvez discuter entre vous et organiser un groupe dans votre région. Répondez à ce tweet et dites dans quel comté vous êtes. Suivez, envoyez des messages privés et échangez vos coordonnées. Retweetez pour rejoindre plus de gens.
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So, I’ve been asked by folks in #Nbpoli about this Brian Kenny interview today. Ministers matter, so I will respectfully reply.

'Stability' of school system pushed test scores upward, education minister says | CBC News…
1. I get a bit worried when a minister says that test results from early 2016 reflect a plan released in September 2016. It suggests perhaps a shaky grasp of policy, a hyperpartisan bent, or worst of all an inability to grasp the concept of time and the temporal plane. #nbpoli
2. I would expect a minister to join in a sincere examination of what worked, and what didn’t. He may, of course, reach different conclusions. But what are we to make of a minister who yells “We did it! Us!” when his govt planned 5 of these kids’ 102 months in school pre-test?
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I've promised a Twitter essay on some big education news in #nbpoli for a while. Here goes.

Those who care about literacy and education policy, it's worth plowing through. I promise.
1. So, the Pan-Canadian Assessment Programme (PCAP) reported earlier this month. That's where provincial governments measure their student performance in reading, math and science.

Report here:…
2. The 2016 report on Grade 8s would deal with children who began Kindergarten in 2007-08. That's actually the cohort that has the highest Grade 2 literacy scores in NB history.
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