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Over the course of my lifelong evangelical experience, I watched church leaders teach kids to ignore their gut. That the feeling of something being off was to be ignored. In fact, it was the voice of "the enemy," persuading you to not trust your spiritual authority.
Your leaders were not required to earn your trust or make the space safe. You were the problem and it was because you let the enemy into your heart and mind.

They used this to ask intrusive questions. They wanted to know your sin nature so they could coach you.
You'd be encouraged to tell your pastors and leaders about lustful thoughts, homosexual tendencies, who you might like, bad things that had happened in your life that were beyond your control.

There was no consent because you were groomed to trust blindly.
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In February, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (@CIHI_ICIS) released provisional data on Covid-19 Hospitalization for Apr - Sep 2022.

NB spent $40.7 M on hospitalized Covid-19 patients in those six months alone.

h/t @amandalhu for the heads up.
#nbpoli The Cost of Neglect
$40.7 M breaks down to an average of $19.4 k per hospitalized Covid-19 patient.

Since pandemic protections were removed, the RHAs report an average of 94 hospitalized Covid-19 patients on any given week.

With an average stay of 2 weeks that's a cost of ~ $911.8 k / week.
In 2023 alone, we are seeing an average of 62 hospitalized Covid-19 patients per week.

A cost of over $600 k / week.
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Did you know? Every Friday, PHAC releases its Respiratory Virus Report, for the week ending the previous Saturday. You can see how many positive tests were reported from each province, for: SARS-CoV-2, flu, RSV, parainfluenza, adenovirus, metapneumovirus, enterovirus/rhinovirus..
..and human coronavirus (HCov).
Here's the link:…

And a summary for NB for week 10, ending March 11:


SARS-CoV-2: 401/1715 tests; positivity: 23.38%
Flu: 9/1358, 0.66%
RSV: 30/1252, 2.4%
Parainfluenza: 5/79, 6.33%
Adenovirus: 5/79, 6.33%
Metapneumovirus: 12/79, 15.19%
(There is currently an NB child hospitalized at the IWK for metapneumovirus)

Enterovirus/rhinovirus: 14/79, 17.72%
HCov: 8/79, 10.13%
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@CloeILogan About 5 years after being slapped w. one of the largest fines for environmental pollution in Canadian history, Irving Pulp and Paper has received a federal loan for up to $100M to help clean up waste effluent from the mill. #Oligarchy #nbpoli…
Nov. 2022: @poitrasCBC & @fredericzalac reported the #Irvings created an offshore insurance co. in the #TaxHaven of Bermuda that allowed it to accumulate over $13M in untaxed income between 1973 and 2001. #FMALtd…
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« Stable » is such a dastardly lie.

It’s not like they’re saying it’s over. But stable is soooo reassuring. Stable definitely makes you feel like - you can just keep doing your thing. Stable isn’t any kind of a warning.

#nbpoli… 7 day rolling average of wa...Fredericton wastewater valu...Graphs showing wastewater v...
If questioned about what’s stable, one could point to any massaged metric.

Maybe reported ICU cases are stable. Maybe reported hospitalizations are stable. Maybe deaths are stable.

Doesn’t address at all the fact that we have a new hazard that didn’t exist 5 years ago.
And that our esteemed provincial government has never informed anybody that this hazard transmits through the air, by the inhalation route.

How is long term care ever supposed to stop transmission when no one is telling them to clean the air?
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1 year tomorrow: the last time NBers were addressed in a streamed/broadcast COVID briefing.

Think they’ll surprise us with a reunion episode?

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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc I recently heard @CTVSteveMurphy tell @TVeinotteShow that Tim Houston is a lot more like Stephen McNeil than most people realize.

In other words, they're both "my way or the highway" kinda' guys. #WhiteMalePrivilege
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber The new Tim Houston has morphed into the old Stephen McNeill: arrogant, angry, self-righteous. (paywalled) #nspoli #nspc…
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber Last week, @MLABarbAdams announced plans to build 600 new #LTC beds, doubling the number under development.

Good news, but… Is it playing politics to note that most of those beds will not open until 2025, the year the Tim Houston govt. is scheduled to seek a new mandate? Image
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In March 2022, Higgs said COVID was like the cold or the flu. Over the coming days I'll be combing through the @PoPNB_kindness RTI to find out what was known by GNB about long COVID by March 2022 that shows they knew COVID was not like a cold or flu.… Screenshot from article: 'Just like the flu'  Premier Blaine
From July 30, *2020* they already knew this from PHAC:…
I guess it took them until Nov 2022 to vet this info and decide long COVID was relevant to the public tho Screenshot from presentation PDF at the link: "The evidScreenshot from PHAC presentation at the link: "A reporScreenshot from PHAC presentation PDF at the link: "The
Again this is from July 2020 - looks like they well knew it wasn't a typical "respiratory" illness. Next slide from the link in previous tweet. "The evidence – cardiovascular/chronic disease implic"Puntmann et al. Outcomes of cardiovascular magnetic re"Adds to previous postmortem case reports describing di
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You know what work: Universal Booster Bonus - a semi-annual booster to every Canadian of 1000$-$2000. #nbpoli #CanadianPolicy Read on +
Plus this would eliminate the need for a lot of unnecessary third party agencies meant to help as a person. They could pursue their idea rather than jumping hoops to maybe get that 1000$ to do what must be done. Same for any disability supports, renovations, etc. +
A universal booster bonus - the profiteers can’t rely on it like they can a monthly income like proposes with universal basic income. +
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"New Brunswick decision makers had a staggering quantity of high quality information detailing the prevalence & mechanisms of the long term complications of #COVID19 infection. They simply chose to ignore it."

#LongCovid #cdnpoli…
#RTI #FOI #BringBackMasks #SARSCoV2 #NBpoli #PublicHealth

CC: #BCpoli #covid19bc

Policymakers across Canada - not just in NB - have been negligent.
Thanks for all your hard work @PoPNB_kindness @HallwayOrchard
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Today marks 3 months since I have been meeting my kids outdoors for lunch every school day.
It takes 2 hours of my day, every time.
It has affected my work schedule and other aspects of my life.
I wouldn't have expected to have to do this for 3 months. I'm glad I do.
Back when NB announced that school masks would be dropped, at first I waited for someone else to step in and say it was a bad idea. Surely, it wouldn't actually happened.
Days passed. We realized nobody else was going to speak up.
Our group was the first organization of people in Atlantic Canada to speak up for the protection of universal masks in schools. We did it before the IWK pediatricians, before NB's pediatricians, before NBMS. We had great citations though.
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The New Brunswick Minister of Health tabled significant changes to the Public Health Act today.

These may appear minor but they provide legislative adjustments so New Brunswick no longer has to resort to using a State of Emergency in a subsequent wave of COVID. #nbpoli #cdnlaw
At first glance, these amendments address several concerns I identified with the current Public Health Act: unclear roles, unclear class orders, allowing closure of premises related to notifiable diseases, increasing fines.

I discussed changes on my blog:…
In any legislation there will always be room for improvement. Let me be clear at first glance full credit to Public Health and the Office of the Attorney General.

Bill 104 provides a proper legal framework for New Brunswick to respond to pandemics.
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A neat procedural / consitutional update: The NB LG transmitted a message to the Assembly that Bill 99, an Act to amend the Electricity Act receives a Royal Recomendation per section 90 of the Constitution Act, 1867 #nbpoli
S.90 of the Constitution Act, 1867 is a restatement in Provincial Constitutions of the requirement that any monies appropriating revenue from the Consolidated Revenue Fund must be recommended by the Lieutenant Governor. This is a key feature of Responsible Government /2
S.54 of the Constitution Act, 1867 indicates that there is a requirement for the GG (LG) to recommend the appropriation of public monies form the Consolidated Revenue Fund. Why? /3
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Landlords are plotting and scheming against you because they can only earn 3.8% more this year.

This is a time when landlords and rental / housing companies are making record profits. They should be happy with 3.8%, it’s more than I would give them.…

We need a PERMANENT rent cap of 2% or inflation, whichever is lower.

We need to ban reno-victions. If you lived there before the reno’s, you have the right to live there after.

When a building is sold, tenants should have the right of first refusal.

Housing needs to be built at an unprecedented rate to increase supply and decrease prices.

Rental Unions need to be in place to give tenants a bargaining voice against their landlords.

Private Companies should get NO funding. Only public serves should get public money.
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Going to keep cleaning for the Easter bunny over here 🥰

Wondering how we can get more educators and admins in the know about COVID transmission. I truly hope most educators would #MaskUp if they understood airborne transmission and how well masks work.
Poking through the #uLead2022 hashtag is super depressing if you care about COVID safety and you think educators should know a bit more than they’re demonstrating about safety, transmission, precautions.
Ultimately the failure of our governments for not communicating and educating well on airborne transmission.
But at some point, the facts are our there and adults who are responsible for children’s safety can’t hide behind public health ineptitude anymore.
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I’ve never shared these pics, I was mad they were taken at first. I am sharing now to try and wake some ppl up. It’s easy to see the # of people on ventilators and gloss over it. Seeing a loved one on a #ventilator torture. This is my dad. A 🧵1/ Image
This is why it looks like for the first 7 to 14 days. It violently shakes them, you can’t help but imagine how much it hurts them even though your brain tells you they are sedated. You hold their hand but its like they aren’t there. You have no idea if they will make it. 2/
They are so weak you don’t know which outcome to hope for. After the 1st fewdays the dr says if they leave the vent in their throat it will permanently damage them, so they cut their neck to to a tracheotomy. You think the first day you saw them was the worst. You are wrong 3/ Image
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We are joining Minister Scott-Wallace and Dr. Jennifer Russell for @WomenNB's virtual conference on the path forward for women and gender equality after COVID-19.

Notre DG @JohannePerron10 siègera sur un panel avec @JulieGillet5 sur les répercussions économiques sur les femmes.
Dr. Jennifer Russell: The playing field wasn't level [for women and gender minorities] before the pandemic, and it's only gotten worse. #NBpoli
Dr. Jennifer Russell: I did embody the role of [the Mother of the Pandemic], played the role of healer and protector. But I was also the bearer of bad news and was target of heated emotions—I felt like a punching bag for the frustrations of others. #NBpoli
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🧵What are the extent of the New Brunswick government's powers to end a strike using the Emergency Measures Act? Let's review. The province has the ability to order workers back to work if a strike impacts the ability to respond to an emergency. With some caveats #nbpoli /n
S.12 of the Act gives the province the ability to "do everything necessary for the protection of property, the environment and the health & safety of persons therein" the list in section 12 only provided examples but isn't exhaustive. Can also ensure access to buildings /2
The province cannot legally suspend or amend other acts via a mandatory order as the EMA doesn't give this power. Paragraphs that overreach this rule I would expect to generate considerable interest in a labour context especially regarding fines for violating an order. /3
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Hi everyone, I’m @MatthewHalliday. I recently wrote about New Brunswick’s “mystery disease,” an apparent cluster of neurological illness suspected to have sickened at least forty-eight people in the province.… 1/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare
But, right now, I want to talk about the government and scientific response that has emerged since my piece was published online last Friday. 2/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare #CdnPoli
The cluster came to public attention this March. Most cases were initially identified by one neurologist, Alier Marrero. But the cluster was not something Marrero simply invented. New Brunswick, having limited expertise, requested federal assistance. 3/21 #NBPoli
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Only the Legislature can increase fines (they should), this is because the Emergency Measures Act does not allow Cabinet to suspend or amend laws. The Act needs to say "suspend the operation, either in whole or in part, or amend an Act of the Legislature" but it doesn't #nbpoli
Statutory interpretation & and the Bill of Rights does not allow Cabinet (or in this case the Minister of Public Safety) the authority to unilaterally suspend or amend laws unless authorized by the Legislature. Same reason why Cabinet cannot unilaterally change school vaccination
New Brunswick is distorting the principle that the Legislature is Supreme. Because these fines are being imposed contrary to the rule of law, Crowns are going to run into issues when prosecuting these offences. This can be fixed via Legislative amendment but not retroactively.
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In 1918, after NB Minister of Health ordered the closure of places of worship to limit the spread of the Spanish Flu, the Baptist Churches in Westmorland endorsed him for safeguarding public health and stated that the order was "no interference" in the exercise of worship #nbpoli Image
Minister Roberts thanking them for their view stating it is the correct one to take respecting "the health & lives of the people".

He regretted that some churches did not share this opinion but is pleased there are some who will stand up and take the part to do what is right Image
The pandemic of 1918 was incredibly hard on people. Here Minister Roberts issues a reminder that no public funerals were to occur to in order to lessen "the ill results from Influenza". Roberts received many correspondence asking for exemptions. Image
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