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Briefing underway. Dr. Russell up first. She says Zone 3 (Fredericton region) be moved to orange phase at midnight tonight. @Global_NB
12 new cases in the province. 8 cases in Zone 2 (SJ), 3 cases in Zone 3 (Fredericton), 1 case in Zone 1 (Moncton). @Global_NB
Russell says young people make up more than half of the active cases in N.B. @Global_NB
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You MUST stay home right now whenever you can.

You MUST protect your families, neighbours, friends, colleagues & communities from #COVID19.

This Nov 22 update tells you why.

Please read it, share it with others who may not understand how critical our situation is.
If you live in #Quebec

I of every 19 people diagnosed w/ #COVID19 has died since March.


Protect others your family, neighbours, friends, colleagues, community.

If you can, please stay home.
If you live in #Ontario

I of every 30 people diagnosed w/ #COVID19 has died since March.


Protect others your family, neighbours, friends, colleagues, community.

If you can, please stay home.
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#Canadians, political leaders in provinces with Wave 2 #COVID19 epidemics

You MUST act NOW.

#Manitoba and #Quebec are in crisis. #Alberta, #Ontario, #Saskatchewan will be there soon.

This is NOT overreaction. PLEASE read this thread. Please share it. PLEASE ACT.

I've been watching per capita DEATHS in #Canada & high income peer countries with pop >20M

Peers: 🇹🇼🇦🇺🇰🇷🇯🇵🇩🇪🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸🇪🇸🇫🇷


Because #Canadian #COVID19 case fatality rate (% of confirmed cases who die) has remained stubbornly high.

It's the 3rd highest, after 🇮🇹🇺🇸.
We will soon reach the highest case fatality rate among our peer countries & we've barely started Wave 2.

Look at this graph. Watch it every day. #Canada is NOT doing ok

When we get #COVID19 more of us die than in Spain, France, the USA.

Please, please see this and act.
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Nov 15

#COVID19 cases, deaths, case fatality rates

•#Canada, provinces
•Country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)


Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 #CANADA Take-home 1

Wave 2 started later in Canada than peer countries BUT
•Deaths ↑ faster than peers (27% wkly)
•Cases ↑ 23% wkly
•Case fatality rate (CFR) ↑ 3.2% wkly

Worst death numbers, CFR in order
•#Quebec, #Manitoba, #Alberta, #Ontario
#COVID19 #CANADA Take-home 2

•Deaths ↑ 10% wkly
•Cases ↑ 10% wkly

Worst death numbers, in order
•#Quebec, #Manitoba, #Ontario, #Alberta

Worst case numbers, in order
•Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba (deaths will follow)
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

•#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

See thread

Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Very Strange, Dozens ppl suddenly taken hostage on 10 floor rooftop #Ubisoft building in #Montreal #Canada. Can't help but wonder if they also work on #Elections Software. Hasn't been a hostage situation for #Canadians in ages. Timing, Start DIGN
-Ubisoft makes Tom Clancy Spy Video games.
-HUGE Donors to #DNC #Democrats #JoeBiden #ObamaGate…
English update.
Someone tell me why this is super-stinky...…
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#Montreal #Québec
Happening now:
Members of the SPVM tactical unit / ‘Groupe d’Intervention’ work to secure an area in what *appears* to be rue Ste-Catherine in the East part of Mtl (not sure - just looks like it).

Developing story.

📷: Paul Desbaillets
This is on rue St-Laurent - not Ste-Catherine.…
#Montreal #Quebec
Suspect who is possibly armed is barricaded in a Ubisoft office building that also has apartments.
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There's something troubling about our #COVID19 death rates in the 2nd wave

I've calculated total per capita case & death numbers since Aug 17 (2nd wave) & compared these to values for our peer countries (high income, pop >20M)

Peers: 🇦🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇯🇵🇰🇷🇩🇪🇹🇼🇬🇧🇺🇸

Thread 🧵
Nov 11

Cumulative Wave 2 COVID-19 CASES (per 100K ppl)

Per 100K ppl, starting Aug 17 (% increase last 7d)

QC 663 (+17%)
MB 599 (+44%)
Peers 553 🇦🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇯🇵🇰🇷🇪🇸🇹🇼🇬🇧🇺🇸
AB 519 (+28%)
Canada 399 (+23%)
ON 329 (+22%)
BC 292 (+31%)
SK 225 (+47%)

Data: @covid_canada
The average #COVID19 per capita case number in our peer countries is higher than today's value for #Canada, although our number has increased by 23% in the last 7 days (not good).

This makes sense, though--our cases started growing later than in many European countries & US

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Nov 6 update:

#Canadian #COVID19 long term care, retirement home DEATHS and CASES

For provinces w/ >200 cases/100K ppl

1) Wave 1 vs 2 comparisons 2) % change in Wave 2 data from preceding week

We have now exceeded per capita LTC/RH cases and deaths during Wave 1.

Thread Image
Per capita #COVID19 deaths increasing in #Alberta #BC #Manitoba #Ontario #Quebec

#Canada: Avg per capita deaths have increased 8% since last week Image
Per capita #COVID19 cases increasing in #Alberta #BC #Manitoba #Ontario #Quebec #Saskatchewan

#Canada: Avg per capita cases have increased 14% since last week Image
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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🚨 #Ontario made the call today to re-implement modified stage 2 restrictions in #Ottawa, #Toronto, and #Peel due to the resurgence in #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations. 📈

(1/20) Some thoughts on where COVID-19 is going in the province. Thread.🧵⬇️
(2/20) This should not be a surprise to anyone. It has been apparent that COVID-19 is once again on an exponential trajectory in Ontario for at least several weeks.

(3/20) A confluence of recent events—the testing backlog, the transition to appointment-based testing, the suspension of contact tracing—have made daily case numbers in the province less reliable, especially in hard-hit areas like Toronto.

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Health Regions 945 pm Oct 5
- Monday includes 3 day totals for some regions and
Canada 36.6% over LW
Quebec 54.7%
Ontario 27.4%
More ⤵️
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #CovidCanada…
Alberta and BC are flattening. Skipped weekend reported lumped into Monday accounts for the spikes (3 day totals) but rolling weekly true trend point is now in better focus.
Quebec is a league of its own, the regions are reporting cases rates higher than the rest of the country.
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❗❗UPDATE on #COVID19 in #Canada for September 29.❗❗

(1/42) What it means and what you can do. Mega-thread below.🧵 🚨 Image
(2/42) We are now well into the second wave of COVID-19 in Canada. 🌊

Geographically, recent cases have been concentrated in Canada’s four largest provinces, particularly in and around #Montreal and the #GTA. But cases have been growing at an alarming rate across the country. ImageImage
(3/42) % change in 7-day rolling average of cases compared to one week ago:
MB: +95.6% 📈 (22.7/day ➡️ 44.4/day)
QC: +57.8% 📈 (409.4/day ➡️ 646.1/day)
ON: +37.2% 📈 (357.6/day ➡️ 490.7/day)
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🍁Health Regions 930 pm Sep 25
Canada's PHU's reported 1,451 new cases (637 Quebec). Weekly cases up exponentially, +35.7% over last week. Weekly case rate now 23.4.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada…
Quebec spikes to 637 new cases today, 229 in Montreal. Weekly cases rose 66.8%, case rate now 43.5🚀.
Ontario PHU's report 497 new cases (224 Toronto) as it fights to reduce a backlog of tests. Weekly cases up 39.8% over last week. Weekly case rate hovering just below the 21 "red line". #Covid19Ontario
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🍁Health Regions 930 pm Sep 24
Canada 📈36.1% over LW
Quebec 📈56.9%
Ontario 📈46.6%
BC +5.6%
Alberta -5.6%
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
Provincial weekly case rate trends and top regions. ImageImageImageImage
Daily cases by region. Toronto reported 168 net new cases. Image
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What does the #COVID19 resurgence in #Montreal look like? Heavily concentrated in the city's central and eastern neighbourhoods. A visual aid for @Aaron_Derfel's excellent analysis.👇

⬅️ Weekly cases per 100k by neighbourhood
➡️ Daily cases for all of Montreal

Showing data for full weeks only: 2020-08-31 to 2020-09-20.

Data from @santemontreal.…
Archived daily snapshots of Montreal cases by neighbourhood here.👇…
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 930 pm Sep 22
Canada's weekly case rate has reached 21.5 up 54.4% from last week.
Ontario 📈 + 70.7%
Quebec 📈 +82.5%
BC 📈 +18.2%
More ⤵️
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
Speed signal grows again, signalling exponential infection growth. Image
Ontario PHU's reported 521 new cases and it now has a weekly case rate of 19.3 (the province peaked at 29 in the first wave). Toronto reported 160 new cases, Peel 101, Ottawa 93. Image
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🍁 Health Regions 930 pm Sep 21
Last day of summer 2020
Canada's weekly cases per 100K has risen to 20 , up 28% from last week's numbers.
More ⤵️
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
National picture, Alberta looks quieter, Quebec hotter. Image
Quebec is hot. It reported 586 new cases, has reached a very high 34.2 weekly case rate and has grown 85% week/week. Image
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🍁Health Regions 900pm Sep 17
More ⤵️
PHU's report 1,168 cases for Canada today. Weekly case rate jumps to 16.4, up 36.4% week/week. Quebec and Ontario have risen by over 60% over LW.

#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
Quebec has risen rapidly and now leads the country in weekly case rate per 100K. Image
Quebec added 2,112 new cases this week (+61.1%) including 499 today. Seven regions are in the red zone (over 21 weekly cases per 100K), including Montreal/Laval and the Quebec City area. Image
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🍁 Health Regions 900 pm Sep 16
A second wave is here, the picture painted more clearly every day. Weekly case rate now📈14.9, up 25.2% from last week. 955 new cases today.
More ⤵️
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
More of the country's regions are turning yellow and red. Image
The population belt is likewise lighting up. Image
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🍁Health Regions 900 pm Sep 15
Canada PHUs report 798 new cases (Montreal 96). Weekly cases per 100K climb to 13.9, 18.8% higher than last week.
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
There are red health regions in 5 provinces. ImageImage
Provincial case rates are led by Alberta and Quebec. Image
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I was curious what #Quebec's #COVID19 epidemic curve would like if they had stuck with their decision to report cases once per week on Thursdays, beginning June 25. See what I found.🧵
On the left, Quebec's actual epidemic curve. On the right, Quebec's epidemic curve if they had continued with reporting only on Thursdays. Cases highlighted in red on the left curve are not included in the curve on the right because they occurred after the most recent Thursday. Image
The picture is messier for individual health regions, particularly smaller ones. ImageImageImageImage
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