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In the immediate aftermath of the white nationalist terror attack in Christchurch, NZ, a variety of #FalseFlag conspiracy theories regarding the shootings began circulating on social media.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing #NewZealand/"New Zealand"/#NewZealandShooting/#NZMosqueShooting and #FalseFlag/"false flag"/#DeepState/"deep state"/#CrisisActor/"crisis actor"/staged/"doesn't add up"/#QAnon in the body of the tweet (as opposed to linked article titles etc.)
This yielded 5329 tweets from 4592 accounts. We then classified the 50 most frequently retweeted accounts into those which promote conspiracy theories about the attack and those which do not. Most of the early tweets are of the conspiracy-pushing ilk; #QAnon turns up frequently.
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1/ A suspect in the deadly #NewZealandShooting posted a manifesto online that includes white nationalist tropes, suggesting he fits into a pattern of recent mass shooters: Young, white and radicalized online.

Reporter @willcarless has some context ...
2/ According to @nytimes, the man, who police identified as Brenton Tarrant, posted his manifesto on Twitter and 8chan ranting about “white genocide” and birth rates.…
3/ @realDonaldTrump invoked this same “white genocide” myth when he tweeted about the murder of South African farmers last October.…
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Society has become so Fake that Exposing the Truth Actually Bothers People
The Sad part is that people have No intelligent responses to my Tweets
Just Name-Calling & Death Threats

Sorry LIBS, I LOVE Melting Snowflakes❄
📢#RETWEET to Breakthrough Censorship📢
It’s Very Disturbing: Australian 'Crisis Actor' Live-Streamed New Zealand Mosque Shooting, Identified as Former Communist/Socialist who claims to be a "Eco-Fascist"
[Thread Explains THERE Agenda]
1) A man who identified himself as “born in Australia to a working class, low income family” in a 74-page Communist/Socialist manifesto posted before the horrific #Christchurch shootings in New Zealand claimed to be responsible for the Muslim mosque attacks on March 15
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1) This disturbing, painful attack on #Christchurch mosques is indeed hard to digest, but it is important not to frame this terrorist attack simply as an act of hate. It is the result of a specific, globally reaching ideology—a growing one that has gone largely undeterred
2) Manifesto allegedly of one of the attackers claims no specific movement, but shows NeoNazi inspiration and echoes attackers like Breivik: talk of “ethnic and cultural genocide,” warnings of “invasion” & “anti-white” forces, Neo Nazi-associated black sun symbol, etc.
3) This isn’t just hate, but an emboldened, hate-driven *movement*. Thus, we cannot productively discuss #NewZealandShooting w/o dissecting the "ethno-nationalist peoples" the attacker claims to represent in his manifesto, and the online networks in which they fester and spread.
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1/ I think we all know that if a Muslim had gone into a church and massacred 49 Christians the president would be tweeting non stop, and not using the passive voice ("people died senselessly") and naming Muslim extremism as the culprit, and renewing his call for bans/profiling...
2/ But when a white racist massacres Muslims, or a white racist massacres Jews (In Pittsburgh), he offers prayers and generic condemnations, with no reference to the hateful ideology at the root of the violence. The enemy is white supremacist/nationalist ideology...
3/ The enemy is white racism. The enemy are those who ascribe to this thinking. It is white racists who massacred churchgoers in Charleston, Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin, Jews in PA, and now Muslims in this #NewZealandShooting in #Christchurch...
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Reading the apparent manifesto of the #NewZealandMosqueShooting #NewZealandShooting #NewZealandTerroristAttack & it's clear that one person above all - Anders Breivik - especially inspired the shooter, and another person, above all, built the motivating ideology. Trump knows him.
First: neo-Nazi terrorist Anders Breivik's manifesto cited the "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory (CMCT) literally hundreds of times. Back in '016 I wrote this piece chronicling some of the international incidents of far-right terrorism linked to CMCT.…
The apparent manifesto of the New Zealand mosque shooting terrorist is tricky. He calls himself an "eco-fascist" but says nothing of ecology. He trolls (probably) Candace Owens. He also cites other terrorists who have especially inspired him, such as Dylann Roof & Anders Breivik.
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We all seriously out here shocked to learn Candace Owens is trash? Wut.

It took her LOLing over #NewZealandShooting for you to realize this?

#Christchurch #NZMosqueShooting
Vague. Root your arguments in the reading itself, rather than projecting your interpretations on the text. Unsupported claims. Lack of clarity. Proofread before submission.

Sometimes you have to give responses the credit they deserve.
Thanks, Randy ‘Definitely Not A Bot’ Jo. 37907305.

That’s very sound advice.
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The mosque shooter in #ChristChurch New Zealand was clearly driven by hate & religious belief.
But when Islamic terrorists mow down people why is that explained by them being "oppressed" or "deprived" or "Babri" or "Kashmir" rather than being driven by hate and religious belief?
There is no Whataboutery. It a result of indoctrination from exclusive totalitarian religion. I condemn it now and every day.
The #ChristChurch #NewZealandShooting is not "Islamophobia." It is driven by exclusive totalitarian Christianity just as Islamic terror is driven by exclusive totalitarian Islam. It is phobia of all other "unbelievers."
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Two mosques attacked in New Zealand by gunmen with 'a number of fatalities' as police arrest four suspects - 3 men and a woman.

Follow live updates:

More on the story:
Two mosques have been attacked in New Zealand by gunmen resulting in a 'number of fatalities'. Police have arrested four suspects - 3 men and a woman.

More on the story:
Many dead after gunmen attack 2 mosques in New Zealand's city of Christchurch
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I am gutted. Dozens feared dead as two anti-Muslim terrorists commit a mass shooting during Friday prayers at a mosque in New Zealand😓

Inna lillahai wa inna illahi rajaeoon

From God we are & to God must we return.…
Authorities have confirmed a SECOND mass shooting at a mosque.

The terrorists, believed to be Australian, live streamed their mass murder in this clearly planned attack.

This is truly sick & disturbing beyond comprehension. God have mercy.…
The terrorist's twitter displayed the *exact same* white supremacist logos & insignias as found in Charlottesville Nazi March

This is why Nazis do NOT deserve free speech. Their goal is mass murder. That is terrorism—not speech

And now dozens more are dead😓
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