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Pearl Harbor was a #FalseFlag carried out by [them] to make the case to the American people to enter the war. They ritually sacrificed 60 MILLION human souls, including 420,000 Americans in this satanic attack on humanity. IT ENDS NOW! #PatriotsFight…
Then [they] bombed Nagasaki. You know why? Because it was the largest center of Christianity in East Asia.
Since we are thinking back at the Deep State atrocity of December 7, 1941, its important to understand how [they] have manipulated into wars for longer than anyone alive can remember. Thanks @SGTreport
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In the process of looking at tweets about #FalseFlag chemical attack conspiracy theories, we stumbled upon something unusual. Usually these claims are centered on Syria, but this one is about Ukraine. Source is a website called southfront(dot)org.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets linking to southfront(dot)org, resulting in 4549 tweets from 1622 accounts over the last 10 days. Most are in English, but there's a noticeable Japanese presence as well.
Retweet network for tweets linking southfront(dot)org. Some familiar faces show up - @Ian56789 and friends put in a prominent appearance. @trappedsoldier, a Japanese-language Kremlin-sympathetic account we've previously encountered, also turns up.
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Whilst perusing recent "false flag"/#FalseFlag tweets for signs of automation, we came across a curious group of retweet bots. These accounts are not primarily focused on false flag content, and do not commit to a single political perspective. Let's dig in.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
The accounts in question fit the following pattern: handle consists of a first/last name combination followed by two digits, all tweets are posted with an app with a similar name to the account, and they tweet all hours of the day but with frequent 2-4 hour gaps.
We found three such accounts in a dataset of recent "false flag"/#FalseFlag tweets, and went looking through the tweets they retweeted for other accounts fitting the pattern. We identified 121 - there are likely more that could be found via further exploration.
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1. Just as #QAnon makes a big drop, @jsolomonReports on #Hannity that at least 6 #DeepState spies made entrees to key figures in the Trump org/campaign Mar-Oct 2016 in an attempt to set up candidate/President Trump with a concocted Russia narrative.… #Q
2. "At least 2 Russian figures whose justification for being in the United States were rare law enforcement parole visas controlled by the U.S. Justice Department" initiated contacts with the Trump org/campaign.
3. "Intel/diplomatic figures connected to 2 of America’s closest allies, Britain and Australia, gathered intelligence or instigated contacts with Trump campaign figures during that same period."
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Following yesterday's confrontation with Russia in the Kersh strait, Ukraine's government issued a 30-day declaration of martial law in several border regions. Let's take a look at some related Twitter traffic.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "Poroshenko" and "martial law", resulting in 7042 tweets from 4934 accounts (97% are in English). A common theme is the notion that the martial law declaration is a ploy for Poroshenko to postpone or cancel the upcoming presidential election.
We classified the 50 most prolific accounts in terms of retweet volume into those pushing the aforementioned theory and those that did not, and extended the classification to the accounts that RT'd only one group. (Examples of the "ploy to cancel/postpone election" group shown).
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Our recent thread on @Robotnik69 attracted some degree of trolling. We'll take a look at a few of the accounts that replied. First up: @Cosmopolitka, an account that tweets in a mix of Dutch and English. #ManyFishBite

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Rather than commenting on the actual content of the thread, @Cosmopolitka expressed confusion that my account is currently marked "sensitive" and @Robotnik69 is not. Here's the tweet responsible, which hopefully clears things up nicely:
What does @Cosmopolitka tweet about? 23.5% of tweets contain one or more of the terms shown in this chart; tweets related to Ukraine, Crimea, Russian, and Putin are particularly prominent.
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*Thread* Hello, I am a member of both the Guardian Council and the Sentinel Council. I have not been active on social media - many members of both Councils work behind the scenes, only a few of us actually utilize social media. However, due to my background, I decided to post
this evening on twitter - I will be signing up for a personal account soon. Anyhow, at one point, I was one of the four main heads of the global luciferian cabal so I have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the purposes and intents of the #terrorist attacks the #Nazis keep
pulling off - myself (and two other Guardians) were three of the four heads of the global cabal at one point or another in our lives, but I was specifically trained in utilizing #leylines, designing attacks to create maximum “spiritual power” from bloodshed. I hate to admit
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Ever since Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, tweets have been popping up falsely equating his situation with that of Julian Assange (who is quite alive). The topic has gained momentum since it became public that Assange has been charged.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "Khashoggi" and "Assange", resulting in 3539 tweets from 2679 accounts since the time of the murder. The smaller spike back in October is largely due to @LeeCamp's tweet pictured in the first tweet of this thread.
Retweet network for Khashoggi + Assange. The cluster pushing the false equivalence center on @sahouraxo; many of these accounts routinely promote #FalseFlag theories re Syria. @JackPosobiec joins them. The cluster centered on @RVAwonk contains accounts pointing out the fallacy.
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We received hints of 2 possibly very large false #FalseFlag attacks being planned by the #nazis.
The numbers in brackets are likely Blackwater agent numbers. White Eyes were given BW numbers and locations by another flipper last week. Please pray we stop these attacks and thank you to #TeamAvocado and #FBI for stopping the attack attack in Baltimore and others.
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Actual Footage of Incendiary B's Fired/Laserd onto N. #CaliforniaFires - incinerating innocent U.S. citizens while sleeping-running.

#War on citizens while Cabal Stooges laugh & Lie!

#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering

2.) What's Not Reported: Numbers of People incinerated while sleeping or trying to escape in their cars are significantly more!
#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering
3.) OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation
#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering…
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Following last night's Thousand Oaks shooting, there's been an uptick in Twitter traffic about "false flags". We downloaded tweets containing #FalseFlag/"false flag" (and filtered out content related to unrelated topics such as Syria).

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Here are some examples of the tweets asserting that the Thousand Oaks mass shooting is a false flag. The #FalseFlag theories vary, but everything from #Calexit to voter fraud to claims that this shooting is a "distraction" from the outcome of the 2018 midterms surfaces.
Here's the retweet network for #FalseFlag/"false flag" (with terms unrelated to the Thousand Oaks shooting filtered out). A number of these accounts, including the largest node (@LizCroken) are #QAnon fans who've crossed our radar before. . .
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Does everyone understand what is happening? There is a violent insurgency underway, foreign military operatives are waging WAR on #WethePeople from within our borders. We are in a state of Martial Law & the U.S. Military is going to take action against those "protesting." #QAnon
Those "protesting" are NOT protected by #1A because they are VIOLENT, often being paid, & are acting as agitators on behalf of a foreign enemy of the USA. This is SEDITION & TREASON. These rioting mobs are made up of #EnemyCombatant #AmericanTerrorists who will be going to GITMO.
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1/ thread ...

What kind of #falseflag attacks can we expect this week?
2/ (((agent provocateurs))) disguised as Minutemen or Oathkeepers “accidentally” shoot caravan people at the border. Cue the usual gun control narrative.
3/ A shooting occurs in a predominantly blue city at a polling station by a white male Boomer. Legally purchased AR-15 is the weapon of choice.

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#Falseflag synagogue shooting occurred right after a drill which happens continually at mass shootings. Tree of Life Pittsburgh runs one in Broward County where Sayoc lived same county of Sheriff Israel and DWS. Rabbi not at services was tending to wife!…
my bad the drill occurred in January however there were unusual circumstances around that drill @rooshv has pointed out
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After making my John Perry Barlow video. I cant get this out of me head ever since your Anagram. @TheSharpEdge1 🤷🏻‍♂️


Cesar Sayoc = ACCESSORY A

Deep Dream = Twitter

#DeepDream #A #CesarSayoc
I need a award for most typos on twitter.

My head*
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1) A man with many names, not in reality, yet a mastermind of project management.

Cesar “Sayoc” and the #MailBombs mystery.

It’s coffee time.
October 26, 2018.
2) It's taken a couple of minutes to get set up.
3) Here is my opinion, and it is not to minimize the severity of a terror attack:
The issue with the #MailBombs is to understand that it was not a terror attack.
Rather it was a #MailBombsCampaign.
A PR stunt.
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THREAD ON Cesar Sayoc.

1) I don’t even know where to begin on this bullsh!t. Let’s get 1 thing straight before we jump into this obvious false flag. None of the packages contained a single explosive device. Not one!! How can you be a mail bomber if not one was actually a bomb?
2) So the #MockingbirdMedia has all coordinated the headlines ..bomber bomber bomber ...yep. These so called bombs had no activator, no trigger and weren’t even compiled of any substance that could be explosive.
3) Can someone tell me why in the hell anyone would play with a package that appeared to be a bomb when opening it??
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If you go far enough back into his account look at this shite. Who posts same picture over and over and over and over? Not RTs

On twitter 2 years never used #MAGA and only liked 13 posts ever....Not one was from -@realDonaldTrump or @potus.

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So bombing suspect is from Broward county? Seems like a very interesting coincidence.

What else happened in Broward County 🤔

O yea I remeber now.

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Never let a crisis go to waste. If there is no crisis create 1 all costs.

Democrat playbook 101
#FakeMailBomb #FalseFlag
Wouldn’t it be the cherry if one of the flag stamps was actually a false flag stamp😂
@GrrrGraphics does the best work. I should of tagged him up top. That is my bad 🇺🇸
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Remember where @BarackObama kickstarted his political career?

Yes it was in Bill Ayers home. Seems an odd place a self described communist Bill Ayers hails from Chicago. What else was Ayers famous for hmmm🧐

#FakeMailBomb #FalseFlag
Oh yea thats right Ayers is a Domestic terrorist. He went to prison for placing bombs at government facilities.

#FakeBomb #FalseFlagBombs
Seems so odd that good ol @BarackObama would go any where nears such a radical leftist in 1995 given the fact Ayers is a terrorist. Ayers sure liked Obama.

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💣#MAGAbomber Thread💣

I'd like to share my thoughts on why I believe #MAGAbombers is a poor attempt at a #FalseFlag... 🙄

The Globalist #DeepState #UniParty is desperate, they know the #RedWave will give @POTUS a super-majority to expose their corruption & #DrainTheSwamp 1/5
Look at CNN's #FalseFlag #MAGAbomb... it's a literal parody of a Trump Supporter. This is how stupid they think we are 🙄👇

Wasserman's address... cuz we're dumb enough to try & frame her. 🤪

ISIS parody flag... cuz we're bigots. 🤪

Spelling errors... cuz we're ignerint. 🤪2/5

Trump Supporters are Military, LEOs, Vets, NRA members... if we wanted to assassinate someone, they'd be DEAD. ✊👊

Fortunately we're also (for the most part) honorable, law-abiding citizens. Our REVOLUTION will happen at the polls. #RedWave 3/5
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#FakeBomb questions to @Acosta
1. Why did you open someone else’s mail (criminal act)
2. Why didn’t bomb squad open suspicious package
3. Why @CNN rush to judgement after chiding same with radical Islamic terrorism
4. Why not consider #FalseFlag
5. Why ignore return address
2/ (see above)
Further questions @Acosta
6. Did you get @FBI authorization to post evidence of crime
7. Do you know by tweeting photos someone else’s mail you compromised investigation
8. Having read my 7 questions are you confident you DID NO WRONG because you knew #FalseFlags
3/ (see above)
I’ve another question @Acosta

Is it not odd suspicious packages:
-delivered by mail (post office)
-hand delivered to locations 1000 miles apart
BUT All were discovered at very same time to create an INTENSE news cycle?

Seems more for News than terror

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Beginning with the device that appeared in George Soros' mailbox two nights ago, a number of prominent left-wing individuals have had bombs delivered to them in the last couple of days. Let's take a look at the Twitter traffic.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
For this topic, there's not a single hashtag or search term that captures all the related tweets, so we used several. Examples:

- Various combinations of IED/device/explosive/bomb and the names of the targets
- #FalseFlag/"false flag"
- Hashtags such as #MAGABomber/#FakeMailBomb
The retweet networks for the majority of these searches have something in common - the traffic is grouped into a left-wing and a right-wing cluster, indicating a high degree of polarization. The proportion varies; notably, #FalseFlag tweets got more traction on the right.
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