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Declassified DoD Documents Prove Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama & Approximately 2 Dozen Congressional Leaders Were Involved With Sales/Transfer of Weapons From #Benghazi Libya To Syria▫️ #EqualJusticeUnderLaw ⚖️
Robert Mueller Unmasked: by Rep. Louie Gohmert▫️ “Judging by Mueller’s history, it doesn’t matter who he has to threaten, harrass, prosecute or bankrupt to get someone...
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♦️Would you believe it?

♦️There IS a CURE for most CANCERS

♦️Safely tucked away in the HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD

@slavewar @sjorolan @X22Report @IPOT1776 @Q202031059638 @DanSmit21326682 Image
@slavewar @sjorolan @X22Report @IPOT1776 @Q202031059638 @DanSmit21326682 #PlandemicHoax

♦️Rockefeller’s idea 2 INDUCE diseases became a popular MONEY maker for the MEDICAL society~an added bonus were the DEATHS

♦️Following are DOCUMENTED CASES OF V.I.D.E.O.s (Vaccine Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks)


♦️OUTBREAK is caused ImageImageImage
@slavewar @sjorolan @X22Report @IPOT1776 @Q202031059638 @DanSmit21326682 @AwkwardMama1 @No1Uno15 @Azura35167403 @QMDM9 @lenlucas46 @covert_s1 @H1Tch7 @YourQanonCentrl @G98247631 @DanielG08043271 #PlandemicHoax

♦️It’s a proven, but little known fact:



♦️Sound Familiar COVID-19 Bandits?

@lenlucas46 @M39308688 ImageImage
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Verplichte Covid19 quarantaine faciliteiten in Nieuw-Zeeland
Mandatory #COVID19 #ConcentrationCamps in #NewZealand
The #JudeoMasonic conspiracy is starting to get into a full circle!

#NewZealand had: #Christchurch #FalseFlag/#hoax, Gun confiscation, Another 'shooting', #COVID19 government terror, #ConcentrationCamps, etc. Just a Cohencidence?…
Naturalnews (with extension) .com is being censored by socmedia.
I do wonder why? Aha, no one must know the Cohencidences between #Christchurch, gun confiscations and #COVID19. 😂
My advice, start reading and sift the info yourself 🤓
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9/11 & The War on Truth

A Lone Voice in the Wilderness



1998 Osama, Bush & Saddam

The Coming World Leader


911 Conspiracy TV shows = crazy 🐂💩designed to reinforce the official narrative in🐑

If you truly care about anyone killed on 911 & the subsequent 'War on Terror' or as the Templar George Bush called it "This Crusade" face the facts.



Most people STILL believe the official NWO MSM #September11 narrative.

These sheeple are under mass mind control.

It's why they believe & will continue to believe the official NWO MSM #COVID19 narrative.

#Alchemy 💦🧠💦

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#FalseFlag?? Complete with “Blue Line” to tell “Crisis Actors” where to stand & a “victim” wearing “Kevlar Vest”

Staged scene by nefarious forces to try & get US into another Civil War against one another

Notice: He was first called Jay “Bishop” (as in CHESS GAME)

@POTUS ImageImageImageImage
#FalseFlag to get patriots to engage in the chaos created by antifa & their puppetmasters ImageImage
The Name Game:

Anonymous Coder/Researchers are discovering communication methods used & in open source posts, news desk/paper headlines, mugshots etc., & even DOJ indictments, briefings, etc. to plan, finance, produce & film False Flags & other Mass Manipulation techniques. ImageImageImageImage
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You know Paul, I read most of your tweets, and you're always pretty spot on about everything, but this is far far off target, especially for you.

They did not involve hundreds of thousands of people in a #PSYOP, in order to dupe the rest of the country & the world.
Many of us with family in the NE USA knew people or had friends who had family members die in the #FalseFlag / #PSYOP.

The Pentagon WAS hit by a missile, US Navy investigators were quartered in that part of the Pentagon and were also killed.
America has been in a Civil War for more than two decades.

And they do indeed have intentions for these large scale operations to have lethal consequences, and they do enjoy killing their own.
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@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux #911Truth

🌐GHWB COORDINATED the entire #911FALSEFLAG ~Poppy Seeds

🌐Skull and Bones~SIGNIFICANT

🌐COORDINATED #JFKjAssassination

🌐Coordinated the Reagan shooting when he was VP

🌐WAR PROFITEER~GHWB deserves his OWN wall of SHAME & he’s gonna get it

🌐But 1st~9/11 Image
@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux @heidi_weigand @ChgocadChic @TamaraJ54122333 #911truth

🌐GHWB introduced the #NWO in his Sept 11, 1991~COINCIDENCE?

🌐#Globalists needed a #FalseFlag 2 go 2 WAR

🌐GHWB needed his OPIUM

🌐The POPPY FIELDS needed protection

🌐US needed fake WAR ON TERR0ISM

🌐TIME to ATTACK the TWIN TOWERS #FakeWarOnTerroism ImageImageImage
@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux @heidi_weigand @ChgocadChic @TamaraJ54122333 @DaSikDude @Craneger @FanninRyan #911Truth

🌐A MYRIAD of reasons why The Twin Towers were attacked by “Terr0rists”

🌐The #CabalMedia read their script correctly~It said TERR0RISTS, alright. Just didn’t name the CORRECT ones

🌐JOE BIDEN was one of them. He needed to get the #PatriotAct passed, dang it ImageImageImage
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EXPLOSIVE ACCCUSATIONS| #GeorgeFloyd Saga Continues

On May 29, Texas attorney #TimothyJaphet made an alarming post on #FB, stating #georgefloyd was a #falseflag. My own months of research conclude this is a psyop.

And yet the country now burns🔥🔥on so many levels.

"Now I saw a black man who I played college football against allegedly killed on camera 30 years later...but ... that’s not the same guy. This guy died years ago in Corpus Christi. I was his lawyer. Dumbasses can’t even pick a good fake dead guy.

I immediately contacted Timothy in May but he declined. 🤔"Even when you can prevent communism from being ushered in," I asked?

Who plays HERMIT instead of HERO in such precarious #Blm bullshit times?

He was surprised when I told him his Facebook page had been taken down.

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#Lukashenko returned arrested Russian mercenaries, most of whom were also #Ukrainian citizens & fought in civil
war in #Donbas, to #Russia. This is consistent with my previous analysis that they were used as #Belarus election ploy. Question is by who.…
National Anti-Corruption Bureau of #Ukraine agent states that #Russian mercenaries, who fought in #Donbas war, were lured to #Belarus by Security Service of Ukraine using fake offers by fake persons of work in Venezuela & tickets to fly there via Turkey.…
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Naturalnews with extension .com is being censored by socmedia.
I do wonder why? Aha, no one must know the Cohencidences between #Christchurch, gun confiscations and #COVID19. 😂
My advice, start reading and sift the info yourself 🤓
#NewZealand had: #Christchurch #FalseFlag/#hoax, Gun confiscation, Another 'shooting', #COVID19 government terror, etc. Just a Cohencidence?…
Okay, this is the prime minister of #NewZealand, who's been in the news a lot lately.
And pardon me for saying, but just what is that going on underneath her skirt?

Mind you! #Christchurch was NO conspiracy, oh no! 😁🤣
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#NEWS | #GeorgeFloyd | Memorandum Granted For #BWC


Body-Worn Camera footage which "fell in the lap" of the @guardian last week is now accessible to the media/public.

The Big Lie| RENO911 | #GeorgeFloyd

In the 22 page document issued today, the 'factual background' outlines that Floyd died of homicide, however medical examiner #AndrewBaker outlined health conditions e.g heart disease, & drugs up the wazoo in #GeorgeFloyd's system.

The Openness of Criminal Trials Offers "Community Therapeutic Value"?

Without the video excerpts, the press & public cannot begin to piece a full story in what is arguably a multi-layered PSYOP! #GeorgeFloyd

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Awal dari miniseri cuitan FITNAH/KABO/HOAX Chat Mesum thd Habib Rizieq Syihab.


Framing lwt media byrn sisipkan aktris porno
Skrg siapa sumber Penyebaran pornografi di medsos?
Bhkn d Mako Brimob dipake utk memproduksi

Media byrn @tribunnews apalagi BlogAbalAbal-BAA GermoPolitik eh @gerilyapolitik-GP pendkg AhokJkw sdh berkhayal merusak nama HRS.
Sjk akhir Jan2017 GP sbt Anonymous sdh peringatkan HRS.
Awalnya diduga BAA tsb hanya PenebarHoax biasa
Repost polling terhadap BAA Germo Politik.
Mintol dibantu ya ManTemans.. 🙏🙏🙏

Sblm dilanjut, mintol:
* Dijawab polling nya
* Di reply kan alasannya
* Di RT & like.

Apakah situs/blog Gerilya Politik dapat dipercaya?
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Most people have only ever seen photographs and video of the Boston Marathon bombing from the MSM.

They don't know that two sets of photographs captured the scene from above.

This is laid out well in the doc "The Boston Unbombing"

Film producer Nathan Folks was immediately suspicious when he saw news reports featuring colleagues he had worked with in the film industry.

His analysis led him to the conclusion that for sure the Boston bombing was a staged event.

Exhibit A.

Running boy and his exploding pants.

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I’ve heard from 150+ across US who got mystery seeds (many TODAY!) since posting hours ago. 15k views.

If 1+% of viewers got seeds... many packets of seeds must have gone out?! What in the sweet name of #FoodWars is going on?!


The plot thickens: Beijing offers to help US investigate source of "China mystery seeds":…
USDA has now released a statement (below).

TENS of thousands of seed packets received across 28 states. International shipping is not cheap.

Coordinated talking points going out from all local media and state agencies.

This is not a "brushing scam."

#FoodWorldOrder Image
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#Hawaii #HurricaneDouglas
➡️ 13 ⬅️ Shelters
(missile alert 1/*13/18 etc)
Timestamp & Update Same
6:03 / 6:03
33 333 & 666 combos

#HurricaneDouglas 🌀
More #Illuminati 👁️#EnemyMedia comms.

Collum caps search:
33 👁️
23 False Flag

Chase the Money

#GoldStandard ImageImageImageImage
#HurricaneDouglas comms.

7-11 in Red

Spotlight is HUGE
IRANian Omidyar; eBay / Ebola, Boston Priest Abuse (Kennedy Irish), Missile Alert, Obama etc
(Twitter deleted Omidyar threads.)

Glasses often 👁️ comm.

Navy Pearl Harbor
Universal Helping Hands Fndt ?? ImageImageImageImage
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Hey @Jack did you purposely shoot yourself in the foot? You JUST TOLD THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT #QANON???

via #BernhardGuenther

Deep State-controlled #Twitter announcing to censor and cancel/delete Qanon posts and accounts is going to backfire big time

... on a desperate move to stop what cannot be stopped. Within just 24hrs, masses of people who never concerned themselves with #Q or haven't even heard of it, are looking into it now and are becoming more curious about it...

EVEN people who have been skeptical and dismissed it at first.

Any reasonable and mature person with basic critical thinking abilities will question why is Qanon such a threat, considering it's just a "nonsense conspiracy produced

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👀 ⬇️ RT
#Hawaii #FalseFlag
#Attack #comms

#JimCarrey revisits Missile Alert 7/16?
#JFKJR 1999
Birth of Muslim Era 622AD
Tour Boat Bomb HI 2018

"WINDing" #isreal co
👀 #Apollo (god of #plague ) Energy WINDfarm Big Island


1/ ImageImageImage


Tag Team Prelude to Carrey.

Get ahead of, discredit
@realDonaldTrump about

Biden; "Trump thinks windmills somehow cause cancer"...

2/ Image
@ClimatePower @realDonaldTrump Back to Carrey's revisit of Hawaii Missile on JFK Jr Anniversary.


👀 Canard Cruise Line

CNN Story
Tour Boat hit by 'lava bomb'
Cruise Ship ad had FF Disclosure. Archived : )

Quick Must See Thread…
3/ ImageImageImage
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Why the bloody hell is Jim Carey talking about Hawaii Missile Alert TODAY.…
@ThehulaG @pavao_linda @ylang__ylang__ @QAnonNotables
@PhillyQ_ @intheMatrixxx

Jim Carey chose 7/16, John Jr Anniversary, to revisit Hawaii Missile Alert on Jimmy Fallon and reinforce it was a "wrong button"??
And for those who follow #DogComms .....

THIS was with the story. ⬇️
WTAF Image
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#FalseFlag #Cabal ATTACK


33 stacked
33 Degree Freemasons⬅️

23 Injured

23 Injured
Tour Boat, 'lava bomb' Kapoho HI 7/16/18.
*John Jr Anniversary
*Islam New Year

23 Missing
33 Dead
Tour boat Phuket
7/6/18, 10 days prior

23 Seconds

#attacked .



By an Enemy Foreign AND Domestic.
The United
#Cabal #worldbank #MuslimBrotherhood

In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice.
#StepUp #Now

We've been down this road before.
➡️ 33 ⬅️ passengers.
(Ya don't say.)

Chinook Shot Down, Afghanistan 2011.

Hussein Obama's Watch.
NOT born in Hawaii.
Anyone still in Denial of this grim TRUTH must WTFU. NOW. Missile Alert. Etc… Image
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Quake in Hilo, HST abt 11:20 pm. Significant. Neighbors out in jammies : )

It isn't posted yet. Sabre rattling? Figured we had until the 4th. Maybe 16th or 17th.

Shaken, Not Stirred.
But I don't wanna go back inside.
Ok, here are comms.
[They] claimed it.

4.5 / 45 DT
17 / Q

Mad about the #goldstandard #EndTheFed
"Rewriting Wealth"

Fingerprinted, Blue/Dems
Ankle Bracelet

1/ ImageImageImage
They are working the Race War angle.

Black Lives Matter
This is Something. Are Obama's the black lives that matter, as in Do Not Execute. Or white lives, consider the hostages.

Definitely a Flood Threat.
➡️ They ain't done.
Paddle board AND Kayak (in the coin)

2/ ImageImage
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A THREAD: One that [they] don’t want you to see. They’d rather you be damaged from what they’re trying to mandate on us. Follow me down the rabbit hole to see what I mean. Reality is not what you think it is. You’re living in the #Matrix. Pass it on. R/T. #TheMoreYouKnow
OSHA considers anything below 19.5% oxygen concentration to be a hazardous atmosphere that can threaten life or health. Anyone who tries and “debunks” this is a brainwashed sheep. Air is only 20% to begin with. You need to see how quick it drops below 20%? Watch this. #MaskHoax
The extremely brainwashed will try and defend the #WearAMask hoax. It is proof of the brainwashing, as their “leaders” have recently weaponized them to “debunk” something as simple as OSHA minimum acceptable levels of oxygen that is safe to breathe.
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#Coup Update:”5 International Hotspots To Keep An Eye On!” Full video via #Newsbud & #Pareon. Watch Preview Here:
In this latest report-analysis (See Pinned) I discuss #Afghanistan, #Heroin, #PipelinePolitics & why the Deep State #Coup-Makers are going “Nuts” over the #Pullout. - - -… #
I want to welcome, and thank, all my new members of #Newsbud and #Patreon CommonSense Communities. To watch my exclusive reports and live-streams Join me on Patreon!
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I strongly recommend that you watch my video analysis & forecasting on how the #Coup-Makers target the “foreign policy front” as part of their coup stages. #ResistTheCoup - - -… #
Here’s the link to my analysis-forecast on this:
Getting to record an exclusive video segment on “#Coup-Makers & Foreign Policy Hot Spots (#FalseFlag Watch). It will be available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities thus evening. Pls Stay Tuned ... Image
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