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#dressrehersal ?
Love to brave #muslimanon who put this out there.
The #GreatAwakening is for ALL
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#Breaking: At least Three people dead and Nine people injured, when a 37 year old Turkish terrorist migrant opened fire at an crowd of people at a Tram station in #Utrecht in The Netherlands. Gunmen is still at large...
#Breaking This Terror attack in #Utrecht in The #Netherlands comes only one day after Turkish President Erdogan used the #NewZealand terror attack footage of the #ChurchChrist mosques attacks, On a election campaign rally!
#Update: Just in - The Terrorist in #Utrecht was known for shooting at the air after an altercation with his Family with his sister in law in The #Netherlands! The border with #Germany is still under anti terror supervision. The curfew of the public in Utrecht is lifted.
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#Dissenter & #ChristChurchNZ Massacre video censored…
#NZBORASECTION14: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form”.…
Set aside that #NewZealandGovt & #NZPolice are breaking their own laws: [1990 #BORASect14]
Eg: Parents/rulers that rule [fill-in-blank] is forbidden only pushes children/people to seek [same] out. Actually does far more damage than anyone sharing/dissenting controversial topic/s
Note: It can be seen in [Banning #ForbiddenFruit] leftist Gov't is actually using it TO PUSH toxic/immoral ideas by BANNING THEM knowing #dissenter/s will FLOCK TO IT [purely out of spite]
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A woman approached the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh mostly unnoticed and carefully placed a bouquet of yellow flowers among the branches of a bush near the center’s concrete steps. She then crossed Bigelow Boulevard and sat on a stone retaining wall and wept. 1/5
She said she’d lost a family member when a man of hate entered the Tree of Life synagogue in October and gunned down people of faith. Now bullets had shattered lives at two New Zealand mosques. 2/5
The flowers and her quiet, anonymous presence were gestures of solidarity with the Muslim community, she said. When a man at the mosque learned of the woman’s presence, he briefly held his hand to his heart, then crossed the street to chat with her. 3/5
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#NewZealand #Dutch #TramAttack#Breaking: #Copycat? Or #CoordinatedCell? - - - @Several people shot, one possibly killed in tram in Utrecht, Netherlands, attacker at large”—… #
#NewZealand #Flashback: One of my first posts right after the incident (Screen Shot Below). Coming Later today: Which country “Blinks Red” if my #CoordinatedCell theory holds true. Today #DutchTramAttack ...
#NewZealand: I am still waiting for #Turkey to raise “Alert Level”.Considering still “blacked out” on info I released in video below ...Why aren’t they?Yet recent BS on supposed Assassination plans by #Tarrant against the President here!- - - via @YouTube
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Biker crew Black Power,which took name from the civil rights movement & whose members r mostly Maori (indigenous people of #NewZealand) honoured victims of #ChristChurchMassacre by performing Haka(ceremonial dance). White supremacy’s earliest victims honouring its latest victims
“That (white power extremism) has been here for years, it’s been here for decades,” a leader of Black Power who did not want to be named told the Courier Mail outside the Linwood mosque. Here’s the full Haka… #ChristChurchMosqueMassacre
Here a lone man performs Haka, which is not just a “war dance” but is performed at weddings,funerals & other significant occasions for Maori culture. I’m deeply moved by these Haka which so poignantly capture grief and rage. #ChristchurchMosqueMassacre
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Can we have a serious conversation about this?

@SteveKingIA posted this image to his facebook yesterday (presumably to own libs), however it is far beyond hyperbole and antithetical to his duties as a Congressman.
We all recognize we live in a time of hyper-partisanship, but let's put this aside for a sec and focus just on what a Congressperson should do while they hold office. For starters lets take a look at @SteveKingIA's duties:…
There have been and are going to be Congresspeople of all stripes, sadly some with poisonous white supremacist ideology like @SteveKingIA, but their ideologies do not divorce them from their duties of service to their constituents.
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In the immediate aftermath of the white nationalist terror attack in Christchurch, NZ, a variety of #FalseFlag conspiracy theories regarding the shootings began circulating on social media.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing #NewZealand/"New Zealand"/#NewZealandShooting/#NZMosqueShooting and #FalseFlag/"false flag"/#DeepState/"deep state"/#CrisisActor/"crisis actor"/staged/"doesn't add up"/#QAnon in the body of the tweet (as opposed to linked article titles etc.)
This yielded 5329 tweets from 4592 accounts. We then classified the 50 most frequently retweeted accounts into those which promote conspiracy theories about the attack and those which do not. Most of the early tweets are of the conspiracy-pushing ilk; #QAnon turns up frequently.
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Who is #BrentonTarrant really? #FiveEyes reminds at #Gladio? Inzernational connections in the #ChristChurch #PsyOps via @williamcraddick…
(2) FLORES: #NewZealand's #Christchurch Tragedy - Facts, Patterns, and Pieces Tell a Problematic Story @FortRussNews…
(3) #Christchurch - Why were the videos, showing two additional gunmen removed from social(ist) media? Why the narrative of a "single culprit" if they were additional arrests made by NZ police. Why it was stated that "a 5th suspect" did flee to Israel?
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"We must save Americans from these immigrant criminals!" - Stephen Miller

#MAGA #WhiteSupremacy #StochasticTerrorism #NewZealand
#NewZealand 🇳🇿 It's called #StochasticTerrorism. Click here 🔖 to look up the term on Google. Among other things, it's how ISIS, and other terror networks, use genocide code propaganda to recruit and trigger lone wolf assassins and terrorists.
"Understand that white supremacy is as much a threat to this country and the world as any violent ideology." | @RexHuppke @chicagotribune…
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#NewZealand: Look, I said this yesterday, and have to emphasize it strongly again today: The Timing Of #AEI Running This Piece by Michael Rubin Warning Of Attacks on “Jews” in #Turkey With #NewZealand Terrorists’ #Manifesto on #Turkey!!- - -
#NewZealand : I generally hate all the drama-based politically motivated “heightened alert” business by governments (Everywhere!)-However, if I were #Turkey government authority I’d watch out for possible #GladioOps targeting synagogues/Jewish centers here. Something may be up...
#NewZealand: This Guy has come to #Turkey several times for extended stays. He includes #Turkey & Turkish Pres. In his warnings (Manifesto). #Israel lobby’s #AEI issues this insane warning ... I’d say “Heightened Alert” In this Case: would be warranted.
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#NewZealand Update: The #Manifesto Calls for Killing & Elimination Of #Turkish People In #EU & Calls for Assassination if #Turkey President #Erdogan. - - - ”Christchurch terrorist threatens Turks living in Thrace and Europe, calls for Erdoğan’s death!”
#NewZealand: How Many Followers Of This Terrorist Cell Are In #Australia, #Europe? How did the #ChristChurch Terrorist Finance All his Travels? Was His Trips To #Turkey Right Before the Attempted #Coup A Coincidence? Why the Obsession with #Erdogan & #Trump & #Turkey?
#NewZealand attacker #Tarrant stayed in #Turkey for 43 DAYS in 2016. (Two separate visits. One between March 17-20. Then September 13-October 25). Before the Attempted #Coup and right after. Why?How was it financed? What was he doing in #Turkey during this extended stay?!
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#NewZealand: Of Course, judging from the #manifesto & slogans the #Terrorist clearly exhibited severe obsession with #Turkey and Pres. #Erdogan. A very strange coincidence considering the #timing and the latest #geopolitical developments on #Turkey related matters.
#NewZealand: Christ Church attacker travelled to #Turkey “Multiple” Times. Not only that: He spent an “Extended” period of time in #Turkey (based on reports from an “unnamed” Senior Turkish official).
#NewZealand: Still waiting for “named” sources and further confirmation.
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I don’t know the terrorist’s name. Nor do I care to know it.

Im keen on knowing the names, remembering the stories and celebrating the lives of the victims.

All 49. Please join me. #49lives
"The Hero" | Say his name: Naeem Rashid.

One of the 49 #ChristChurch victims.

After he witnessed his son Taha shot and killed, and men and women slain around him, he lunged at the terrorist with his bear hands.

He was courageous until the very end - and died a Hero.
"The Youngest" | Muca Ibrahim was only 3 years old.

He was killed by terrorist in #ChristChurch, and is the youngest of the 49 slain Muslims. He has his whole life ahead of him.

Remember him like this, smiling wide, with his brother Abdi.
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1/ The growing hate and violence associated with #WhiteSupremacists and which spawned yesterday's horrific terror attack in #NewZealand, did not occur in a vacuum. Right wing extremists used the immigration platform to goad their followers into committing hate crimes.
2/ That includes Donald Trump, the fake president, whose entire platform is based on hate.
The rage directed against immigrants is completely misplaced and is a product of ignorance.
Ignorance about history, ignorance about race and ignorance of humanity.
3/ Immigrants are often fleeing war or financial ruin in their homeland. Those catastrophic conditions are a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of European and American hegemony and colonialism.
The western empires invaded murdered, pillaged, stole and raped the developing world.
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The siege on Hajin was so devastating that 80 children died only during the walk to the refugee camp or just after arriving. The siege has been in place by the US-led coalition since Feb 2018. Allahu a'lam how many died during that time due to lack of medical care and food
Shamima Begum lost two children during the siege and one right after arriving at the refugee camp. This is on top of the endless airstrikes and artillery that even caused a French colonel that participated in the op to break protocol and protest publicly…
Despite all this, the filth that have had 3-10 airplanes flying over that small patch of land at every single moment during the past 15 months say that they miscalculated the number of civilians in that area by tens of thousands
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To be clear: fuck Trump and the Islamophobia he peddles in BUT he did not create it. He is an inheritor of:
- GOP outright hatred & incitement vs Muslims
- Democrats’ cowardly use of the “good Muslim” card: “Muslims are in our armed forces & police”
In 2016 elections:
- Donald Trump was vowing to ban Muslims (which he did via Muslim Ban bs 6 countries)
- Clinton had Kizr Khan and his wife Ghazala Irshad at DNC - parents of a Muslim soldier who was killed in the US war in Iraq. ie Muslims are “good” and fight “our” wars.
Russ Feingold was the ONLY senator - Democrat or GOP - who in 2001 voted against the Patriot Act. Who cared about surveillance and all that shit when it was portrayed as targeting a bunch of brown Muslims, hey?
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Mais do que falar das Chans, urge a necessidade de falar das alt-right e, principalmente, quem "naturalizou" elas pacificamente.

Um desses deus as caras ontem: Fernando Holiday falando da Marielle.

Institutos como Ilisp sao outros.
A própria Veja, onde colunistas citavam Olavo nominalmente em seus artigos, tudo para ajudar a fomentar um anti-petismo acrítico, despolitizado e caricato.
Quem tiver interesse: o @carapanarana tem uma participação no @AntiCast só sobre essa "Nova Direita" muito bom.
O @assimdisseojoao chega a citar nominalmente a gente da @_Voyager1_ .…
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Society has become so Fake that Exposing the Truth Actually Bothers People
The Sad part is that people have No intelligent responses to my Tweets
Just Name-Calling & Death Threats

Sorry LIBS, I LOVE Melting Snowflakes❄
📢#RETWEET to Breakthrough Censorship📢
It’s Very Disturbing: Australian 'Crisis Actor' Live-Streamed New Zealand Mosque Shooting, Identified as Former Communist/Socialist who claims to be a "Eco-Fascist"
[Thread Explains THERE Agenda]
1) A man who identified himself as “born in Australia to a working class, low income family” in a 74-page Communist/Socialist manifesto posted before the horrific #Christchurch shootings in New Zealand claimed to be responsible for the Muslim mosque attacks on March 15
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Myself and @Jonathon_Shafi discussing the attacks on Mosques in #NewZealand today, and on why the Prime Minister and the right internationally are refusing to admit the Islamophobic nature of the attacks. Thread:…
May's statement doesn't mention the target of the attacks (Muslims) where they were attacked (Mosques) or the reason (#Islamophobia). Why? Simply because, as we know from Hope Not Hate's research, two thirds of Tory voters are Islamophobic 2/
The Tories have consciously constructed Islamophobic constituencies to bolster their electoral position. They have consistently used anti-Muslim fear and enmity to defend the state and the elite. They are therefor unprepared, ill-equipped and ill-disposed to deal with this 3/
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1/ No @realDonaldTrump 49 people did not “die senselessly.” They were massacred by a right wing racist terrorist inspired by people you amplify and refuse to condemn. They were slaughtered Bc they were Muslim: the kind of folks you would like to ban from the US
2/ And still you won’t call it terrorism. You won’t condemn Islamophobic hatred. You won’t condemn the white nationalism at the heart of this. Because those are the fuel for your movement.
3/ This #NewZealand #mosqueshooting massacre in #Christchurch is symbolic of the sickness of white supremacy and more reason to begin treating these folks and this movement like the terrorists they are
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