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Another political stunt by #BJP - In a dubious attempt to divert media attention from the internal chaos that engulfs India - India media, in alliance with BJP, deceitfully turned an incident of a natural calamity into a terrorists attack. ImageImage
According to initial credible media reports, and as declared by @rajnathsingh himself, 5 Indian soldiers had died after a truck caught fire due to lightning strike in #PoonchDistrict, #IIOJK. However, the incident is, now, being painted as a Terrorist attack.
Such political stratgems by Modi's govt are meant to gain relevance & divert attention from the serious issues concerning India: governance issues, stagflation, unrest in Punjab, secession referendum in Manipur, and furthermore, #Pakistan's decision to participate in SCO moot.
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#SAT Analysis

The #PulwamaAttack of 2019 that killed 40 CRPF personnel in Indian-held Kashmir served as a trigger to bring India & Pakistan on a nuclear threshold.

But were India’s blames rightly put?

A 🧵 Image
How the BJP government averted from intelligence oversight & focused instead on winning the electoral margin following the #PulwamaAttack is the hot talk in India right now.

An “explosive” interview of BJP’s former governor of #Kashmir, #SatyapalMalik, has sparked a debate.


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#PulwamaTerrorAttack #PulwamaAttack
పుల్వామా 🥷🏿ముష్కరుల🚓దాడిలో 2019 ఫిబ్రవరి 14న ప్రాణాలు కోల్పోయిన వీరసైనికుల జ్ఞాపకార్థం....

ఓ సైనికుడా..🙏🙏🙏
దేశ సరిహద్దుల్లో నిలిచి
శత్రు దేశాల నుండి దేశాన్ని
భార్య పిల్లలను విడిచి
ప్రాణాలకు తెగించి
మంచు కొండలను అధిరోహించి
దేశ ప్రజల సంతోషాలు తలిచి
నీవు కష్టాలను అనుభవించి
నీ కుటుంబమే దేశమంటూ
నీ ప్రేమా, మమతలు దేశానికే పంచుతూ..
నీ దేశసేవలో ప్రాణాలర్పించడమే
త్యాగమనుచు..నీ సంతసమంటే ఏ వైపు నుండి
ఏ ముప్పు వచ్చి పడుతుందోనన్న
ఆందోళన లేకుండా దేశ ప్రజలు
సేద తీరడమని..
నీకు విరామమంటే..
దేశానికంకితమై భరతమాత గర్భంలో తలదాచుకోవడమని...
నీ వరకు వ్యక్తిగతమంటే కోటానుకోట్ల
భారతీయుల ఉజ్వల భవిష్యత్తని...
నీ వరకు నేనంటే దేశమని, మనమంటే దేశప్రజానీకమని....
నీకు పర్వదిన ఉత్సవమంటే శత్రువుని మట్టుపెట్టి రక్త తిలకాన్ని నుదుటనలంకరించుకోవడమని...
నీ వరకు మనసంటే పిడుగుపాటు కాల్చి
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Every Indian has a separate corner for Protesters, our great soldiers..

We killed their terrorists, they cried, we remained silent.

Their terrorists killed our innocent Soldiers, we cried, they celebrated this crime..
On 14 Feb 2019 we lost 44 precious lives of our brave soldiers. There are no words to express how angry we Indians....
If your heart doesn't get collapsed after seeing those innocent faces who sacrificed their kids for saving your life, then you are not an Indian.If you don't feel anything after seeing these massacre bodies who were enthusiastic to protect your future then you arent a human being
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Thread on the #ArnabGate #WhatsAppLeaks. Alleged Journos are outraging how Arnab knew a retaliatory strike for #PulwamaAttack was imminent days before. Well here’s a list of people who knew beforehand
1. @htTweets because the PM said so on 23rd FEB
2. The @IndianExpress knew because the reported Sambit’s speech TK this effect
3. @IndianExpress had been reporting @ImranKhanPTI saying this a full 6 days before the attack. Did Modi call and inform Khan as well?
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#PulwamaAttack A quick thread on who said what last year in the one month after the attack.

Now that Pakistan has gloated, it is time to revisit what happened on Twitter on account of #PulwamaAttack in 2019
According to sad ji, Pulwama Attack was a "lafada". Lafade baaz ko sab kuch lafada hi nazar aayega.

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#TaalThokKe LIVE : राहुल के 'भरोसेमंद' पाकिस्तान का 'क़बूलनामा'?

पाकिस्तान में भारतीय सेना का 'ये डर अच्छा है'...

#SabootGangExposed पर ट्वीट करें

@AmanChopra_ के साथ…
#Pakistan's Federal Minister @fawadchaudhry tellsNational Assembly #Pulwama was great achievement under @ImranKhanPTI Govt, in which 40 @crpfindia soldiers were killed
Terror attack in Pulwama carried out by Pakistan govt, admits Imran Khan’s Science and Technology Minister Fawad Choudhry. @RahulGandhi
@ArvindKejriwal and #FakeNewsMediaClowns were peddling lies to malign India, PM & our Martyred bravehearts
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The Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists & their commanders in #Pakistan had deposited Rs 10 lakh of Pakistani currency amount in the bank account of Mohammad Umar Farooq, son of IC 814 Indian Airlines hijacking case conspirator Ibrahim Athar, for carrying out the #Pulwama terror attack.
The revelations were made in the 13,800 page charge sheet filed by the #NIA(@NIA_India) in a Special NIA court in Jammu on Tuesday. The investigator said that Farooq, used Rs 5.7 lakh for #Pulwama terror attack to buy Maruti Eeco car,200 kg of explosives & other logistic support.
A senior NIA official related to the probe, requesting anonymity, told IANS: "An amount of PKR 10 lakh was deposited in the bank account of Farooq, who was killed in an #encounter with Indian #securityforces in March 2019."

#PulwamaAttack #JammuAndKashmir
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Folks, moving on from this thread of last night to the developments that have taken place since, especially in light of what the Indian Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister said earlier today.
Here goes ..
Firstly, let me take you back to yesterday afternoon.
This news first broke at about 1pm on 16 June.
Now that in itself is a very interesting.
The Govt of India chose to wait for nearly 16 hours to make the report of the incident public.
Now what might have gone on within those 16 hours is anybody's guess - might have been trying to get a clear picture of what actually happened, or might have been working backchannels to prevent things from spiralling further .. It's all open to speculation.
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CCP's official statement. China is accusing India crossed the LAC.

India of course denies any intrusion.

While Indian Army's official statement has already confirmed 3 KIA including the CO of the Battalion manning the LAC at #GalwanValley, there are unconfirmed reports coming that the PLA has suffered 4 or 5 casualties. We will have to wait for an official statement from CCP.
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Breaking: @NIA_India arrests a Pulwama resident & his daughter for “harbouring” main bomber Adil Ahmad Dar, Shakir Magrey (arrested last week) & senior Jaish Commanders including Mudassar Khan (now dead) just before February 14, 2019 #PulwamaAttack
The arrested have been identified as Tariq Ahmed Shah (50) and his daughter Insha Jan (23). They sheltered at their home in Hakripora JeM terrorists involved in Pulwama attack including suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar.
The video of Adil Ahmad Dar, in which he was seen talking about JeM’s plan to attack the convoy, was also made at the resident of Tariq Ahmad Shah, says @NIA_India
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Amount paid so far to Next-of-Kins (NoK) of the martyrs of February 14, 2019 #PulwamaAttack ranges from Rs two crore to three crores, says @crpfindia
@crpfindia In addition, NoKs of 19 Pulwama martyrs have been allotted residential flats by CREDAI - Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India while 21 other cases are under process. #PulwamaAttack
@crpfindia The financial benefits have been given to all the NoKs except one whose cases is held up as the case of legal heir is sub-judice, says @crpfindia
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@crpfindia DG - A P Maheshwari on the anniversary on #PulwamaAttack says - “We pay our heart felt tribute to all the martyrs. CRPF is a brave fighting force on federal grid and remains undeterred by any untoward incidence”.
“Challenges of low intensity conflict zones are dynamic. A well synergised proactive response system is in place in collaboration with all the stakeholders including various central and state agencies,” says A P Maheshwari.
@crpfindia has been constantly refining its capabilities in terms of tool and tactics not only to proactively neutralise any of the nefarious designs of the adversary but also destroy the eco system on which such elements thrive,” says A P Maheshwari.
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Moving on with this thread.
To be fair, #NDTV probably wouldn't be the only one that confused 'Osama' with 'Obama'.
But that doesn't mean I'll not put this 'editorial gaffe' here for archival purposes!
Our editors have managed to defeat the Matrix by successfully introducing a 'glitch' that converts a drug addict into a drug addiction!
Here's proof!
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Vasundhara Sirnate and I analyzed the news reports since the #pulwamaattacks

Our analysis of various Indian media news reports...…
// Key Findings // #PulwamaAttack 👇🏾
1. There are multiple versions of events reported with respect to the Pulwama attack. The newspapers, for instance, could not even agree on Adil Ahmad Dar’s age.
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Ok folks, carrying on from this thread of yesterday morning, in light of the events of this day. My thoughts are still a bit unstructured, so pl bear with me.
First and foremost, the point raised in this tweet from nearly four years ago has now been answered. Whether it develops into a war, or a 'near war' is to be seen now
I guess that the Brown Pants have taken a call to retaliate, assuming that the aftermath of an overt retaliation will be easier to manage than the yahoos within their own country
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Note on possible #IAF #airstrike today. There is NO SUCH THING as "terror camps". These aren't concentrated like schools or colleges. These are disaggregated and dispersed AT ALL TIMES. If targets were struck they would be military targets
.2n this IAF Embraer 145 AWACS was patrolling since the early hours. Watchers know this is an unusual pattern, although it did come close to the area of the alleged strike, it patrolled South as well. The plane has since returned to base. Source: @zone5aviation #IAF #airstrike
.3n for is where balakot is
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So I woke up to this news and this tweet by the Brown Pants Propagandu-In-Chief!
(NOT a typo, btw)
Sharing some quick thoughts on this
It is big.
It means that it was something they simply cannot hide away, unlike the #SurgicalStrikes.
It also that gives me great satisfaction, personally.
In fact I had tweeted this on the very night of the #PulwamaAttack
Now, since they cannot simply wish it away, comes the bombastic statement by the Propagandu-in-Chief that IAF couldn't achieve its mission.
Well, there are two aspects to it - firstly, in this time of Social Media & camera phones, how long before truth emerges?
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Unclear what “violated” means precisely here—but this also suggests multiple aircraft.
Follow-up tweet clarifies things a bit. We can litigate details later, but big picture right now per ISPR is IAF fighters crossed LoC in the early morning—before sunrise—and released some payload that Pakistan is saying hit nothing important in particular.
Biggest question I have is what “near” Balakot means and what payload specifically. Balakot is not in Azad Kashmir—it’s in KP.
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#India started bombarding Pakistan with allegations after the #PulwamaAttacks says #DGISPR
We wanted to investigate the #Indian allegations after we were sure footed #DGISPR
#PulwamaAttacks occurred when #pakistan had important eight events happening in and out of the country. #DGISPR
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👉Lot of lectures to Modi on MFN n action against Pakistan after #PulwamaAttack
👉Lets see what Modi did, its in addition to what I had written in my thread #ModichokesPakistan
👉Soon after Modi took office in late 2014 he approved Chabahar port in Iran
👉Point to be noted Vajpayee approved this project in 2003. After his defeat Congress slept over it for a decade
👉Port became operational in Nov 17 n first consignment of wheat for Afghanistan dispatche
👉Why am I writing on this topic
👉Afghanistan(AFG) is a land locked country. Trade of AFG with foreign countries took place thro Pak port of Karachi
👉Pak controlled all trade access to AFG
👉Pak AFG trade was 2.7 BN$ in 2014 n Pak hoped it to rise to 5 BN$ in next 3-4 yrs
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Reactions across #Rajasthan in wake of the #PulwamaAttack

Art & culture centre of #Jaipur @JKK_Jaipur cancels theatre/ play 'Eidgah Ke Jinnat', based on stone pelting incidents in #Kashmir . It was a part of JKK's ongoing #theatre festival #Navras @DeccanHerald
According to the Jaipur police the scheduled play 'Eidgah ke Jinnat' has been cancelled in the wake of sentiments of citizens after #PulwamaAttack . The play is directed by Abhishek Majumdar . @DeccanHerald @ashokgehlot51 @SachinPilot
The district collector of Bikaner has asked Pakistani nationals staying in Bikaner to leave the city within 48 hours. Also prohibitory orders under CrPC section 144 have been issues.

The order has created fear among 5000 Pakistani immigrants in Rajasthan @DeccanHerald
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