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Waking up in restraints to realize he was suspected of being involved in the shooting that nearly killed him was bad enough for 38yo Jermaine Welch. But he hadn't anticipated learning LAPD might have been the ones that shot him.…
He'd been out making deliveries on the night of June 3 when he came upon a crowd at Broadway/Manchester. He heard someone yell "F*ck the cops!", saw a bright light, and heard a burst of shots. Then the intersection exploded in gunfire. Image
He knew he'd been hit and he had to get out of there. His hand was mangled - he'd thrown it in front of his face to protect his head - and the bullet that had burrowed in through his ribs had damaged a lung. ImageImageImage
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On May 30, I got a text from Jermaine. It was a photo of himself at a #BlackLivesMatter protest downtown. Photog @bencamach0 had captured him walking past a burning trash can. Jermaine was so proud to have participated in the peaceful call for the reimagining of public safety. Image
I had first met Jermaine a year earlier, at Crenshaw and Slauson. He was waiting for the funeral procession for #NipseyHussle to come through and he stood out in his white suit. Image
And of course those shoes were one-of-a-kind. He'd had them custom painted with Nip's likeness.…
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I get the point...but am also dreading how many urbanists RTs this essay will get and how it will be wielded against BIPoC planning folks making more nuanced arguments…
Like, this only makes sense if you don't see freeway construction as part of a continuum. Image
I wrote about this, too, in my deep dive into the history of South Central via the story of #NipseyHussle… Image
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Taking this moment to share gratitude for some of the people & orgs that embraced, expanded, and helped me grow in #2019 - starting w/ @ChrisFomunyoh and the wonderful teams @NDI @ndiafrica & @IRIglobal @IRI_Africa for the IEOM #Nigeria Image
It was an honor to serve with all of you! Image
I’d also like to thank @BSangafowaCoul and the #AfricaGrowthInitiative @BrookingsInst for making me a part of their magnificent programming 🙏🏿 - looking forward to #ForesightAfrica #2020 Image
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Husband of musical queen @Beyonce & multimillionaire who gentrified his own hood using #EminentDomain #BarclaysCenter tells others #NipseyHussle was doin the same 2 #Crenshaw & crowd goes wild 🤦🏾‍♂️ I really thought I’d be spending my Sunday differently.
#GentrifyYourHood #JayZ /1
1st the source: A/b 7 yrs ago I 1st saw the documentary #BattleForBrooklyn which talked a/b #JayZ & #Beyonce's role in supporting the Brooklyn Nets #BarclaysCenter I dont think I've been able to fully 4give them 4 it, then again neither has apologized. /2
Gentrification isnt simply “neighborhood improvement” but is SYSTEMIC use of private forces & PUBLIC POLICY 2 forcibly displace low-income & vulnerable residents/biz owners from land & replace them w/more affluent ppl/uses to generate capital returns. Just ✔️ the root word. /3
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Today we say goodbye to #NipseyHussle with a memorial service in Los Angeles:…
There's hope yet that #NipseyHussle's legacy will live on 🏁💙 The marathon continues, but here's why his death still hurts so badly:…
#NipseyHussle's brother spoke about his last moments:…
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PROOF #NIPSEYHUSSLE #murder was a #freemason #ritual #bloodsacrifice. His video "rap niggas" is coded with freemasons symbolism showing he took the satanic left hand path.
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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Let me break down the #NipseyHussle #hoax #qanon #TheGreatAwakening #Fakenews #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
First clue is dead at age 33 go figure. We all know what that number represents. And not to mention "hussle"=33......lets Continuing...
He was said to have been shot in from of #TheMarathon
Check out those other gematria values🤔....
The date of the supposed killing was March 31st, 2019.....heres that date broken down into dif numerology values. This is important so pay attention.
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