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Look at the replies to understand why I call them The Proud Boys of Real Estate

Anyone who thinks to blame decades-in-the-making housing crisis on 1of11 Dem Socialist Supervisor who has been in office 3yrs & founded a statewide tenants advocacy org is insane, stupid or paid off.
Any honest observation is that San Francisco was sold off to Big Tech, commercial real estate & venture capitalists going back to at least Willie Brown’s administration.

And as South Bay cities were adding millions in creative office space for six-figure migrant tech workers…
SF didnt protect the affordable housing stock.

As a tenants rights atty & advocate, Dean & folk like him r the only reason it isnt worse for the remain SF low-income & working class.

Meanwhile SF’s tech engineer gentrifiers r famously NOT housing insecure. So y they so loud?
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This is why we need to #ProtectBlackWomen on top of normalizing being #NeurodivergentWhileBlack. I feel like this is a prime example of #ApartmentBuildingAaron weaponizing the police as a threat. We all know #ACAB 💁🏾‍♀️ Image
“The issue is even more intense for Black women, who struggle against stereotypes and are seen as angry or threatening when we try to stand up for ourselves and our sisters. There’s not much room for passionate advocacy if you are a Black woman.”- Megan There Stallion 🙌🏾✊🏾 Image
Bruh, #ApartmentAaron threatened to call the cops on you for “trespassing,” got corrected by his boss, and still didn't apologize!? Told you to “stop crying” and be a “big girl”? Wtf? & how does one outgrow racism? 💁🏾‍♀️ #BlackWomensTearsMatter #IATPOS Image
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1/10War on virus is about cognitive dissonance. Those of us who stood by silent as minority communities were gentrified through the war on drugs, or profited by it, do not imagine being the targets of an epic urban renewal through lockdown measures and vaccine mandates.
2/10War on virus is about destabilization.  The bulk of wage workers as well as business owners who cater to the establishment must collide with those who have realized that their livelihoods are being destroyed or their businesses are being swallowed by large corporate entities.
3/10Communities are divided.  Family members are divided over fear and uncertainty.  We are being primed for further colonization of humanity and nature.
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You're a gran (your latest a couple of months old) so at night you go out to feed children who don't have, you panic about running out of food, it's about to start raining again, and...
I don't know how she does it
#TheSoliPhilanderFoundation Image
They're remarkably tough and surprisingly fragile, housing- insecure people, and you always come across yourself...
#TheNetworkOfCare Image
Times the name-calling is the worst. 'I knew my mother and father wouldn't forget about me', she says
#TheNetworkOfCare Image
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Volviendo sobre este tema, la idea de mejorar lo problemas de un barrio como la Bachillera o S. Jerónimo con la creación de una incubadora de empresas de servicios avanzados es un error. Es aplicar lo que en mi #Tesis denomino como modelo de oferta de la regeneración urbana
El modelo de oferta de la RU se basa en la idea de que mejorando las condiciones socioespaciales del barrio (su estructura de oportunidades) con nuevas de infraestructuras, reforma urbanas etc. esto va a producir mejoras en las condiciones socioeconómicas de la población objetivo
Este modelo de oferta es el que subyace en los programas financiados por la UE desde el Urban en los 90 a los actuales EDUSI. En mi tesis afirmo que genera resultados positivos en los barrios que cuentan con potencial de desarrollo mayor (los C. Históricos) y no en la barriadas
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1) "A ce titre, elle illustre une pratique #autoritaire et centralisée du pouvoir qui est parfaitement contraire au travail universitaire et à la nécessaire #liberté de la #recherche publique." 😱

Mais que se passe-t-il au @CampusCondorcet ?…
2) D'abord, qu'est-ce que c'est le @CampusCondorcet ?
C'est le regroupement d'une dizaine d'établissements spécialisés dans les sciences humaines et sociales (SHS) pour créer un "quartier latin du XXIème siècle", un "Harvard français des SHS" au nord de Paris et à Aubervilliers.
3) Mais c'est aussi (surtout ?) un projet urbanistique et immobilier, dans le cadre du #GrandParis : il s'agit de transformer d'anciens espaces industriels, de valoriser des patrimoines fonciers et immobiliers.

En gros, le projet est l'amorçage d'un processus de #gentrification.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Achieving Racial Justice and Equity/Only one party has a specific plan for healing the wounds of systemic institutional racism & the legacy of slavery and for achieving equity-the other party denies they still hurt 1/15 Image
The extreme gap in household wealth and income between people of color—especially Black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and certain Asian American and Pacific Islander communities—and white families is hurting our working class and holding our country back. 2/15 Image
#Democrats are committed to improving economic mobility for people of color. We will fight to tackle intergenerational poverty and close the racial wealth gap.3/15 #DemPartyPlatform #WealthGap #RacialJustice Image
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for This section is called: Putting Homeownership in Reach and Guaranteeing Safe Housing for Every American. Only one party has a specific plan for rebuilding the great American #MiddleClass. 1/11
Democrats will enact a new Homeowner and Renter Bill of Rights to protect families from abusive lenders and landlords. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #affordablehousing #HousingRights
#Democrats will empower renters by working to establish a national tenant right to organize, and support outreach and education to help tenants advocate to preserve and expand affordable housing. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #affordablehousing #TenantRights
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The Monday, July 6 edition of @ProgNewsDaily features 80+ articles & video breakdowns from #Progressive, #Independent #journalists & #political #analysts who offer a perspective not found on network or cable TV...(cont. below)…
nor other traditional “mainstream” outlets.
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Today’s Top Stories:
* Lawyers: #BreonnaTaylor case connected to #gentrification plan- @courierjournal
* #Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That 'Blacks' Are Registering to Vote - @TheRoot

* #JeffreyEpstein Associate #GhislaineMaxwell Reportedly Prepared to Out 'Big Names' to Help Case - @Complex

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About to start: “Arrival Cities and Neighbourhood Traps”
The webinar is being recorded and will be posted afterwards.
“The momentous events of today are playing out in neighbourhoods,” says @DougSaunders. “Although people at that level [including municipal] do not have the authority or resources to deal with them.”
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Black people are statistically more likely to get rejected by banks for loans for homes and businesses = less black owned businesses, including book stores.…
Black authors are less likely to be published for SEVERAL reasons including #publishingsowhite = less black-authored books. Also see:
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Hier die Route der #Demo für #sozialen #Wohnungsbau #le1801 14 Uhr: Hildebrandplatz! Hildebrandstr - Thierbacher - Meusdorfer Str - W.Heinze-Str – Selneckerstr – Windscheidstr – Scheffelstr – Kochstr – G.Freytag-Str – K.Liebknecht-Str – Bornaische Str – Wiedebachplatz (17 Uhr) Image
Die Idee zur Veröffentlichung ist, alle Bewohnis von #Connewitz wissen von Orten die nicht gerade im Sinne einer #solidarischen #Nachbarschaft bebaut werden...
...oder sind gerade selbst von #Entmietung und #Verdrängung betroffen...
...haben Nachbarinas* denen es so geht...
Macht euch Gedanken, holt eure #Transpis raus, schreibt einen #Redebeitrag, hinterlasst #kreative Spuren die auf die/eure/unsere #Problematik der #gentrification hinweisen! Meldet euch beim #Lauti wenn ihr an dem Tag was sagen wollt!
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#Gentrification may actually complement moving-to-opportunity type programs "Overall, we find that many original residents, including the most disadvantaged, are able to remain in gentrifying neighborhoods and share in any neighborhood improvements." 2/3 Image
Whole paper is interesting and to me it further reinforces notion that cash subsidies for housing is better policy than building #PublicHousing that locks people in certain neighborhoods 3/3
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We're about to begin the event for Runnymede's & @CLASSthinktank report, 'We Are Ghosts - Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice' with speakers @faizashaheen @omaromalleykhan, @johnharris1969 @SamiaBadani and Laurie Mompelat

We're live-tweeting using #RaceAndClass
.@faizashaheen opens the event talking about the stereotype of the working class, as the white and northern, leading to the erasure of long-standing BME working class groups.

It's created division, that we need to overcome and move the narrative forward

Laurie Mompelat (@RunnymedeTrust and @CLASSthinktank) is presenting the report's findings

The research is a year-long case study of working class London, mainly North Kensington (#Grenfell)

There were 10 focus groups, with people from low income backgrounds
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Husband of musical queen @Beyonce & multimillionaire who gentrified his own hood using #EminentDomain #BarclaysCenter tells others #NipseyHussle was doin the same 2 #Crenshaw & crowd goes wild 🤦🏾‍♂️ I really thought I’d be spending my Sunday differently.
#GentrifyYourHood #JayZ /1
1st the source: A/b 7 yrs ago I 1st saw the documentary #BattleForBrooklyn which talked a/b #JayZ & #Beyonce's role in supporting the Brooklyn Nets #BarclaysCenter I dont think I've been able to fully 4give them 4 it, then again neither has apologized. /2
Gentrification isnt simply “neighborhood improvement” but is SYSTEMIC use of private forces & PUBLIC POLICY 2 forcibly displace low-income & vulnerable residents/biz owners from land & replace them w/more affluent ppl/uses to generate capital returns. Just ✔️ the root word. /3
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