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This is a thread on Phiroz Rustomji Daruwala, a cold-blooded serial killer who brutally killed an elderly family in a #murder case that rocked #Mumbai and #Maharashtra 50 years ago. The criminal also planned to abduct matka king Ratan Khatri!
#crime #truecrime #murdermysteries ImageImageImage
2 February 1971. The neighbours of Darabshah Sethna (82), a resident of Jehangir Mansion, near Metro Cinema at Dhobi Talao in #Mumbai were intrigued. The main door of his 5th floor was locked, which was unprecedented as the family never went out together.
Sethna was a bachelor. Gaibai Master (72), her husband Nasserwanji (65) and their servant Bawla (55) stayed with Sethna and cared for him. Sethna was a managing clerk at a reputed solicitor's firm in #Mumbai.
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On the day of #Jummah☪️, Muslim men Khayum Miah chopped 🔪his minor wife Tanuja Begum (15) body into two pieces - her head was kept in one bag and the body was found in another bag.
Their #Nikah took place 8 months back when the girl was just 14 years old.

#Murder Image
On Friday morning, Tanuja's mother came to know that her daughter was missing. She immediately rushed to the Muslimpara area where her #Daughter lived with her husband.

Tanuja’s mother found blood stains at their home, but could not locate Tanuja or her husband. After she raised hue and cry, local people informed the police about the girl’s disappearance.
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On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Dallas’s father hurt his son’s feelings. His dad told him he was so out of shape that he couldn’t even throw a football.

#RIP #Murder #HarlingenTX #TrueCrime #RioGrandeValley Image
That night, while talking to his mom outside, 18-year-old Dallas Scott Gilbert remembered those words and went inside the house. He grabbed a knife and walked back outside… 2/
he said he first cut his mom’s hand “playing around”, but it looks like she was putting her hands up to defend herself… then, he got angry and stabbed her multiple times. 3/
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A Khalistani on a rampage in the only country where they stand a chance to get a land for Azad Khalistan.

Canada be safe. These rouge elements are now killing people in broad daylight.

#InderdeepSinghGosal #Khalistanis #AmritpalPalSingh
Canada is realizing that they have been breeding these khalistani terrorists just to gain vote banks . Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has been promoting Khalistan and genocide against Hindus openly on his social media before it was taken down by the VPD. #Vancouver #homicide
#Vancouver Stabbing Case On Granville Street at Pender Street! 26th March 2023. The man stabed another man to death (in front of the victim's wife & young daughter) is Inderdeep Singh Gosal. Peaceful #Khalistan activist.

#Canada #InderdeepSinghGosal #AmritPalSingh #Satyaagrah
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JustIn: #DelhiCourt frames #Murder Charges against Former @AamAadmiParty Councilor #TahirHussain & 10 others for killing of an IB Officer namely, Ankit Sharma, in the northeast #DelhiRiots2020.
Charges have been framed under Sections 147, 148, 153A, 302, 365, 120B, 149 & 188 of Indian Penal Code.
#TahirHussain has also been charged under Sections 104,109 & 505 of IPC.
#murder #delhiriots2020
"Tahir was continuously acting in a manner of SUPERVISING & MOTIVATING this mob. All these things were done to TARGET HINDUS. Every member of the mob assembled there participated in achieving the objective of targeting Hindus": Court observed.
#delhiriots2020 #AnkitSharmaMurder
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Since January 2023, I have launched a weekly series on @mumbaitak (thanks to @sahiljoshii) where I speak in #Marathi on little-known yet significant episodes from #IndianHistory. This is a thread with the playlists.
Do watch and comment.
#history #trivia #Mumbai #Maharashtra
The first episode with over 2.6 lakh views was on the sensational #TheBawlaMurderCase (1925) which led to the abdication of an Indian king. You can buy my book on this crime here:

#truecrime #crime #Mumbai #Maharashtra #Books
Did you know that the police stations in #Mumbai, the #MumbaiPolice special branch & crime branch owe their genesis to #LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak? Watch this episode to know more about the bitter-sweet (!)relation between #Tilak and the #MumbaiPolice.

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Mar. 3:
1/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

More on #Russian #Volunteer #Corps” & #Russian freak out over #Bryansk incident:

@TheStudyofWar report:
#Russian officials continued to release limited ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #FalseFlag #Propaganda…
Mar. 3:
2/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

..”#Information” about the Mar. 2 #Incursion in #Bryansk Oblast but 🔸#Failed to provide clarity about what actually #Transpired.🔸[#Russia found the #Incident ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Misinformation…
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Her YouTube has been terminated.
Romanian Senator DIANA SOSOACA - #HAARP NOTE: #TURKEY supplies natural gas to many countries through their pipelines. This pipeline explosion has affected all of #Europe #NordstreamSabotage… #earthquaketurkey
HAARP has been active since early 2000. They used to be in Alaska only until Obama got into office. Then they went global because he gave the technology to the UN according to some sources.
What is this? The General Director of Risk Reduction in the Department of Natural Disaster Management in Turkey announced that the energy released by the earthquake was as powerful as the explosion of 500 atomic bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima.
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Kyllä me #judaisti-#siionisti-#kasaari-#natsit sitten naurettiin.
- Sinisilmäiset #goyimit kaikkein mieluimmin alentuvat pelleiksimme, sotivat puolestamme, tuhoavat maansa ja kansansa omalla kustannuksellaan ja nuolevat saappaamme puhtaiksi, lastensa verestä. ImageImage
#EudraVigilance: 41,834 #DEAD 3.9 Million #Injured Following #COVIDVaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% | Mar 22, 2022
- From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,814,420) are SERIOUS injuries.
https://tinyurl. com/24j2ssbj Image
#Darpa-#Roulette-#mRNA, #Idolatry in the Twenty First Century.
80 #Canadian MDs “#boosted” and dead | Oct 20, 2022
- Though many #doctors have maintained their income by complying with and participating in the criminal injection campaign.
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COVER REVEAL: Many of you know that because of my FBI service I am required to submit my writing, including fiction that involves the FBI, to the Bureau's pre-publication review process. This can be a lengthy and bureaucratic procedure. 1/ Image
So, while books one and two of my CJ Hawk thrillers undergo the process I am excited to announce a series of novellas being published beginning on Jan. 3rd. The AREA 51: Project series, beginning with Project Sapphire, will feature murder, conspiracy, and maybe 2/
some otherworldly phenomena. They should be a fun and noirish diversion from the news of the day. Since the series does not involve the FBI or anything I worked on or learned in government, I am not required to submit them for review. Preorder on Amazon as early as today. 3/
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“The Eighth Descent—Murder:

““Kill or Be Killed”—Our Delusion of Scarcity Made for Murder”

is Chapter 8

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK... READ BOOK…… #devolution #anthro

PH 8/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…in early gatherer-hunter times, yes, we had plenty for everyone. But with fear rose anxiety over one’s ability to survive, thus competition over resources—” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology #murder #anthro #violence

PH 8/2
[] “…a competition which was not needed—& then the very creation of what one was trying to avoid: The possibility that one might need to kill or one would be killed.” []

READ/DWL BOOK…… #devolution #psychology #murder #anthro #violence #evolution

PH 8/3
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The South African Emergency Personnel's Union president Mpho Mpogeng says they are saddened by the news that a 41-year-old Advanced Life Support Paramedic attached to the Groblersdal EMS Station was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband. #Murder PM Image
Winnie Mabotja Matlou's husband handed himself over to the local police on Monday. #Murder PM
Mpogeng says Matlou's death puts the community at a disadvantage as the EMS division is already short-staffed, adding that the service she was rendering is expensive at private hospitals.
#Murder PM
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Undying Love

#BkDk #MCD #Paranormal #Murder #HorrorAu #Angst #ExplicitDeath #Gore #PsychologicalThriller #LightsOut #NoQuirkAu #Halloween #SpookySeason

Staring into Katsuki’s eyes was always Izuku’s favorite things to do.
Through out all their childhood adventures; to their up and downs in middle school; and finally to their confession to each-other in their third year of U.A. Katsuki’s eyes were the only thing that held truth.

Now they are finally at peace.
They finally are in a place to love, grow, and learn with each other.

Izuku smiled wildly as he waved excitedly and ran across the quad of the to where the tall flax blond was.
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The next time I host William Eggleston's Murderabilia on Twitter Spaces I will talk about Eggleston's first solo show at the MoMA from May 25 - August 1, 1976 and Son of Sam David Berkowitz.…
Below here is a photo of The Red Ceiling at the MoMA in New York at William Eggleston's one man show called William Eggleston's Guide.
The Red Ceiling (Untitled) Greenwood Mississippi 1973 is part of Eggleston's Murderabilia. #FineArtPhotography
David Berkowitz killed his first victim on July 29, 1976 during the time William Eggleston was holding his first Portrait Exhibition at the MoMA in New York.
Below her is a photo of David's first victim Donna Lauria.
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1. Sonbhadra, UP: Sarfaraz raped a 15 yr old #Hindu girl and got her pregnant. He was her uncles' friend. He & his family has been pressurising her to convert and abort. Case registered, Sarfaraz absconding.
2. Lucknow, UP: Sameer Qureshi barges into a #Hindu women's house and raped her. He has been pressurising her to convert. Police reluctant to register case, local BJP's intervention forced police to act. Case registered.
3. Garwa, JH: Aftab Ansari posed as Pushpendra to trap a #Hindu women, Pooja Singh and married her. Has a one yr old baby from the relationship. When she got to know he is not #Hindu, Aftab deserted her. He is absconding.
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1. Kaputhala, Punjab: Sadiq Mohammed, a plumber, raped a #Sikh/#Hindu housewife, made video of the rape, blackmailed her and kept raping her. When she refused her rape video was sent to her husband. Mohammed arrested.
2.Fatehpur, UP: Romi Khan posed as a #Hindu to befriend a #Hindu girl via SM. Invited her to his b'day party at his house, he drugged her, raped her and videoed it. He blackmailed her to convert. Khan arrested.
3. Dumka, JH: 2 Muslim boys rape and murder a 15 yr old #Hindu tribal girl. She was 4 months pregnant and accused Arman Ali, hatched a conspiracy to get rid of her. Arman arrested.
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Another Indian human being, a Muslim, killed over a cow by Hindutva extremists.

The cow has had a long, quite variegated history in Hindu traditions in South Asia. Buckle-up for this whirlwind 🧵… #Hindutva #cows #murder #India #History
Way back in the day, like 3,500 years ago, followers of Brahminical traditions sacrificed cows and ate beef. The Vedas--our earliest Indian texts--are quite clear on this.
Eating beef as part of religious practice continued for some time.

Then, in the first millennium CE, a new idea began to gain traction that not eating beef could be a mark of upper-caste status, especially being Brahmin. It was part of a larger set of prescriptions.
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About the #Saudi Crown Prince’s trip to #Turkey: His visit to our country doesn’t change the fact that he is responsible for a #murder. The political legitimacy he earns through the visits he makes to a different country every day doesn’t change the fact that he is a murderer. Image
I first invite everyone to think about the international order that left me alone in my fight for justice and forced me to release a statement on state leaders and about the twisted justice system. #justiceforjamal Image
Jamal is no longer my story and this struggle for justice is no longer my fight alone. It is a fight by every free and thoughtful person.He is unfairly killed, he is someone even without a grave. #justiceforjamal Image
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Ahmaud Arbery Murder | Opening Statements started Monday Feb 14 in the hate crimes federal trial of Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.
#STESSNews #news #NewsUpdates #BreakingNews #AhmaudArbery Image
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | The Jury consists of :

🟡 3 Black jurors, 8 whites & 1 Hispanic
🟡 4 alternates are white

Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr. says pleased w/ jury.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | 15 Feb 2022 marks day 2 of the federal hate crimes trial for the 3 men convicted of the murder of #AhmaudArbery.
1st witness for the prosecution is set to be called at 9am.
30 to 40 witnesses are expected to take the stand.
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news
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1/ This incident have to do with the global context. The West...has thrown its entire #propaganda machine into agitation work and has given a lot of encouragement and assistance to the so-called democrats or opposition in China — people who are in fact are the scum [of 17]
2/ Some Western countries use things like #HumanRights or like saying the socialist system is irrational or #illegal, to criticize us, but what they're really after is our sovereignty...
3/ Two conditions are indispensable for our development goals: a #stable environment at home and a peaceful environment abroad...
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@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen #Nuremberg2 @Varusmies Hölmöt opetaan ampumaan siviilejä kuoliaiksi, mutta omassa maassa jokaisesta tahallisesta vammauttamisesta ja kuolemasta tulee syytteet.
- Ei auta se mitä #koronapassi'n tarkastajat hokevat: 'Me tehdään vain niinkuin on käsketty.'
@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen @Varusmies #SDP @KristaKiuru Bill #Gates Charged with #Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in #India’s High Court – #DeathPenalty Sought | Nov 27
- The Indian Bar Association is reporting that murder charges have been filed in India’s High Court,…
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🧵1 Steve Kirsch @stkirsch

🔥🔥🔥 By Vaxxing 5-11 yr olds, 117 kids will be killed💀 by 💉to save 1 👶🍼 life.
🧵2 Steve Kirsch

COVID-19 💉 Kills 800 per million, which is 800X GREATER than former most dangerous 💉, The Small Pox VAXX

🔥🔥🔥 These 💉 Most Dangerous 💉 Ever Created By Mankind.


The Deadliest Shots In Medical History…
🧵3 Steve Kirsch

🔥🔥🔥 Steve Kirsche - Vaccines Dont Make Sense for ANY AGE GROUP

👉For 80 year olds, 💉 kills 2 to save 1
👉For 20 year olds, 💉 kills 6 to save 1
👉No Cost benefit Exists That Shows💉Beneficial…
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1/ #Masterworks is a #parasite 🦠not a #unicorn🦄!

For"democratiz[ing] art" humanity's most impassioned faculty-eternally evolving thus inherently UNSTABLE- must secretly FORCE STABILITY via #totalitarian methods 2 TRANSFORM #CULTURALCAPITAL in2 $ for"all investors"

2/as I took this pic of us painting new fresh art over tired&worn gimmicks of an #artmarket "commodity" we were forwarding the human #aesthetic at the request of building's owner, but simultaneously &unintentionally we were devaluing stock portfolios! Hence #GANGSTALKERS began..
3/ assemble around me in a threatening manner just after #artgallery owner #TonyTaglianetti shouted "it's not up to the building's owner what they have on their walls" and then made a call from across the street..
(@threadreaderapp unroll)
..the #gangstalkers (see pics)then
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