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About the #Saudi Crown Prince’s trip to #Turkey: His visit to our country doesn’t change the fact that he is responsible for a #murder. The political legitimacy he earns through the visits he makes to a different country every day doesn’t change the fact that he is a murderer. Image
I first invite everyone to think about the international order that left me alone in my fight for justice and forced me to release a statement on state leaders and about the twisted justice system. #justiceforjamal Image
Jamal is no longer my story and this struggle for justice is no longer my fight alone. It is a fight by every free and thoughtful person.He is unfairly killed, he is someone even without a grave. #justiceforjamal Image
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Two people arrested for the murder of a #Dalit youth who was in love with a #Muslim girl. The incident happened #Chittapur #Kalaburgi.

#VinodKambli was in love with #Shahbuddin's sister. Angry over this, He & his friend #Nawaz murdered Kamble. Both arrested.
#Karnataka #Murder
"#Shahbuddin brother of that girl came to our house warned my son #VijayKamble 6-7 months back and now they killed my son brutally."
- Vijay Kamble's Mother
#Karnataka #Kalaburgi #Chittapur #Dalit #Muslim #Murder
"Don't give any other colour to this incident. Community leaders didn't come & threatened his mother. It was her brother & his friend. The matter is between four people. Don't paint it with any other brush." : #SandeepKatti, #Ambedkar youth club #Kalaburgi
#Karnataka #VijayKamble
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Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”
(4 Juli 2021) (note: NHS.UK keeps pushing the jab for pregnant women 😱)…
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fertility and coronavirus (#COVID19) vaccination. It's strongly recommended that you get vaccinated against coronavirus if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. #murder
Page last reviewed: 10 March 2022, Next review: 24 March 2022…
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Ahmaud Arbery Murder | Opening Statements started Monday Feb 14 in the hate crimes federal trial of Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.
#STESSNews #news #NewsUpdates #BreakingNews #AhmaudArbery Image
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | The Jury consists of :

🟡 3 Black jurors, 8 whites & 1 Hispanic
🟡 4 alternates are white

Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr. says pleased w/ jury.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | 15 Feb 2022 marks day 2 of the federal hate crimes trial for the 3 men convicted of the murder of #AhmaudArbery.
1st witness for the prosecution is set to be called at 9am.
30 to 40 witnesses are expected to take the stand.
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news
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1/ This incident have to do with the global context. The West...has thrown its entire #propaganda machine into agitation work and has given a lot of encouragement and assistance to the so-called democrats or opposition in China — people who are in fact are the scum [of 17]
2/ Some Western countries use things like #HumanRights or like saying the socialist system is irrational or #illegal, to criticize us, but what they're really after is our sovereignty...
3/ Two conditions are indispensable for our development goals: a #stable environment at home and a peaceful environment abroad...
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@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen #Nuremberg2 @Varusmies Hölmöt opetaan ampumaan siviilejä kuoliaiksi, mutta omassa maassa jokaisesta tahallisesta vammauttamisesta ja kuolemasta tulee syytteet.
- Ei auta se mitä #koronapassi'n tarkastajat hokevat: 'Me tehdään vain niinkuin on käsketty.'
@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen @Varusmies #SDP @KristaKiuru Bill #Gates Charged with #Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in #India’s High Court – #DeathPenalty Sought | Nov 27
- The Indian Bar Association is reporting that murder charges have been filed in India’s High Court,…
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🧵1 Steve Kirsch @stkirsch

🔥🔥🔥 By Vaxxing 5-11 yr olds, 117 kids will be killed💀 by 💉to save 1 👶🍼 life.
🧵2 Steve Kirsch

COVID-19 💉 Kills 800 per million, which is 800X GREATER than former most dangerous 💉, The Small Pox VAXX

🔥🔥🔥 These 💉 Most Dangerous 💉 Ever Created By Mankind.


The Deadliest Shots In Medical History…
🧵3 Steve Kirsch

🔥🔥🔥 Steve Kirsche - Vaccines Dont Make Sense for ANY AGE GROUP

👉For 80 year olds, 💉 kills 2 to save 1
👉For 20 year olds, 💉 kills 6 to save 1
👉No Cost benefit Exists That Shows💉Beneficial…
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1/ #Masterworks is a #parasite 🦠not a #unicorn🦄!

For"democratiz[ing] art" humanity's most impassioned faculty-eternally evolving thus inherently UNSTABLE- must secretly FORCE STABILITY via #totalitarian methods 2 TRANSFORM #CULTURALCAPITAL in2 $ for"all investors"

2/as I took this pic of us painting new fresh art over tired&worn gimmicks of an #artmarket "commodity" we were forwarding the human #aesthetic at the request of building's owner, but simultaneously &unintentionally we were devaluing stock portfolios! Hence #GANGSTALKERS began..
3/ assemble around me in a threatening manner just after #artgallery owner #TonyTaglianetti shouted "it's not up to the building's owner what they have on their walls" and then made a call from across the street..
(@threadreaderapp unroll)
..the #gangstalkers (see pics)then
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#DelhiHighCourt in a #DelhiRiots bail order connected to Delhi Police Head Constable Rattan Lal Murder Case; Image
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar to be produced before Delhi Court in connection with Chhatrasal stadium murder case.

His 6-day police custody with Delhi Police ends today.

#SushilKumar #murder

Metropolitan Magistrate Mayank Goel joins the link.

Hearing in hybrid mode.

I'm appearing as Additional Public Prosecutor: Adv Atul Srivastava

Court asks him to show notification of his appointment.

I'll hear Ashish Ji (APP attached with the court) till then : Court

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Buckin' #TouThao doesn't need any damned water if #GeorgeFloyd didn't get any air! We're having #DerrickChauvin's trial now, but you're not forgotten #Thao, you should've stopped the other 3 from #murdering #GeorgeFloyd, but you helped them! #ConvictThao!
At 09:30 #TouThao says he was taught #CPR at the police academy, recertified every two yrs. Why didn't he pull that skill out of his ass during #TheMurderOfGeorgeFloyd? The first thing they teach you is to take a pulse, did he take #GeorgeFloyd's pulse?
This meeting takes place in August 2020, it's warm in Minnesota in August, and #TouThao is there voluntarily, he is not under arrest, so all five of these men are #CovidIdiots because they aren't having this meeting outside and with masks on.

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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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For 3 years I've wanted to write about why men murder women in the sex trade. I've been waiting for the publication of a study on the subject in Germany that finally come out a month ago. Stay tuned for my summary. Its painful but necessary to know who, when, where and why.
The state sanctioning the sex trade does not prevent lethal violence against women in #prostitution. From hands-off essentially decriminalized Berlin to the nearly prohibitionist German South, here is who is killing whom, when, where, how, and why.…
Murder in the sex trade is about as old as the industry itself. In Germany paying for sex has rarely ever been expressly illegal, yet sex buyers make up more than half of perpetrators (a lot of serial killers are buyers). It's not illegality of the trade that makes men kill women Image
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Despite #historicalrevisionism (that's a polite way of saying lies), #public #symbolic #lynching holds a distinct and honored role in establishing the conditions necessary to the independence of these former British colonies.
Colonists enraged by repeated abuses conducting #lynches in #effigy of #Crown officials, often accompanied by "funerals for Liberty" in which, having been carried in a coffin to a prominent town location, seemingly deceased, Lady Liberty would rouse from her nightshade slumber.
While #lynching as a tool of #racist #murder and #oppression should be studied and understood by all that love liberty, the #noose deployed by those that invented the USA was a #libertysign, not a #murderweapon.
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12182020 will probably be our last days scrolling the feeds.
Inbetween now + then will be sharing @onedrive pdfs of conversations and information I have shared on here the past 7years.
95% of the content is original + mine, minus pictures + other documents4Explainations.
We have reached out to all of u for over 7years now, and as this year comes to an end, so does our open door policy.
If u have any questions u can always tag us by our 3 accounts, this one @Kaidone2 + @Karbonkoppi and ask those questions.
If u ask after 12312020 we may b
On another platform by then.
If u are one of the people who we blessed, but u denied our blessing through a lack of faith, a simple apology will remedy the situation and a true act faith will restore the blessing.
We will list those we blessed + lost in their own pdf.
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Some alternative posters for Cry Danger (1951), along with what they used to call a lobby card - there are a few others on the film’s IMDb page too. #Noirvember #CryDanger ImageImageImageImage
Contrast the American posters with these two much racier French and Italian posters, both of which foreground Fleming. #Noirvember ImageImage
This was great fun. Powell plays Rocky (it doesn’t suit him), an ex-con who gets out of jail after serving 5 years for a robbery he didn’t commit and goes after the gangster who framed him. Fleming plays the wife of Powell’s supposed partner in the robbery, who’s still in jail. Image
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Let’s talk about rightwing liassez faire coronavirus denialism, or, in other words, “Let’s take it on the chin, folks!”

It all began with an ‘It’s just like flu’ shrug, a sprinkling of ‘I’ll shake hands with anyone’ braggadocio and an almost subliminal hint of mask aversion.…

We should be pleased, I suppose, that karma eventually kicked in:……

Though was it really truly, madly, sincerely karmic enough?

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Earlier spoke to @BBCR4Sunday
about the barbaric #murder of French teacher Samuel #Paty.An anti-#terrorist enquiry is in full swing with the authorities making information available as quickly as possible.Meanwhile marches will be held today in commemoration of Paty.#CharlieHebdo
The #Elysee Palace said a “national #hommage” would be paid to Samuel #Paty, on a day to be fixed & it will be coordinated with his family. #Macron said the killer had sought to “attack the republic and its values” & the “#terrorists will not succeed… They will not divide us.”
Told @BBCR4Sunday the difficulty of discussing the issues #Paty's murder throw up is that our starting point is pure #barbarity–an utterly evil act that will be condemned by all decent people, including millions of Muslims who live in France & indeed in other parts of the world.
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Good evening from The Holy Land, Palestine, where tonight Israeli killer army have executed Palestinian Samir Ahmed Hamidi on his own land

70 years of israeli terrorism continues c/o US & UK terror policies in ME

Goodnight world

#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli "soldiers" at it again, beating kids so badly they murder them
Palestinian teenager Amer Abdulrahman Snobar, 18yrs, has died after being brutally beaten & tortured by the Israeli killer army this morning nr Turmus-Ayya, village Ramallah
#Group4Palestine 🇵🇸 Image
Israeli killer army have shot & executed Palestinian dad Bilil Rawajih this morning at an illegal zionist military checkpoint near Nablus
@IntlCrimCourt ImageImageImageImage
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آج دنیا بھر میں دہشت گردی کے متاثرین کو یاد کرنے کا دن ہے۔ پاکستان میں یہ دن ہمیں آرمی پبلک سکول پشاور پر حملے کی یاد دلاتا ہے۔ اس حملے میں ہلاک ہونے والے بچوں کے لواحقین کس حال میں ہیں؟1/3

#APSAttack #APSPeshawar #Peshawar #terrorism #PakistanArmy #murder #pakistan #sujag
آج دنیا بھر میں دہشت گردی کے متاثرین کو یاد کرنے کا دن ہے۔ پاکستان میں یہ دن ہمیں آرمی پبلک سکول پشاور پر حملے کی یاد دلاتا ہے۔ اس حملے میں ہلاک ہونے والے بچوں کے لواحقین کس حال میں ہیں؟2/3

#APSAttack #APSPeshawar #Peshawar #terrorism #PakistanArmy #murder #pakistan #sujag
آج دنیا بھر میں دہشت گردی کے متاثرین کو یاد کرنے کا دن ہے۔ پاکستان میں یہ دن ہمیں آرمی پبلک سکول پشاور پر حملے کی یاد دلاتا ہے۔ اس حملے میں ہلاک ہونے والے بچوں کے لواحقین کس حال میں ہیں؟3/3

#APSAttack #APSPeshawar #Peshawar #terrorism #PakistanArmy #murder #pakistan #sujag
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Strong minds do not exist. Mind is largely made of #neurons and not #Steel. Each one of us can suffer from sadness,fear or depression and attempt suicide though some are more vulnerable. Suicide is due to a state of mind that needs to be treated."
#MythSuicide Those who talk about attempting suicide are less likely to act  

#FactSuicide: People who threaten are more prone to attempt than those who do not. Hence do not challenge those who threaten to attempt
#MythSuicide: Suicidal attempts in families will dissuade relatives from doing the same when in emotional turmoil  

#FactSuicide: Suicidal behavior can be seen in families across generations as Depression can run in families
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