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Yashar's thread explains exactly why I won't trust news I hear from CNN during the 2020 election if Sarah Isgur Flores is working there: there's absolutely no transparency, and there's absolutely no way to know whether or not she's had anything to do with any given story.
All news should be viewed with skepticism, but her addition to CNN in that role makes everything put out by the entire network... to borrow from the president, #FakeNews. You can't hire a partisan propagandist to have a management role in your newsroom and retain any credibility.
And honestly, any CNN journalist with a shred of integrity should get out of there. If you think what Sinclair does with its ridiculous "must run" segments and propaganda scripts is wrong, then you should think this is, as well.

Can't trust CNNers still there next month.
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2) downplayed. We know the corrupt will not go down easily. With no evidence they will create investigations in the attempt to drag the issue out until #Election2020 is near. The Southern District of #NYAg is starting an investigation to, wait 4it, find a crime! #MadMaxine wants
3) 2investigate #POTUS' finances. #Dems are working their #House majority creating investigations, all 4political theatre. It a stall tact which they know will produce zero results. The #Patriots are in full control at the levels which truly count.
#TrustThePlan #lockEmUp [ ! ]
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Q Drops 2/22/2019 What happened to the Mueller hype? [#Traitors]
What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [#Brennan]?
Was MUELLER the 'insurance' policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS' ability to enforce the law?

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA
➡️Soft Push of New Narrative
➡️DS knows Mueller will find No Collusion #FakeNews is changing the narrative


@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon
🌿🌿🌿💖Q Thanking 8Chan Board Owner & All Anons💖🌿🌿🌿

#QAnon @POTUS @GenFlynn
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1. Jan 29, 2018, #QAnon'd dropped re Congressional real time admission to the DC Capital Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility ("SCIF [DC-CAP]") followed last Sep 18 by ref to Rosenstein as such "red-line"-ing against DECLASsifying the FISA abuse..
2. #QAnon's Sep 18 drop connecting his 1/29/18 SCIF drop to "[RR] FORCE-ing a RED LINE" was linked to the prior day's efforts of Schiff on behalf of _______ (fill in the blank). #Q
3. Today, a #QProof!! @paulsperry_ now reports McCabe says RR tried to bounce Rep Nunes, House intel committee chair from Capitol basement SCIF while briefing Gang of 8 re. an espionage & obstruction investigation on President Trump May 2017. #Q #QAnon
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******* Q-Thread 2/21 ******* 2844-

Drop 2844
📁- Tweet tying together the @paulsperry_ tweet about McCabe claiming [RR] Tried to boot @DevinNunes from the Capitol SCIF during a Gang of 8 briefing, Re: Trump Investigation to D-643
What is the process to enter a SCIF?- Extreme Security measures, no electronic devices allowed entry.
What security level must exist in order to gain entry? Top Secret
Can non-security-level person(s) be invited to participate?- Not supposed to.
Do logs exist for each designated meeting?- YES
Do logs record time in/time out/who in/who out?- Supposed to.
Ability to enter (arrange) w/o paper trail?- Not without breaking the rules and corruption of the process.
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#Qanon Post #2849-a

HATE HOAX by [SMOLLETT] [FF designed to pass anti-lynching law] gets wall-to-wall FAKE NEWS coverage?
REAL HATE [REAL VIOLENCE] [& FASCISM] carried out by members of ANTIFA gets ZERO coverage?
#Qanon Post #2849-b

When will the FBI conclude their investigation into ANTIFA?
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?
Who did he talk to multiple times prior to turning himself in?
Political forces @ work?
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@iran_policy has published an interesting response to #Spiegel #Fakenews piece on #MEK
we will share the points raised in the statement

🤔Is this piece better fit for a tabloid or a respected magazine?

Your call!…
#SPIEGEL published a #FakeNews article on February 16, 2019, titled "Prisoners of the Rebellion," containing a wealth of shameless lies+allegations defaming the Iranian opposition #NCRI/#MEK.
This article is a blatant betrayal of responsible journalism
- misleading rather than enlightening
- defaming rather than doing justice to the truth.
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#Qanon Post #2844-a

What is the process to enter a SCIF?
What security level must exist in order to gain entry?
Can non-security-level person(s) be invited to participate?
Do logs exist for each designated meeting?
Do logs record time in/time out/who in/who out?
#Qanon Post #2844-b

Ability to enter (arrange) w/o paper trail?
:RT Jan 29 2018 - IDEN [not for anons]
IDEN Jan 29 2018 & run back 1-2 [not for anons]
SCIF logs can be 'very' revealing.
#Qanon Post #2844-c

Define 'Renegade'.
1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
synonyms:traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer
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Why @hommer_ich #Spiegel lying piece is #FakeNews?In a gesture of transparency,#NCRI invited @DerSPIEGEL to visit #MEK in Albania frequently visited by politicians &dignitaries including former Bundestag President Rita Sussmuth. but the offer was rejected.…
However, @DerSPIEGEL did not reply to #NCRI's invitation. #Spiegel clearly had no inclination of getting to the truth of the matter &instead preferred to accept the regime’s lies at face value. #FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews…
Despite #Spiegel ignoring the invitation,the #NCRI& #MEK replied to the 10questions raised by @mathieuvonrohr in a 6,600-word reply just4days later. In this letter,they again extended an invitation to @DerSPIEGEL&implored them to visit the MEK compound.#FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews
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New Q 2/21/19. 1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
synonyms:traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer
We are the news now (WW).
Be ready for the 'Q', Anon(s).
Eyes on increasing +each day.
You are the news now.
Handle w/ care.
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The @AOC campaign finance scandal is the epitome of #FakeNews

Thread of just the facts we know:

@ltthompso wrote a blog post with @FEC proof that Saikat’s PAC paid AOC’s boyfriend $6,000 after $6,000 payment from AOC’s campaign to Saikat’s LLC. AOC then made Saikat her Chief.
That right there is the core allegation. It's backed by FEC docs anyone can access.

I haven't seen anyone credibly dispute it. Nearest is AOC's fans doing some trutherism claiming she wasn't running for office in August/September of 2017, which is dead wrong.

Now, @ltthompso says "I screwed up" in regard to some of the speculations he made about WHY AOC and her then PAC buddy now Chief of Staff Saikat did it. He speculated in original post about campaign debt and excluded some uncategorized contributions

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WE ARE THE NEWS NOW and it's a privilege
We as Patriots and Anons are more than ready to awake the still asleep
Hope soon we have our own programming station #QANON45
We get the news directly from the boss #POTUS45 and #Q at any time of the day. We don't wait at 4:00 AM BOOM=45
#QPosts for 02/20/2019
Are we still a conspiracy theory? I don't think so, and [they] know it.
When [their] attempts to silence through 'print' fail, [they] must now include in TV/video
[They] are in PANIC!
Q !!
Feb 20 2019 10:30:02 (EST)
Why put so much attention into a so-called conspiracy?
Why is it critically important for them to change your opinion or prevent you from opening your mind?

#POTUS #QAnon #FakeNewsIsDead #WakeUpAmerica
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After @realDonaldTrump was elected #MAGA was severely swamp blocked. They delayed confirmations. Sent spies into his transition & advisory teams. Warned potential staffers that joining the admin could end careers. Launched investigations using #FakeNews as evidence.

When I heard Trump was running I had serious doubts. I assumed Cruz, Rubio, or Bush (🤮) would be the likely GOP candidate.

When he became the candidate I laughed to myself. There was no way that Donald Trump could win.

Truthfully, I voted for him thinking we had no chance.
My primary reason for voting for Trump was based on his opponent.

There was no way in HELL I would ever vote for THIS woman. I would have voted for another Bush just to keep her out.

Trump had my vote without a fight.

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1. #QAnon Why is it critically important for them to attempt to prevent the opening of your mind?
2. #QAnon ICYMI: Why put so much attention into a so-called conspiracy?
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bare w/me as we debunk @hommer_ich #Spiegel #Fakenews article published on #MEK Iran's main opposition
There's been huge outrage by Iranian community,let's see why
The article doesn't meet any journalistic principles & is more fit for a tabloid
1-Let's start with the basics
Parts of the article published on Feb15 appeared in websites affiliated to #Iran's intel ministry btwn Nov24-26,2018
Q:if ur goal isn't smearing #MEK at behest of Mullahs,how did they have article 3mo in advanced?
2-professional journalism calls for unbiased reporting throughout this report we see adjectives being thrown around to demonize the group

let's start with the title and subtitle:
"cult-like group"?"political sect"?

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.@barbarahans I read your new negative piece on the MEK + their response that said Iran's state media published excerpts of it back in Nov 2018. A Google search today shows they're right. How could .IR websites run the text before it went live on @DerSPIEGEL?
FYI: @RichardGrenell
FYI for clarity here are the links to Iran's state media & Intelligence Ministry web pages that carried @hommer_ich's Feb 2019 report about the MEK. The links from Nov 2018 are still live:سرگذشت-غم-انگیز-یک-جداشده-به-نقل-از-اشپ/
It turns out @hommer_ich was granted a visa by Iran's regime to visit last year (see photo). Her report smearing @RudyGiuliani & regime's opponents smacks of collusion by @DerSPIEGEL & Iran's intelligence service. #Spiegel needs to be investigated for #FakeNews. #Spiegel_FakeNews
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@lucianocapone ci segnala un'inchiesta andata in onda nel corso del programma televisivo #poverapatria secondo cui il tasso di mortalità infantile in Grecia nel 2018 era del 5,3% mentre nel 2009, prima cioè dell'avvento della #Troika, lo stesso fosse del 3%. #thread
Il giornalista @filippobarone, responsabile dell'inchiesta, indica nel post in allegato le fonti dei dati segnalando che nel 2010 18.654 bambini non hanno superato i 5 anni di età mentre nel 2018 i morti sono stati 25.351 con un incremento di 7000 unità.
Andando a verificare sul sito della worldbank, indicato dallo stesso giornalista come fonte dei dati, qualcosa non quadra. Il tasso di mortalità indica, infatti, il numero di bambini morti sotto i 5 anni ogni 1000 mille nati vivi…
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1. #QAnon asks Comey did his drop put him on notice, responding to Comey's comm to bunker down, stop talking, or risk being assaulted. A woven ‘elaborate’ nest will not save him nor will C_A further provide him w actionable intel.

Cold on the outside?
Traitor’s Justice.
2. #QAnon posts meme @realDonaldTrump retweeted last Nov, since updated now to include Brennan's mug. #Q
3. #QAnon This video explains what's going on: #Q
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A few wks ago new words in the wordclouds of our domestic subset of #Hamilton68 Russian sympathizer accnts appeared on the topic of abortion. President Trump has been bleeding support among evangelicals & campaigns #walkaway & #buildthewall have proved ineffective #infosec #osint
It makes sense the #GOP would go back 2 their time tested political issue of abortion. And in this case push the most emotionally charged fringe like late-term abortions. The #Hamilton68 subset focused on Russian geopolitics showed a steady uptick around the topic #infosec #osint
We also looked at another #Hamilton68 subset that focuses on US Politics and contains a high level foreign sourced accounts & saw the same thing. This subset showed a dramatic increase in terms like abortion and late-term abortion. Something we've not seen before #infosec #osint
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Q Thread - Tuesday, February 19, 2019


[Welcome to the Real World]

2/ 2805 - Q calls out [JC]
Drop put you on notice?
Direction to bunker down, stop talking, or risk being assaulted?
A woven ‘elaborate’ nest will not save or protect you nor will the C_A further provide you with actionable intelligence.
Cold on the outside?
Traitor’s Justice.
3/ Q is drawing out attention and translating the likely coded message that [JC] is tweeting to his handlers. He is past the point of return and his former C_A connects provident intel are no longer reliable/existent.

Remember Q-Team goes public when they want the target to know
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******** Q-Thread 2/19 ********
Looks like we are in for another explosive day. Probably to be like this for at least the next week. 10+ drops per day. #BuckleUp #WWG1WGA #QAnon #PatriotsFight #NinjaNews
D-2807- WHOA!
Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated]
Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt]
POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH]- Extreme Security Measures- Highest Classifications.
How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?- $12 Billion…📁…📁- $4B to Baghdad📁- $40B Total

How much money (CASH) was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank?- $1B…
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Let’s talk about how @CNN’s @fpleitgenCNN is providing a completely biased & lopsided image of #Iran & U.S. sanctions targeting the regime.

As @CNN will conveniently blame Trump for everything, @fpleitgenCNN is claiming U.S. sanctions are denying Iranian patients of life-saving medicines & urgently needed medical equipment.
Of course, @CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran’s regime cares nothing about ordinary Iranians back home & spends billions on the Assad regime in Syria & other terrorist/extremists groups across the region.
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☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You ALL get to go to JAIL. #Gitmo

☑️US paid Iran $1.3B two days after $400M cash transfer
☑️How did NK obtain Uranium?
☑️How did Iran obtain Uranium?
☑️Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?
☑️When you are awake you can see CLEARLY…
☑️Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker
☑️Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?
☑️Money funded U1 #Iran
☑️Money funded U1 #NK
☑️Who really controls NK? #DeepState…
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He did, and then he did worse. He sent the IRS after them. He bugged them. He threatened them. And Obama only went after Fox News because he couldn’t even walk for EVERY OTHER REPORTER ON EARTH TRYING TO GET HIS/HER LIPS on Obama’s Mom-Jeans covered ASS.
“Obama never talked bad about the press that loved him and spread his lies and never asked him one difficult question for eight years.” Wonder why, dummy?
Obama loved #FakeNews. It was his friend. From “Hands Up Dont Shoot” to “White Hispanic” to “Police acTed Stupidly” to “like your Plan Keep Your Plan.” There wasn’t one lie the media told that Obama didn’t embrace and expand, and vice veraa.
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