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Day two of #context19 This morning's speakers are @clairegcoleman @clementine_ford @RoyceRk2 and Manuela Akot. This set up is a long table, really interesting idea - like a brunch, with onlookers. The writers are going to speak on Writing To Tell The Truth.
This event is run by @writerssainc in partnership with @CityofAdelaide and hosted in the excellent @AdelaideLibrary It's a free event on today and tomorrow, so come check it out if you're in the city. #context19
Manuela is an award winning poet, and she's also a very wise woman because she quit twitter two years ago.
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If I may, I'd like to say a few words about this thread.

There are two things I learned while growing up:

1. If the facts don't match your assumptions, change your assumptions.
2. The thing you least want to do/hear, is the thing you most need to do/hear.
As you may have noticed, I'm a middle-aged white guy. Because of the above two rules, I like to think that I've avoided some of the mental/moral traps which makes one a modern-day conservative.

Not "I have", but "I like to think." Big diff.

When I got on this app, I followed..
People who I liked, as well as voices I felt I needed to listen to. Voices like Adrian (with an A-n), @docrocktex26, @Freeyourmindkid, @lessgallon, more.

And, at times, they irritated me! (Well, not Propane Jane. She's always awesome.) And I would internally, #NotAllWhitePeople
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Dear liberal white women,


Just stop.

Stop saying shit like, "This isn't the America I know."

'Cause what you're really saying is: you don't know shit.

And this is the other shit white women need to stop doing:

Disingenuously using their gender as a shield when a Black man or MoC tells them to check their privilege and/or racism.

Y'all use 'white feminism' ONLY when it's convenient for y'all, KATHY.😒

Stop that shit, too.
I'mma stop you right fucking here, EILEEN!

Y'all love pointing fingers at other groups when called out on your bullshit

You ain't about to flip this shit on Obama; not in MY fucking mentions

On THIS matter, keep Obama's name out ya mouth & handle up on YOUR skinfolk
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Privilege is thinking a non-trivial amount of loyal Fox viewers would vote for a Democrat if only we’d hold more town halls there.
This idea isn’t just wrong, it’s part of how we got here. Like the economic anxiety narrative, it extends a degree of innocence to bigots that is unearned and contrary to fact.
You’re #NotAllWhitePeople-ing the white people who deserve it least. Not that any of us deserve it. But if you think devoted Fox viewers (who wouldn’t watch a Dem town hall on another channel) are voting on something besides white male supremacy, you’re not paying attention.
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Today in English #NotAllWhitePeople aka why all my English Blackademic friends like @natalieisonline are constantly having to explain that the British academy is full of folks into some fuckshit
White people: you’re actually not good, generally speaking, at measuring whether something is racist or what the levels of racism are in the society where you live or how racism manifests in your society. You’re bad at it. Be humble.
You’re bad at it because unlike the rest of us, your life doesn’t depend on getting good at it from early childhood onward.
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I’ve been asked recently, especially during #WhitenessHistoryMonth, what white people can *do* when confronting white supremacy.

First off, I super appreciate the question. It’s something that gives me pause. (And it should tbh.)
[1] We cannot do the work of anti-racism for points. Or for nods from influential black and brown people.

And Lord knows, I’ve tried. I’ve wanted the affirmation from people of color for this work. (And, sure, sometimes it arrives; but it cannot be our basis for action.)
We have to do the work of anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Period.

We have to do it because whiteness is killing us, too.
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This is the official #UnitedShades of America livetweet thread. If you have questions about the show (or need a recipe for 2 ingredient pancakes) ask them here. Tonight is the premiere. It is megachurches in Dallas, TX.…
Getting ready for the livetweet of the premiere of season 4 of #UnitedShades. I'll be watching it w/ @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted (He's on the speakerphone.). They're both in the episode & they'll both be livetweeting w/ me. If you have questions respond to this thread.
Do me a favor and follow @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted on Twitter right now! They are both doing the big work. You can read more about them in this piece I wrote for @CNN.… And use the hashtag #UnitedShades as much as you can.
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Definitely one of the most helpful tweets/threads of 2018: #9ReplyGuys
In fact, @sbarolo 's thread above is so good that I want to translate it into Japanese. I hope you don't mind, Scott?
(The translation is partial and rather loose, but hopefully it'll carry the essence of your ideas.)
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1) Calling out liberal bigotry isn’t racism

2) If ‘unity’ means being silent about liberal bigotry, no thanks

3) We can multitask & don’t have to choose between fighting racism & focusing on the election

4) Liberals resisting Trump isn’t the same as Blacks resisting injustice
5) We don’t have to say #NotAllWhitePeople to assuage liberals

6) If truth about liberal bigotry ‘alienates’ you, you were never genuine

7) If being offended affects your allyship, you were never an ally

8) You don’t get to dictate how Black people speak about their oppression
9) You don’t get a door prize teaching ‘in the inner city’ and going home to the burbs

10) Tweeting isn’t real activism, it doesn’t make you a ‘resister’ or an ‘ally’

11) Announcing you’re unfollowing because you’re offended by the truth of liberal racism is childish, grow up
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Stop looking for the next Obama.

You didn't even appreciate the last Obama.
"Let's find someone who's just like Obama.....except this time, he's whiter."

Yeah, quit telling on yourselves.
I know I just activated #NotAllWhitePeople Twitter, but anyway...
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I lost over 100 followers this week standing up for WOC being attacked by white women.
I'm sorry to have lost them because it means those folks missed the point.
White people have an obligation to POC in America because of the damage #racism inflicts even if we aren't #racist.
The hardest words in any language are "I'm sorry."
Acknowledging our flaws goes against ego.
But it's essential.
I know I am a strong person with strong Socialist politics.
I know I can be intense.
But I am a fiundamentally kind person who doesn't want to hurt people.
At times I know I <have> hurt people--we all have.
And that is my point: If people tell you you have hurt them, listen.
I don't mean casual snark, but hurt.
Say you are sorry.
Repentance is under-utilized and under-valued, and that's not just my Catholicism talking.
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This take and others like it keep popping up on my feed.

The vast majority of them were written by white people and then shared by other white ppl.

Us white folks are not the primary target or victims here - and we're telegraphing our obliviousness to that with these takes.

If your first reaction is to fire off a #notallwhitepeople reply, don't.

If it ain't about you, don't make it about u.

There is nothing more off-putting than when someone personalizes something not about them and then insists on proving they're an Above-Average White Person™.
These takes are well-intended. They're worthy of discussion. They're understandable.

But when it comes to matters of oppression, persecution, violence and abuse, the most threatened and vulnerable get to lead.

Their voices should carry furthest.
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To the white folx out here, always reminding us that you’re our allies: you can stop now. In case no one took the time to let you know this tiny detail, let me tell you now: WE KNOW OUR ALLIES BY WHAT THEY DO, NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY.
Don’t do this work looking your invitation to a barbecue, cookout, fiesta, luau, blengur or any variation thereof. WE WILL NOT BE HANDING OUT GOLD STARS AND TROPHIES TO OUR MOST “WOKE” WHITE SAVIORS.
If you do this work, let it be because you know the difference between right and wrong, because you care about the people, because justice is greater than egos and accolades.
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1. I can always appreciate a genuine inquiry regarding #NotAllWhitePeople & #NotAllMen; join me as I take a more creative route to explain.
2. Imaging 13 kids (weird number, I know, but it'll make sense soon enough): 10 of them wear white t-shirts; 3 of them, brown tees.
3. Everyday, the "white tee" kids get to leave class early to attend lunch ahead of everyone else; the "brown tee" kids follow afterwards.
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