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1/🧵✨Occam's razor is a principle that states that the simplest explanation is often the best one. But did you know that it can also be applied to statistics? Let's dive into how Occam's razor helps us make better decisions in data analysis. #OccamsRazor #Statistics #DataScience
2/ 📏 Occam's razor is based on the idea of "parsimony" - the preference for simpler solutions. In statistics, this means choosing models that are less complex but still accurate in predicting outcomes. #Simplicity #DataScience
3/ 📊 Overfitting is a common problem in statistics, where a model becomes too complex and captures noise rather than the underlying trend. Occam's razor helps us avoid overfitting by prioritizing simpler models with fewer parameters. #Overfitting #ModelSelection #DataScience
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Take a little journey with me, won’t you?

SO. Two years ago today, on Jan. 6, 2021, @misstessowen tweeted this photo of three Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol.

They were wearing matching MAGA CIVIL WAR shirts.
For some, this photo illustrated the ample warning signs that Jan. 6 could go bad. Trump supporters literally showed up. in "CIVIL WAR" t-shirts!

But, on the dumbest parts of the internet, another narrative emerged: that these guys were obviously feds (or "FED'S"). ImageImageImage
Now there's no evidence at the moment that this trio entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 or did anything else outside the building -- like assault officers or destroy property -- that would earn them charges. They normally wouldn't be a very high priority for online sleuths.
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So Israeli intelligence was part of a sting to frame PapaD as an agent of Israel? How does that make any sense?

David Ha'irvi, who introduced PapaD to Tawil, offers another explanation.

Ha'ivri is pro-Trump, pro-Republican and an arch-Zionist. Why would he be part of a scheme to entrap Papad as an agent of Israel?
This theory needs to be fleshed out a little more. Who was Tawil working for? Ha'ivri? What were their motives?

Plus, it's only a crime to bring in over $10,000, if a person fails to declare it.
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I was a newly minted father, the staff of the hospital couldn’t stop talking about what was going on, sitting there stunned we turned off the TVs, asked the nurses not to talk about it, and focused on our new beautiful child.

I have a few questions.

#NeverForget911 #September11
Like questions about Tower 7 On 9/11, what really happened and why is it getting so hard to find video evidence of the collapse at #Youtube all these years later?…
And I recently stumbled upon Tower 6, vaporized!?

I remember zero coverage of that from the msm, almost felt like a #MandelaEffect

That’s a big hole #OccamsRazor…
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(1) Thread: Merrimack Valley gas line explosions and fires.

There's a lot of panic and misinformation being reported. I'm getting my info from @MassStatePolice & the state fire marshal.

NBC Boston live coverage:…
(2) From the above story. Authorities are not asking residents to turn off their home's gas supply, they are just saying get out of the building asap.

Importantly, using a cell phone can ignite gas if it's built up in the room.
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@dcexaminer You don't need to believe thousands of potentially true things (and thus a stretch) to have any of what we've seen in this administration make sense.
You need only believe one *quite plausible likelihood* and it ALL makes sense: Putin has kompromat on Trump.
@dcexaminer If you entertain that likelihood, *everything* that those replying feign confusion at ("has he lost his mind", "what is he doing", "why doesn't he feel compassion for the immigrants") comes into focus and makes perfect sense.
@dcexaminer Pair this also with the blatant fact that he also wishes to do Trump Tower business with Russia (ie: Putin).
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