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#OTD in 1852 Frederick Douglass recited "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?" before the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society at Corinthian Hall. Douglass attacked slavery by highlighting how white Americans could celebrate freedom while enslaving others.
Douglass referenced the Bible, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution to argue that as long as slavery existed that Independence Day would be a day of mourning for African Americans, especially the enslaved.
He proclaimed "...justice, liberty, prosperity and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought light and healing to you, has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn.”
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Land of the free? Abortion rights demonstrators march in #SanFrancisco #4thofJuly
"July 4th, we're supposedly celebrating freedom in the U.S., but given that #RoeVsWade has just been overturned, that's really called into question," said organizer Magda Cholewinska.
"To the millions of women that are sort of impacted by this decision, are they really free? Like are those women free? I don't think so." #abortionrights
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@JackPosobiec Video from Awake the Rapper
AKA #BobbyCrimo #HighlandPark shooter

He advertised this was coming
Leftist #DomesticTerrorism
@JackPosobiec Dead eyes
Face Tattoos
Incl. a rose for
not the socialism
"Awake" the Rapper
This is a Leftist #DomesticTerrorist
#HighlandPark was an attack on America
Get this vermin
Preferably alive so he can enjoy prison

You did this Leftists
You own this murderous POS
You & he did this
@JackPosobiec Well they got the miserable little POS
We can end the online debate over his affiliation soon

I still have no doubt he is Leftist scum…
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The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, #July4th
the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. #July4th
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. #July4th
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What would a day in the US be without a mass shooting? #Highland #4thOfJuly
Looks like more than one person dead.
Video shows people reacting to the initial volley of gunshots at the #HighlandPark #4thOfJuly parade.
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Von uns natürlich auch alles gute zum #4thOfJuly an die #USA.

Traditionell wird dieser Feiertag mit einem Massenschießerei gefeiert.
Dieses Jahr hat der Schütze 5 Menschen töten können, bevor er der Polizei entkam.
Der mutmaßliche Schütze wurde verhaftet.
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As Americans celebrate #4thOfJuly, here's 10 essential episodes of Dangerous Dogma w/ @BrianKaylor for helping U.S. Christians think about the relationship between faith & nation. The first features @kkdumez talking about, "Jesus and John Wayne." 1/10…
Our second Dangerous Dogma episode for the #4thOfJuly was @BrianKaylor's discussion with @AmandaTylerBJC of @BJContheHill about #ChristianNationalism and the #Jan6thInsurrection. 2/10…
The third episode in our #4THJULY #PodcastRecommendations is @americansunited' @rachelklaser talking with @BrianKaylor about protecting religious liberty in #America for everyone. 3/10…
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The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were merchants, lawyers, and farmers who's ages ranged from 26 to 70.

Together each of them pledged "to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

They were men of means who had much to lose if the war was lost-- Image
* 5 signers were captured by the British as traitors and were tortured before they were killed.
* 12 had their homes burned to the
* 2 lost their sons in the war.
* 3 had sons captured.
* 9 fought and died from wounds or hardships as a result of the Revolutionary War--
Most were born on American soil, but 8 were foreign born. They were men who desired true freedom--and above all knew the cost.

They signed the Declaration of Independence knowing that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

They did it anyway.

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Many challenges remain including the yet unrealized promise of liberty and justice for all.
But I still believe in the promise of America and sense the long arc of history still bends towards a more perfect union. Watch this short vid doc with @YVindman created by @UNUMKenBurns
Best wishes for Happy Independence Day! 🎆
Everyday Americans are already stepping up to be part of the solution by sponsoring Ukrainians seeking refuge here like my family did 40 years ago.….

Join them @welcomeus’ Welcome Connect.
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1/ If this is what Independence looks like, then we definitely should be striving for better. To me, this is what complacency, lack of compassion and empathy and selfishness looks like. We should be striving to be better. But go head and enjoy your lil birthday 🇺🇸 #4thOfJuly
2/ So many people in this nation feel abandoned, forgotten, let down and left out. Some offer the solution: "if you don't like it leave". Is that what Independence means to you? Really? So much for that "E Pluribus Unum". We can do so much better and we deserve better. 🇺🇸
3/ This is my country, I'm not going anywhere. I will demand better for it while doing MY PART and not sit on the sidelines solely complaining. Enjoy your hamburgers hotdogs and fireworks. (Someone bring me one, extra mustard and slightly burnt 😋)
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Happy 4th everyone. (not you, ☭)
The Ukrainians putting on some great fireworks displays with US backing. #4thOfJuly
"Snizhne (temporarily occupied) congratulates America on Independence Day.
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Passing of Swami Vivekananda - a *thread*


In his youth, while as a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, Narendranath had got a taste of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. When it was over, his Master had said, "This is your mango, Look! I lock it in my box.

You shall taste it once more, when your work in finished." Sri Ramakrishna had made one more prophecy about Naren - that when he should know who and what he was, he would refuse to remain a moment longer in the body.

Years had passed. It was the summer of 1898. Vivekananda was well renowned in the world by then. He happened to visit the Amarnath Cave with his disciples. On returning from the cave of Amarnath, he had told that he had received the grace of Amar Nath -
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“The American resistance placed a great deal of emphasis on property rights, but marriage laws prevented most married women from enjoying property rights.”… #July4 #IndependenceDay #womenshistory 1/
#womenshistory: “In a letter dated March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams writes to her husband, John Adams, urging him and the other members of the Continental Congress not to forget about the nation’s women when fighting for #America’s #independence.”… 2/ Image
#WomensHistory: “I desire you would Remember the Ladies.” -Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March #1776…
“We know better than to repeal our Masculine systems.” -Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 14 April 1776… 3/ ImageImage
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Amity, as you know, means friendship...Join us as we chart those fateful events on Amity Island as they unfolded over the next few days as #breakingnews items. #Jaws Image
BREAKING: Reports coming in that a #swimmer has gone #missing after a late night swim. More on this #story as it develops.

#Jaws #breakingnews Image
And we've this just in from Amity Island News, an exclusive update on the missing swimmer situation from the chief of police, Martin Brody #breakingnews #Jaws
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Happy #4thofJuly

And welcome to my live review of Independence Day review.

Starring Will Fletcher, Bill Pushboy, Jeff Silverplum, Vivica “Fair and Balanced” News, and Randy Quailman.

This is about the founding of our country in 1996.

Enjoy. Or not. It’s everyone’s ID today!
Starts out on the set of the moon landing. Where they have the cuck globalist earth projected as if it’s not flat.
Oh, god. It’s Contact.
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My father was born 130 years ago on the #FourthofJuly

Here he is in #WashingtonDC in 1913 with the #suffragists in their way to try to speak to President Wilson.

Surrounded by women.
Here he is in a more lighthearted moment.
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The victor in the Civil War wasn’t the ‘North’. It was the United States. We beat a violent, traitorous faction.

But that faction lived on through Jim Crow, the ‘Southern Strategy’, now MAGA…

The GOP, Fox & more are infected by the faction. The insurrection is ongoing.
The key tool being used by the faction now is the Big Lie.

They seek to limit access to the ballot box and institutionalize the ability of the faction’s current party - the GOP - to overturn election results.

They seek to defeat the US from the inside, but it’s the same war.
The goal is to rule from the minority. Their coalition is strong & disciplined and includes:

Fox, OAN, Sinclair, Daily Wire, Breitbart, White Evangelical churches, paramilitary groups, Federalist Society, Judicial Watch, Council for National Policy & the Republican Party & more.
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A #July4th Thread 🧵:

What to the Immigrant Christian is the 4th of July?

Allow me to share a few thoughts from the perspective of a Christian who also happens to be an immigrant; one also celebrating 10 years as an immigrant in the US. 1/13
I was born & raised in a loving Christian home in Mumbai, India. I grew up privileged & patriotic.

My privileged upbringing made it easier to love my birth country. I wanted to grow up and work for my country - either in armed services, civil services or the Indian Cricket Team.
Then, my parents decided to uproot our lives & join extended family in the US. They wanted to give my sister & I the best education and with me finishing High School, the timing was right.

So we sold everything, packed up our lives & moved to a country we’d never been before.
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Happy #4thofJuly.

As a warm up for later, I'm going to review the The Star-Spangled Banner.

And you might go "What in the hell is this nonsense?"

It's the original verses.
Okay. First of all. What's the deal with Spangled.

It's called that because the US flag is covered in asterisks. Which is our way of swearing on our flag without the squares realizing it.

Betsy Ross LOVED to swear in secret.
So it starts out asking me if I'm a morning person of some bullshit.

I'm not.
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Okay. Starting my live stream review of the 2000 film The Patriot. It’s a British comedy that makes fun of America’s Brexit.

It stars Mel Gibson, the inventor of guitars and main voice character in certain audio tapes.

Let’s go #MelGuitar #4thofJuly #BBQ #Civilians #joker
Oh, god. It starts out with him talking about religion. Not a great sign.
Wait. This is the Postman?? Sesame Street? Make up your mind.
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In Honor of #4thofJuly, I'm going to do my "live tweet review" of the Declaration of Independence as I threatened the other day.

(@FamousBL3 deal with it)

#Fireworks #AnnoyingAt3amAsshole
Apparently there are 13 united states.

Excuse me. There's only 1. And that's the USA of A.
Uh. I think they're complaining about their politics class. I think they must have failed it or something.

I think they're pissed at their teacher.
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Short thread, as we approach July 4th about the Johnson–Jeffries race riots in America and the suffering of the Jews in Europe, as detailed by the great Jewish & Zionist leader, Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky, in his essay "Homo Homini Lupus,” or “Man is As a Wolf to Other Men." Johnson standing over Jeffr...
On July 4th a boxing match took place between Jack Johnson & Jack Jeffries. Johnson was the reigning heavyweight champ, and only the second African-American to hold that title.

Jeffries, who was white, had been heavyweight champ but refused to fight Johnson & retired
Jeffries announced he would “reclaim the heavyweight championship for the white race.” He became the “Great White Hope" in "the fight of the century.”

The @nytimes warned, “If the black man wins, thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory.”

Johnson won.
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This happening today: Confirmation of @XavierBecerra to lead #HHS.

Will @POTUS @JoeBiden soon thereafter identify his nominee to lead #FDA?

#pharma #biotech
Also today, #NIH Fauci, @CDCDirector Walensky & #FDA Peter Marks are back on Capitol Hill -- virtually -- today along with @DavidAKesslerMD to testify this time at @HELPCmteDems on #COVID19 starting at 10amET… #COVIDvaccinations #vaccines #CDC
The House @AppropsDems Commerce, Justice, Science & Related Agencies Subcommittee also examines #COVID19 outbreaks at federal prisons at 2pmET… #MaskUp
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