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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/19/2022…
How is the “Purcell principle” threatening voting rights in America? | The Economist…
#PurcellPrinciple, #VotingRights, #USA
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Some books within minutes , force you to ditch the e-version of kindle & buy the hard copy instead !🙂

The Joys of Compounding is one such 💎
Content ( Curation + Creation ) at its finest !

Compressed JUST A FEW takeaways in this 🧵

Invest in yourself. Read.
Self educate. Think in isolation !

Everything in life can teach you when you possess the right mindset.
Read across a wide spectrum,for the scenes change but the behaviours & outcomes don't.

How to go about #READING & #THINKING effectively.

First Principles Thinking requires us to delve deeper & question everything until one is left with the fundamental truth in essence.

Deconstruct to effectively
Reconstruct ! ( Both in times of Greed & Gloom )

How to apply it to the field of #ValueInvesting
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Ready to organize for #disruption? Start here (and now). by @charleneli via @LinkedIn…
Great theme, @charleneli ! #TMO #Leadership is even more essential at this highly anxiogenous times of sanitary and economic upheavels. Had a chance to #brainstorm a few thoughts with my son, @Leo_Ferret, here:
Back in Dec. 2017 we conceived a #branded #message to stimulate commitment towards “Resolution Quotes” to help people think about their own and help them start off to a New Year by revisiting and strenghtening your #purpose, #mission, #vision & #values.

And, most importantly...
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By far the best book I have read in a long long time.
One can simply begin from any page,for each note makes so much sense that we get lost in them , sometimes chuckling & often amazed .

Here are MY learnings from
" A Book of Simple Living" by Ruskin Bond.
The book is enriched with life lessons . Most profound of all for me being ,

#Life is simple despite all its hardships and complexities .
For the purpose of life is to live ....

Now, how we choose to live our life makes it simple or complicated.

Do we chase #happiness by climbing infinite mountains in the quest for fame & wealth or do we savour the goodness in the little things that often come our way but go unnoticed and unappreciated by us ?
For ultimately , " It is the little things that matter the most ".
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Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana has been a game changer in financial inclusion.

Though slogans like 'Garibi Hatao' were given since 1971, the 1st, real concerted effort to include the unbanked in the banking system was done through PMJDY.

#Simplicity & #LastMileConnectivity have been pivotal in success.
#Simplicity, 6 page bank account opening form was reduced to 1 page.
#KYC was made easier.
'Bank Mitras' played a pivotal role in the #LastMileConnectivity.
40.35 Crore PMJDY Jan-Dhan bank accounts were opened in just 6 yrs of inception of PMJDY.

#6yearsofjandhanyojana Image
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✨ Rob Pike's 5 Rules of #programming

#golang #simplicity

1️⃣ You can't tell where a program is going to spend its time. Bottlenecks occur in surprising places, so don't try to second guess and put in a speed hack until you've proven that's where the bottleneck is.
2️⃣ Measure. Don't tune for speed until you've measured, and even then don't unless one part of the code overwhelms the rest.
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high key #simplicity fiend i.e. sht thats easy to grasp; so whenever i think #encapsulation i think abstraction; and whenever i think abstraction i think simplicity; so it turned out i want to create and work on well encapsulated code afterall
anytime you cant have to look beyond the name of a var/method/class into its internals'; or anytime in need to look at the *Impl of the interface definition, then encapsulation i.e. abstraction/simplicity is undermined

#meaningfulNames #interfaceRevealingInterfaces
minor refactoring

... have to look beyond the name of a var/method/class into its internals'; or anytime in need to look at the *Impl of the interface definition,

**in order to safely/confidently use it**,

then encapsulation i.e. abstraction/simplicity is undermined
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1/ Blockstream released a developer preview of Simplicity! Congrats!! You can check out what Bitcoin might look like using Simplicity using regtest. Huge Kudos to Andrew Poelstra & Russell O’Connor and the @Blockstream team!…
2/ Now, I’m most definitely not a dev but here’s my best attempt to break it down (thank you to Allan Piscitello who was patient enough to teach me!):

This release includes Jets, which recreates the previous release’s test transaction but now with a greatly reduced program size
3/ Jets let you optimize them but still prove its the same as Simplicity programs, which are easier to prove they are correct- streamlines contract development.

Background: Liquid is built on top of elements, open-source- and is one instance.
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1/ @netflix's #culture evokes strong reactions.

@sherylsandberg said the deck describing Netflix culture "may well be the most important document ever to come out of the Valley,"

The @WSJ had a decidedly less positive take…
2/ It would be great to analyze @netflix culture using data not anecdotes

Today we launch the @mitsmr #Culture500 to analyze the cultures of 500+ major companies by analyzing the free text from 1.2 million @Glassdoor reviews…
3/ Over the next few months, we'll use the @mitsmr @netflix #Culture500 to analyze the #culture of some of the world's best-known companies, starting with @netflix Image
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