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@RealJamesWoods #TedTurner = #Malthusian #NWO honcho who’s on record calling for a 🌐 population of less than 500,000 + injected $1 billion into hijacking UN initiatives

2021 #NuclearThreatInitiative timeline for a #monkeypox bioweapon on May 15, 2022

To. The. Day.
🐒🦠… Image
@RealJamesWoods Another incredibly “coincidental” simulation of an engineered #monkeypox bioterror attack involving most of the same players as the Oct 2019 #Event201 coronavirus wargame.…

(Appears the foundation’s being laid to blame Russia this time 🤪)

#NTI 🐒🦠⛓💉
@RealJamesWoods #TedTurner founded the Cable News Network, the world’s first 24-hour cable news channel #CNN = one of the more insidious creations of my lifetime.
He’s part of #TheGoodClub whose #1 goal is to shrink the world’s population by billions to “save the planet”.

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🌍Maybe he shouldn’t have let overpopulation & deforestation destroy 90% of Madagascar’s forest with monoculture. Articles attached below this one.
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Hace calor en Europa? Inundaciones? Sabes de quien dirán que es la culpa verdad? Si, Tu. No de ellos que han impuesto su depravado sistema de consumo irrestricto y obsolescencia programada. Dirán que somos muchos. La nueva justificación eugenésica de la elite. Image
Como ya nos lo proclamó desde el 2010, "la próxima #bombaatómica será como una epidemia de #coronavirus" al tiempo que advertía sobre la "#overpopulation" y la necesidad de disminuir un 15% de la #PoblaciónMundial por medio de #Vacunas y "#SaludReproductiva". Image
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@srdaugherty @billmaher Actually, though not from Spain, the origin of the virus is still disputed. There was a cluster in Kansas, yes.
In terms of why so many virus originate from, @billmaher might need to b reminded of how old the country is (w that, a history of political corruption & bureaucratic
@srdaugherty @billmaher mismanagement) & its important on the Asian-European trade route.
Given #climatechange & (global) #overpopulation, while it is generally a good thing to eat locally sourced food, ppl's incursion into uncharted territory will bring us into contact w exotic species & diseases we
@srdaugherty @billmaher have no immunity to defend ourselves against, whether that's through food sourcing or economic activities, such as logging. Given the fact that there is an intermediary between bats & humans (pangolins), simply making ppl stop eating bats is not gonna help. Also, is @billmaher
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