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AFRICA Herbs to the WORLD: This beautiful and detailed #map shows every #herb that grows native in #Africa and gives an idea of the countries and #regions where the herb is most common: Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on #Earth, Over 11 MILLION Image
square miles and over 1.4 BILLION people!

#Africa has such a huge variety of #geography, #flora, #fauna and #people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of #cultures and #traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of #evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine,
cooking and the incredible array of native #plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

#Thyme, a hardy #drought resistant plant, grows in the dry landscapes of #WesternSahara.

The #DemocraticRepublicofCongo with 80 Inches of rain a year, the highest
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Breaking: @AAhmad_CAF, the former @CAF_Online President, is being questioned by BIANCO, #Madagascar’s anti-corruption commission, in Mahajanga, his hometown, right now. ImageImage
These are pictures taken outside BIANCO’s offices in Mahajanga, Madagascar on Tuesday. He is being accused of abuse of office.

I will update this thread as soon as I get more information. ImageImage
I understand @AAhmad_CAF was questioned by BIANCO but has been allowed to return home, for now.

The case he is being questioned about happened while Ahmad was the country’s Fisheries Minister.
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1/9. 🌀Devastating tropical #CycloneFreddy, which has made landfall twice 🤯, has caused #LossAndDamage in #Madagascar🇲🇬, #Mozambique 🇲🇿 and #Maliwi 🇲🇼 including 220+ deaths, whilst breaking records as the longest lasting cyclone. Cyclone Freddy as it weakens over Mozambique following its s
2/9. In #Madagascar🇲🇬, at least 17 people have died due to #CycloneFreddy (7 from the first landfall on 21 February and 10 from the latest rains on 5 and 6 March), and nearly 299,000 people have affected.
3/9. In #Mozambique 🇲🇿, #CycloneFreddy has seen some provinces received as much rain in 24 hours as they would usually experience in one month. As a result 10 people have died and 14 have been injured, 1,900 houses have been damaged or destroyed.
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Here's an earlier vioew from theis morning while the spinning up cyclone - now commencing its second pass across the Mozambique Channel started intensifying rapidly, very quickly developing a clear eye.
Here's a 24h animation over night and into this morning.
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#ExtremeWeather #Mozambique #Madagascar #Zimbabwe UPDATE THREAD

The Cyclone Freddy event which initiated a humanitarian emergency in South East Africa (exacerbating exisiting folldinghas now been underway for a fortnight and is ongoing. Freddy is expected to strengthen and……
The quoted tweet in the OP above covers the period February 21-27.

This thread provides an update series of 24 hour satellite animations from 27th Feb till March 5th. But the event is not yet over. The latest UNHCR emergency reponse……
So far 1.75 million people have been affected - and 163,000 were affected as of March 3rd - when this […[ report (the most recent) was issued.
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What is the story behind the famous #Bangalore weather?

It goes back 3400 million years...🧵
Around 3,400 million years ago, the peninsular ‘gneiss’ came out and was cooled from volcanic activity.

This is what formed the city’s bedrock today. But the rock itself weathered and stored water in shallow aquifers.
Bengaluru as we know it today, settled at the fag end of the Deccan plateau, 900 metres above sea level.

This gave it the #pleasant climate that Bengaluru is famous for.

Let’s now skip to 88 million years ago. >>
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1/17.📜NEW BRIEF:“The Operationalisation of a Fit For Purpose #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage (#SNLD): An African Perspective”, detailing how the #SNLD must address the needs of those on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis in #Africa.

🔗Get it here:…
2/17. The brief begins by making it clear that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange in a reality today in many African countries, despite the fact that Africa has contributed less than 4% of total carbon emissions.
3/17. Examples of #LossAndDamage in #Africa include:

1⃣ Tropical storm Ana which struck Malawi at the end of January, causing #flooding that resulted in 46 deaths, 152,786 people being displaced and extensive property destruction.
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 852,789 signatures
Previous: 616,389 signatures.
Difference: 236,400 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #GTTO
1) #UnitedKingdom 842,029 (+232,982)
2) #France 2,298 (+660)
3) #Spain 1,285 (+361)
4) #UnitedStates 840 (+283)
5) #Germany 798 (+279)
6) #Australia 773 (+262)
7) #Netherlands 423 (+133)
8) #Canada 402 (+138)
9) #Ireland 387 (+130)
10) #Switzerland 320 (+110)
11) #NewZealand 306 (+113)
12) #Italy 233 (+79)
13) #Belgium 209 (+64)
14) #Portugal 206 (+71)
15) #Sweden 192 (+70)
16) #Denmark 131 (+47)
17) #Japan 113 (+34)
18) #Greece 106 (+33)
19) #Norway 104 (+33)
20) #IsleofMan 97 (+33)
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🇫🇷 #France's high school reform in 2021 had an unexpected side effect: a significant portion of girl students dropped math.

In 2020, 44% chose advanced math—the following year, this number fell to 24%.

@ShirliSitbon has more on the phenomenon for the #DayoftheGirl ⤵️
@ShirliSitbon 🇲🇬 Child marriage is a daily reality for tens of thousands of young girls in #Madagascar.

"When a girl turns 12 or 13, she becomes a new source of income for the family", explains @Galaelle for #DayoftheGirl.

"She is sacrificed to allow the family to survive" ⤵️
@ShirliSitbon @Galaelle 🇲🇬 The consequences for young girls promised into marriage are "irreversible".

"It's impossible to build a stable, healthy, developed society if young girls' fundamental rights are not guaranteed," reports @Galaelle on #DayoftheGirl ⤵️
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Eating 30 different plants every week can make life MUCH better.

By increasing the diversity of your #microbiome, you improve #guthealth and strengthen the #gutbrainaxis


This 🧵 will explain, why it's true and how I do it over the next week. 👇
Remember, plants include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

#30plantchallenge Here we go!!
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Today is #WorldHumanitarianDay!

⛺️ Camps
🏥 Hospitals
🩺 Clinics
🏠 Door-to-door

Whatever the setting, health workers are central to humanitarian action during an emergency or a crisis. #ItTakesAVillage to support people in need. 👉
Dr Marie-Roseline Bélizaire 👩🏾‍⚕️ helped communities fight #Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 🇨🇩 & #COVID19 in Central African Republic 🇨🇫.

Listen to her story👉 #ItTakesAVillage #WorldHumanitarianDay
WHO mobile clinics are often deployed during crises to reach people cut off from access to health services. The clinic comes with:

a doctor,
a pharmacy assistant,
a driver.

#ItTakesAVillage to bring vital care to those in need. #WorldHumanitarianDay
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Where is #BlackLivesMatter while #Russia uses native people for its colonial war by contract enforcement? Why don't you protest in front of the #russian embassy against systemic #racism? Like many people around the world supported Afro-Americans. Solidarity!
2/ @Blklivesmatter could you finally turn your attention to the problem of #racism in #Russia and the bloody exploitation of #indigenous peoples there?
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How a mispronounced word re-named a country:
Marco Polo was an Italian explorer known for helping the Mongol emperor of China, Kublai Khan on expanding his realm.
He became the most important explorer in the court of Kublai Khan. Today, he is credited for being one of the most influential explorers of all time.
When Marco Polo visited the Island of Mogadishu, Somalia, he mispronounced Mogadishu as 'Madagascar'.
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Dispatch from the Catplomatic Mission to the @UN:

1. Demand #SuspendRussiafromHRC as the UN is voting on it today.

2. Tweet to at least one human mission to the UN with the above hashtag. Here is a list of all of them on Twitter:…

t. #LoveYouStepan
@UN Last month 141 out of 193 countries in UN voted to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Countries that voted against were: #Belarus, #Eritrea, North Korea, #Syria and ofc #Russia. The countries that abstained from voting were: #Algeria, #Angola, #Armenia, #Bangladesh (1/3)
#Bolivia, #Burundi, Central African Republic, #China, #Congo, #Cuba, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, #India, #Iran, #Iraq, #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, #Madagascar, #Mali, #Mongolia, #Mozambique, #Namibia, #Nicaragua, #Pakistan, #Senegal (2/3)
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𝗠𝗮𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗹𝗺 𝗫:- All of African natural minerals and wealth are needed by the Western industrialists in order for their industry to keep running at the clip that it’s been used to.

Can we prove it? YES! ImageImageImage
You know that France lost her French West African possessions, Belgium lost the Congo 🇨🇩, England lost Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Ghana 🇬🇭 and some of the other English-speaking areas; France also lost Algeria, or the Algerians took Algeria 🇩🇿
As soon as these European powers lost their African possessions, Belgium had an economic crisis, the same year she turned the Congo loose.
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The death toll from #CycloneBatsirai, which moved on from #Madagascar on Monday, has risen to 30, according to an updated count, and could rise further as bodies continue to be found in the rubble of collapsed houses
#BREAKING Madagascar cyclone death toll rises to 80: new figures
#UPDATE The death toll in Madagascar from Tropical #CycloneBatsirai has risen to 80 since it hit the Indian Ocean island at the weekend, according to official data released Wednesday
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Cyclone #Batsirai was expected to reach eastern Madagascar on Saturday, posing a "very serious threat" to millions with powerful winds and torrential rains set to batter the large Indian Ocean island #CycloneBatsirai
VIDEO: 🇷🇪🇲🇺 A Mauritian oil tanker has run aground on the south coast of #ReunionIsland during heavy weather caused by the passage of #CycloneBatsirai. The 11 sailors on the Tresta Star, which was sailing empty of cargo, were rescued
#UPDATE As #CycloneBatsirai neared eastern #Madagascar on Saturday people sought shelter in more secure concrete buildings while others reinforced their roofs with sandbags. The Meteo-France weather service has warned of winds of up to 260 kph (162mph)
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Update Thread:

#ExtremeWeather #Madagascar #Batsirai #CycloneBatsirai

Intense Cyclone Batsirai has strengthened rapidly and grown significantly larger. It has now passed Mauritius and its outer bands are now over Reunion.
Madagascar is 1000kms long top to bottom and #BatsiraiCyclone's outer bands are roughly the same size. With sustained winds of over 113 knots the storm is now the equivalent of a Category 4 Major Hurricane.
The JTWC's latest forecast track update #13 shows the storm maintaining very intense cyclone intensity up to landfall (of the eyewall - maximum strength winds) in the morning on Saturday. Rain and high winds will arrive on Friday.
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🌍Maybe he shouldn’t have let overpopulation & deforestation destroy 90% of Madagascar’s forest with monoculture. Articles attached below this one.
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The world is on fire. I've been warning about the perfect storm brewing due to Covid, conflict, climate shocks & now, rising supply chain costs. IT IS HERE. 45M lives are at stake—and increasing daily. If you don’t feed people, you feed conflict, destabilization & mass migration.
This hunger crisis is urgent, unprecedented, AND avoidable. @elonmusk, you asked for a clear plan & open books. Here it is! We're ready to talk with you - and anyone else - who is serious about saving lives. The ask is $6.6B to avert famine in 2022:…
Just five countries alone account for 20M people:…

They are the frontlines of hunger. What I’ve seen in each of these countries is worse than you can possibly imagine. #Afghanistan #Madagascar #SouthSudan #Sudan #Yemen
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Ci sono argomenti che non so come trattare.

Che sono proprio difficili da elaborare emotivamente. Il blackhumor in questi casi non ti viene in aiuto.

Vabbè, la schianto facile: ci sono, ad oggi, paesi che stanno morendo di fame a causa della grave siccità, come il #Madagascar
Qui non piove da 4 anni (circa) e gli abitanti sono costretti a mangiare quei pochi insetti che trovano e foglie di cactus.

Viene da sé che è una dieta pessima per la sopravvivenza.
Bisogna usare con cautela anche "Colpa del surriscaldamento globale" perché non tutti ancora son disposti a capire il concatenamento di eventi che questo crea.

Ma soprattutto, molti non vogliono pensare al cambiamento climatico e alla morte allo stesso tempo.
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#SDP #Kokoomus #PS #Keskusta #KD #Vas #Vihreät #rkp
#Nizza'ssa 'lähes 300 äärioikeistolaista vastustaa #rokotepassi -hanketta.' Hullu-#Macron'ia ei ole nähty yli viikkoon.
- #Finland'ssa 99,9% kannattaa #rokotepassi'ia, EMU-Niinistöä ja Veneakku-Marinia. #Nice #PassSanitaire
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Hundreds of Thousands March Across #France as Nationwide Opposition to Health Pass Solidifies (VIDEO) | August 1st
- Independent police unions who counted for themselves throughout the day put the number at around 1.2 MILLION.… Image
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Leaflets passed around containing constructive information about how to combat the health pass measures contained correct information about the #Rockefeller #Lockstep plan, for example.
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#HAITI Investigation Underway Into Assassination of Haiti's President | 13 HOURS AGO
- Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel #Moïse and wounded his wife in their home early Wednesday, inflicting more chaos on the unstable Caribbean country.…
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#MoviesForKids 😍🎬

பெஸ்ட் மூவிஸ் டு வாட்ச் வித் ஃபேமிலி அண்ட் கிட்ஸ். நிறைய மூவீஸ் இருக்கு அதுலகொஞ்சம் #IMDb ரேட்டிங்வைஸ் குடுக்கப்பட்டிருக்கு. இதுல அதிகபட்சம் இங்லீஷ்ல தான்இருக்கு சோ! தமிழுக்கு டெலிகிராம் (அ) tamilyogi[dot]cafe siteல தேடிபாருங்க கிடைக்கும்.🍁

1 #TheLionKing 1994
8.5 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Music

2 #BackToTheFuture 1985
8.5 Advnte,Cmdy,Sci-Fi

3 #WALL·E 2008
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Rmnce,Sci-Fi

4 #Coco 2017
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Music,Mstry

5 #Up 2009
8.2 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly

6 #FindingNemo 2003
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy
7 #HarryPotter Seires (2001-2011)
8.1 Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Mstry

8 #JurassicPark 1993
8.1 Actn,Advnte,Sci-Fi,Thrllr

9 #Monsters,Inc. 2001
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly,Fntsy

10 #StandByMe 1986
8.1 Advnte,Drma

11 #InsideOut 2015
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Drma,Fmly,Fntsy
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