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1/ Months ago, I was asked to be a co-reporter on this story. I declined b/c the #GatesFoundation was a funder, which I knew would make it impossible to rigorously examine Gates's role in Covax. This story is a case study in the perils of Gates-funded journalism. 🧵Read on & RT:
2/ Co-reported by @statnews/@TBIJ, the story amplifies a message that Gates had an extremely small role in the failures of Covax (to send covid vaccines to the global poor). This is misleading. False, really. And it hurts the ability of independent journalists to tell the truth
3/ The @TBIJ story offers useful reporting about the failures in Covax---unaccountable power, missing risk analysis, country-club mindset. This is all true---yet also deeply misleading when placed in a context where Gates's very important role in these failures is obscured
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- θα πρέπει να επικεντρωθούν σε σκέψεις και συναισθήματα σχετικά με τα εμβ0λια
- όσον αφορά τους σκεπτικιστές θα πρέπει να επικεντρωθούν στον συναισθηματικό εκβιασμό
- ασκώ συναισθηματική πίεση στους σκεπτικιστές, ότι αν δεν πάρουν το v.4.x.x. παρεμποδίζουν την επίτευξη της ανοσίας της αγέλης
- «Οι κοινοτικοί ηγέτες και οι τοπικοί εργαζόμενοι στον τομέα της υγείας μπορούν να διαδραματίσουν καίριο ρόλο στην αντιμετώπιση του φόβου
ενώ τα κίνητρα από κράτη, πόλεις και εργοδότες θα μπορούσαν να συμβάλουν στην άμβλευση των σκεπτικιστών από την πόρτα των τοπικών κέντρων εμβ0λιασμού».
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The rapidly evolving investigation into #BillGates & #MeToo creates serious contradictions w/ #GatesFoundation's woman-forward, equity-focused brand/PR. I don't underestimate Bill Gates, but this is a major existential crisis that could end the #GatesFoundation as we know it. 🧵
The real threat to the #GatesFoundation right now is not the rule of law or institutional dynamics within a private foundation, but rather the court of public opinion
And by that I mean the news media turning against Bill Gates. The fact that NYT, WSJ et al. are doing some hard (tho maybe still restrained) reporting on #BillGates & #MeToo means he's losing perhaps his most important and long-standing ally.
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Bill Gates & his merry band of mosquito farmers released GMO mosquitos in Brazil 2011 to combat dengue fever, then 2 years later Zika virus, primarily carried by the type of mosquito Oxitec supposedly tried to eradicate, emerged in the same regions where these bugs were released.
"The insects were released in Brazil, Malaysia, India and the Cayman Islands, aiming to wipe out as much as 80 per cent of the Aedes aegypti species, which are now the primary carrier of Zika."…
Internal documents from Oxitec show that the genetically modified mosquitos actually had a 15% survival rate, rather than the 3% survival rate touted by Oxitec scientists prior to releasing the bugs.….
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Geert vanden Bossche, voormalig topmedewerker #GatesFoundation en topvaccinoloog van #GAVI , waarschuwt voor de gevolgen van massavaccinaties tijdens de pandemie. Hij deed dat tijdens de Vaccinatietop in Ohio van 1-3 maart.…
Why is nobody worried about ‘immune escape’ whereas Covid-19 has already escaped people’s innate immunity as reflected by multiple emerging, much more infectious, viral variants (most likely due to the global implementation of infection prevention measures)?
I am beyond worried about the disastrous impact this would have on our human race. Not only would people lose vaccine-mediated protection but also their precious, variant-nonspecific, innate immunity will be gone (this is because vaccinal antibodies outcompete natural antibodies)
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1/13 #ClimateChange is a result of a mindset, that is based on monoculture, fossil fuels, chemicals, corporate control. @BillGates cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place @Trevornoah @drvandanashiva…
2/13 The mad rush for #FakeFood and #FakeMeat, ignorant of the #diversity of our food cultures & the role of biodiversity is a recipe for accelerating the #climatecrisis, the destruction of the planet & our health @drvandanashiva…
3/13 The perpetrators of the industrialized & now digitized predatory economic model that has led to worldwide ecological devastation are trying to sell us their solutions as the only path forward @drvandanashiva @NnimmoB #FalseSolutionsToClimateChange
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Why don't they just leave #Africa alone? The #DSIAfricaProgram gives me the creeps. #IBM, #Philips, #GatesFoundation all there, ready to experiment on them. Note 'mining of text or data to discover trends' in 'Using Data Science to Fight Covid'…
They partner with #AmazonWebServices & #GoogleCloud. Also, AI is being used for 'Biomedical Excellence' #AIBLE to create Data Design Centres- what's that? How to invent a pandemic based on fake positive cases of the non-existent virus?
Oh look, what have we got here? An International #Covid19DataResearchAlliance provided by, of course, the #GatesFoundation
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No longer is it necessary to pay attention to my 2019-2020 ramblings/warnings of a global economic reset. Instead, as of June 3, 2020, you can now hear it directly from the source: the World Economic Forum (#WEF).

The World Economic Forum: home of the #FourthIndustrialRevolution as designed and desired by the ruling classes in tandem with the world's most powerful and ruthless corporations and institutions.

Leveraging #COVID19 (& global #protest) for all it's worth, the virus is indeed the new war on terror.

"The Great Reset" - "A better #capitalism and a better world—to help shape the recovery from COVID-19, the Forum has launched the Great Reset Initiative"

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@Dendog_UK @davidicke @giggs_boson Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan
Does the whole pandemic stand to benefit Bill Gates tremendously as he will provide the technology to develop "global immunity passports" and the Gates Foundation will be heavily involved in any vaccine creation?
@Dendog_UK @davidicke @giggs_boson #Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.
@Dendog_UK @davidicke @giggs_boson Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.
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If the #WhiteHats have a REAL cure for #Covid19 and perhaps other ailments such as #Cancer, there is no NEED for #GatesFoundation #depopulation #FakeCures…
Bill Gates house raided in Dec 2014... the White Hats owned him from that point on, but will be charging him with MUCH larger Crimes Against Humanity. From this point on, he was forced to help our side.…
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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