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Mi médico favorito es el Dr John B. Sigue informando de los daños que está causando nuestras amigas 🧨🧨🧨 Image
Hallazgo importante: La #vacunaciónCovid puede inducir autoanticuerpos contra el tipo I interferones:… El sistema inmunológico se ataca a sí mismo. "Se ha vuelto cada vez más evidente que la inmunidad innata es fundamental para la inducción de respuestas
inmunitarias adaptativas específicas del virus [14]. Por lo tanto, las respuestas inmunitarias mediadas por IFN tipo I pueden ser espadas de doble filo para mejorar la eficacia de la vacuna y las respuestas inmunitarias a enfermedades infecciosas agudas, así como acelerar la
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Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night ! …

It’s Ras #P Berry #JAM Day !

Those of you who were in the live stream over the weekend, you were given A heads up about today & #TOMORROW.

Today has already been kinda funny, as I said it would be.
#TOMORROW = Justice Prevails
All Clear
Strike Back
Truman Show END.
Hunger Games END.
Ender s Game ENDer!
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HE KNEW & Protected those closest to him from it all, including the children !

#P Rod igy

Love you & THANK YOU!

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“You’re my boy Blue” …

& The Man On the Moon

When you comin’ home son I don’t know when, I’m sure we’ll get together then …
Hey Dad, you want to have A catch ? …

Call the Ball
The #P erfect #P itch
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The Procter & Gamble Company - $PG por #ResumiendoBalances
Consumo defensivo | Productos domésticos y personales | EEUU

La empresa de bienes de consumo presentó sus resultados el día 19/10.
🟢 En el trimestre, las ventas orgánicas aumentaron un 4%. El crecimiento fue generalizado en todas las unidades de negocio, con 9 de cada 10 categorías con aumento de ventas, y la décima quedando plana en comparación con el año anterior.
🟢 En EEUU, las ventas aumentaron un 4% anual, y sobre una base de 2 años aumentaron un 20%. En China las ventas estuvieron en línea con el año anterior, creciendo un 12% sobre una base de 2 años.
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I Said earlier, Today you would finally figure out who EVERYONE has been talking too this entire time ..

Ask yourself A simple Question, WHY would EVEYONE be doing all they are for A "LARP" ..

OH, P.S.-

Take it to the BANK & Cash it ..
It's gaining Interest.✍

#P ARKING #S. ImageImage
Parking Structure .

The BAG Means EVERYTHING. The Fate of the world, in the Sons Hands.

The BAG . .

When this is over, I go be with the ones that did EVERYTHING they did for me to be free. The WORLD will be healed by GODS Hand.

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I'm still awake .@Keem_113, I couldn't go to bed without doing atleast 1 #KennedySunday ..

.@DanScavino, Let's have 1 ke(3)k of A Week 6 . .

This House I/WE Built, Clean . .

It's Showtime, Folks.
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Pleappppplpolpppp I’mpppp e o like pl put l p ill l o#loo
play ppklokk lpplace for #Pppp pppppppppp Lloyd p
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I’m working on creating a client @RoamResearch database for Fabriq summing up our work during the first three months of our engagement. I’ll be updating this thread with obstacles and learnings from the process as I go.
General engagement details - we started off with a behavioral audit of the app. After that, we started a retainer, where I help them with problems related to influencing user behavior so users are able to better experience the app’s promised value…
My goal is much broader than what I generally have in a looking lens page. I want to summarize and condense over 300 notes related to Fabriq into the main points and supporting materials, not answer a specific set of questions.
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Experimenting with a way of organizing linked references into useful content in @RoamResearch. This isn't quite Evergreen Notes, but useful to me. I start with a lot of incoming stuff, almost all from Daily Pages. Let's say I've been researching @wikidata. Image
I open the page in the sidebar, expand the linked references, and begin thinking about how to organize them. I pull them in using mentions (for single blocks) or embeds (for grabbing children too), and begin organizing them in an outline. Image
As I go along, I add the tag #p whenever I've fully processed a note, and use a filter to remove these. When there are two important tags, and I might want to process the second tag, I instead change from [[Wikidata]] to [[[[Wikidata]]-p]].
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I've finally figured out my Instapaper->@RoamResearch workflow. Here's a Chrome plugin…, based on the work of @sawyerh and @GeirGulbrandsen. It goes through all the Instapaper pages, and copies all clippings to the clipboard in Roam friendly format.
I've been reading a lot, and putting off the processing. Pasting into Google Docs, I have 82 pages of dense clippings. I start each bullet with the page title, link to the original URL, and a tag so I can easily distinguish clippings from other content.
I can then leisurely process a few inputs every day. Here's an example of some notes from a great article by my colleague Christine Looser…. I read this while in transit, or maybe at the playground while my kid was playing. Now I can go back and process.
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WFH tip: absolutely use a "text expander." You should never type common info like your phone number, email address, or website more than once. Examples:

$e = my email address
$z = Zoom personal mtg room link
$r = specific red of my brand
$tw = twitter proflile
$pf = blog footer
I use "snippets" feature on @alfredapp but I know @TextExpander works well
Other examples (work-related shortcuts start with $ which you can set in the app):

[first letter of first name]@f = teammate email address
$basb = Bldg a Second Brain course website
$n = email newsletter signup link
!v = paste in plain text
!d = today's date
#p = phone number
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#TweetStorm - Expensive or deserves to be Expensive ? 1)One thumb rule for screening expensive companies is Market Cap to Sales or Enterprise Value to Sales. A 10x or more is generally expensive unless the company can grow sales rapidly or has extremely high Net Profit Margins.
2)Another way to look at expensive is if the Market Cap is equal to the Total Sales of the Addressable Market Size. This would lead to company having to launch different products in the future.
3)May not be the approach to take a Sell Decision or a Short Sell Decision. Very few companies can command such high valuations. Thumb Rule is just to review the investment thesis and the quality of the business. If doubts on quality , get out.
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We wrote a paper proposing a new relaxation of differential privacy that has lots of nice properties: It's 85 pages long, so here is the TL;DR. Suppose S is a dataset with your data, and S' is the dataset with your data removed. 1/
Differential privacy can be viewed as promising that any hypothesis test aiming to distinguish whether I used S vs. S' in my computation that has false positive rate alpha must have a true positive rate of at most e^eps*alpha+delta. Cool - its easy to interpret this guarantee! 2/
This characterization is exact: its equivalent to the usual definition of DP. But DP is mis-parameterized in that when we compose mechanisms, there is no way to describe the resulting tradeoff between Type I and type II errors with any parameters eps,delta anymore. 3/
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Day 2 of quantum advantage workshop at @InHenriPoincare, featuring Ashley Montanaro (@quantumashley), Juan Bermejo-Vega (myself) and Dominik Hangleiter. #LTQI
We kick off with Ashley Montanaro @quantumashley, giving a tutorial about IQP circuits (IQP = Instantaneous Quantum Polynomial time) and potential for demonstrating superior quantum computational performance. #LQTI
- Shepherd, Bremner 0809.0847;
- Bremner, Jozsa, Shepherd 1005.1407;
- Bremner, Montanaro, Shepherd 1504:0799;
- Bremner, Montanaro, Shepherd 1610:01808;
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