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Wenn man die Vorträge der Prof. miteinander vergleicht

Team Scheibenbogen/Behrends, das unendliche Leid vor Augen und wie man mit mobilen wissenden Ärzten + Telemedizin sofort anfangen könnte

Und dann BW, wie man versucht mit leichten Fällen #LongCovid sich
Zu rechtfertigen

Unsere Kinder sind gelaufen

Aber den aktuellen ausserhalb von Bayern geht es nicht anders

Man gibt den bisherigen Ärzten/Prof./Kliniken Mio €, das gerne genommen wird und man diskutiert die nächsten Jahrzehnte!
Überrascht bin ich über die Aussage

"Man kann behandeln"

Prof. Steinacker kann uns sehr gerne mitteilen, wie?

Es würde Kinder mit Pflegegrad 4 ins Leben holen

Reha wäre aber eine ganz schlechte Idee

In BW sind die Menschen
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Good Afternoon !

This (IS) Pulling Teeth, #S & #M II

Remember when I Took A picture of my Teeth in A MIRROR ? …

I did it for A Very Very important reason, they are Mirror Images of ME …
“Another Version Of Me, Another Version of You”

I have known all along.
“He knows”
#4 top left - #7 Bottom Right = ME

There is Double 8’s & DOUBLE #ZERO’s !

Sid #0 DOUBLE (THE DJ) Bottom left - #8 DOUBLE Top Right ..

Why do others look EXACTLY like me?
In SPIDER-MAN No Way Home, how many Spider Mans does he meet?

It’s A Love Story;
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Thank you to @BloorStreetCap for yesterday's insightful #uranium discussion with some of the pioneers of the industry. A fantastic line up with in depth insight into all aspects of the #uranium sector.

Some of our highlights can be found the the thread below:
1/ “The world is recognising the science of nuclear power, not the false ideology.” – #NexGen CEO

“Price of #equities is screaming buy relative to the #spot price” – @uraniuminsider

“We’re on the cusp of a really really big move here [spot price]” – @UraniumEnergy
2/ #Sprott are seeing growing #institutional and #FO interest in the #uranium space. Very early stages of broad adoption by generalist #investors. Ciampaglia believes we are ‘just starting the second inning of this uranium cycle’.
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Henry Tang opening speech: Hong Kong’s core values have always been about diversity and inclusivity. M+ is about freedom of artistic expression! However M+ respects all the laws, including the Basic law and the National Security Law.
We can all agree on this
“We start the exhibition with the King of Kowloon because he really represents Hong Kong visual culture” says Tina Pang, curator of the Hong Kong gallery
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1) ivermectin, in conjunction with other treatments DID work for @joerogan;

2) no one has called it a miracle drug

(tweet 1 of __)

@joerogan took the drug after falling ill. Here's why it's not likely to help him.… via @reason
3) Research.

Ivermectin and other FDA human-approved antivirals have been studied & tested for decades & have proven beneficial for many illnesses, including HIV;…
4) Research why Fauci and @WHO have ignored approving testing & trials of prophylactic antiviral treatments for people BEFORE they get sick, REPEATEDLY, and instead forcefully recommend insufficiently tested & unproven vaccines for kids, the healthy, EVERYONE.
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#ATLUTD #Mexicano Pineda presentado como entrenador en propiedad .. "No voy a llegar a cambiar demasiado. El sistema puesto aquí es fantástico" #MLS @jfranquicia
#ATLUTD Deales sobre #Mexicano Pineda, "No es una solución de momento, queremos que Gonzalo esté aquí por mucho tiempo" #MLS @jfranquicia
#ATLUTD Deales sobre #Mexicano Pineda, "tiene lo que necesitamos, no solo en el caso de juego sino conectando con los jugadores, con la comunidad, con los aficionados" #MLS
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En nuestros #SabadosdePOCUS tuvimos a @ACRP901 con el tema:

"Los Secretos Ecográficos de la Vena Cava Inferior (#VCI/#IVC)"

¿Quieres enterarte de alguna puntos claves?

Abrimos hilo... 🧵 #POCUS
Un punto clave del Dr. @ACRP901: "Los niños no son adultos pequeños"
La VCI sigue siendo esquiva.
Es #Fundamental conocer la fisiología y anatomía al tocar este tema.
Y recuerda: los secretos se encontrarán en la #Fisiología más que en la ecografía per se.
La #VCI se encuentra inmersa en varios protocolos y en las modificaciones de cada uno de estos dependiendo el contexto del paciente (#FOCUS, #RUSH, #EFAST).

Se habían utilizado a la #VCI regularmente para medir el estado de volemia y una posible respuesta (o no) a fluidos.
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O tweet com id 1125866421316214784 de 2019-05-07 20:54:07 que falava sobre:
🇧🇷✌️ O Deputado Federal Nereu Crispim recebeu nesta segunda-feira (06), em seu escritório de Porto Alegre, a visita do Vice-prefeito de Guaporé, Adalberto João Bastian

#NereuCrispim #Guaporé #Prefeiu...
O bot tentou arquivar o tweet nesse link:
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Stocks for 14/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 2/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves

1/2 : #ZEEL : PROFIT : +2R

Gave Entry very early in the day but was very slow. However it didn't show any bullishness throughout.
Closed @ 2:25 at first target of 2R because of how slow it was Image
2/2 : #ESCORTS : PROFIT : +2R

A very reliable stock, the day started by a rejection for the 5th time from the same Supply zone. It eventually closed above and gave a long Entry.

Exited at +2R because despite good Volumes, range of candles were small hence momentum was weak Image
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Stocks for 11/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 3/9 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/3 : #TCS : PROFIT : +2R

After suffering a loss as posted in the morning, it again gave a good entry. Closed it for 2R as I didn't want to hold it anymore Image
2/3 : #McDOWELL_N : PROFIT : +2R

Back to back in my watchlist and back to back profits.
It once again got rejected from the same resistance block as yesterday and gave a Entry as detailed.

Exited before EOD Image
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Another 90s Bubble Anecdote.. we had huge Portfolio of ~35 Bridge Loans.. u got paid 50bps upfront fees.. for sending in a fax commitment letter.. before fax went beep beep..$HYG market took out Bridge... Free Money!

That’s the kind of Bubble it was.. this is nothing in .
Ironically... Koppers cited in that WSJ article... was bought with the Dillon Read Saratoga Fund Bridge that we were a big part of...
In the 21st Century with rates dropping to Zero + Fed $7Trillion Sheet etc ... & LIBOR dropping over 700bps to ~30bps.... High Yield Junk Bonds have Never traded to its 1997 tights of +237bps... the M&A back then was so frothy.. makes anything after GFC look boring.
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#QuarantineWatchParty #onlyfans #news #newnormal
Let me share some things with you, I'll do my best to put it into words,and Let those the Creator of all Reality our Heavenly Father should have to see, see. Today we're going to talk about #Letters and stuff. #alphabetsoup
Let's look at a more controversial Alphabet, #Hebrew, where we even get the English word above from, Aleph Beth. Remember #children #Layers meanings within meanings #hmmyeeealright
So what letters stand out to you? Tha's nice, those which I noticed most are T-taw, Q-Qoph, And W - Waw or is that a Y, why oh me oh my? #WhyWomenKill #Youtube #Y
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In This Thread I am Going To Share Nifty-50 Charts On Daily TF.

All Charts Are For Learning Purpose No Trading Recommendation.

Hope You Will Learn Something.

If Able To Give Closing Above 285 Long Possible.


Looking Good For Long Here After Retesting Of Demand Zone

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