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In principio fu GP x i soli matrimoni per agevolare turisti da estero , in alternativa a tamponi o vaccino (ingresso in Italia)
Il primo decreto GP (battaglia #Borghi) x accedere a ristoranti, sagre e musei - esenzione minori -
BOCCIATO DALLA MAGGIORANZA sia a voto palese che segreto.
Segue #obbligovaccinale (#Ronzulli). Alla #lega fu lasciata libertà di voto (e molti lo trovarono ragionevole sebbene #Salvini contro obbligo). Votarono contro in 48, in maggioranza della lega (su 630)
Segue la scuola: #gp con trasporti a lunga percorrenza (la settimana dopo i ristoranti): era chiaro che sarebbe passato anche questo.
C’è n stato un errore di sottovalutazione della #lega? Forse. Ma recriminare ora non serve.

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Problems in #NHS today are not caused by #COVID19 but worsened by it. As proof-here’s some quotes from @ChrisCEOHopson 5 years ago on #marr

Hint:not about face2face appointments then & isnt now, whatever some in media say (#GPCrisis)
-be good if Sajid Javid points this out!
All areas of the #NHS have been under pressure this summer from GPs to hospitals to ambulance services to mental health services. Covid cases will increase this winter (seasonal variation) and this extra workload will cause prolonged & deepened pressure

#marr #phillips
Attacks on GPs in the last few weeks have been aimed at drawing attention from supply issues stopping routine blood tests and hospitals bursting at the seams in summer - real problems that attacking GPs doesnt solve (substitute junior doctor for GP 5 yrs later)

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1/I have joined Twitter under a pseudonym because this tweet makes my blood boil. #Homophobic #bullying, which went unchallenged at primary and secondary school, is what led to my daughter declaring she was a boy. Only then she was protected.
2/Only then was there #safeguarding. But it was I who was seen as the safeguarding risk. Her rapid #mentalhealth decline was not of interest. Because #transgender children are magical and special. #safeguarding no longer applies.
3/Our #stonewalldiversitychampion school told me I was the problem: a bigot, a fantasist, a danger to my child. Our #GP did not help, our #MP did not help, our #localcouncil did not help. Instead they recommended parenting courses, for me.
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Chris Scott from the Whistle Stop Cafe spoke at this packed unmasked “Alberta Unity Project” event in Grande Prairie this weekend where they discussed Alberta becoming its own country. It was live-streamed on the cafe’s FB page. #covidab #gp
They had a bus to the event. Because why not share confined spaces for hours during the explosion of new cases of “the flu.”
Dennis Modry makes it clear the Alberta Unity Project is about a pipe dream: Alberta becoming its own country.
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1) #longcovidkids Group post.

16 mths of fighting to get a diagnosis.

“Finally had in writing confirmation today from my kids #neurologist to my #GP that they both have #PIMS / #MISC, along with #postcovid immune mediated neuropsychological syndrome/#PANS and #longcovid,
2) Took 16 months of fighting for them to get heard!! How many of our children have some form of PIMS/MISC that has gone unacknowledged and untreated for so long!

I think there’s so many unrecognised by medics to greater or lesser degrees but it’s all the same
3) - Inflammation & immune mediated response!
My children had a 40 + temp for 3 wks solid and dangerously low oxygen levels (85%) and struggled to breathe every day, blue lighted to hosp yet medics couldn’t wait to get us out and gave us virtually no help. I
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I looked at my computer screen to see who was coming in next:

96 years old, male

He walked in, standing tall & proud

Wearing a three piece, perfectly pressed suit

& a pure white turban

His eyes were tired with cataracts, but they still had a twinkle

He waited for me to offer a chair, before he sat down

He told me about his headaches & his dizziness & medications

& I assessed him & we planned what to do

“Where are you from, betta (daughter)?” he asked

We both had a connection in our roots

& we started conversing in #Punjabi

Sometimes I would get muddled & mix in #Urdu words

& he would chuckle & say, “It’s ok, betta, you speak our language really well”

He had fled with his family during the partition of #India

& so had my grandparents, during that time

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There seemed to be some confusion about (the use of) words in @CommonsHealth Committee yesterday morning, so here's a [Thread] to try to clarify.

First "#commercial". It is of course the case that many parts of the #NHS use commercial providers, e.g. of software, whether that... @Microsoft365 for word processing, spreadsheets & e-mail; or IT systems to handle patients' records in hospitals (e.g. @CernerUK) & General Practice (e.g. @TPP_SystmOne, @EMISHealth, @CegedimHS); or software to drive complicated equipment like #MRIscanners, etc.

This is...
..entirely normal use of #commercial software & software services, for which the #NHS body is the #DataController. Apart from when that software goes wrong, I don't believe many would have concerns about this.

Then there are #commercial providers of #NHS services, about which...
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Whistleblowing #GP's Letter to Sir Simon Stevens - via @Shareaholic
Following the suspension of #Hampshire #GP Doctor Sam White by #NHS England for publicly questioning #Covid protocols, his solicitors Philip Hyland of PJH Law have fired off the following letter to Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of #NHS England.
The letter lays out accusations of #unlawful actions by #NHS executives, #HM Government, #SAGE, #MHRA and other authorities.
This is huge, a must read for anyone who finds themselves in any way threatened by any public body over any aspect of the #Covid crisis.
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Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private #Healthcare
This represents the latest list of recent or present financial links between #parliamentarians and #individuals or #companies involved in private healthcare.
up-to-date as of March 2nd 2014. It has increased !
#MPs and #Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct #financial interest.
This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the #NHS being forced into a world of an external market.
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by #private health insurance companies.
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Here's a fun #NINO - the UK's National Insurance Number - [Thread] to start the weekend 👇

Maybe I should do an #NHSnumber one sometime? It's a fascinating story, which (ironically) starts with these...
[With thanks to @guy_herbert, @TomSamaki, @PrivacyMatters & others for encouragement!]

Before I start a geeky 'deep dive' on the #NHSnumber, to provide some (personal/professional) context that will hopefully become apparent, I'll just drop these two images here:
So, to begin.

After the Second World War, in a time when we started to think (again) what a #civilised society would be, and when our leaders tried to agree #principles like #UDHR that might prevent the recurrence of genocide, and support #dignity and #HumanRights for all...
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How to opt out
The 'Government has announced the 1st July start for #GP #data upload in England is now a start on 1st September 2021 – but the Government has not said that you will hear anything from anyone directly about its plans, nor what (if anything) will change.
As a result, we cannot guarantee that you will have any more information in August than you do now.
You do still have choices about what’s done with your data, but the Government has still not committed to telling everyone what it plans to do with #NHS patients’ #data,
nor how everyone can exercise their own choices.
If you want to wait and see, you can do that – and you can join our mailing list to know exactly what’s happening when we do.
If you have concerns and wish to opt out now, the process is this:
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The Government has instructed GPs in England to hand over your lifelong medical history.

Your GP may not have a choice, BUT YOU DO... until 23rd June.

If you don’t want your family’s sensitive data sucked up by Hancock’s sneaky #GPdata grab, send or give this letter to your GP:
Here’s the link to a printable PDF version of the letter:…

And here’s an editable MS Word (.docx) version:…

And if you need further instructions, visit our straightforward ‘How to opt out’ page:
This really is happening 👇 but the Government is keeping quiet; @MattHancock doesn’t want you to know.

So please tell your family and friends.

They may not know this is about to happen, but if they don’t opt out before their #GPdata is uploaded IT WILL NEVER BE DELETED.
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The Government has instructed your GP to hand over your lifelong medical history – your GP doesn’t have a choice, but YOU DO... until 23rd June.

If you don’t want your family’s #GPdata used & sold to Hancock’s cronies, send/give this letter to your GP:…
While @NHSDigital’s #OptingOut page* says a #Type1 “can only be recorded by your GPpractice” & doesn’t even link to the form, it’s worth noting #GeneralPractice is currently the busiest it’s ever been. Why is @DHSCgovuk putting even more work onto GPs?

Decisions aren’t only made by @NHSDigital, of course -but it WILL give your data to others.

Like #CPRD, which gives it to companies to #identify specific patients’ #records; and #PHE, which gave #cancer patients’ data to a “causes of cancer” study run by a #tobacco company...
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The last few months in #generalpractice have felt hectic, even by usual #GP standards.

short 🧵👇🏻 looks at what appointment/workforce numbers show, with some thoughts on the important bits that those numbers can't tell us....
1. Total appointment numbers in March were high (28.5m), BUT

2. The number of appointments done by GPs was particularly high (14.7m - the highest since the dataset began).

3. GPs did 2.5m more appointments in March '21 than in Feb (nb there were 3 more working weekdays)
- The absolute number (and %) of F2F appointments is creeping up (15.8m in March) AND

- The number of phone appts in March 21 (11.4m) is also the highest on record.
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Dangerous editorial by @jkaffash demonstrates selective blindness & historical amnesia.
Here's why. 1/13…
Underplaying significance of American corporate raiders following recent annoucement of Centene's UK subsidiary takeover of GP practices ignores dominance of various US players now metastasised throughout NHS not least in @NHSEngland board 2/13…
most notably #Mckinsey #UnitedHealth.
Business model of American privatised healthcare is built on fraud and denial of care. 3/13……
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Face au Covid-19, la Formule 1 (@F1) a remis à 2022 son grand chambardement et attaque dimanche une saison à nouveau promise à @MercedesBenz et @LewisHamilton, qui peut devenir le pilote le plus titré de l'histoire ⤵️ #AFP 1/7
@F1 @MercedesBenz @LewisHamilton Principal attrait de cette saison, #Hamilton, qui a égalé Michael @schumacher l'an dernier avec sept titres, peut désormais dépasser l'Allemand - dont le fils @SchumacherMick arrive par ailleurs en F1 à 22 ans #AFP 2/7
@F1 @MercedesBenz @LewisHamilton @schumacher @SchumacherMick Troisième en 2019 et 2020, le Néerlandais @Max33Verstappen sera encore en embuscade. Mais pourra-t-il faire mieux? #AFP 3/7
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“How do open-ended questions improve interpersonal communication?”

TL;DR: They do not.
Let’s explore a common #communication assumption about 'open' and 'closed' questions with some data to see what they look like, and what they do, in real interaction.
1. Thread. 🧵
2. Google "open and closed questions” and you’ll find loads of articles and (often written or hypothetical) examples about them - tweet 1 is just one of many.

As @d_galasinski pondered recently: “I wonder who is responsible for fetishising open questions.”
3. When we examine questions as they are actually used - ‘in the wild’ - we find that yes/no (‘closed’) questions routinely receive more than ‘yes/no’ in response.

And just because a question is ‘open’ doesn’t mean it'll be answered.

Let’s see some examples.
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Letter to Sec of State to ask #CQC to investigate takeover of 48 #GP practices by #Operose - subsidiary of #US health insurer #Centene
Patients and residents please write to MPs and councils
Letter to the Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock, MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries Unit
Department of Health and Social Care
39 Victoria Street
United Kingdom
(Sent via the DHSC online ‘Contact Form’)
22 February 2021
Dear Mr #Hancock,
#Centene’s take-over of #GP services in #London: request for an investigation by the Care Quality
Commission under section 48 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008
The purpose of this letter is to ask you to exercise your power under the above section to request
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370K #London #GP patients sold to company owned by #US subprime health insurance profiteer
London’s biggest GP ‘provider’, AT #Medics Ltd, has just been sold to the #UK subsidiary of a US subprime health insurance profiteer with a long record of fraud,
financial dishonesty, health care mismanagement and lack of compliance with #Medicare/Medicaid contracts.
16 Clinical #Commissioning Groups are involved. They’re supposed to carry out due diligence on takeovers. Where is it?
#Operose Health Ltd, owned by #Centene Corporation, is run by the former #NHS England Director of New Care Models, Samantha Jones and the Senior Clinical Advisor for the #NHS England Accountable Care Systems’ Primary Care Development Programme, Nicholas Harding
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One of the most utterly heartbreaking things I had to learn when an illness I had no idea about was destroying my life was “there’s no point going to a #GP without a fucking itemised list of goals. #chronicillness #disabled
You need to give them the service you want them to refer you to, often with an actual consultant’s name and sometimes with their secretary’s email address. And you need to phone back next week to make sure they’ve actually put the referral through. And keep phoning to chase it.
(If you, like me, are #autistic and find phone communication nightmarishly difficult, you need to suck it up because no GP seems remotely willing to communicate with patients by email).
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Important for those living with #HIV. As it currently stands, if you have a #CD4 over 200 and no other health conditions it is expected you will fall into phase 6 for getting the #covid #vaccine.
However, the #vaccine is not currently expected to be given through #HIV clinics (although this may change). This means that if you have not shared your status with your GP it is likely that you will not be considered for the #covidvaccine until later phases!
This has been raised and being looked at by @THTorguk @NAT_AIDS_Trust @DHSCgovuk @NHSEngland
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What is notable is #NSWHealth #PublicHealth at #CoffsHarbour also have serious issues.But in Vic,lack of care & management 💰in #mental PH certainly an issue with deadly results. Particularly with Latrobe Health Services/regional. #Auspol #BryceFarrell…
1/#CoffsHarbour #publichealth has similar methodology to hide error as #Regional #PublicHealth in Victoria.About time for change @VictorianCHO given the dysfunction exposed by Covid. @JennyMikakos Too many people have their lives cut short or decimated by public health systems./2
2/ The death above not unexpected considering following list over regional health services from 2009/2016.
1.Lead mental health supervisor of #Gippsland, ✍️summary for trainee LHS psychologist(4 GP)Serious level of errors & legal defamation in doc.(author didn’t meet patient./2
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When I first qualified as a #GP

An elderly man came to see me

He mentioned a symptom & we addressed it

He then sat there for a few seconds

His records showed he came the same time every yr

With a simple symptom

“What’s really bothering you?” I asked

“Your eyes seem sad”

He told me that every year he came to the drs

He would mention a made up symptom to see if they would listen or take him seriously

If he didn’t think they did, he left

It was the anniversary of his son’s death & he never knew what else to do

We sat there & talked about his son

Sometimes sitting in silence

He had a broken heart that couldn’t be fixed, he said

I nodded & listened -

I often think about that day

Talking about heartache & pain is a big deal - patients might want to “test us” before they trust us

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The RED Talk on The #Business and #Science of #Healthcare is now live! Still time to join us at
The next big issue facing NICE & #healthcare will be our relationship with the European Medicines Agency after Brexit; it will impact our #medicines research, trials. We could see a dramatic reduction in research, access to medicine and disrupt the supply of meds - @steve_mccabe
The British #taxpayer makes a phenomenal contribution to the development of new #drugs - but these can then be prohibitively priced. We need to improve access to new medicines and there is a question around cost, access and funding. @steve_mccabe
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