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I'm in meetings today and catching up on budget when I can, but I wanted to highlight a aggressive memo from the mayor's office that explains reports I've been hearing that Navigation Team members are being told they'll have to look for other jobs if the council gets its way.
The Nav Team, recall, is currently under scrutiny for a couple of reasons: 1) It has shifted its focus to be primarily a cleanup squad that does not have to offer help to displaced encampment residents, and 2) Just 8% of people it contacts get into shelter, according to city #s.
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Trump tweeted last wk after call with Erdogan Us getting out of Syria. NSC & State officials subsequently said just 50-100 special operators
now, sec def announcing basically all US troops departing.
the gap between the president and everyone else in admin, and *the denial* everyone else in admin is in on what the policy is...
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1. Why oh why is it "a problem" that many on the Left no longer appreciate the value of marriage? Liberal & libertarian friends & colleagues like @RichardvReeves @MarinaAdshade @clairlemon might take issue w/ @asymmetricinfo's argument here:…
@RichardvReeves @MarinaAdshade @clairlemon @asymmetricinfo 2. @asymmetricinfo's op-ed builds on new American Family Survey #s which suggest a dramatic ideological divide re: the value & practice of marriage:… @FamStudies
@RichardvReeves @MarinaAdshade @clairlemon @asymmetricinfo @FamStudies 3. Let's, for a sec, put aside all the studies showing marriage matters for kids…, communities… etc. and think about why, sociologically, marriage as an institution is better than the alternatives.
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1) Folks, I think I see the strategy here.

2) So far, the Hoax News Media and their lackeys, the DemoKKKrat Party, have been unable to make any single issue harm @realDonaldTrump

3) I think they have now adopted another strategy, to wit . . .
@realDonaldTrump 4) They are now using "carpet bombing" instead of "surgical strikes." That is they are now--rather than focusing on "muh Russia" as they did for 2.5 years--hurling massive amounts of excrement at Trump across the board hoping that the CUMULATIVE effect is to drive Trump's #s down
@realDonaldTrump 5) Hence, impeachment crap, Turkey/Kurd crap, whistleblower crap, and there will likely be more.

6) So far, not working. Trump is up in HarrisX, Rasmussen, Zogby, and two or three other polls that @SHEPMJS tracks on a regular basis.
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@SilERabbit Why did Warren let this public assertion of her identity continue unabated, at 50 years old and well into her career, all while making no effort to connect with her claimed community? Here, from the Harvard Crimson in Feb. 1996 & 1998.
@SilERabbit Note that, at the time of Lani Gunier's hiring the article claims Warren is the only "tenured minority woman" on the HLS faculty. Guinier clearly didn't catch that, or didn't buy it, noting that *she* was the "first woman of color to join the tenured faculty."
@SilERabbit And UPenn *still* considered Warren a minority 10 years after she had left Philly.
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@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders If you look back historically, all great movements have been led by people who made it about more than just themselves. @AndrewYang is true servant leader. He has the "chops" meaning he first came to understand the most pressing challenges we face in the 21st Century...
@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders @AndrewYang Andrew understands how to look at the entire system and identifying the leverage points that need to be fundamentally changed in order to fix the system. The #HumanityFirst movement is more about a long-term approach that has given people a GPS if you will on how to behave...
@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders @AndrewYang If you read through his 120+ policies you will see & come to understand someone who addresses both the big & small things that will improve people's lives. The #Freedomdividend is the centerpiece because it will instantly help alleviate stress & anxiety for the majority...
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Morning - China'll open after a wk off & got Caixin services at 945am (expectations of a minor slowdown). The real news is of course the fact that property sales slowed during Golden Week. Tourism grew for domestic while overseas fell. Meaning, households tightening purse strings
Meanwhile colleague came back from Japan & said felt the consumption tax hike (VAT is now 10% from 8%). 10% is pretty easy to calculate as everyone can mentally do 10% of any price & will feel 10% poorer even though the actual increase is only 2% from 8%.

Shirt price 100👉🏻110😱
Japan latest consumer confidence, or shall I say lack of, is 35.6, which is le low as 50 is supposed to be the threshold (like PMIs). I wonder why. Consumption taxed at 10%, which is a pretty nice round # for anyone to understand the costs & so would be like, nah, I'll save 10%👇🏻
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1) Voter registration #s update.

2) Usual caveats: this tracks the change in voter registration in the battleground states since November 2016.

I cannot track WI, MI, GA, TX, or VA as they do not register by party.

AZ has not updated since July, so it is excluded.
A strange situation in NM where they changed their website & as of now I can't find the voter registration stats. I've sent in a request. .

Finally, realize that in many cases states LOSE voters after an election as rolls are purged. I look at relative change.
2) CO: we start with the bad news. Since 2016, CO Ds have gained 3k, CO Rs have lost 46k for a net gain for Ds of 49k.

However, since 2016, "unaffiliated" has seen a net gain of 244k. My hunch is that virtually all of the R loss has been absorbed into the "unaffiliated," not D.
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🚨 The 2018 Uniform Crime Reports are finally up🚨

1. In what will surely be a blow to the Trump admin’s messaging, the 2018 UCR is out and… except for rape, all violent crime is down:

Murder: -6%
Robbery: -12%
Agg Assault: -0.3%

Rape: +3%…
2. All property crimes are down as well, but they have basically been falling all along.

Burglary: -12%
Larceny/theft: -6%
Auto theft: -3%
3. Obviously the biggest immediate question is how the rape data in the UCR compares to the NCVS, which showed that huge jump in 2018.

UCR: rape is +3%.

In NCVS, *reported* sexual assault (a BROADER definition) is +16%
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Russians fighting in Libya.
the arrival of Russian fighters/mentors in Libya also seems to have pushed out a monetized event by America's favorite mercenary wannabe just like in Mozambique. Are they linked? Yes.…
This is from the Facebook page of the Third Infantry Company in Misrata. Photos of Russian advisors getting geared up…
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1) So, a friend asked me, "Do you think there is anything in the phone transcript OR the whistleblower report that can damage Trump?"

Me: "No."

"So will they impeach Trump?"

Me: "I don't think so. Remember impeachment is a POLITICAL process, not a legal process.
2) Even though there are 160-170 whackadoodle DemoKKKrats in Congress, there are about 50 or more who regardless of their ideology like their jobs.

They will have to weigh if voting for impeachment for a popular president will work in 2020. It won't. They know it.
3) So even if you have 4 GOP turncoats, I don't think Botoxic can get there.

4) "But won't they twist something in the transcript to make it impeachable?"

5) Me: "Of course, but again, if you are twisting some technicality of a phrase as your basis for impeachment . . .
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@Coachmikewatson @RazorbackFB Tough bc I don't want to be critical of the coaching. Coach M is a great guy. That said, quickly, is add some misdirection screens and look for easy big plays. Make crossing routes with digs behind a staple. No more club dub. The incentive is winning & that feeling of ..cont
@Coachmikewatson @RazorbackFB the crowd being happy with & for us. No more celebrations after big plays. Expect them. Evaluate what we have done well for the first games and do way way more of that. Quit running on 1st dn. Do more play action. #s show it's way more efficient.
@Coachmikewatson @RazorbackFB Throw the ball to backs out of the backfield more and also less stationary routes like stops & curls. They are way harder to get yards after catch. On defense, I think I see what hurts us but would have to watch more to & see #s to be sure. But sure would bring more pressure.
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THE meaning of 44 synchronicity, w/c many of the lightworkers have been being, like myself from 144, 1044, 444, 44, 1144 past 1.5yr...learn below, it's a powerful code/freedom synchronicity code when you start seeing these everywhere🙏😇:…
*being -> seeing
As many who have been activated knows that if they're not seeing any synchronicity on a day-day basis, it's an indication that they're not on the right path. Synchronicity in codes are part of the ascension, N if one doesn't get them, then one needs more inner-work.
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1/ In this here article, a Lyft exec weighs in re: the possibility of a pay floor for TNC drivers in Seattle, stating "that Lyft riders in the city earn an average of more than $20 per hour". This kind of figure is instructive in several different ways...…
2/ For one thing, there's no way to check it. Gig companies don't share their data — and don't have crazy amounts of credibility — so for all we know they could just be making up #s. But let's assume that it's accurate. Still some questions...
3/ To start: does that $20 include tips or are they putting tips on top? And what time does the "per hour" cover — big difference between time with a fare, time with a trip (which includes time to pickup location + time with fare), and time online.
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Last thread for the day folks because I'm tired and this election is already feeling longer than 2015. But here are a few things to say about the LPC policy announcement today as it compares to the CPC announcement on maternity AND parental (!!!) benefits. #cdnpoli
1) Is there evidence that some families with an infant (0-12 mo) are struggling to make ends meet? Yeah. Not widespread but some families find that their income in that first year isn't enough to get by. In fact, for some social assistance pays a higher rate of benefits than EI.
2) But which families are most likely to report having trouble making ends meet? Families with lower/modest incomes (based on year before child is born or adopted). As @billieeilish says ".......Duh"
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One of our elders recently failed a church planting assessment.

Why? B/c his "success in ministry numbers" were too low.

I'm grateful for groups that help evaluate aspiring pastors but nothing can replace being affirmed by a local church who actually knows the aspiring pastor.
They also said that since he hadn't started his own business, they questioned his ability to plant a church.

With all due respect, one of the problems in the American church today is that we've valued showy, hip entrepreneurialism over godly, humble faithfulness.

Lord, help us.
He has handled some of our most difficult pastoral cases.
He's discipled men and cared for our youth.
He's cared for struggling couples.
He's visited suffering saints.
He loves his family.
He shares the Gospel.
He pastors my soul and the other elders.
Add those #s up if you want.
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So #AB1482 passed in the California State Assembly. The bill is a huge step in the right direction. It is also not enough.
HUGE HUGE shout-out to all of the tenants across the state, including so many of my friends, who worked their butts off to get this anti-rent gouging bill through the Legislature. We can and will do so much more still to get REAL rent control
Folks have been circulating a number of questions about today's bill. Though we were not sponsors of the legislation, I do understand some of the thinking that went into the bill. To start:
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THREAD: It’s true. I’ve been running the @GroupBABEL Twitter account for way too long & no one gives a damn. Not to mention that I no longer want to be associated with this group since they attended @KzooICMS 2019 even though Medievalists of Color were iced out. #MedievalTwitter
To be super-frank, I’ve been (heart)sick because of @GroupBABEL’s inattention to divisive issues in the field ever since 2016 when I urged boycotting the Kalamazoo Congress after Allen Frantzen’s misogynist & racist writings came to light, to no avail. I haven’t been back since.
I spent a lot of time in 2016 ranting about Frantzen’s misogyny & racism (& theft of junior colleagues’ work) & also wrote letters to every learned society begging them to censure him, to no avail. But thank you @JonathanHsy, Suzanne Akbari & @muellerale for helping me with that.
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Coinbase exploring IEOs / Trump tweets for negative rates / Bitcoin #s beyond the price…
Here's the news we're looking at:

+@coinbase head of institutional sales in Asia suggested that they're exploring IEOs at @coindesk Invest Asia

+DJT got everyone flapping with his push for negative interest rates

+A slew of Bitcoin data beyond the price
@coinbase @coindesk Here's my take on all of it:

1. IEOs seem to be settling into simply a feature of the crypto capital landscape - but could be blown up any minute.

2. The stakes of every tweet like Trump's are the solidifying of the narrative of bitcoin as a macro asset

3. Orange is golden
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FYI, METI's final auto Li-ion batt. production/sales/inventory data for July should come out later tonight (US time).

Based on prelim. METI data & MoF export data, I expect the prod/sales #s to be very high, ~last yr's level.

But why?

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Is Tesla making more S/X this Q than Q1/Q2?

If not, why would Tesla buy so many 18650 cells?

Any reasonable (or unreasonable) explanation?

I got a tin-foil hat theory.

More on this in ~12 hrs.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Ooops. Make is 36 hrs. Data release is Friday, not Thursday. Sorry!🙇‍♂️

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
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Yo @brianstelter @oliverdarcy, it’s an interesting point. We’ve also seen this with Facebook pumping out controlled blog posts / background statements to show large #s cleanup. Is press being used as a tool of their PR depts with little ability to get answers to tough questions?
This is similar to when Facebook simply posts that they purged 500 gazillion fake accounts but meanwhile never provided academics access or any real details on past purges that looked entirely suspect.
To be clear, intent is not to criticize CNN here or any of the many news orgs who run with either companies press by blog post. Copying you as it seems like a reasonable question and you follow these things closely.
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Our Revolution Dark Money PAC (a small thread)

Our Revolution is a 501(c)4

It's a tax-exempt social welfare organization.

It MUST be operated exclusively to promote social welfare.

501(c)4 can engage in political campaigns, provided it's not the orgs primary activity.
With that being said - all the financials disbursements/receipts ARE ALL POLITICAL.
Go to @OurRevolution's Twitter account - You would think it's a mouthpiece for Bernie's campaign but based on its 501(c)4 status - should solely be promoting social welfare.

It's not.
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1/ Was recently talking to a founder and she asked what we do to attract & retain talent. It was purposefully broad.

These were my thoughts.

To be clear we have a ton to learn. We have made lots of mistakes and iterated on our process too many times to count.
2/ “If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get there”.
I have found that the best at attracting & retaining talent are great at 1st defining where they are trying to go. That means org structure along w/ cultural elements like mission & values.
3/ Mission- It is the DNA of the company. IMO this should change the least (if at all). Ours is written on the walls in office. It has never changed and I have found it to be helpful in attracting & retaining people that believe in that mission.

Meaning it is self-fulfilling.
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Today's #NC09 early voting (accepted absentee in-person/one-stop & mail-in) thread for 9/10 general election (data at…):

As of 9-3: 46,351 absentee ballots have been accepted.

A reminder: Labor Day saw several counties without voting.

#ncpol #ncvotes
Among #NC09's 8 counties, Mecklenburg (40%) & Union (32%) continue to lead in early votes. Voter party registration %s within each of the #NC09 eight counties and district-wide for accepted absentee (in-person & mail-in) ballots so far:

#ncpol #ncvotes
Comparing #NC09 2018’s early votes (accepted absentee one-stop/in-person & mail-in) daily cumulative totals to 2019 #s so far.

Due to Labor Day & several counties closed, the district's early voting is 47% of where it was on the same day of early voting in 2018. #ncpol #ncvotes
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