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Definition clarity thread for: Anti-Semitic, Zionist, AntiJewish, Ethnicity, race/racist. As I'm seeing a sizable number of really wonderful people on here seemingly mixing up what a few of these terms mean.
Anti-Semitic: Semites can be said to be either people who now do or who's ancestors did speak the Semitic languages, which are Arabic & Hebrew- this means Muslims & Jews are both Semites (I can indeed read & write biblical Hebrew blockprint with vowels.)
Zionist: people who believe that Israel should exist as a Jewish country now & it was the ancestral home of the Jewish people - more are Christian than Jews both in raw #s and % of said religious groups are this.
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1) Some updates on voter registration #s. Yes, in 2018 some of these did not hold up very well. In AZ, 10% of GOP voted for Enema.

All these are are general trends that do NOT reflect necessarily turnout or candidate appeal. So, that said:
2) AZ. Since 2016, AZ Ds have registered 81k more Ds, Rs have registered 74k more Rs.

Total D net gain since 2016+7k.

Rs lead by 141k net.
3) CO. This one is bad news. Rs continue to slip. Ds are -11k since 2016, but Rs are -53k since then.

Total D net gain +42k

Ds lead by 48k.

In 2015, Rs had a slight voter registration lead in CO!
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Illicit massage business #IMB is a $2.5 billion year industry #SexTrafficking
Indicators that a massage parlor is engaging in commercial sex and potential human (sex or labor) trafficking include:

Prices significantly ⚑below market-level
(e.g. $40 for a one- hour massage in a city where $80 is the norm)
Indicators that a massage parlor is engaging in commercial sex and potential human (sex or labor) #trafficking include:

• Women report that they ⚑need a large tip (e.g. for expenses, food, family), sometimes even ⚑expressing distress if they do not receive a tip
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The newly revealed XQ-58 Valkyrie drone is the future of American air power. Here’s why … [a THREAD] 👇…
The Air Force used to have a lot of planes. A *lot*. As this great @MitchellStudies report shows, the numbers have declined markedly over time.…
The standard narrative is that this is because of budget pressures – from BCA, the wars, etc. There’s some truth to this but it misses the bigger picture, because even in times of budget growth the Air Force inventory has gone down.
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Morning sunshine! 😉Ok I’m a night owl, not a morning person (at all), and on the West Coast so I’m a little “late” to the morning twitter shenanigans but let me just say a few more words about this @60Minutes fiasco before I start my day.
First at first glance this was a fine (and much needed) story “concept”. As someone who has been doing this work for 8 years I love seeing this in mainstream press. These stories are needed. I think @60Minutes misses the mark? Absolutely. The issue of equity in tech is multilayered as it the solutions to fixing it. To highlight only one org/leader is disingenuous and missing the contributions of an entire community.
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Bitcoin was not Big Bang, something came before.
1980s privacy advocates creating digital bearer instruments, I was young and still building up on Wall St. But I remember David Chaum, a crypto did means of payment/protected personal data from financial instit's & merchs = eCash
Bank customer downloads software which is used to generate a $1 digital coin w/ unique serial number.
The bank would in turn affix their sign to the coin & debit customer’s bank account by $1
To protect customer’s anon, eCash used tech - 'blind signatures' that had signed the coins would not be able to access those coins’ serial numbers, and could not match them to a specific person...
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Yesterday Elon Musk announced sweeping changes that will transform Tesla. A few thoughts 1/…
First: the price cuts. Tesla introduced a $35k Model 3 and made unprecedented price cuts across its entire lineup. The cuts affect every vehicle Tesla makes, in every region that it sells cars. Just look at what they did with prices in China: 2/
This raises the level of difficulty for every major automaker preparing their big EV debuts. Tesla is now the #1 target, and if you’re trying to benchmark against a comparably priced Tesla, your job just got harder. However, 3/
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1) I'm tellin' ya, there has been a very quiet sea change since the gubment shutdown ended.

2) Trump has reached a collective new high among polls (Now over 45% collectively and 49% in Rasmussen.
3) The DemoKKKrats vicious and barbaric support of infanticide is indeed seeping into the general population. They don't like it. This is a game changer---not in terms of a tidal wave, but at the margins, it is moving significant #s of people.
4) 'Member in 2017-early 2018 the DemoKKKrats won about 100 state level special elections & other races? Guess what? The GOP has already flipped two of these state level seats & seriously cut into a SOLID D lead in a 3rd.
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You 1st addressed me by disparaging me during the townhall w/o realizing you were seated literally next to my husband & a colleague.

3/4 of your #s are suicides. Claiming that I am uninterested in saving lives because we disagree on means is abhorrent, Congressman.
Furthermore, I’d love for the congressman to match my efforts on firearms education and safety. He can start by supporting NRA School Shield, Eddie Eagle, or @ProjChildSafe .
Lastly, I’m interested in whether or not @RepTedDeutch was one of those who voted against notifying law enforcement if someone who entered the country illegally also attempted to purchase a firearm:…
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Oh Senator, we need to talk. I realize politicians exaggerate & a bit of self-aggrandizement is a necessary part of campaigning but this video is whole other level. The misleading headlines and number of people and movements you’re erasing here to elevate yourself is infuriating.
Don’t know why you’re bragging about this. These are all programs you argue “aren’t good enough.” NONE of them are as generous as the free-for-most/debt-free-for-all plan Hillary proposed. With one exception, these are supplemental grants to two-year schools. NOT “free tuition.”
NOT four year schools. ALL have strings attached. Few have the grants for books and other expenses Hillary’s plan had. NONE have the help Hillary’s plan offered to students who are parents. Why use this misleading headline instead of FIGHTING these programs as insufficient?
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#MAGA, we can NOT Make America Great Again until WE force #Zionism out of American politics. You, #MAGA, have to pressure @POTUS/@VP to break up with #ZOG and Israel -- for US to reclaim our nation.

Jews are Edom (Esau) NOT Israel. Open your 👁️👁️MAGA & fight 4 US vs Zionists!
What don't you understand, #MAGA? "Israel" is a Rothschild landgrab. The Jews are EDOM/ESAU, mongrels! NOT Jacob/Israel's descendants. They are the ENEMIES of TRUE ISRAEL -- WHITE, CHRISTIANS.

Christianity & Israelite nations were rolled by (((anti-Christs)))!
.@POTUS is captured. Chabad-Kushner and VP of #ZOG, Pence, are running his shit. I love Trump, too, but he's not a free man. They have something on him. He's owned. Wake up, #MAGA & use your #s to DIRECT Trump & US policy. Congress & @POTUS NEED We the People to overthrow #ZOG.
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Some math for ya. Updated U.S. Duopoly #s. IAB released '18 Q3 industry #s so we can now use $GOOG, $FB 10Ks to estimate it out.

Google and Facebook took a whopping 83% of incremental spend in Q3 '18 which nets out to 81% of the growth for the first three quarters of 2018.
For those looking for some good news here, we do think Goog and Facebook are losing their grip *a bit.* This likely due to the global policy war and press attention to many of their issues including quality questions. THIS NEEDS TO CONTINUE, otherwise monopolies win out. /2
Duopoly: 81% of Q1-Q3 2018 US growth
87% of Q1-Q3 2017 US growth
So Goog and Facebook lost about 6% of their share of US growth (around $800 million).
Of course AMZN grew by about $3B globally so 🤷🏽‍♀️ /end
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BREAKING: Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ruled in favor of the OSC filing saying that Manafort has lied while under the plea agreement. She has found that Mueller does NOT have to honor the terms of the pleading. Manafort will prob be in jail for the rest of his life now.
2-Manafort's sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 13. OSC can add up to 10 yrs to his existing sentence. And at 69 yrs old, that is the likely the equivalent of life. He's banking on Trump pardoning him, and he is TERRIFIED of Russia & the Ukraine. #WednesdayWisdom
3-The ruling states that Manafort lied to the FBI, OSC and the Mueller Grand Jury in regard to something to do with a Trump Super PAC (remember Trump saying he wasn't taking any $ in the campaign?) & @ his talks with Konstantin Kilimnik. Much is redacted..more will be revealed.
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1/10 Lots of focus in $tslaq on how soon $tsla will go down and how (or should I say how exciting is the fashion in which it goes down). Musk is running out of smoke & mirrors, but while there is a chance it all could end in spectacular fashion I suspect it's going to take a
2/10 bit longer and be a bit less exciting than most think. There are a multitude of potential surprises along the way, but FWIW here are the milestones I'm expecting.

1. Late Feb. 10K. There's an argument for "Going Concern" note, but ultimately $tsla slides by w/o it.
3/10 2. Due to extra scrutiny this year, 10K contains some more cautious views/estimates/info & therefore when dissected by analysts there is some further tarnish on the "profitable" Q4.
3. $tsla pays the converts -- in cash. Should be non-event, but bulls will rejoice.
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1/ Founder compensation. I’ve had conversations with 5-10 tech founders over past 2 months about their comp and the awkward conversations they have with their board about the topic.

Here I’ll hit on cash comp, equity refresh and secondary. Dangerous and uncomfy topics. Giddy-up
2/ I deal with these conversations as an investor. I’ve lived through those conversations in the past as a founder but not recently. They are horrible on both sides- but 10x worse as a founder.

First why founder comp discussions are tough and then what I’ve seen (kind of) work.
3/ Why they are tough: Asking for a raise is uncomfortable for everyone always. It is uniquely awkward for founders. Are they taking money away from the company that could be used to grow? Being greedy given their already privileged position?
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In advance of my live-tweeting today's HJC hearing, why I use the phrase Big Dick Toilet Salesman when I have tried to avoid similar monikers for Trump himself.…
Nadler starts with a tribute to @JohnDingell. "A true believer in Congressional oversight."
Nadler: Commending tradition of independent law enforcement at DOJ. Rule of law. Commending ethics officials who would have advised BDTS to recuse.
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OK. I'm starting a thread on economic inequality to push back against an avalanche of misguided, empirically unsupported claims about inequality and its costs. Will add to it periodically. /1
First, did you know that you're almost surely basing your overstated conclusions about the rise of income concentration on out-dated estimates from Piketty and Saez? Their own estimates show much less growth now, after listening to critics. /2
Second, did you know that Piketty and Saez have never once attempted to quantify the economic, social, or political costs of rising income concentration? That's because it's a very hard question to answer! So your strong priors are basically empirically unsupported. /3
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Running some #s now that Google's Q4 public. Interesting to see how US digital ad concentration has trended. Google fairly steady since 2015 rebound ('15: more mobile units, began paying ad blockers for whitelisting; '16: merged identities/cookies (despite promising otherwise).
@DCNorg @Randeloo When Google tells industry about how much $ it funnels to rest of ecosystem, just show them this chart. It's good to be the "revenue regulator" (note: G went public in 2004).
@DCNorg @Randeloo A couple other looks at same data.
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1/ I almost didn't want to write this thread, because it's just so absurd and stupid, but sometimes the absurdity is highlighted best with context. When you reexamine the numbers you almost can't help but laugh.
2/ Tezzla's enterprise value (equity + debt) has increased from $18.0 bil in 2013 to $66 bil today. Here is the progression:

2013: 18.6bil
2014: 30.1bil
2015: 32.7bil
2016: 36.6bil
2017: 61.0bil
2018: 66.3bil
3/ Fully diluted shares out have grown from 119mm in 2013 to 179mm today. Total debt has increased from $599mil to $9.4bil. Billion with a B.
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1/* @dallasjenkins @MancowMuller I thought y’all shd know that Jimmy Evans the Apostle & Sr Ps @gatewaypeople & star of @marriagetoday TV is in talks w/ @_jamesmacdonald . Jimmy & GW Sr Ps Robert Morris used GW’s $140M yr to replant Mark Driscoll’s church after Driscoll fled from
2/* Elder oversight/reconciliation process. Jimmy E got Driscoll his new book contract w/Charisma News as publisher. Jimmy, Robert & televangelist consultant Randall Tayor are MDs only Elders & they all live in TX. MD has NO oversight now. Please imagine James with NO oversight
3/* w/ Jimmy’s $21M a yr Global Missions slush fund to set James up anywhere. Jimmy just released Gateway’s 2018 Annual Report this weekend. The only $ amount reported? $21M in Global Missions Funds. No $# for Revenues or Expenses. No $# for assets or liabilities. Pretty pics &
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Breaking: CNN is reporting citing 3 sources with knowledge of the matter that records obtained by the Senate Intel show Trump Jr. was speaking with 2 business associates, not his father b4 the 6/16 TT mtg."…
Here's the breaking CNN take on the phone calls:…
The ONLY thing that this indicates is that the 2 priv #s that Jr called were not Trump.. it in NO WAY tells us that Trump didn't know OR that the meeting was not about dirt on Clinton, OSC have a ton of evidence showing what that meeting was about. This is just the phone calls.
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Possible Analysis of a President Trump Tweet from 6.28 PM – 1-28-19. Mine is a Five-part tweet, the 2nd part quotes Trump’s tweet. The 3rd->5th are an Analysis – it seems to include a coded message about JFK 2. GEMATRIA, MISSING WORDS & LETTERS, & NUMBER OF WORDS are significant.
“In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!”
Gematria of Capital letters + Num’s (= 6 + 0) = 122 = JOHN KENNEDY = JFK JR LIVES = 122 / “Global Waming” -> is missing “R” -> “R” = JFK JR. / “even for [(missing)TWO] minutes” -> gematria of TWO = 58 = JFK JR’s AGE + he is JFK 2(two) / 46 WORD Tweet = PRESIDENT 46? = JFK 2?
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I find it utterly shameful the current trend of how companies are treating the public markets and investors these days
From the late stage Bagholder IPOs as a means for insiders and executives to cash out, to Companies eschewing traditional GAAP earnings for their ever changing Non GAAP reports, to now deciding to stop reporting certain metrics altogether
$AAPL will no longer divulge iPhone, iPad or Mac #s
$FB will soon no longer divulge user #s
$GM & $F will stop with monthly sales #s
Trump wants to end quarterly reports altogether (and Buffet and Dimon support this)
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SCOOPLET: Schultz adviser passes along some of the topline #s from their internal polling.

Schultz commissioned several ballot tests over the past few months, found "centrist indy" polling between 25-low 30s // Trump consistently at 29-30 // Warren between 26-30%.

With Warren on the ballot, found that about 24% of Dems defected to the generic centrist-independent alternative and 20% of Trump Republicans.

Polling found Trump's strong support with Rs around 70%.
worth noting polling 101: naming a generic"centrist-indy" option will lead to a higher % than if Schultz or any other candidate is named. think of it as something of a high water mark.
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