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🔥 1/11: Ready to hack your learning and become a master of any skill? This thread uncovers 10 mind-blowing ChatGPT prompts designed to supercharge your learning experience. Let's unlock our full potential! #learning #ChatGPT

🎯 2/11: Prompt: Leverage the Pareto Principle for learning: Identify the 20% of [topic or skill] that will yield 80% of the desired results and provide a focused learning plan to master it. #ParetoPrinciple #80/20Rule
🔬 3/11: Prompt: Utilize the Feynman Technique for deeper understanding: Explain [topic or skill] in the simplest terms possible as if teaching it to a complete beginner. Identify gaps in understanding and suggest resources to fill them. #FeynmanTechnique #simplicity
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Stop LYING @CBS6 @noraodonnell & others. The #BuildBackBetter bill is NOT a Climate Change bill. It is a typical blunderbus bill filled with #PelosiPoisonPills like #BankAccountSurveillance of YOU, me, @smallbusiness to spy for "tax cheats", really a sweeping universal espionage
@CBS6 @noraodonnell @smallbusiness @Sen_JoeManchin calls for Pared down bill. @PostOpinions Money supply is already over 40% higher than b4 pandemic & we're at 9% inflation. Adding $3Trillion takes us to 50% higher, what happens then? Fund the Critical Few as #ParetoPrinciple directs, not EVERYTHING @SenSchumer
But subsidies for EVs sound OK but what's in the elislative text?
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I know Bernie has never heard of this, nor @SpeakerPelosi maybe @Sen_JoeManchin has as a business man, @SenSchumer ? @JoeBiden no, #BratPack NEVER! But in major corporations where managers are ACCOUNTABLE for programs/funds managed, the #ParetoPrinciple always sets priororities.
#ParetoPrinciple states that 20% of the issues cause 80% of the problems. Therefore for prudent use of resources, managers identify the "Critical FEW issues to tackle, not the irrelevant (and unmanageable) many" That 80/20 rule is real & related to probabilities. @PressSec
@PressSec This most succinctly explains what's wrong with this bill. It is the opposite of the #ParetoPrinciple It goes for the irrelevant many instead of the Critical Few. THAT's why it's unworkable, unmanageable and does not solve America's most pressing problems & wastes resources.
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Timing of job interviews. The other day I saw on hacker news: a post from tanayagrawal (.substack .com)

“Your interview success can depend on how you schedule your interviews. Here’s how”

Main points made:

- Schedule the interviews in blocks, and try to not hit a time right before/after holidays and long breaks
- Especially this one “I recommend scheduling interviews between 9 AM — 1 PM.”
- The time of the day also plays a role:…
But does it really matter?

From my experience as a person on the other end, I’d say those factors don’t play big role.


You don't know where in the process you are. could be the first person in line (the forget you). Or the last: someone else took the job already.
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A quickfire thread based on a book I read recently titled " 80/20 YOUR LIFE " .

Disclaimer : This is MY interpretation & the ratio (80/20) is variable..
The essence here is to identify what matters & weed out the inconsequential & thereby manage time accordingly.
The #Pareto principle - 80/20 Rule is pretty well known & discussed in context of work & business productivity.
But it can also be applied practically in our day to day life in all possible aspects to ensure smooth sailing.
How do we do that? 🤔
Pretty simple actually !
Our Top priority goal must be a S.M.A.R.T goal aka :

Time based goal .

Everything is #time based as time saved can be used constructively for other purposes or even wasted happily ! :))
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I have been receiving requests to write about When to sell a stock/ investment ? #Whentosell

I’m writing this thread based on when I sell and logic behind the selling an investment

1. I sell when my investment thesis is wrong or the investment is playing out for wrong reasons
I invested in a few pharma companies with a hypothesis that #USFDA issues,pricing issues will be sorted and growth return to normal, but currently pharma has given me > 100 % returns for wrong reasons which I did not hypothesise #Covid19
2. I sell when my research or my analysis is wrong

In 2016 I invested in #Tarajewels based on #Graham net net, I was on a 30% profit, when i reanalyzed I found I missed to take into account #contingentliabilities and sold the position.
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