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1/ 🚀 The Power of Saying NO 🚀

One of the things I learnt off late is that you have to say NO to a lot of things as a leader which you would have done in your early professional life! This is imperative for your company's growth and prioritization. A 🧵

#timemanagement Image
2/ Ever felt overwhelmed with countless tasks and projects piling up? 😰 You're not alone. A recent study revealed that majority , >70% of us struggle with time management 😱.

#PowerOfNo #TimeManagement Image
3/ But, fear not! There's a secret weapon that can help you regain control: the power of saying NO! 🙅‍♀️

Curious? Let's dive in! 🤔

#SayNo #Productivity
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A girl asked me: "What did you do to get out of horrible position in life you were in? I am still in it and I am trying to get out..."

I write out 10 mindset quotes I applied and she responds: "You're a bad person. You say it like you are better than me".


1. Everything that happens in your life - Is your fault. Even, if you can't control it.

You could've prepared for the worst even when expecting the best.

2. #Depression is not real.
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1/6🚀 My first airplane ride at 24 wasn't just a trip; it was a life-changing journey that shaped my perspective on success and happiness in the tech industry. Here's how it all began... #startup #agile #success
2/6✈️ I won a contest for a trip to Macworld in California, where the iPhone was launched! I had to get my first passport! Growing up poor, I never imagined attending such an event. But this trip exceeded my wildest expectations. #grateful #resilience
3/6🔥 I got fired shortly after my return. But, despite the setback, my newfound sense of possibility propelled me forward. Within a year, I started my first startup. #embracetheunexpected #techfounder
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Die Kraft der inneren #Einstellung ist unfassbar:

In meinem höchsten kalendarischen Alter 🤦 habe ich heute eine neuen persönlichen Leistungsrekord aufgestellt, habe mich insgesamt nie besser gefühlt 🚀

▶️ Wie kam es dazu?

Ein kurzer #thread über die Kraft des #mindsets ⬇️ Image
Die letzten Jahren waren für mich als einem der Oberärzte einer Intensivstation, vor allem unter den Bedingungen der #Coronapandemie, und Familienvater sehr intensiv.

Die richtige Balance zwischen #Beruf und #Familie zu finden war nicht immer einfach. #worklifebalance
Wenn der Akku dann immer häufiger leer ist, ist es Zeit etwas zu ändern. Die Bedingungen zu ändern ist aber meist kurzfristig nicht möglich, für langfristig bessere Bedingungen setzen wir uns konstruktiv ein.

Also habe ich an meiner inneren #Einstellung gearbeitet, dem #mindset.
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🧵 11 tips from experts to enhance your willpower 💪 Image
1️⃣ Believe in yourself, take small steps daily to improve, and keep believing in your potential. 💭💪 #selfbelief #personaldevelopment
2️⃣ Our heart is the critical focus to generate willpower that will self-sustain. Find your true essence free from external influences and let your will free flow. ❤️🧘‍♂️ #heartfocus #patience
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Peace Of Mind
The Owner of a coffee shop had been busy all day. Being Saturday, his shop was very crowded and the customers seemed unending.

He had been on his toes since morning. Towards the evening he felt a splitting headache surfacing.

As the clock ticked away,
his headache worsened.

Unable to bear it, he stepped out of the shop leaving his staff to look after the sales.

He walked across the street to the Pharmacy to buy himself a painkiller to relieve his headache.

He swallowed the pill and felt relieved. He knew that in a few *
minutes he would feel better.

As he strolled out of the shop, he casually asked the salesgirl, Where is the Chemist? He's not at the cash counter today.

The girl replied, Sir, he was having a splitting headache and said he was going across to your coffee shop. He said a cup of
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Indira IVF has 114 Centres. Did 40K IVF procedures in 2022 & is India’s No.1 Infertility clinic.

BLACKSTONE, KKR , BAIN everyone wants to snap it for $1 BN. ⚡️

FY23 Revenue : 1250 Cr. // EBITDA -350 Cr.

It’s expected to be $3 BN. Market by 2030 .

#Healthcare #IVF
India sees around 3.37L cycles of IVF in a year & AIIMS Research says this is only slated to grow with Marriageable age on the rise in India . They expect 10-15% of married couples will undergo this treatment.

IVF typically costs are 1.5-2L today . Do your maths
I was reminded of MILANN from the HCG stable . Though tiny today , growing aggressively.

Management wanted to divest it off few years back , but I guess sensing the opportunity has changed course & now is focusing on growing .

#HCG #Milann #IVF
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Aditi Vaze became a counselor through her gift for listening and empathizing 🎧💖

#counselor #empathy.
Therapy was once dismissed as a "pseudo-science," but Aditi persisted and now values evidence-based techniques 🧐📚

#therapy #evidencebased
Aditi faced many challenges and skeptics, but she persisted, knowing her work could help heal people. Today, she is proud to be part of a growing profession that values evidence-based techniques and rigorous training 👩‍⚕️💪🌟

#proud #mentalhealthprofessional
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📘 Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

by Carol S. Dweck

Here's a 20-tweet summary to help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals. #Mindset #PsychologyOfSuccess
💡 The book explores the powerful idea that our mindset can shape our achievements, relationships, and overall happiness in life.
🧠 Dweck introduces two types of mindsets: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset believes that intelligence and talents are static, while a growth mindset sees them as malleable and improvable.
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Adopter la mentalité d'Ippo pour réussir: voici pourquoi🚀

[A THREAD] Image
Si tu veux réussir dans ta vie, tu dois adopter la mentalité d'Ippo Makunouchi!

Tu dois être persévérant, discipliné, humble, avoir l'envie de t'améliorer et repousser toujours plus loin tes limites!

Si tu ne fais pas ça, tu n'arriveras jamais à rien.
Ippo a commencé comme tout le monde, un petit boxeur inconnu. Mais avec sa persévérance et sa discipline, il est devenu un véritable champion!

Tu veux arrivé au même résultat dans ton domaine n'est-ce pas ?
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Have you tried cold showers yet? Despite the initial discomfort, they offer various benefits worth considering. Here are some reasons why

Read more -
#coldshowers #healthylifestyletips #coldtherapy #coldshowers #mindset #discipline #resilience #mindset
1. Increased alertness and energy: Cold water can help wake you up and give you a boost of energy, making it a great way to start your day.
2. Improved circulation: Cold water can improve blood flow and help your body recover more quickly after exercise.
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Are you tired of feeling stuck in life?

Imagine if you had the power to change your perspective and see things in a whole new light. 💭

- Thread -
1. Our perspective is the lens through which we view the world and it shapes our experiences. 🔍
2. A negative perspective can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, while a positive perspective can lead to hope and resilience.
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A school teacher in Kannur, #Kerala Md. Faisal Mechery (52) has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing 26 girls of a school.

The number of cases are likely to go up.

#Mindset #SourceBook #RapeJihad
#RapeJijadActOfTerrorism #RapistMullahs #HangTheRapists #RapistInChief Image
#UP: Mohammad Rizwan & Zulqarnain arrested for gang raping a 15-year-old deaf & mute #Dalit girl in Bachhrawan area of Rae Bareli district
They had even threatened the minor girl, to not lodge a complaint

#Mindset #mindsetmatters #SourceBook #RapeJihad #RapeJihadActOfTerrorism
#UP: Mohammad Nazim (25) and Mohammad Zahid (24) arrested for gang raping a 15 year old girl in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad

Both the criminals have confessed to their crimes, and the victim's medical examination has also confirmed the sexual assault
#Mindset #mindsetmatters #RapeJihad
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[𝗙𝗶𝗹𝘁𝗿𝗼 𝗱𝗼 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗼: como ler um livro por dia] 📚

No mundo moderno, a informação está se tornando cada vez mais importante. Ter as informações certas pode significar a diferença entre a vida e a morte, literalmente.

Portanto, sigam o 🧶... Image
A informação orienta tudo o que fazemos:

De algo tão complicado como determinar em quais ativos investir sua riqueza, cuidar da sua saúde física e mental, ou até algo tão simples como determinar se você deve fazer uma corrida hoje ou amanhã 🧶
A informação é o que guia nosso processo de tomada de decisão.

Portanto, no mundo da informação, vence quem tiver mais informações. No entanto, nem todas as informações são criadas da mesma forma - e, além disso, nossos cérebros não foram projetados para... 🧶
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🧘‍♀️ For those who what to learn to control your mind, I highly recommend the ‘Leaf’ exercise. You cannot manifest anything without controlled sustained, attention, thought & feeling. 1. Sit somewhere very quiet 2. Close your eyes 3. Breathe slowly 8 counts in & out
4. Imagine you are sitting outside by a lake & your favourite leaf 🍁 Is floating down from above and in front of you. It is floating Slowly side to side down to land on the water in front of you. As your eyes follow the leaf, think of how the leaf looks, how it floats & moves
When a thought comes in, focus your attention back on the 🍁 When the leaf touches the water, imagine the water 💦 rippling out & the leaf floating away slowly. ‘Feel’ the awe, gratitude & happiness of the beauty of nature. Use all your senses #attention #focus #mindcontrol
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Marching forward and solving big problems always requires new voices in the conversation.

To All the Inventors out there who are searching for believers and founders of your great products please remember:
You Don't Need to be an Expert to Innovate in Your Field

In all four of the companies I founded, I was far from being an expert when I began: in fact, I had never spent a formal day in that field before I had the idea for the company. In all cases, it helped me. ...
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Il Sex drive, crescita muscolare, confidence, mascolinità...

Che cos'hanno in comune?

Derivano tutte dal Testosterone...🧬👇
3 anni fa mi sentivo mooolto meno "mascolino", di come mi sento ora, perchè?

Perchè avevo i livelli di testosterone basso, ma non avevo mai correlato il mio "non sentirmi mascolino" al testosterone... Non avevo ancora così tante informazioni come ora
Nel momento in cui me ne sono accorto, ho prenotato le analisi del sangue 🩸...

Sono rimasto shockato quando ho visto i risultati:

2,67 ng/ml 🤯

la mia mascella era metaforicamente a terra, in quel momento si erano come collegati tutti i punti nel mio cervello
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Common sense ≠ common practice

We know what's right, but we don't act upon what we know. There is a gap between knowing and doing! So what's happening in that brain of yours, and what can we do?

Let's close the close the gap, shall we?

Time for a thread 🧵
1) What is in for me?

Before we move on. Ask yourself how your trading performance would look like if you acted more upon what you know is right? Can you already see the benefits? And how this makes your life easier? Keep that picture in mind!
2) NLP

Quick 1-1 NLP. What you first need to understand is that your brain is very powerful and your mind wants to preserve your energy. Understand this before you continue
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Ok I'll admit it: I'm still stupid motivated by proving ex-girlfriends, friends from high school wrong.
Rage is the best fuel for success. #trillionaire #mindset
Old high school friends: "why is sam parr looking at my linkedin profile?"

no shame.
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Therapist Thread 🧵 The difficulty in treating 'self-hatred'. BPD, other PD's, autism, aspergers, gender dysphoric clients who often present with extreme self-hatred. They have a great need to avoid their subjective internal experience or deflect it with external anger of hatred
They may be there in therapy but emotionally avoid, highly dissociate &/ or use drugs & alcohol, are hostile ("I hate all people", "no-one can help me", Shame- prone, isn't regular with appointments, never had a role model that cared for them in their life #therapy #hatredofself
Patients who attack themselves verbally or other is distressing for the #therapist The client has often hidden the level of self hatred they have. They have adapted in ways to hide this from themselves & others. Some feel they are punished by fate or karma. Some can't show how
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Thread 1/13

In der #Notaufnahme bitte ich meine Kolleg:innen immer wieder, an die „Surprise Question“ zu denken und sie regelhaft anzuwenden. Die "Überraschungsfrage" lautet: "Wärest du überrascht, wenn dieser Patient in den nächsten (6 oder) 12 Monaten stirbt?". #einfachMedizin

Die Antwort soll sich ausschließlich auf den klinischen Gesamteindruck d. Ärzt:Innendruck stützen, um die (6-) 12-Monats-Mortalität bei Patient:innen (mit lebensbegrenzenden Erkrankungen) vorherzusagen. Diese Frage hat schon in früheren Studien eine Sensitivität von 21-84 %

und eine Spezifität von 51-94 % gezeigt & ist möglicherweise besonders gut geeignet, um die Sterblichkeit in der unter Zeitdruck stehenden #Notaufnahme vorherzusagen.
Allerdings geht es mir hierbei nicht um „Spezifitäten“ und „Sensitivitäten“ oder darum,
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We are live at the @iprinova online event: “EU-Russia Relations and the War in #Ukraine: from a Portuguese Perspective”!
As always, we will be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter
Follow along on YouTube:
The debate features the expert contributions of:
- Sónia Sénica (@ssenica), Research Fellow at @iprinova
- Helena Ferro Gouveia (@camalees), Administrator at @Lusa_noticias
- Diana Soller (@diana_soller), Research Fellow at @iprinova
This event takes place in the framework of our upcoming book “Russia and the Future of Europe: Views form the Capitals”, published by @SpringerNature and edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), @JohannesPollak (@WebsterVienna), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe)
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Every now and then I will make a #thread 🧵 of #threads 🧵 to keep you all updated on the #alpha I shared across time on #Twitter.

Today is the day. I don't know how long this will be.

Let's start with the previous threads🧵of threads🧵
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1. Build self-awareness

Self-awareness is very hard, why?
Because we're constantly on our minds, not in the present moment

You need to be present to be aware of your actions and thoughts.

An excellent way would be practicing mindfulness.
2. Use the killing ANTs technique.

ANTs are automatic negative thoughts.

And how to kill them?
Let's say, you have the thought: I am dumb... You take a deep breath, and think: NO! I am a learner!
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