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15 Effective Ways Clever People Handle Toxic People

1. They ignore attention seekers

Often toxic people compulsively seek attention at all costs.If this is the case, the best course of action is to pay little or no attention to that person, and instead spend more time with the quieter and more reserved members of the group.
2. They do not trust or share secrets with gossipers

They will share deep secrets with people and they will frequently judge or gossip about people behind their backs. It’s a divisive and manipulative method of gaining friends or power in a social group. Do not take the bait.
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⬇️Thread | "Osez le Slow en entreprise!"

Un livre de @HeidiVincentFR qui a piqué ma curiosité !
Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour créer/ adapter son Business Plan en modèle #durable. Slow Design, Slow Marketing, Slow Management, TOUT Y EST! ✅
⬇️| Facts : Le Slow n'est pas une énième mode Marketing réservé à certains types d'organisations.

Le Slow c'est ralentir l'#hyperconsommation, prendre en compte la notion du temps à notre échelle humaine.

"Passer d'une conso hédoniste à une conso eudémonique" 💡
⬇️| Facts : Le Slow concerne tout le monde🔍

Les 3 piliers du Slow :
- Durabilité : Construire pour durer
- Collaboration : Intelligence Collective
- Conscience : De ses limites, son impact, etc.
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So Ramit is now arguing with the @B_REInvest @capital_sb crowd about accredited investor status not being worth anything?

I get that he has a book he wants to sell, but man... Talk about taking advantage of the common man's confusion on #investment.
Let me break this down for people.

Accredited investor status is basically "I'm a millionaire, so let me invest in seed round/pre IPO companies like a big boy, with minimal paperwork*."

*You can also qualify by making six figures a year; the exact amount is on the SEC website.
@capital_sb said, IF you have a network, accredited investor status can help get you in to really lucrative investments.

This is 100% true. SEC compliance is a pain in the ass. People are not looking to deal with it, and the easy button is "only deal with accredited investors."
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Someone tweeted about #dating and reminded me of an utterly weird experience I had several years ago.

I talked to someone who just... didn't make sense.
I would say "give me the confidence of a first year med student who doesn't think anything exists if they can't picture it in their minds" but this was "break from reality" levels of confusion.
Honestly this is why a lot of people screw up #dating.

You think you know what you want and have an idea of how to attain it, but at 22, without any world experience, you are likely to have a mashup of your parents' hopes and the esoteric lore you cribbed from "Sex in the City."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/22/2021…
A Scratched Hint of Ancient Ties Stirs National Furies in Europe…

#archaeology #europe #runes #slavic #nativism #nationalism #debate
Zoltan On The Coming QE Endgame: "Banks Have No More Space For Reserves"…

#banking #reserves #TheFed #FinancialSystem
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Had a fun time talking about #leadership in #STEM (at any stage of career), #BlackExcellence #WomenInSTEM #DEI #DiversityandInclusion to a range of students and faculty at @tennesseetech. Thanks for the invitation @JosephCSlater. Look forward to building further on this.
Talked about ways to take on community level leadership roles to develop skills in acquiring funding, managing a budget, team building, managing people, executing.

Know what you are good at and balance the rest with your team. Don’t try to be it all.
Particularly on #Twitter, being overt about terms like #bias or #BLM or #racism can result in blowback. That does not mean what you said was wrong rather others may have insecurity or have work to do. Manage your energy as an advocate. Avoid burnout.

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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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It always intrigues me when people who have discovered that modernity is bad still use "feudal" pejoratively. That is how complete the modernist brainwashing is.
Caring about inequality is a modernist take.

You don't care about things being unequal. You care about YOU AND YOURS not having enough.

Stop constantly using some universal love for humanity to deflect, because all that really does is turn universal love to BS.

I was sitting in the audience when someone asked @TonyRobbins, "What's one of the greatest emotional states to aspire to?"

"Love for humanity - if it's not BS," he shot back.

I was instantly enlightened.

It truly is BS 95% of the time as we now use it.

But why?
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Nope. This is a combination of propaganda and the known psychological effect where the more time you spend on something the more confident you are about it, even when your actual skill level doesn't change.
Teaching as a skill is CAPPED by your social skills.

Most people have ABYSMAL social skills and #mindset: their fundamental approach is geared towards passing as "normal."

Consequently, most teachers, having low social skill, cannot achieve high levels of teaching skill.
To some extent they do improve over time, but I'm not sure that this improvement beats the average. A 50 year old has more social skill than a 15 year old, and this is not limited to teachers.

What they gain is confidence, and confidence helps, but it is not the same as skill.
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Your ancestors took a massive L and got chased out of their land

You fully feel that pain, that anguish

And instead of working hard to become a badass corporate raider and taking back everything

You whine on video game topics about fantasy worlds.


This isn't limited to indigenous people.

Romney would have garnered a lot more respect if, when called out on the depredations of Bain Capital, he had hit back with stories of Mormons getting slaughtered and chased out of places, and said that he wanted to take back everything.
Obviously money can't make the dead come out of their graves.

But that sentiment is respectable and universally relatable.

We live in a weird inversion world where those who climb up to power are doubly expected to be nice and not make waves -

That's why things don't improve.
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I'm not saying it's ALWAYS the case, but most of the time people who post like this simply hate success.

"I wish artists were paid more!"

*Artist finds way to get paid more*

"Noooo you can't do that! I unfollow!"

Don't over think things.

"This new way of making more money than I touch in a year is definitely wrong somehow. I did my 5 minutes of research and it looks like it uses electricity? So it's definitely bad for the environment. Now that I found a reason to reject it I can go back to doing what I'm doing."
"Isn't it too convenient how everything you're not into or that would require you to put in effort or get outside your comfort zone is found by you to be morally suspect somehow?"

"Hm. Well, I'm just a good person. I have good instincts!"

- A person with bad instincts

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1. Have social skills

A huge part of having social skills is having positive #mindset (and no, that does not mean positive only when nothing goes wrong.)
2. Acquire status.

An expert marksman is to be respected with or without a rifle in his hands, but he sure is immediately useful and more obviously to be respected if he has the rifle.

The same goes for status and social skills.
3. Fall in love with the idea of woman if that is what genuinely moves you to love.

As long as 1 and 2 are met, you are not weird, only "eccentric." People keep giving advice on how to chop off parts of your personality to fit what is acceptable in a person of normal status.
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Rags to riches is nice for status but not power.

In China if you're a bureaucrat long enough you become a Party member, and if you do that well for a decade you become inner circle, and then you can order people killed.

What's the path to that in the US?
Same guy later in that thread claimed that the Kennedys (who ordered lobotomies and had them covered up) and Clintons (who may or may not have a 50+ body count) don't have REAL aristocratic power.

Sounds to me like they got away with way more than the average feudal lord 🤔
Why do people do this?

"I'm a free thinker, I think dangerous thoughts"

Followed by

"No you just can't criticize modernity, no way, that's BS and I'm muting this thread"
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[Cours de trading]

Bonjour à tous ! Le premier thread a suscité de l’intérêt chez beaucoup d’entre vous. Je publie donc le deuxième volet avec : Les cycles du marché et leur psychologie.
On montera en puissance au fur et à mesure pas de panique.

C'est parti ! 🖊️
Tout objet au sens large dans ce monde suit un cycle naturel qui structure ce dernier. Un nouveau cycle de marché peut se former lorsqu'une innovation technologique ou un changement de réglementation du marché perturbe les tendances existantes et en crée de nouvelles (Schumpeter)
On distingue 4 phases dans un cycle de marché :

1⃣ Introduction
2⃣ Croissance
3⃣ Maturité
4⃣ Déclin

Ces 4 phases structurent le marché et peuvent permettre aux investisseurs de se situer.
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Dear #MedTwitter please, please, if you are a licensed medical professional and/or in school to be, do NOT delete your tweets or comply with anyone telling you to do so. It will harm you far more than leaving them up and explaining. Nothing is ever deleted. Can be used in court.
When I was at Harvard Med School and at an esteemed children's hospital, a case against an esteemed professor, that NO lawyer would touch cuz this was someone who had WRITTEN the textbooks and trained every expert, was won ..based on "a document was deleted" - creating suspicion
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" you will hear me say OVER and OVER - wins & losses *should* be on data/standards but unfortunately wins & losses are in the court of public opinion. So be reliable, credible, and trustworthy. Transparency is one way to achieve that reputation.
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It is not about being "woke" per se as some people claim. It is about caring about measurable results & caring about human life. If you don't care about such things and are in #healthcare, if #equity is merely a hashtag or for "reputation management", you are part of the problem
I understand some people feel those at the margins can be written off or just are not part of their consciousness, irrelevant. That position of privilege goes away in a pandemic. Those people you may disregard most of the time become highly relevant to everyone's wellbeing.
It is very attractive to break problems into little, manageable parts and to isolate yourself to a silo. Too much of science operates this way. Too many of those rewarded within #STEM go narrow and deep. Then the messiness of the real world is not addressed in solutions.
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#CrimesAgainstHumanity the @ProductsSystem Toni aka Ruth Lovell and her twin sister Gina @Alexand89562701 by our #CorruptGOP in #UnitedKingdom🇬🇧 who have a #EvilLivesHere such as @shaunattwood.

Until reading your #truth I now see the connections to all who have been playing
with real life victims of the state for years/decades even, all ignored by the highest the @RoyalReporter @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal future #KingandQueen of @GREATBritain .

We need this to stop and for @VictimSupport @CommonsJustice @HoCStandards @neil_bob @attorneygeneral
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A quickfire thread based on a book I read recently titled " 80/20 YOUR LIFE " .

Disclaimer : This is MY interpretation & the ratio (80/20) is variable..
The essence here is to identify what matters & weed out the inconsequential & thereby manage time accordingly.
The #Pareto principle - 80/20 Rule is pretty well known & discussed in context of work & business productivity.
But it can also be applied practically in our day to day life in all possible aspects to ensure smooth sailing.
How do we do that? 🤔
Pretty simple actually !
Our Top priority goal must be a S.M.A.R.T goal aka :

Time based goal .

Everything is #time based as time saved can be used constructively for other purposes or even wasted happily ! :))
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High stakes means people are on the lookout for anything bad.

And honestly, if you get vetoed by one interviewer, you probably didn't vibe with them. That may or may not be "your fault" but you CAN work on being positive and high-energy.

Let me do a quick thread on #interviews.
I've done hundreds of interviews, both as interviewer and interviewee, and most people grossly misunderstand how #interviews work.

First off, an interview is human interaction.
This seems obvious but the point is, it's not a neutral infodump. It's a vibe check.

What that means is a little more complicated, because people are complicated.

If you are awesome and they can pick up on it, great! Unless they're insecure, in which case it goes against you.
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I sometimes wonder if people who rant about "artificial scarcity" were dropped on their heads as children.


Every functional society since the dawn of time has had winners and losers, because a society that cannot assign resources and determine winners and losers is one that doesn't have to be obeyed at all, or in other words, one that is extremely likely to fall apart.
"But, like, imagine if everyone just had everything they needed provided to them. Wouldn't it be so peaceful?"

Congratulations. You have just managed to describe Africa, where for many years they got food shipments for everyone but warlords intercepted them.
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On "called in" versus "called out": in fact, a true ally can tolerate being "called out" to model #learning #mindset/#growthmindset for others. Those who need everything to be done hidden/in private reveal they care more about image, optics, their own reputation.
People need to let go of this concept of "shame" or "did you just call me a racist"? Everyone has more to learn. Was just discussing with a woman who pointed out elite programs in the U.S. fulfill "diversity" quotas with "Black" from Africa rather than descendants of slaves.
The underlying issue of exploitation, specifically slavery, was #economic. The experience of personal + generational trauma + loss of generational wealth + loss of identity is a deliberate #systematic #systems approach to value extraction for economics.…
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A biologist asked the other day why everyone feels qualified to have opinions on biology and if his is the only field that is treated with this level of contempt.

Since I have talked publicly about #money #mindset for years, I had to laugh.
"Everyone knows what money is" is on the same level of logic as "look, everybody can read and write these days, so anybody can be a writer."

Theoretically this is kind of true, but in reality is it?
If people widely suck at a thing despite having an introduction to it, and don't accomplish their goals, consider that maybe the field actually has some depth beyond the introductory level.

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