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This is your daily pension announcement: All hands on deck edition!
Every day I descend in to the filth and muck of the Alberta pension decision making apparatus to sift out an undigested nugget of truth. Today I have sluiced several nuggets. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension
Well, there have been developments that give me hope! Yesterday, Travis appointed Tim Wiles to the ATRF Board. Not a #petrosexual. Not a consort of W Brett. That is a victory in itself. Tim is currently the CEO of the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corp. #ABLeg
Tim also spent some years as a Deputy Minister with a number of ministries including Treasury Board and Finance and Education.
At the same time, Maria Holowinsky was reappointed to the ATRF Board for another term. Given Travis' record in this area these are both welcome moves.
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This is your daily pension announcement: the back to the past edition! #ABLeg #handsoffmypension

This article accurately describes this budget speech. It is worth a read. Teck Frontier gets cancelled and Travis can't bring himself to mention climate change once in the budget.
Travis did spend one sentence urging the public sector to "work together" with him to address the poor state of AB finances.

He even said it with a straight face.

Travis how about you un-hijack my pension and then we can talk about working together?
#handsoffmypension #loser
You don't help the public sector want to "work together" when you make arbitrary decisions about joint pension plans. Especially when the GOA makes less than half the contributions.
#ABLeg #handsoffmypension
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This is your daily pension announcement: The @JimCramer edition. Great watch here. Another right wing capitalist fan boy delivers the truth that @jkenney does not want to hear. #handsoffmypension #AbLeg #ABEd #petrosexual
It is a bit ironic and a bit funny at the same time. Here is a guy telling you what institutional investors in NYC are thinking. Creating the modern petro-state with a dog-whistle of separation is not the solution. To think this is to live in the past.
Are we to consider @jimcramer a foreign funded activist? A guy who took incredible heat for screaming "buy, buy, buy" during the initial days of the financial crisis. I demand that he be investigated!!!…
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This is your daily pension announcement: the democratic deficit edition. Well, some folks in NYC have taken an interest in Canadian pensions. A bit of a read, but they quote yours truly😀😀 #ABLeg #ABEd #handsoffmypension…
"We are able now to take the $20 million of government savings by consolidating asset administration at AIMCo and put that to the front lines of the education system."

Premier Jason Kenney, Nov 25, 2019

That is a direct quote. #ABLeg #ABEd #handsoffmypension
Considering the ATRF just saved the GOA $20 million by cutting contribution rates I thought he would be all over the news saying he was throwing another $20 million into the front lines of education. No thanks to AIMCo. #ABLeg Did he really mean it?
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This is your daily pension update: Doing some lapps edition.
Below you can go and download the just released LAPP Newsletter. One version for actives members and another for retirees. Or, I will save you the trouble and reproduce the naughty bits here.…
In the wry observation of a pension war room staff member:
"We received the following info in LAPP News, which until lately had been very reassuring reads!" Until lately indeed!
#ABEd #ABLeg #handsoffmypension
The first naughty bit directly from CEO Chris Brown: "We began 2019 with great expectations because legislation was passed in 2018 to recognize LAPP as a jointly-sponsored pension plan, beginning March 1, 2019."

Yeah, don't anyone hold their breath. #othershoewilldrop
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This is your daily pension announcement: How does GOA select ATRF Board members? Let me count the ways edition.

Travis was giving an talk this past Monday morning at the Hotel MacDonald. It was at the invite of the Institute of Corporate Directors. He said some strange things...
First of all, let me remind you that the @FairmontMAC makes a wonderful breakfast. For $95 you could have joined various business luminaries for a meal and to hear Travis speak about the future of Agencys, Boards and Commissions in Alberta. #AbLeg #AbEd #handsoffmypension
Travis talked a lot, to a full house, about the OAG report (link below) on improving Board recruitment, including:

1. Working closely with Board Chairs to identify skills for appointments.

2. Reviewing Director evaluations for reappointments.…
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This is your daily pension announcement: Red tape for everyone edition!!
Below you will find the great David Climenhaga letting us know how despite creating a "Ministry of Red Tape Reduction" red tape is actually being weaponized by the GOA. #ABLeg #ABEd…
Back in the day I served with the Canadian Armed Forces. The red tape reached legendary proportions. So everybody has to love the "get rid of red tape" campaign led by the Muppet Minister Grant Hunter, right? #handsoffmypension #redtape
Only thing is the GOA, as is so eloquently explained by Dave, is not getting rid of red tape but rather using it as a weapon against people and institutions they don't like.

Hmm...sort of like teachers' pensions. #redtape
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This is your daily pension announcement: Dr. Bob writes a research paper about AIMCo! You can download it here. #iwonderwhatitsays #ABLeg #abed #handsoffmypension…
Please do remember that it was published in the spring of 2016. So it is not the most current review of AIMCo's performance. However, it is accurate, rigorous and done by an objective expert. #cantsaythataboutthebusinesscase #petrosexual
I will offer just a few highlights. In a previous tweet I called AIMCo "average". Please read Dr. Bob and let me know if I got it wrong. I want to be fair. From the abstract:
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This is your daily pension announcement: The LAPP, PSPP, and SFPP edition. So if you happen to be a police officer, sheriff, firefighter, RN, LPN, HCA, EA, or other GOA employee this edition is for you. #petrosexual #handsoffmypension
The big change to your pension as a result of Bill 22 is that AIMCO has a monopoly on investment management services no matter if they turn out to be "average". Support for this decision is well...they do it elsewhere. #BCIMC #handsoffmypension
...And by elsewhere they mean British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC). It, successfully I might add, manages the investments of BC teachers and almost all govt employees.
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This is your daily pension announcement: let us herald the new year edition!!!!

As the turn of the year approaches let us sit back and see what other surprises the crap business case from AIMCo has in store for ATRF, LAPP, PSPP, and SFPP. #handsoffmypension #AbLeg #abed #crony
In the severely conflicted business case that AIMCo wrote they talk about how professional their Board is as a benefit. I think to myself "but ATRF has a Board of skilled and professional individuals." Then Travis says "hold my beer". #UCPcrony
Tomorrow (Dec 31) is the day that the ATRF Board appointments of Dr. Cathy Connolly MBA PhD ICD.d and Kareen Strangerlin CPA CA CFA CFP ICD.D expire. Travis chose not to reappoint them and instead appointed Rafi Tahmazian BA whose appointment begins Jan 1. #crony
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This is your daily pension announcement: Post Media rejects edition.

If you remember Kevin's last Op-Ed in the @edmontonjournal complete with the full length photo.... with a come-hither smile.
(don't op-eds need to be fact checked?) #handsoffmypension
I wrote a letter to the editor that was.... well, not published.
I will tweet it instead:

Dear Editor,
I read the published comments from AIMCo CEO Kevin Uebelein on investment independence.
What he failed to mention was that the AIMCo Act provides a specific legal mechanism for political interference. It must have slipped his mind. To wit, section 19 of the Act reads: “The Treasury Board may issue directives that must be followed by the Corporation, the board, #fail
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This is your daily pension announcement: Our Supreme Leader is and always will be JK edition!! Supreme Leader of the DPRA (Democratic People's Republic of Alberta). State motto: "if yer not fer us yer angst us" Just when you thought things couldn't get worse... #theydid #AbLeg
As you are aware, our Supreme Leader was on Facebook Live answering some questions last night. Low and behold our ATRF pension plan came up.

Another round of gaslighting.
#Gaslighting #travistime
His comments were along the lines of "we were just doing our fiduciary duty" in ordering ATRF to exclusively use AIMCo as an investment manager. To be clear it is the ATRF Board that has a fiduciary duty here not the GOA. Can I get another material misstatement up in here?
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