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Do you think this FOIA essentially confirmed Andrew McCabe’s lies @sethjlevy?
I honestly don’t know how anyone could read that FOIA, see the Trump Appointees that we’re involved in responding to McCabe’s lies and then say that the FOIA confirms McCabe’s lies. Just plain ignorant.
Here is President Trump responding to McCabe’s lies against Rosenstein months ago. Trump said in this clip, “Rosenstein did not say that, he says he does not believe that and by the way no one in this room believes that.”
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"How do you eliminate a liability?" Maybe whitehats were talking about how do WE eliminate him legally. Well, hold him in an insecure prison with comped prison guards and use the pedo as BAIT. With him out of the way, and his case dismissed, we can go after his CONNECTIONS! #pain
The more convenient Epstein's death becomes, the more obvious it is that patriots left the door open to his cage and let the wolves in who thought they were doing themselves a favor. They must have high-fived each other after getting him too. #Stupid
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Oh my @YouTube You really suck at winning.
I've almost doubled my subs in 3 days because of your idiotic, totalitarian censorship regime.
You are BORING and very dumb.
This isn't related to profits, obviously.
You are ideologically possessed.
you losers have even programmed your platform to hide the stats when they are GOOD! 🤣
For the last 4 weeks you are more than happy to fill out these parameters with the big RED numbers when they are negative. When they are positive though? you leave them blank.
#stupid #youtube
as of 9:23 a.m EST on Bitchute
link to channel:…
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@Paul_van_Meenen Een paar opmerkingen wil ik hier wel bij maken. Een paar maar, maak je geen zorgen, Paul.
1) 1973, een rechterlijke uitspraak verbood wachtlijsten, van het ene moment op het andere kwam er een numerus fixus. Niemand was voorbereid, dus integraal loten. (minister De Brauw, DS'70)
@Paul_van_Meenen 2) 1975, Machtigingswet om het voorlopig definitief te regelen. Staats Ger Klein (PvdA) verdedigde integraal loten, oppositie juist selectie. Amendement Vermaat doorbrak dat: gewogen loting kreeg kamerbrede steun. Kamerbreed. Politici, ken uw geschiedenis.
@Paul_van_Meenen 3) Pais (VVD) gaf @Cito opdracht voor een toelatingstoets geneeskunde. Cito nam die onmogelijke opdracht aan, maar vond het op het laatste moment niet verantwoord hem op te leveren. Juist daarvoor had minister Van Kemenade de stekker eruit getrokken.…
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The Altright is stealthily trying to get Democrat candidates to embrace all sorts of policies policies that will ensure their defeat up against Donald Trump’s brand of populist white nationalist...

Reperations? Really? WTF?

Don’t ever forget!

They (White Nationalist) will use, engage, employ, entertain the trappings of tolerance, diversity, of multiculturalism in order to wage war against all three — to set all three on 🔥.
Do Not Be Misled!
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anybody interested in a #rant on the #earnings of #freelance #journalism? if so, let me first brew some coffee and you can fasten your seat belt.
only @brunchik? see, you folks don't even give a shit.
okay i'm ranting anyway, even though you don't care. #earnings #freelance #journalism
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1. Hey Mark Warner @MarkWarner remember Nov 29, 2016 when you sent this demand to declassify ?
2. Fast forward to Sep 18, 2018 (almost 2 years) seems that you are "Alarmed" that your wish is coming true. IMHO you Mark Warner @MarkWarner are a perfect poster child for what is wrong with Senate. Do you understand just how #Stupid you look - probably not. Best #MAGA wishes
3. Mark Warner @MarkWarner do you and your friends #CryingChuck @ChuckSchumer and #ChiFi @SenFeinstein realize that the Gang of 8 is not even a constitutional mandated entity - you have zero say over this. The supreme power to declassify rests with our #POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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001/ [article content in this tweet series 001-180 reproduced with permission from Martin Howe QC of Lawyers for Britain @lawyers4britain]
#quote "Leaving the EU on WTO terms: pulling down the barriers to world trade
Introduction: why prices will FALL after Brexit, not rise" /002
002/ #quote "Over the past couple of weeks, the media have been full of lurid scare stories about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU on WTO terms, because negotiations with the EU do not result in a withdrawal agreement." /003
#tariffs #NoDeal #Brexit #WTO #ProjectFear #shortages #food #medicines
003/ #quote "One of the most ridiculous and UNJUSTIFIED of these absurd scare stories is that it will lead to higher prices, and even shortages, of foods and medicines." /004
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Ça vous dit un thread d'analyse d'une case du #LotusBleu, d'#Hergé (1934) ?
Eh bien, c'est ici que ça se passe...
Cette case n'est pas la plus emblématique de cette histoire de #Tintin, mais elle m'a vraiment saisi lors de ma relecture récente (je fais l'album avec mes 1res)
Il ne s'y passe rien. Mais alors rien. Dans cette planche, on apprend que le japonais Mitsuhirato, dont Tintin a appris qu'il était non pas son allié, mais son ennemi, veut faire chanter Dawson, le chef du "settlement" occidental à Shanghai.
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