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Clown, nobody at DOJ or GITMO wants to fiddle around giving you parking tickets for getting caught eating your boogers.

Everyone's Jonesing to see you chained to a post with a bag over your head.

Bet you squeal like a little girl.

@realDonaldTrump πŸ’–
@realDonaldTrump lol White Whine?

..more of a Cabernet Sauvignon!
@realDonaldTrump 😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores
😎 #MAGA, even if it takes a decade of military tribunals🀣

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Dear @Google, @Twitter, @Facebook, @Microsoft, @Apple etc, you have no clue how hilarious it is watching you all congratulate yourselves on how clever you are, oblivious that people 20x smarter and 50 steps ahead of you had you by the balls over a year ago🀣

@realDonaldTrump πŸ’–
The Understatement of the Epoch, Dancing The Babylonian Dinosaur Reel🀣

"These people are stupid."

~ Q
😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores
😎 #MAGA, even if it takes a decade of military tribunals🀣…
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@3Days3Nights @LionelMedia

Contact. Freaks are censoring this one hard.

😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores

#MAGA, even if it means a decade of military tribunals 🀣

@realDonaldTrump πŸ’–
Continue the loop. T must establish bullet-proof indictments of underlings, based on post-inauguration crimes, in order to challenge Zero's legitimacy via both treason and nullify *Zero's entire presidency.*

All of it, ZeroCare, NDAA's: *Zero's pardon of Bush admin*
..including nullifying all of Zero's pardons, in case any of the perps escaped @GITMO the first time around 🀣

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@realDonaldTrump πŸ’– President Trump! Comical Fascistbook just jailed me for 30 days less than two minutes after posting this. Lib Marxist Mental Disorder is hitting the Linda Blair stage.

@facebook @GITMO

😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores
@fglaus posted this after @facebook StasiSpazzed blocking his post:…
Naturally I responded by lampooning the humorless soy, as it is our patriotic duty to flip-out the rapidly dwindling Dimm minority #WalkAway:

(#TDS is Epidemic)
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Laquita C. Brown
Tara Welch Gallagher
Mary Louise Gayle
Alexander Mikhail Gusev
Katherine A. Nixon
Richard H. Nettleton
Christopher Kelly Rapp
Ryan Keith Cox
Joshua O. Hardy
Michelle "Missy" Langer
Robert "Bobby" Williams
Herbert "Bert" Snelling
DeWayne Craddock

Sean Hannity @seanhannity
Gregg Jarrett @GreggJarrett
Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC
John Solomon @jsolomonReports
Victoria Toensing @VicToensing
Joe DiGenova
Tom Fitton @TomFitton
Matt Schlapp @mschlapp
Pam Bondi @PamBondi
Carter Page @carterwpage
George Papadopoulos @GeorgePapa19
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1. lol Mueller offered the Dimms bait they cannot resist. It's like lobbing kilo bags of crack at a bunch of crackheads..

@realDonaldTrump πŸ’– Troll Level: Master of the Universe
2. When a dog kills a chicken, you tie the chicken around the dog's neck, leave it until it rots off. Never heard of a dog killing another chicken after that.

The stench works better than solitary confinement the only thing willing to get within 10 feet of the dog is the flies.
3. Never heard of a dog tying the chicken around its own neck, especially after it's already been stinking for months.

The Dimms just roped themselves to the rotten chicken, right before the elections!
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@realDonaldTrump "Tech Giant's Plan To Shut Down Internet Foiled, Prez T Forced to Nationalize Twitter, Facebook, Gooble and Others as Thousands of Pedos Arrested"
"Ground Control to Major Zuckerboo, you've myspaced yourself in a most-a peculiar way-ay.."
amazon.chicom down
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