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Want to up your game in WyndBlast? 👇

• Keep an eye on your opponent's Blast Unit and try to anticipate their strategy. This can give you a better idea of how to counter their moves and set up your own units for success.

• Pay attention to the skills and attributes of your units, and choose ones that complement each other well. For example, if you have a Wynd with strong defensive skills, you may want to pair them with a Wynd that has powerful offensive skills.
• Experiment with different unit combinations and strategies, and don't be afraid to try something new. You never know what might work until you give it a shot!
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@Garbaj2 This issue is sadly nothing new: Some #Games [i.e. @CallofDuty:#ModermWarfare3] have certain weapons [i.e. the RSASS] that have no fire rate limit ingame.

@Garbaj2 @CallofDuty Seriously, #MW3 is absolutely unbalaced:
@Garbaj2 @CallofDuty To the point that it allows firing guns faster than they can cycle in real life.
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It has been 4 months since our last partnership thread, and the @MeritCircle_IO DAO continued to invest across #GameFi.

Here is an updated thread for the new $MC game partners:

1/29 🧵
This thread is intended as a continuation from our previous thread which can be found here:

Neither thread is an exhaustive list, as some partners and/or investments remain unannounced.

For a list of investments made by the $MC DAO we recommend checking the latest July 2022 treasury report here:…

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[1] Okay, time to resume this thread. But I'm just going to start over at [1]...

Incidentally, you can find these charts I'm using on the #DefiKingdoms Discord, or at @DFKStronghold's site:

And class growth stats are posted at:…
[2] Yesterday, I discussed how a higher class tier and a higher rarity level will increase a hero's stats, on average (and stats are probably the most important part of what makes for a "good" hero.)

But that difference among heroes becomes more pronounced as heroes LEVEL UP... Image
[3] To illustrate, let's start with an ABSURDLY good, UNFAIRLY AMAZING #DFK hero summoned by @Sovrezd yesterday. (I'll explain summoning later.)

The hero in question is a mythic dragoon, of which only 32 exist AT ALL, only 4 of which have an advanced subclass (here, ninja)... ImageImage
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Many people want to get started in #DefiKingdoms, but have no idea how.

Start here:…

@Samichpunch will be your new best friend. Once you have an idea of what we're all doing,

1) Read

2) Join #DFK's Discord

$JEWEL #GameFi #RPGs Image
If you have some idea of how #DefiKingdoms works, but are still a bit lost, you probably need one or more of these resources (pinned to #herodiscussion channel in the #DFK Discord.)

The first is a chart of the hero classes, by tier (basic, advanced, elite, exalted) and land: Image
The second is this spreadsheet showing where each class excels and lags (and there is no "perfect" class of #DFK hero):…

Those numbers are used to create this chart showing which classes are the most "natural" fits for each profession in #DefiKingdoms... Image
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With more and more blockchain games being announced, it can be hard to keep up with new releases. @MeritCircle_IO allows investors to gain lower-risk exposure to upcoming games through partnerships, and often seed deals.

Here is a thread on the current $MC game partners 🧵

For any investments made by the $MC DAO we recommend checking the latest treasury report here for the amounts invested, and current valuation.

This thread is not an exhaustive list and we may have missed partners and/or investments.…

Ascenders @PlayAscenders

An upcoming open-world, sci-fantasy RPG powered by the #Avalanche blockchain. Players can choose to Build, Fight and Explore in order to collect rare resources and progress their character in the direction of their choice.

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@AuroryProject new whitepaper explained. A Daolectic 🧵

This is our V2 analysis, what does it mean?

It means you also have V1 that have been released from us a couple of weeks ago and we suggest you read that too to have a better understanding of our V2

1. By reading through the new #whitepaper or so-called "Manifesto" there are significant reveals on the overall #gameplay, the key core elements, and the way the $AURY will be effectively used and balanced through accurate inflows and outflows of the #token economy.
2. The Lore
While I will not address the lore, this section was useful to understand the meaning behind their PVE Mode.

During the story mode and through some well-articulated fantasy scenarios, the @AuroryProject team will teach you about #blockchain and #crypto in a fun way.
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1/24) @AuroryProject is a turn-based tactical RPG #game that is being developed in the @solana #Blockchain.

Aurory’s Team goal is to set the standard for the #playtoearn games by creating innovative and attractive gameplay that also cultivates the virtual ingame #economies.
2) There was some hype when we made this analysis.

We know these times are though and nobody likes a sea of red, although we never get distracted by the sentiment and instead keep doing our #duediligence on quality #crypto projects such as the one we are about to cover⬇️
As you can imagine we barely scratch the surface in this thread, if you want to read the full analysis please refer to our medium article:…
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Biraz gece floodu gibi oldu ama gelin #GameFi ekosisteminin merkezindeki #MetaVerse projeler ses getiriyorken @BinanceLabs inkübasyonunda geliştirilen ve ilk oyunu bu ay çıkacak @StarSharks_SSS ı tanıyalım🦈
Bir #metaverse projesi olan ve #BSC ağında yer alacak #StarSharks oyuncular, topluluk ve oyun geliştiricileri tarafından geliştirilmekte olan çapraz-çalışabilir (sayısı sürekli artacak) oyunlardan ve #verse lerden oluşacak. Image
Oyunlar arasındaki bariyerleri kaldırarak, bir oyundaki köpek balığı karakterinizin diğer oyunlarda da kullanılabileceği, #metaverse içi oyunlar da #PvP ler, yetiştirme, geliştirme ve farklılaştırma gibi çeşitli #NFT uygulamaları zamanla artarak/çeşitlenerek devreye girecek. Image
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سلام خدمت دوستان عزیز
امروز بنا به درخواست شما میخوایم یک بازی بلاکچینی free to play رو معرفی کنیم به نام @HeroFiio که در سبک rpg و دو بعدی هست!
این بازی از لحاظ کامیونیتی واقعا قویه و تیم مارکتینگ خوبی داره
بریم باهم به بررسی بپردازیم...
ابتدا تریلر بازی رو مشاهده کنید که با گیم پلی و فضای بازی آشنا بشید:

پیش نیاز شما برای شروع بازی یک عدد هیرو هست پس بهتره باهم هیروهارو بررسی کنیم ببینیم به چه صورت هستن.
دو نوع هیرو در بازی وجود داره که هم جنسیت زن دارند هم مرد و دارای قابلیت های متفاوتی هستند:

1- Genesis
2- Normal

هیروها دارای ستاره هستند که از 1 تا 6 متغیرن...
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