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While the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum waits on Senator Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders to arrive, read his "Empower Tribal Nations" platform. #NativeForum #NativeVote2020 #NativeVote…
@BernieSanders It's not as detailed as his 2016 platform but here are some 2020 highlights from @BernieSanders:
* Honor Native American tribal treaty rights and sovereignty, moving away from a relationship of paternalism and control toward one of deference and support. #HonorTheTreaties
* Reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act to provide critical resources to women in Indian country and allow all tribes to prosecute non-Native criminals. #VAWA #TribalJurisdiction #JusticeForNativeWomen #VAWA4All #VAWA4MMIW #MMIW
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The presidential forum on native issues, organized by @4directionsvote is streaming here:…
@4directionsvote @marwilliamson speaks of atonement in her introductory remarks. First question remarks on Ft. Laramie treaty, and the Cheyenne River reservation. How will the US remember?
@4directionsvote @marwilliamson Second question about #MMIW, homelessness, and systemic economic injustices, Williamson uses "intersectionality" to respond. "Problems are symptoms of deeper societal breakdown, which require spiritual healing and renewal."
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Washington is failing Native communities, and it's time to fulfill our obligations to Tribal Nations. Today I’m announcing ideas to ensure that tribal sovereignty and our trust and treaty obligations are binding legal and moral principles—not just slogans.…
Funding critical programs for Indian Country isn't optional. It's required to fulfill the United States’ trust and treaty obligations. So @Deb4CongressNM and I have teamed up on writing a bill to ensure predictable, guaranteed funding to Tribal Nations and indigenous peoples.
Washington has refused to fully respect tribal sovereignty in criminal justice matters. This has deprived countless crime victims the opportunity to get justice. And it has fed the ongoing epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women. This must change. #MMIW
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This is the Case of Amber Tuccaro...


Murdered Indigenous woman's belongings destroyed by RCMP, brother tells inquiry - #AmberTuccaro
This is the Case of Beatrice Adam, 36,
Last seen alive on a bridge in Prince Albert, Sask., on Oct. 8, 2014.
Four days later, her body was found floating in the North Saskatchewan River.
This is the Case of Alisha Germaine, 15, Last seen at a Christmas dinner at the Native Friendship Centre in British Columbia, December 1994.
She was later found Dead at an elementary school near Highway 16, also known as the Highway of Tears.… #MMIWG
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I can’t read pieces denying the genocide being committed against Indigenous women on this continent. When you have family & friends who’ve gone missing & been brutally murdered & when you’re a survivor, its traumatic & it shows that a lot of people don’t see us as human. #MMIW
If it was their daughters or sisters or mothers going missing and being murdered at the rate of 1 every 12 days, #MMIWG would be acted upon immediately. There comes a point where it’s no longer gross negligence & becomes more like aiding & abetting.
#MMIW is a problem in Canada AND the U.S. One of my relatives was murdered just a few months ago. This is happening RIGHT NOW and we are not disposable. For the love of your god, have some empathy. Do what’s right. Innocent blood cries out for justice. Protect us.
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When Natives ask you what tribe you are related to them from and you get angry you are showing us you’re either lying or not open to learning.This person wants us to know she’s related to Pocahontas through John Rolfe. Problem They never had children.....Rolfe was cruel&used her
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🤡Clown Car🤡

👨‍⚖️With this President, Clarence Thomas has finally found his comrade in arms

😱In Push for Trade Deal, Trump Administration Shelves Sanctions Over China’s Crackdown on Uighurs

📌The Russia Investigation Will Outlast Mueller's Report
🤡Clown Car 2🤡

Trump taps Mark Morgan, former Obama official who supports border wall, to head ICE

#BillBarr has ties to ultra-conservative Opus Dei — and that could explain his ‘ends justify the means’ corruption

What is Opus Dei?
🤡Clown Car 3🤡

I remain optimistic & hopeful as ever, but that doesn’t mean the danger isn’t real.

DOJ attorneys defend Mueller's ability to investigate Trump in Roger Stone filing

Mark your calendars for May 15th, 10 days!! Mueller is coming to the hill!
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Seriously. SERIOUSLY? @/UW_CR this is disgusting. Period the end. The amount of privilege and willful ignorance in understanding the histories of you non-white peers is absolutely shameful. But you know what. I don’t care about giving you attention. Instead...
Let’s redirect that energy at giving a lot of really positive attention to First Nations UW which will also be having a bake sale tomorrow. You can check them out on IG @/firstnationsuw. Let’s show them we have their backs!!!
UW First Nations has updated their event. It is no longer a sale but rather a potlatch. They will be accepting donations, however, in support of missing and murdered indigenous women. #MMIW
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Let's talk about "national emergencies."
There are THOUSANDS of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in this country. Sisters, daughters, mothers, human beings that disappear without a trace. Where is the declaration over that crisis? #MMIW #MMIWG #MMIR
In a country determined to place nationalism at the forefront of domestic and foreign policy, we have a shocking number of homeless veterans. In states like Arizona, the number of #veteran suicides is 90.4 per 100,000.…
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The Tohono O’odham Nation will be split in HALF by the proposed border wall. We won’t let our families be split up, our sacred sites taken away or our tribal sovereignty be stripped because WE ARE APART OF THIS BORDER WALL FIGHT. THE BORDER CROSSED US!!…
@RepMullin this monument to racism & xenophobia WILL NOT stop drug overdoses! Why don’t you focus on helping your own native constituents instead of speaking over Natives who LIVE IN THE SOUTHER REGION & HAVE TIES TO THIS LAND BC THE BORDER CROSSED US!!!
Non Tohono O’odham are so quick to say “build that wall” but they don’t know how negatively our lives will be impacted here w/ increased militarization & an influx of non Native construction workers who will scar the land & be a threat to our women when #MMIW is an issue for us.
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On January 21, 2016, the body of Emily Bluebird, 24, of Pine Ridge was found by her uncle after her family refused to stop searching for her. She left behind 2 kids. Her killers were brought to justice. Missing & murdered Indigenous women is an epidemic on this continent. #MMIW
Larissa Lone Hill, 21, was last seen on October 2, 2016 in Rapid City, SD. She is still missing. #MMIW
Ashley Loring Heavyrunner, 20, was last seen on June 5, 2017 in Browning, MT. She is still missing. #MMIW
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I don’t really like IG because it’s overflowing with predatory non-Natives who steal Native content and use it to sell knockoffs. I spend way too much time blocking these strangers who are commodifying and exploiting the culture my ancestors fought for and died protecting.
Don’t get me wrong, there are predatory non-Natives data mining & stealing Native content on every social media network but it’s more pronounced on IG. It’s a daily annoyance. Fetishists collecting images of Native women are also gross & make me want to never take a selfie again.
Fetishizing Native women is more than admiration. It’s objectifies and hypersexualizes us, as if we are meant only for sexual gratification. This behavior stems from the ‘pocahottie’ stereotype and contributes to #MMIW. We’re our here being hunted and killed. It’s serious.
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Unless otherwise acted upon, today is the expiration date of the Violence Against Women Act.

Many of the Republicans who voted against VAWA in 2013, also voted FOR Kavanaugh's confirmation (including members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who oversaw Blasey Ford's testimony)
Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who is retiring at the end of the year, is still blocking Savanna's Act, passed the Senate unanimously.

This bill is intended to help address the disproportionate amount of abuse faced by Indigenous women.

#SavannasAct #MMIW
On Monday, the United States was the only nation in the UN to vote against language in a resolution that aims to stop violence against women and girls, because it referenced “sexual and reproductive health.”
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Today is #December6, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Today we remember. *Beginning of thread*
We remember the 14 young women who went to class the morning of #December6, 1989 not thinking that they might not leave the school alive.
We remember Geneviève Bergeron, a second year engineering student who played clarinet and sang in a professional choir.
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This is one of the most uniformed pieces I've read. 1 Columbus wasn't a brave explorer. He was a guy who thought Earth was shaped like a pear with a nipple on top. The reason no one would fund him was they knew the size and shape of Earth and wo land a super ocean was uncrossable
2 he never even sat foot on our mainland, and he was almost 500 years after Lief Erickson and his sister Freydis (often left out even though she's a bad bitch). He apparently wasn't smart enough to bring someone familiar enough with the Indies to realize this wasn't it.
He and his crew raped women and children and sold girls as young as 9 into sex slavery (per his own journal). It was so bad native women killed their own children then themselves when they heard the Spanish were coming.
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I Hope People Take The Time to Read this and See the Deep Systemic Nature that Makes Justice Unattainable:

Police say dozens of Indigenous women died with 'no foul play,' but families doubt it -…
Police Say "No Foul Play"

"Not Suspicious"

In the 32 Cases Below, These Facts Beg to Be Investigated, Yet... They Haven't Been...

This is Not Isolated. This is Common.

Clive Weighill, president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, acknowledges that some investigations have not been done properly.…
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#MMIWG started when Columbus landed. He stole little prepubescent Native girls & sold them or gave them away as sex slaves. Indigenous women’s and girls bodies have been subjected to conquest just like Mother Earth, the Original Indigenous woman. It never ended.
There are stories of sexual violence & #MMIW throughout Native history. Like the soldiers raping Dakota women within earshot of their husbands & male relatives at prison camps they were sent to after the Dakota War.
One of my grandmothers was murdered by a jealous man who was obsessed with her & claimed to be in love with her. My grandfather never got over it. Her name was Daisy. Before he passed, he mistook me for her. #MMIW
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In #FordNation's backlash dystopia, #OpioidSymposium2018 kicks off. @CAPUD2016 @momsstoptheharm, me & many others present tomorrow. Will ON minister of health @celliottability decide we "have merit" and drop by? Watch the livestream tomorrow to find out:…
Rally for Overdose Prevention Sites. Let's tell those Ford Nation deniers that OPSs "have merit." Help or get out of the way. Tomorrow. 12:30. Toronto. Outside of #OpioidSymposium2018 @TorontoOPS…
#OpioidSymposium2018 live streaming now in TO. Drug users sitting at the front. Represent!…
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Today the First Nations challenge to #SiteC in BC Supreme Court resumes, asking for an injunction to stop work on the dam until the rest of the Treaty 8 infringement case is decided in court. A critical case for BC. Follow the #SiteC & #SiteCInjunction hashtags this week! #bcpoli
Heading over to 800 Smithe now for 9:45 entry. All are welcome to be in the courtroom - please join us. Latecomers not admitted; proceedings start 10 am sharp. #bcpoli
This final week of the #SiteCinjunction hearing involves lawyers from the Province of BC (we have already heard from @sage_legal on behalf of West Moberly & Prophet River FNs, and BC Hydro's lawyers. #bcpoli #SiteC
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My dad and Maria Campbell have known each other since before I was born. They consider each other brother and sister. When I was getting into a lot of trouble, my dad sent me to stay with her & we have been fast friends now for 20+years.
Maria is one of the seminal influences of my life as an Auntie, Elder, Mentor and friend. Next month I will be taking a road trip with them. I'm hoping they let me record our conversations. I'm particularly interested in their memories about Indigenous movements from 60's-80's.
This past week Deanna Reder and Alix Shield uncovered the excised passage from Maria Campbell's groundbreaking book "Halfbreed" where she recounted being raped at 14 by RCMP members. McLelland and Stewart the publishers edited out that part fearing potential legal repercussions.
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