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1. Hey @FoxNews, your recent complaints about the LGBTQ+ flag and how the American flag is the 'only approved flag' in America overlooked the fact that American Indian tribes are sovereign nations within the United States. It's important
2. to recognize that American Indian tribes are distinct Nations with their own governments, laws, cultures, and histories. As a news outlet, it's crucial to accurately report. Image
3. You are so Patriotic 🙄 So proud of the Constitution. But what about Article VI, Clause 2? The part that says: Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land?
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The second day of the 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit is about to begin. Tune in!


#TribalNationsSummit #WHTNS
It looks like those streams are already down so for those tuning in from home or the office, try this one instead:

Or even try this one, which seems to be working:…
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Today is Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP) Awareness Day. Today we remember the victims, and hold their families in our hearts. It’s a time to renew our commitment to work with Tribal Nations and Native communities to achieve justice and healing. #MMIP #MMIW
Seattle City Council sought to address this work after the 2018 landmark report from the Urban Indian Health Institute, authored by @echohawkd3 which identified Seattle as the city with the highest # of unsolved cases of missing and murdered indigenous women in the nation.
@echohawkd3 It also highlighted inconsistencies in the data collection and reporting methods by law enforcement across all levels of government.
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I wrote this last year but on this Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Girls and 2 Spirit Awareness Day it bears repeating.

#mmiw #mmiwg #MMIWG2S #nomorestolensisters
TW: Violence

On this day of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2 Spirit Awareness I honor my Great Great Grandmother Louisa (Yahola) Scott who lost her life in 1900 to violence that is still all too familiar to us today.
I don't know what she looked like. To be honest the only thing I know about her life are the details of her death, a senseless act of brutality that shouldn't be the only thing that defines her.
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So according to Keeler “logic”:

1. If her kids don’t marry Navajo,
2. Her grandkids won’t make BQ,
3. No Navajo Enrollment,
4. So #MMIW wouldn’t apply to them.

It’s “Missing and Murdered INDIGENOUS Women,” not “Missing and Murdered FEDERALLY ENROLLED Women.”

There’s NO bottom.
There’s NO PLACE for this kind of gatekeeping in the face of violence.

Enrollment status of victims does NOT make Indian Country safer or more just for the vulnerable.

“Was the victim federally enrolled” is ALWAYS the wrong fucking question.
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Basically, her and her company are Wannabe Experts.

Think Office of Federal Acknowledgment, but WITHOUT:

• An Office
• Trained Expertise
• Accountability
• Legal or Subject Matter Authority
• Transparency
• Tribal Consent

Oh, but unlike OFA they employ FELONS.
Being a FORMER FELON isn’t a bar to Federal Employment, *but* if you haven’t actually been reformed, good luck getting through the background check.

Fresh warrants, rape allegations, and live restraining orders mitigate against that, but Keeler’s apparently fine with those.
Relatedly, you can look, but you will never find “Pretendian” within Federal Indian Law or Policy.

The modern United States government, warts and all, endeavors to at least APPEAR fair, to provide basic professionalism and customer service, and doesn’t call people EPITHETS.
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Friendly Reminder, #NativeTwitter

@jfkeeler uses accounts who haven’t blocked her as Trojan Horses to find her way into the mentions of people she’s blocked and actively harassing to continue attacking them: ImageImage
She can’t stay out of:

• Other Tribes and Communities she doesn’t have ties to,

• Other Tribal Rolls and Family Trees she doesn’t belong to,

• Graves and Obituaries of people who aren’t her family,

• The Mentions of people she’s first Blocked, then relentlessly attacks.
She exploits Misogyny against her Native Woman victims, uses accusations of it to shield herself from accountability, and partners with known Abusers, Rapsits, and Unreformed Felons to attack Native Women and their Children.

Her “work” itself reinforces Misogyny.
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Had to break out the bird account to say @Meta and @facebookapp keep tagging my posts about the Comanche Language, a critically endangered language, as sexual solicitation. Your review team “works in many languages”, right. Not mine. #comanche #endangeredlanguage #IndigenousMe
We, like many other Indigenous languages in the world, have been impacted by colonialism & we are fighting with every breath we take to recreate our speaking communities and cultural activities, in some cases with fewer than 10 birth speakers and sometimes, no speakers left.
And for our posts to be tagged and flagged by an algorithm that thinks because it can’t understand our languages that we are soliciting sex when we are sharing resources for our people to use to learn and get them engaged with our languages is a slap in the face @finkd
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Welcome to the Campaign to #FreeMaddesynGeorge. Maddesyn (Colville Confederated Tribes) is a survivor of domestic and sexual violence who has been incarcerated since July 2020 for defending herself against a white man who raped and threatened her. #MMIW #SurvivedAndPunished (1/6)
@FreeMaddesyn is organized by Maddesyn's defense committee, a coalition of members of Maddesyn’s family, survivors of gender violence; and advocates, organizers, and scholars who work on colonial, sexual, and domestic violence, policing and incarceration, and #MMIP. (2/6)
Facing a murder charge and decades in prison, Maddesyn accepted a plea deal from federal prosecutors after being incarcerated and separated from her infant daughter for more than a year. #Incarceration is a tool of #FamilySeparation (3/6)
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The #DebForInterior hearing is moving pretty quickly. After just 30 minutes, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is already on the questions and answers portion.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), chairman of committee, is first in line for questions.
Tune in to the #DebForInterior hearing here:…
"My mom was a federal employee for 25 years," Deb Haaland notes at #DebForInterior hearing.

Her Pueblo mother, Mary Toya, worked for Bureau of Indian Education, one of agencies at Department of the Interior. @BureauIndianEdu @USInterior

Mary is watching hearing from #NewMexico.
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It infuriates me that today in 2020, we have Indian Agents working and being paid for by the crown to 'cast doubts and suspicions' on who an Indigenous women is, when historically this started by the damn Indian Act after 1876. Today they are still having their voices silenced by
institutions, and the white academics working to discredit them, their identities and their work. That is your reconciliation in work Canada. #Reconciliation #MMIW @JustinTrudeau @CrownIndigenous @DarrylLeroux
Today this women are trying to move forward, trying to reclaim their identities stolen from them by Canada, and they can expect mobs of angry twitter Academics trying to humiliate and shame them for the work they have put in, because their communities do not want to claim them.
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#FreedmenHistorySpotlightSaturday: Today, we spotlight a #MMIW of Afro-Indigenous descent from the Seminole Nation named Che-Cho-Ter, or Morning Dew. She was one of Chief Osceola’s two wives and bore him four children and was of mixed Black and Seminole descent. Image
According to accounts at the time in the Quarterly Anti-Slavery Magazine, Chief Osceola and Morning Dew traveled to Fort King (in present-day Ocala) to purchase supplies when Morning Dew was seized as a slave. “Evidently having Negro blood in her veins the law pronounced her a
slave.” This all happened while Seminoles still in Florida were struggling against forced removal on the Trail of Tears, objecting to being moved from their Indigenous lands in Florida. The Indians didn’t want to leave their lands and many free Black people in the Seminole Nation
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Will be live tweeting. Be sure to buy the book…
Suzanne Methot and the panelists begin with acknowledging the land they are on. She introduces the speakers whose narratives are included in the new @voiceofwitness @haymarketbooks book HOW WE GO HOME: VOICES FROM #INDIGENOUS NORTH AMERICA.
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Honored that our 2019 @AJFaultLines film “The Search: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women” won @najournalists award for Best Coverage of Native America” in the TV category, Associate Division III:…
Sincere gratitude for the families who opened their homes to the us & shared their stories. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. Congrats to the team who worked on this: Senior Producer @KaviChek, Correspondent @alisonaher, Cinematographer @acspelman, editor @warwickmeade
You can watch "The Search" here, which looks the crisis of indigenous women going missing. @AJFaultLines traveled across the western US to Washington, Montana and New Mexico to find out what more could be done to address the problem.
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Re-amplifying this message from a relative who shared her story on Facebook.
#Indigenous #women #indigenouswomen #mmiw

Full Quote Thread:
“I am now 73 years old. I was at Indian residential school from age 11-15. I had to work in the infirmary, where there were many sick and hungry children. I’d steal food like peanut butter and bread to feed them. A lot of kids died there."
"I had to handle the dead children — wrapping them to be buried. Once I got caught speaking my native language. I wasn’t aware my language was different. My punishment was having four fingernails pulled out. At residential school we all received numbers. I was known as #702."
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Senate report 23rd Issue - Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. #Metis #EasternMetis Image
Senate report 23rd Issue - P Chartrand and Senator Dyck -legal test of Powley for who a Metis person is, versus Metis National Council. - They are different. #MetisNations Image
RCAP 8 - Metis in Nova Scotia. Image
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I’m attending WI 2020 Victory’s event, “WI Roundtable to Discuss the Violence Against Women Act and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women” – sign up now to join me!… #mmiw #mmiwg #vawa #wisdems
Arvina Martin @Arvina4WI introduces Rep. Beth Meyers, and @beth_rep introduces @HeidiHeitkamp. All acknowledge and honor the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She would want us to continue the fight to protect women. #MMIW #MMIWG #RIPRBG
Heitkamp: VAWA passing was a collaborative effort. Led by Democrats, supported by some Republicans. COngress failed to reauthorize the act. Why? Fight about: Are we going to include LGBTQ+? How will we show up in unique situation of Indigenous/Tribal women?
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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#Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act at the request of the #NRA. Without funds, shelters for women/kids close. #VAWA includes resources to fight crisis of Missing & Murdered #Indigenous Women & Girls. 🔵 Flip the Senate #blue. #MMIW
#Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act at the #NRA's request.

🔵 Flip the Senate. #VoteBlue…
Officials & organizations fighting the crisis of Missing & Murdered #Indigenous Women & Girls aren't getting needed resources because #Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

🔵 Flip the Senate. #VoteBlue #VAWA #MMIW #MMIWG #native
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I am linking websites that can help u educate yourself and that explain how u can help!
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Some context for our panel on Native Voting at @Netroots_Nation:

Demographically, there are 5.2 million Native Americans from the 2010 census. There are over 700 tribes in this country, 573+ federally recognized , over 200 state recognized tribes. #NN20
Tribal nations in aggregate are the 13th largest employer in the nation and we manage approximately 56 million acres of land held in trust by the U.S. Government. #NN20
Over the year there have been two Native American Presidential Forums where we brought together tribal leaders, citizens, political candidates to talk about issues of importance in Indian Communities, such as #MMIW , #ClimateChange, Media Representation.…
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Let me tell you a few things about my wife's efforts for #MMIW Mr. @MotivatedNot ...

For five years - without missing one single day - she manually tweets about #MMIW, holidays, days she is sick, and more.

She has never asked for attention for herself. (continued)
I've watched her wake up at times, frantic that she has missed a day, and tells me "I want to remember these women, because the families never can forget."

My wife is also agoraphobic, and has anxiety so she does everything she possibly can.

Media asks to interview her. (cont.)
But when the media asks for her to speak ... My amazing wife @DelSchilling refers media to speak to the families that have missing daughters, wives, and more.

So think before you tweet, you have no idea who you are talking to.

Blessings and love to the families suffering. #MMIW
Read 4 tweets… @CBCNews @CBCIndigenous I can go and pick out something you have done to #EasternMetis people from every category in the journalistic standards you are supposed to follow.
One day I wouldn't be surprised to see a class action lawsuit coming your way for everything you have done politically to sway public perception of Metis people only being MNC Metis. Not one word about the Daniels decision, especially when you calling out people online.
CBC and journalists have a duty of care to be fair, impartial, investigate fairly etc .. I don't think Colleen Gray received that. I don't think many people see that. The liberals have turned CBC into quite the propaganda machine that works with their politics. #EasternMetis may
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