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Re-amplifying this message from a relative who shared her story on Facebook.
#Indigenous #women #indigenouswomen #mmiw

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“I am now 73 years old. I was at Indian residential school from age 11-15. I had to work in the infirmary, where there were many sick and hungry children. I’d steal food like peanut butter and bread to feed them. A lot of kids died there."
"I had to handle the dead children — wrapping them to be buried. Once I got caught speaking my native language. I wasn’t aware my language was different. My punishment was having four fingernails pulled out. At residential school we all received numbers. I was known as #702."
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Senate report 23rd Issue - Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. #Metis #EasternMetis Image
Senate report 23rd Issue - P Chartrand and Senator Dyck -legal test of Powley for who a Metis person is, versus Metis National Council. - They are different. #MetisNations Image
RCAP 8 - Metis in Nova Scotia. Image
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I’m attending WI 2020 Victory’s event, “WI Roundtable to Discuss the Violence Against Women Act and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women” – sign up now to join me!… #mmiw #mmiwg #vawa #wisdems
Arvina Martin @Arvina4WI introduces Rep. Beth Meyers, and @beth_rep introduces @HeidiHeitkamp. All acknowledge and honor the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She would want us to continue the fight to protect women. #MMIW #MMIWG #RIPRBG
Heitkamp: VAWA passing was a collaborative effort. Led by Democrats, supported by some Republicans. COngress failed to reauthorize the act. Why? Fight about: Are we going to include LGBTQ+? How will we show up in unique situation of Indigenous/Tribal women?
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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I am linking websites that can help u educate yourself and that explain how u can help!
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Some context for our panel on Native Voting at @Netroots_Nation:

Demographically, there are 5.2 million Native Americans from the 2010 census. There are over 700 tribes in this country, 573+ federally recognized , over 200 state recognized tribes. #NN20
Tribal nations in aggregate are the 13th largest employer in the nation and we manage approximately 56 million acres of land held in trust by the U.S. Government. #NN20
Over the year there have been two Native American Presidential Forums where we brought together tribal leaders, citizens, political candidates to talk about issues of importance in Indian Communities, such as #MMIW , #ClimateChange, Media Representation.…
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The reference to sausage isn't lost on me. We had a serial killer named Robert Pickton in Canada who ran a pig farm. Killed 49 women.……
@VRSVirginia @BradEdwards_Esq @ArtisticBlower @jebrittan2 @ohreallytruly @lisapodcasts
The police had many opportunities to investigate but because the women were Indigenous, some in the sex trade, they didn't complete proper investigations.…
The public outcry began for Missing and Murdered women & massive systemic cover-ups by Police. The public inquiry resulted in 231 individual Calls for Justice directed at governments, institutions, social service providers, industries and all Canadians.
Read 11 tweets… @CBCNews @CBCIndigenous I can go and pick out something you have done to #EasternMetis people from every category in the journalistic standards you are supposed to follow.
One day I wouldn't be surprised to see a class action lawsuit coming your way for everything you have done politically to sway public perception of Metis people only being MNC Metis. Not one word about the Daniels decision, especially when you calling out people online.
CBC and journalists have a duty of care to be fair, impartial, investigate fairly etc .. I don't think Colleen Gray received that. I don't think many people see that. The liberals have turned CBC into quite the propaganda machine that works with their politics. #EasternMetis may
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“Our people, we know what it’s like to be snatched and grabbed. We see our women disappear and become hashtags, #MMIW.”

Gabriel Black Elk speaks in #Minneapolis on behalf of #NativeLivesMatter re: what the #UnitedStates fed govt has perpetrated over the centuries.
“Politicians on both sides of the aisle will not protect working-class people & protesters here in this country so it’s gonna be US: #WorkingClass ppl standing shoulder-to-shoulder when fed troops come.”

We’re covering a rally in #Minneapolis in solidarity w #PortlandProtests.
Legal observer speaks about CBP officers as people who don’t qualify to be regular #police and who specifically seek employment as border patrol officers because they enjoy the lawlessness of it.

“The only thing these cowards understand is the power of the people.”
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THREAD: As the Statues Fall: A Conversation about Monuments and the Power of Memory

Featuring: @lavaughnbelle, @silverjackson, Dell Upton, and Tsione Wolde-Michael
Moderated by: @tichecain
Sponsored by: @SAPIENS_org, @SbaArch, @CIAMS_Cornell
Livetweeting by: @lauraheathstout
Moderator @tichecain says we'll be starting soon.
There are almost 1000 people from around the world on the call!
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If you are non-Native, it is 100% not okay to comment on the degree of someone’s Indigineity.
There’s a long history of discrediting Native identities in order to steal from and oppress Natives, especially those mixed with Black.
Your comments contribute to genocide.
Here is a rough ass explanation of why because I’m tired of educating people right now, but I still really want to talk about this.
What was wanted most (and still is) are Native lands & resources. They couldn’t enslave us all, so they tried to kill us all, and when they couldn’t kill us, they tried displacing us to other lands. But they ended up wanting those lands too. So the progressives proposed allotment
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An 18 year old Salvi boy, #AndresGuardado who was helping an LA autobody shop with security issues in the Gardena District of LA was murdered by police on June 18th. They allege that he had a gun and ran away from them when they “approached” him.
His heartbroken family has said, “We didn’t know him to keep guns—he worked two jobs and was a good kid. We’re all dead inside.”
The auto shop owner whom Andres was helping for months said he never carried a gun was obviously scared when police drew their weapons on him. When asked about the decision by police to shoot Andres, he said, “There’s no reason.”
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Hey followers - there's over 3000 of you but we don't know each other very well.

For years now I've been sharing issues ranging from #disabilityrights, being #autistic in an #ableist society, to #vaccines, #MMIW, #alttext, #Dyslexia, #dyspraxic, #Epilepsy, #racism, #PTSD,
#depression, #domesticabuse being the cores of what I share and lands in your timelines.

I've recently shared with you all that I'm in a process of reclamation - my culture, my identity, my gender, my sexual preferences - all of it.

So now you know my skin is white passing
but I am also part #Aboriginal and that matters deeply to me and I won't be erased anymore.

I am #pansexual. I don't need you to be of any particular gender to be attracted to you.

I am a #nonbinary #femme. But I also lean heavy in masc traits sometimes too.

I am #disabled
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A fight against human trafficking will always expose drug and weapon trafficking.

A fight for #BlackLivesMatter #opDeathEaters #MeToo #MMIW #opBeast #opCanary #femicide will always help each other.

We are those on the bottom coming for those on the top.
There is no division.
Human rights is not a zero sum game. Those that are trying to create endogroups and provoke a competition for human rights are attempting to deflect from the point.

We are 'governed' by organized crime. End impunity now. #opDeathEaters
This is attempted endogroup creation.

"We can't fight impunity for X because Y fights impunity for X & they are associated with Z."

This is seductive coercion. This is endogroup creation. Do not fall for it. Rape is bad. Racism is bad. End impunity. Follow ideas, not people. ImageImage
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1/ Since #CdnMedia has 0 shame & continues to ask boring, obvious, useless Qs, & since I'm scheduling this tweet at midnight both delirious & exhuasted from the past 2 wks & since I have nothing to lose b/c I have no desire to be a journalist

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice
2/ I present to you (FOR FREE):
Questions the #CdnMedia can ask instead of "DoEs RaCism exist???" that acknowledge that racism **DOES INDEED** exist (BUCKLE IN):
3/ Instead of “Hey @rcmpgrcpolice RCMP, does racism exist?”

Try: "Hey RCMP. Can you point to me when exactly in your history, you departed from your literal original purpose of terrorizing Black & Indigenous communities, and if you have not done this, can you justify why?"
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Minneapolis has a long history of police brutality. Starting in the 1950s, a lot of police violence was directed at Native people living in the Twin Cities. 1/
The Federal government had developed a series of policies to "terminate" reservations and created incentives to induce Native people to move to cities. (This was part of a long assault against Native sovereignty and the intent was to destroy Native communities and cultures.) 2/
Many of these "relocated" people came to Minneapolis, which became an upper midwest population center for Native people from around the country. 3/
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⬇️Thread of HD stills from tonight in #Minneapolis, taken during the ongoing #GeorgeFloyd uprising in the #TwinCities.

Slides 1–2: maX it PAWN, 28th Ave & Lake Street
Slides 3–5: heading West on Lake Street, approaching the #Minneapolis police dept #3rdPrecinct station.

A sign on a repurposed Target cart corral reads "R.I.P. Big Floyd" #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydProtest
The #3rdPrecinct was burning steadily at ~11 p.m. last night. The grounds were covered with graffiti, while the building was occupied inside all the way to the rooftop.

Spray-painted on a barrier is the phrase "Burn The MPD"

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Tonight there was a candlelit memorial for a young HoChunk Nation woman who was recently murdered on the Winnebago Reservation. Her name is Kozee Decorah. Our community has been reeling from unspeakable nature of it, but it was DV. Pray for her 3 children & family. #MMIW
This is the link to fundraiser to bring Kozee back home to Wisconsin:… #MMIW
I wanted to acknowledge what happened to Kozee, but I did not know her personally so shouldn’t be the person to tell her story. We are a tight knit community, so we all know families affected, and we are hurting. Be mindful these are people first, before they are a cause.
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My family was from this area, and while some unknown Native Man (using a pseudonym 🙄) took great pleasure in calling me white, I don't give a sweet eff about that, except he is trying to erase the harm and abuses my family went through. I do give a great deal of fucks about Image
that, trying to whitewash my family's histories and make them, not as significant as his own. That is lateral violence and whoever makes excuses for that type of behavior, you are part of the problem ! #MMIW DTIC ADA366406- The Other American Way of War- Unlimited and Irregular Image
Warfare in the Colonial Military Tradition-by Defense Technical Information Center-1999-07-26 Image
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The gunman in #Canada’s worst mass shooting was a white man. Most mass shooters are.

Police in white supremacist countries downplay the violence of white men.
Esp when it’s directed against marginalized women such as indigenous women and sex workers 👉🏽…
(cw: vaw) Robert Pickton, one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He targeted mostly sex workers and Indigenous women, some dealing with addictions or mental health issues, in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He admitted to butchering 49 women and feeding them to pigs.
When mothers, fathers or other relatives would go to Vancouver police to report their loved one missing, they were dismissed.

"And their response invariably would be: 'Well, we don't have time to look for hookers. Your daughter is a drug addict. What do you expect us to do?“
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A few people have asked us to post the text pictures we've been using to counter common anti-Indigneous/racism/white supremacist arguments here on Twitter.

These are released under Creative Commons, so feel free to use them.

Suggestions, additions & corrections are welcomed! /1
The first one is intended to counter people who say that they are not responsible for “the acts of their [Settler] ancestors”, and ignore/deny/reject that setter-colonialism is both ongoing and we Settlers unjustly benefit from it: /2
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MicmacNews-1975-02 - NON-STATUS INDIANS AND METIS - Moving to gain rights and recognition-women lead the way. @DarrylLeroux -- your misogynistic fight against the Mi'kmaw Metis women of NS, will not go unnoticed. I Promise. #MMIW #Reconciliation
"They are not sure how to approach civil rights. They mostly lack the education to fully understand the ways and means of getting required change. " - Hey Leroux, keep standing up on that soapbox of yours, telling the world how these women are not real !!
Make sure you use that first class education and white male privilege of yours to shut down their voices and issues. Hey it's only unacknowledged Indigenous women and children, keep fanning the flames of racism and bigotry. It isn't like you know, they haven't lived through a
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