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🅰️ #Angular signals 📡 are all the hype and for a good reason!

As with every new thing, it will take time to learn how it works, so there are many misconceptions like...

🤔 Angular signals will make #RxJs obsolete

Let's build a better understanding to find an answer!

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The most important difference is that

📡 signals are SYNC, good for
✅ derived state (vs ngOnChanges)
✅ local component reactive state, eg inputs

🔁 #RxJs is used for ASYNC (can be sync)
✅ async orchestration
✅ latest response (race conditions)
✅ cancelation (perf)

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Signals & RxJs are optimized for handling different parts of the overall state management

Because of that the optimal real-world solutions will likely include both combined using provided interop

✅ fromObservbale
✅ fromSignal

We can get the best of both worlds!

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🔥 Big Benchmark of State Managers 🔥!bench=9h2as6… Image
Perfect State Manager should:
- Batch changes
- Collapse doubled dependencies
- Reuse moved dependencies
- Skip eval which result isn't needed
- Skip eval when dependencies isn't changed
- Eval dependents only when actually changed
- Apply side effects only once on state change Image
@mweststrate #mobx is too wasteful of memory. I think this is the reason why it is not very fast. You can steal this idea to dramatically reduce the number of memory allocations:!section=arti…
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Недавно в чате по #rxjs, это который вот этот – Мы разбирали зачем нужен оператор iif, когда есть просто тернарник. В коротком треде ниже расскажу в чем же отличие.
Давайте сначала разберем зачем вообще нужен этот оператор. iif — порождающий оператор, который позволяет описать условие и в зависимости его результата, принимается решение какой Observable использовать. Пример использования оператора i
Как видно на скриншоте выше первым параметром он принимает функцию предикат. Если она вернет true, то будет использоваться поток на строчке №3, иначе №4.
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#RxJS 🐉es una librería básica para trabajar con #Angular ❤️. ¿Quieres aprender a trabajar con esta librería GRATIS y DESDE CERO? ¡Adentro HILO 🧵! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #frontend #programacion #software
En menos de 1⃣ hora, @domini_code nos hace una magnífica introducción a los conceptos básicos de #RxJS, a través de ejemplos prácticos. MUY recomendable. #frontend #angular #programacion #typescript #software
Este vídeo de Laith Academy da una introducción a esta librería, abordando los conceptos más básicos de una forma muy masticadita. 1⃣h para meter los pies en el barro de #RxJS de forma apropiada. #frontend #angular #programacion #typescript #software
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Bienvenidos a mi twitter profesional. Aquí encontrarás contenido relacionado con #programacion 💻y #psicologia 🧠. ¡Sígueme para no perderte nada de este contenido! Aquí te dejo todos los hilos que he ido haciendo, con muchísimo contenido útil y gratis. Hope it helps 😉⬇️⬇️⬇️ #it
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Dear #deverlopers or #codenewbies if you are confused about Promises and Observables then follow below thread.
#100DaysOfcode #301DaysOfCode #WomenWhoCode #javascript #webdev #programming #coding #learntocode #Angular #rxjs #DevCommunity
▶️ Observables vs Promises
Both Promises and Observablesprovide uswithabstractions that help usdeal with the asynchronousnatureof our applications. However, thereareimportantdifferences between thetwo:
1️⃣ As seen in theexample above, Observables candefineboth the setup and teardown aspects of asynchronousbehavior.

2️⃣ Observables are cancellable.
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I love that on #InternationalWomensDay we take the time to celebrate women, it's brilliant. What would be even more brilliant is if we did this every day. For the next 365 days, I am going to add a Tweet a day in celebration of women from around the world 🌍 Let's get started 👇
Day 1: @drpriaero is an Aerospace Engineer / Senior Research Associate at @UniofOxford's Department of Engineering Science, researching fluid dynamics & thermodynamics of jet engines 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 2: @monicasarbu created @packetbeat, an open source data shipper, before joining forces with @elastic to lead the Beats team. She's a mum while at it too 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
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Computer Science and why it's necessary even for web developers

I know that in some countries a degree in CS is expensive or unattainable, and that some companies do unnecessary algorithm interviews.

This thread is not about degrees or interviews, it's about CS itself.
CS is important because of general concepts and patterns that you will find everywhere when programming.

It's vital to have some knowledge which is *indirectly* applied.

E.g. trees, graphs, data structures, graph search (breadth-first, depth-first), languages
Data structures are ways of organizing data, e.g. in JavaScript:
- Array
- Object
- Set
- Map
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