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@Walmart disrupting the healthcare market and its #cybersecurity implications - #Thread 1/7

That's big news, as Walmart has the power to change this market completely

@lauralovett7 describes it accurately as a shake up in this article on @MobiHealthNews…
With over 200M weekly customers and over 4000 stores in medically unserved communities (MUC), this retail giant’s power is enormous.

In fact it’s nothing new, as @amazon is already taking part in the healthcare market via @PillPack, their medicine delivery services. 2/7
The distribution of medical services for this market leader in the coming years will most likely involve cutting edge tech, including AI models and machine learning to allow a full transformation of required data. 3/7
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Does a software engineering manager (people manager) normally do a lot of coding in tech companies? I'll answer using my personal experience in the thread.

##engineeringmanager #software #developer #management #leadership #coding #techcompany #programming
When I was an engineering manager of a small team of 4-5, my coding time was about 40% - 50%.
When I was an engineering manager of a 12 people team, I’d only have about 10%-20% time for coding.
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• Do you want to check your code quickly or share it with a friend? That's what code playgrounds are for 🔥

A thread about the best code playgrounds 🧵👇

#frontenddev #programming #100DaysOfCode #javascript #Software #coding #webdeveloper
01- Play Code.
02- Jsfiddle.
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How to Become a #Programmer: The Timeless Guide

(With No Degrees or Experience)

PART 1: Learn the #Trade
In two years I went from unemployed sociology graduate to well-paid programmer at a unicorn startup. I started from zero. I didn't have to get a degree, do an internship or pay for expensive certifications. Here’s how you can do it too 👇
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Linkdrops is sponsoring the seventeenth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #JungkookDay #RonaldoReturns #Patriots #pats #NEAR Image
Five New Frontiers for #NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
So whats there in the #challenge🤔
🔘Set up a (similar) Twitter campaign using the linkdrop v2 #rust contract…
which allows you to drop #NEAR to Twitter accounts depending on a #certain action
👉They encourage you to think #outside the box on which kind of campaigns make sense in order to strike a balance #between #decent UX and not being too #simple to spam!
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Do you know what a ‘Dark Kitchen’ is?

It’s the new trend for commercial kitchens that only prepare food for the rapidly growing #food delivery marketplace

And #Wendys are the latest to announce 700 new kitchens!

Meanwhile, @FPratty for @Siftedeu report that #Uber founder, Travis #Kalanick is behind a growing network of #dark kitchens across Europe

This is a controversial and competitive space
Other dark kitchen operators in Europe include #Glovo, #Deliveroo, #KarmaKitchen and #Curb

#Deliveroo plans to double the number of dark kitchens it has worldwide across this year
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👋Cosas que no te enseñaron en la escuela, pero que tienes que saber si quieres trabajar en Software.

#javascript #programacion #software

1. Tú te pones tus propias metas.

En la escuela tenías la comodidad de llevar un "plan de estudios". Sabías lo que seguía en cada paso.

Acá afuera nadie va a entregarte un plan de estudios para tu carrera profesional. Tienes que definirlo por ti misma.
2. No tienes que pedir permisos.

• ¿Quieres aplicar para un trabajo?
• ¿Te urge cambiar de tecnología?
• ¿Te gustaría ganar en dólares y vivir en LATAM?
• ¿Tu sueño es trabajar para un unicornio?
• ¿Lo que quieres es pasar más tiempo con tu familia?

Date. Nadie te detiene.
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At PaymentComponents, we have been advising Financial Institutions for a long time, trying to find tools and products which offer simple solutions to complex problems.


#fintech #finserv #payments #ISO20022 #CBPR #SWIFT #euro #banking #digital #software
That is why we came up with our FINaplo, a game-changing platform for banks and financial institutions, aiming to dramatically accelerate financial messaging:…

#fintech #finserv #payments #ISO20022 #CBPR #SWIFT #euro #banking #digital #software
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Thread on the LOOMIS CASE and the use of #ArtificialIntelligence in Justice.
COMPAS is an algorithm used in the criminal courts of the State of Wisconsin (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions) to assess the risk of recidivism when sentencing.👇
This #algorithm was challenged in State v. Loomis.
Mr. Loomis admitted the charges and the Court, in imposing sentence, took into account the likelihood of recidivism as determined by COMPAS.
Mr. Loomis appealed the conviction on the grounds that his right to a #fairtrial👇
namely to be sentenced on the basis of accurate information, to receive an individualised sentence and not on the basis of general assessments, had been violated.
The appeal was dismissed at first instance on the grounds that the Court "used the COMPAS risk assessment to 👇
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Hilo sobre el CASO LOOMIS y el uso de la #InteligenciaArtificial para impartir justicia.
COMPAS es un algoritmo usado en los tribunales penales del Estado de Wisconsin (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions) para estimar el grado de peligrosidad👇
y riesgo de reincidencia para determinar la duración de la pena y las medidas preventivas.
Dicho #algoritmo fue recurrido ante los Tribunales en el caso el Estado contra Loomis.
El Sr. Loomis reconoció los hechos y el Tribunal, a la hora de imponer la condena tuvo en cuenta la👇
probabilidad de reincidencia que arrojó COMPAS.
El Sr. Loomis recurrió la condena alegando que se había vulnerado su derecho a un juicio justo, en concreto a ser condenado en base a información precisa, a recibir una sentencia individualizada y no basada en evaluaciones 👇
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👋¿Vas iniciando en la industria del software?

Te dejo un hilo corriente con las cosas que me hubiera gustado COMPRENDER antes en mi carrera.

Son aprendizajes personales, no verdades universales. YMMV, etc.

Pero de algo te servirán.

#software #programacion #javascript

1. Dinero ≠ éxito.

Eventualmente comenzarás a ganar buen dinero. Cuando me pasó, cometí el error de pensar que esa era la máxima expresión del éxito. Pero era una jaulita de oro.

Dinero -> Compromisos -> Necesitar más dinero.

Aguas con caer en ese círculo vicioso.
2. El software nunca se termina.

Al inicio todos somos idealistas. Queremos hacer la solución más elegante, etc. Pero la perfección no existe, y necesitas ENTREGAR algo.

Tip: ve el software como una solución evolucionando a lo largo del tiempo, no como un objetivo finito.
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Hacienda contra los fabricantes de software empresarial. Mini-🧵

(1) Image
La inminente aprobación de la ley contra el fraude fiscal prevee la obligación (y de no cumplirse, su correspondiente sanción) de q todo software de contabilidad y de gestión fiscal vaya certificado previamente por Hacienda.
La idea es prohibir los softwares de doble uso en los que se recogen dos contabilidades o directamente dnd no se contabilizan oficialmente determinadas operaciones. Por mor de la legítima lucha contra el Fraude tributario
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‘Tricks With a Notorious Russian Spy Group’

‘Security researchers have found links between the attackers and #Turla, a sophisticated team suspected of operating out of Moscow’s #FSB intelligence agency.’

“…believe the SolarWinds #hackers and #Turla aren't one and the same. But … one #hacker group at the very least ‘inspired’ the other, and they may have common members between them or a shared #software developer building their #malware.”…
“… That actually makes the connection more significant … ‘It’s more like handwriting. That handwriting or style propagates to different projects written by the same person.'"

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Yury #Maksimov
Founder & CEO
Positive Technologies

#Maximov Yury Vladimirovich

board member, founder, shareholder Positive Technologies company

“born in the city of Fryazino of the Moscow region. Graduated from physical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) & a postgraduate study of MSU.”…
“…Together with Dmitry #Maximov and Evgeny #Kireev worked on creation of the first versions of the intelligent XSpider scanner, popular development of Positive Technologies company, was an initiator of creation and took active part in formation of a system of…MaxPatrol.”

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Il y a qqs jours, mon smartphone a fêté ses 1️⃣0️⃣ ans 🎂🎉. J'ai un @Apple iPhone 4S depuis tout ce tps, acheté neuf à l'époque (inconscient que j'étais de pas mal d'enjeux). Je vous propose de faire un petit retour d'expérience et de voir les limites rencontrées #thread 1/
@Apple Commençons par le matos #hardware, 1️⃣0️⃣ ans, 3 batteries, 1 vitre arrière et 1 écran. Sur ce modèle un kit de tournevis suffit pour faire ces répérations. Il est facile d'ouvrir ce téléphone avec 2 vis et grâce aux tutos @iFixitFR ou d'autres de procéder aux réparations. 2/
@Apple @iFixitFR Donc après 1️⃣0️⃣ ans, tt fonctionne sans soucis (micro, haut-parleur, écran…), comme quoi pour ceux qui en doutent, l'électronique peut durer même avec quelques chutes au compteur, un plongeon de quelques secondes dans l'eau. Maintenant parlons logiciel #software, l'épine… : 3/
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Unpopular opinion:

Competitive programming for getting into FAANGs is highly overrated.

It shows good problem solving skills, application of DS/Algos.

However, that's not enough for a good software engineer! 👩‍💻

Why? 🧵👇

#programming #Software #SoftwareEngineer #codinglife
It tells nothing about understanding of other CS fundamentals.

A deep, well-versed understanding of these concepts becomes essential when you're building resilient, well architected systems.
Building such complex systems always involves understanding constraints, trade-offs and making design decisions based on that.

These decisions, most of the times, are NOT modeled only around time complexity analysis.
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A thread on how I managed to encrypt and store a video using #Flutter

Scroll for links, code snippets, and my general thought process...
Recording and saving videos locally isn't too difficult.

- camera
- path_provider

#flutter #android #s21 #video #coding

Below is the code for getting a file reference:

Created with @carbon_app   /// One call to get a file reference, set temp = false to
Encryption on the other hand is a foreign language to me. From my research, I learned that each user needs an #AsymmetricKeyPair that can be used to #encrypt and #decrypt data.

To generate these, I used the rsa_encrypt package.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/24/2021…
The COVID-19 response illustrates that traditional academic reward structures and metrics do not reflect crucial contributions to modern science…

#rewards #metrics #ScientificContributions
The Years of Work Behind Washington’s Best-Liked Man…

#TheFed #leadership #biography #OpEd
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/16/2021…
The Untapped Potential of Personal Narrative – John Hagel…

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Wil je weten wat je hebt aan een stem op @PolitiekBIJ1?

Kijk dan eens naar wat @AmsterdamBIJ1 voor elkaar heeft gekregen met maar één zetel in de Amsterdamse gemeenteraad.

Een draadje met tien concrete successen. #StemBIJ1
Dankzij @AmsterdamBIJ1 heeft de gemeente Amsterdam de #klimaatcrisis uitgeroepen, worden de klimaatdoelstellingen meegenomen in nieuw strategisch beleid, wordt er een #klimaatparagraaf bij nieuw strategische beleid opgenomen en wordt de uitstoot jaarlijks gemonitord. #StemBIJ1
Dankzij @AmsterdamBIJ1 is er extra geïnvesteerd in de ondersteuning van alleenstaande #ouders en komt er expliciet aandacht voor deze groep in de nieuwe wijkaanpak. #StemBIJ1
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Das Robert Koch-Institut (#RKI) und die
"wissenschaftliche #Evidenz" in der Corona-#Pandemie
Ein Jahrhundert vor der Corona-#Pandemie leistete Dr. #Wu Lien-teh Pionierarbeit: Er erkannte, dass sich die #Lungenpest über die #Luft ausbreiten konnte, und mahnte, Menschen sollten zum Schutz #Masken tragen… Image
#Mesny, ein bekannter französischer Arzt, verunglimpfte Wu und weigerte sich, eine #Maske zu tragen. Er starb an den Folgen der #Lungenpest. 60.000 Wu-#Masken halfen die #Epidemie unter Kontrolle zu bekommen. Die heutige #N95-Maske ist ein Nachkomme der Wu-Maske
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