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Aujourd'hui, suite à une mauvaise expérience de recrutement en tant qu'#ux, je souhaite aborder le sujet du #harcèlementsexuel dans l'#IT. On abordera également comment faire son #callout comme une Queen👑. Un thread qui dénonce. 1/ #metooIT
Suite à mon post où je cherchais un appartement, je me suis faite contacter par un #ProductOwner en recherche d'une #UX pour la création d'un produit en #VR. Étant gameuse, je me suis montrée intéressée.
Tout aurait pu bien se passer si la personne en question, avec qui j'ai continué de discuter ne m'avait pas demandé la couleur et la forme de mes sous-vêtements.#metooIT
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2/2 via @YouTube
#KäptnBlaubär #CaptainBlueBear #HeinBloed probiert #nachzukochen was mal in der #Maus gezeigt wurde. Aber es geht einfach, wie wimmer: #ALLES schief.
@TerryGilliam Now, is this the meaning of ?
Hurz! via @YouTube
#HURZ #TENOR #MIRO #WIESE und da @tim_kocht mit @TimCook NICHT soviel zu tun hat, hier das #Endergebnis #SPOILER NICHT FERTIG HAHA!

@MartinSonneborn Kommt ihnen bekannt vor, was?
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Here is the overview of my Affidavit of my Probable Cause with my arrest for Stalking that I have with Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Police Department.
I was arrested on a false charge for stalking December 11, 2020.
Later on January 20, 2021 the Stalking charge was dropped!
That same day I was charged with two counts of harassment.
Here is my Probable Cause Affidavit to my Stalking arrest I have with the Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Police Department.
The whole affidavit is full of lies and doesn't prove that I actually stalked the woman. ImageImage
I met the woman in Pennsylvania that put the false stalking charge on me May 23rd, 2017 on Facebook.

We were friends on Facebook and I spoke to her on Twitter as well. She befriended me and sold me her book, she wrote, through a link to Amazon.
She lied here big time! Image
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I have been receiving psychic attacks from John Edward and another self-identified vampires today. I haven't been writing about the psychic attacks I have been receiving lately on my substack website but I plan on doing that soon.
I don't have to stalk John Edward and his energy worker Buddy from Pennsylvania that put a false charge of stalking on me.
But I do have a first amendment right to write about the psychic attacks that I'm receiving energetically from John Edward and any other vampire.
If John Edward thinks that he can keep on targeting me energetically then let him keep thinking that I'm still going to take him to federal court and civilly sue him and his energy worker buddy from Pennsylvania that put the false charge of stalking on me.
I have no problem
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ONE TWO THREE !!!!!!!!!!!

#DROP #IT +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POP THE BLISTER !!!!!!!+++

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How you can filter stocks for Intraday trades - 🧵

As a kid, we would do homework before school the next day - you have to do homework here too. A specific sector performs on a particular day and studying things a day before will help you spot that particular sector. (1/11)
To prepare for the next trading day, you got to check the Index charts of all sectors. You got to keep an eye on a specific Index if you see a few factors:

- If any Index closed exactly at the resistance, you can get a trade on either side on the next day. (2/11)
- If it gave a rejection candle at resistance.

- If any Index closed exactly at support, you can get a trade on either side the following day.

- If there was a bullish signal at the support.

- If any Index gave a breakout or breakdown and then gave a good closing. (3/11)
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This was a tricky one.
And as per our herd mentality,the answer is wrong.
Interestingly and inversely, the company is #TCS 🤔.
Let's have a short discussion on #tataconsultancy .
Tata Consultancy Services is the flagship company and a part of Tata group.
#tatasons (1/n)
It is an #IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world's largest businesses in their transformation journeys for over 50 years. #TCS offers a consulting-led,
#niftyit (2/n)
cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions.
Based on Industry classification, company operates in 5 key verticals i.e. Banking, finance services & insurance #BFSI which accounts for 39% of revenues,
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This timeline was chosen to FIX #EVERYTHING !!

Everyone is feeding into A Machine that ALREADY knows all of this & is using YOUR lack of knowledge about any of it against YOU.
All Connected.
Mostly Staged/Movie
There is A reason WHY I Know about EVERYTHING that happens before it happens & Warn EVERYONE about events before they happen as well ..

Others have traveled, they traveled MANY Millenia to HELP Humanity finally get it right ..
Going back & forth, collecting data, Storing that data & giving it to humanity in A way that helps Humanity bring down A THOUSAND year old reign of terror upon this world ..
So many evil things have been done upon children/Humanity because they thought SHE WOULD HAVE WON & the
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On this I can agree with @Dominic2306, and go further.

#SW1 #IT and #IG has been in a parlous state for well over a DECADE, and more.

A year and a slew of inquiries after the @HMRC #ChildBenefit #DataBreach in 2007, we #FOIed every Government Department about the #databases...
..of #PersonalData they held. (Initially just the ones containing over 1 million records.)

I'll have to dig up the responses, but I clearly remember only 4 or 5 (out of 24) even had an #InformationAssetRegister, i.e. just a basic list of all the #databases for which they were...

The responses from @cabinetofficeuk & @10DowningStreet were even more appalling; they admitted allowing officials to routinely make copies of #population-scale data "for policy reasons" with no #oversight, no #audit, no defined #IG processes, and no idea of...
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This morning, as I prepare my coffee, let me tell you a tale of a time when I was affected by the #wagegap. This one’s a doozy.

When I first became an #infosec analyst, the #CISO had intended that I make $65k which was a fair wage for the position, region, and etc.

The #IT management and #HR had all agree and the paperwork was printed out. The #CTO volunteered to send it to me, even though he was technically in a separate department.

Now, I didn’t know that the wage was supposed to be $65k, I wasn’t a part of these convos.

At the time, I was just making $14 an hour on their HelpDesk knowing that I would soon be promoted and was awaiting to sign off on it.

When the CTO delivered the paperwork to me, the amount I signed off on was $45k. I even said, “Hm. Seems low?” And he didn’t say anything.

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कॉंग्रेसने 70 वर्षात काय केले..."

2] विज्ञान आणि तंत्रज्ञान..

स्वातंत्र्यानंतर देशापुढे दारिद्र्य, रोजगार, भूक, उपासमारी हे प्रश्ण आ वासून उभे होते पण तरी बाकी प्रगत जगासोबत आपणही पुढे नाही गेलो तर हा देश कधीच... 👇(1/)
स्वतःच्या पायावर उभा राहू शकणार नाही याची जाणीव नेहरूंना होती त्यामुळं 1952 साली अमेरिकेच्या MIT सारख्या संस्था भारतात उभारण्याचा निर्णय नेहरूंनी घेतला. पहिली #IIT खरगपूरला स्थापन केली गेली. त्यानंतर मद्रास,मुंबई अशा वेगवेगळ्या शहरात #IIT आणि #IIM या संस्था उभ्या राहिल्या..👇(2/)
येणारा काळ अणुऊर्जाचा असणार आहे हे दूरदृष्टीचे नेहरू जाणून होते त्यामुळं 1956 साली मुंबईच्या तुर्भे इथ भारतातलीच नव्हे तर आशिया खंडातील पहिली अणुभट्टी सुरू केली. आजघडीला देशात अशा 7 अणुभट्ट्या आहेत. आज जगातल्या ज्या मोजक्या देशाकड अण्वस्त्र आहेत त्यात आपण.. (3/)👇
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#Breaking | Union #ITMinister Ravi Shankar Prasad's #Twitter account blacked out for over an hour; 'action' under Copyright Act of #America. #Govt takes objection.
#Breaking | In a series of posts on #Koo app, Union #ITMinister @rsprasad informed that Twitter blacked out his account for over an hour. 'Twitter denied access to my account on the alleged ground that there was a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the USA.'
@rsprasad #NewsUpdate | Union #ITMinister Ravi Shankar Prasad's #Twitter account blacked out for over an hour.

Union Minister tweets saying, 'No matter what any platform does they will have to abide by the new #IT Rules fully and there shall be no compromise on that'.
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Whether it's half a million or three million — 'low skilled' #ITjobs in India are definitely at risk…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill India’s leading information technology (IT) lobby, NASSCOM, and analysts at Bank of America are sparring over how many employees in the sector are set to lose their jobs this year.

#IT #ITjobs
@pabsgill Bank of America has estimated that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, HCL Tech, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant and others will see a 30% reduction in ‘low-skilled’ jobs globally by 2022 because of robot process automation (RPA).

#IT #ITjobs
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Accordo #G7Fin: con l'aliq. minima eff. al 15% l'🇮🇹 (stime @gabriel_zucman) ambirebbe a 2,7 MLD di € di extra-gettito nel 2021 prevalentemente da utili sotto-tassati realizzati extra-IT dalle MNC residenti nello Stivale. Con il 21% proposto originariamente da Biden, ma non... 1/
..supportato esplicitamente dal nostro GOV, l'extra-gettito nel 2021 arriverebbe a 7,6 MLD di €. Inoltre, come importante mercato per tante multinazionali digitali e non, l'🇮🇹 potrebbe beneficiare notevolmente da un adeguato riconoscimento di diritti fiscali su utili.. 2/
.."generati in Italia da remoto" da MNC estere che sono contabilizzati e.g. nei Paesi di residenza dei colossi corporate e non soggetti a tassazione in Italia. E su cosa si è accordato il #G7FIN? 3/
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1 new chart everyday, it could be from any space ~ equities / commodities / crypto / forex / bonds , etc

Will try to do it daily 🙏💪

Here's the first one 👇

SBI vs BankNifty

Ratio chart has given monthly breakout implying SBI could outperform BN in coming months.

#PB365 Image
(2) #DLF monthly chart

#PB365 Image
(3) #VodafoneIdea weekly chart

#PB365 Image
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The #POPI Deadline is looming, is your startup or company compliant?

Here's a quick thread on how you can comply and empower yourself.

#privacy #privacypolicy
You can start by examining the status of your startup or company by completing this POPI COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST
We carefully drafted these policies for internal implementation in line with POPI Compliance for you.…
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Thread on closing FY 20-21

I knw its turbulent times.. Working from Home.. Limited sources .. Doing Compliance for Clients who are also not able to cope up in difficult times
And no Extention of dates

Here is CHECKLIST for GST & IT

Prepare list of clients in each following category and make 100% sure that U have done following compliance for each month
Check in All Monthly /Quarterly Clients

✅ GSTR1 filed upto MARCH 2021
✅GSTR 3B filed upto MARCH 2021
✅GSTR 9/9C filed upto FY 19-20 ( if applicable)

Check in Composition clients
✅ CMP 8 filed upto Q4
✅ GSTR 4 Filed Upto FY 20-21
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It's crazy to me all these People so disappointed that "nothing has happened" or "nothing is happening" ..
There is literally someone showing them all the things that have changed for the better in the world and all they choose to ficus on is the bad other people are doing or
have done in the past. Why are people not creating their own new future BEING THE CHANGE while waiting for the truth they are waiting for? Huh? Why are these types of people relevant and the ones literally showing them A world that is ready to be molded the way YOU want it to
be for the better & how to do it but all ones seem to care most about is feeding into the ones & things that are literally tearing each other apart? Why does everyone feel the way they do for so long? because there is truth that has already been given to you by the Military
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Twitter is the most powerful social media platform in the world.

However, most people don't know how to use it effectively.

Here are 10 tips that will help you master Twitter...
1/ Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Your Twitter profile is your new business card.

People should be able to quickly understand who you are and what you have to offer.

Pick your banner photo purposefully.

And have a link in your bio so people can learn more about you.

2/ Content Is King But Format Is Queen

Spacing and formating matters.

When making a list, put the shorter words on top and the longer ones on the bottom.


• Banana
• Apple
• Blueberry


• Apple
• Banana
• Blueberry

(PS: Press alt + 8 for bullet points)
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SaaS-y salaries are 30% more than traditional IT services — and they’re making it tougher for traditional IT service firms to find the right talent…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill If you’re an #Engineer in India, the job market is tough. There’s a lot of competition and companies are selective about who they hire. But one thing that can give you an edge over other candidates is the right set of skills — SaaS-y skills.

#SaaS #IT
@pabsgill India’s software-as-a-service (#SaaS) market is still young, but that’s where the real money is, if you’re an #Engineer. The demand is overflowing, especially after the #COVID19Pandemic’s ‘digital transformation’ wave.
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#It's appearing 2023 is the most "pressing need" now amongst politicans.

While we demand for better & best from Government, let us not forget 2023 is just "FEW WEEKS AWAY.."

PDP&APC, daily in the news... PLOTTING & PLANNING. Now, I ask, where are the other political parties
that "SUDDENLY" showed up in 2019?

What are their strategies?
Where are the youths in all these?
Where are those clamouring for a better Nigeria or are we going to pour New Wine in Old Wine Skins?
Are these silent political parties going to suddenly emerge again in November of 2022 to get grants from Government and then go back into oblivion?

It's beginning to look like we are walking the same ropes of 2019 elections, making the same errors or believing the unbelievable
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5 simple steps to brainstorm good brandable domains .

---A Thread---

👉RT this first tweet...
Many startups want to acquire good brandable domain names .

And that's why the brandable domains can be a great investment.

The best thing is you can hand-register those domains .

@squadhelp , Alter, Brandpa , BrandBucket these are some brandable marketplaces.
1#⏩Prepare your main keyword list .

Add your main keywords in this list. Main keywords means words that are widely used in domain names.

Digital, Media, Credit, Cash, Profit , etc.

Use @NameBio to research more keywords
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Tata kehte hain TCS bada naam karega!

#Tata Sons is one of the biggest #business conglomerates in India and around the world. Its reliance on the IT-specialisation wing, TCS has only increased.

In FY19, TCS’ contribution to Tata’s revenue increased from 70% the year before to 90%. Contribution of non-@TCS companies shrunk by 23%.

#TCS is among the top three most valued #IT brands, but Tata’s reliance on the subsidiary may be risky.

It has been solely responsible for the consolidation of all its digital businesses. Ratan Tata’s decision to not go public with the company may have been another factor for TCS’ operations.

Over one week, TCS lost its top place to @reliancegroup in terms of market cap.

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