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Depressing @Cal_Plan interview with major LA transit advocate @DennyZane @MoveLATransit, who opposes @Scott_Wiener #SB50 (allowing apartments near major transit). His arguments are incorrect & self-defeating:… 1/8
First, he argues that requiring density near transit would sink transit ballot measures, as NIMBY suburbs would oppose them. But why should taxpayers pay for transit to low-density areas with weak ridership results? That's what happened in LA, with $$ wasted on weak lines. 2/8
Second, he wants cities to have an alternative to a "one-size-fits-all" state zoning standard near transit. His solution? Local compliance with state affordable housing mandates. But those mandates are weak & gamed. For example, Beverly Hills' allocation was 3 units. 3/8
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A thread! @PlacesJournal published an article I wrote about the politics of shade in Los Angeles. Shade, as in, what’s under a tree, or a covered walkway, or created by an awning—basically, where you want to be on a hot day. It’s cooler there! 1/…
This is such a common sight in L.A.—a bus rider waiting in the tiny sliver of shade of a telephone pole. @sahrasulaiman has been documenting this phenomenon for years. There just isn’t enough shade on the street, and it's unfair and ridiculous. 2/…
The idea that there's not enough shade in L.A. probably sounds preposterous to a New Yorker, where skyscrapers cast long shadows on narrow roads, or to a Midwesterner who’s used to cloudy skies. L.A. is the Land of Sunshine. What is film, after all, but a screen for light? 3/
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My piece on today's #SB50 deal. Takeaways:
* When committee chairs represent Marin, you get special rules for Marin
* Rules allowing fourplexes could be a big deal but anti-demolition rules would limit effects
* The bill is getting really complicated…
Why do you keep talking about Marin County all the time, people ask me. It’s because stuff like this happens all the time.
And now #SB50 vote count is final from committee today. It passed 6-1. Yes votes: Democrats @ilike_mike, @Scott_Wiener, @Jimbealljr and @Senator_Hurtado and Republicans @SenatorMoorlach and @CASenatorJim. No vote: @SenateHertzberg
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1/13 A group called “AIDS Healthcare Foundation” - a pariah among #HIV advocates - is a chain pharmacy & insurance company masquerading as a nonprofit.

AHF opposes #PrEP, funds anti-housing NIMBY groups, & uses HIV healthcare funds for politics.

AHF has zero credibility.
2/13 AHF & its bully CEO Michael Weinstein are obsessed with abusing HIV healthcare funds to attack me. They first went after me when, as an SF Supervisor, I stopped them from scamming SF chain store rules to open a pharmacy: suing me & dumping big $ against me in my Senate race.
3/13 AHF/Weinstein are now going after me again, b/c of my housing work. They hired an investigator (thru their anti-housing front group “Housing Is a Human Right”) to dig up dirt & slander me. They’re running TV ads & sending out mailers attacking me for #SB50, #MoreHOMES Act.
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Last night @SonjaTrauss, @sbuss and I talked our way into a party at the big @APA_Planning conference, hoping to speak with members about how the California chapter had decided to oppose #SB50.

Had so great conversations...
One of the first conversations I had was with someone who HATED the More HOMES Act, Gordon Feller.

He had been up to Sacramento to lobby against #SB50. He kept repeating the same false statement that it would allow "bulldozing of historic" housing.
I tried to explain to him that the bill did not override process and did not in any way override historic designation. He said he knew what he was talking about.
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We’re about to get started with the Senate housing committee hearing, which today will include a discussion of #SB50. You can follow along with a livestream here: I’ll thread the tweets here as things get spicy.
At the risk of my Twitter feed becoming an MC Escher painting, here’s my thread from this morning on what to watch for in the #SB50 discussion today
Sen. Scott Wiener, SB 50’s author: "SB 50 addresses one of the fundamental obstacles to having enough housing in California for everyone who needs it, specifically hyper low-density zoning.” Says bill has broad support from biz/labor, student groups and AARP, environmentalists
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TODAY: State lawmakers will hear for the first time #SB50, the bill that allows four- to five-story apartments near transit and more. Unlike last year’s version of the legislation authored by Sen. @Scott_Wiener, SB 50 should advance out of its first committee. Here’s why: (1/6)
@Scott_Wiener The first reason is pretty obvious. Senate leader @ToniAtkins created a new housing committee and put Wiener in charge of it. That’s where the bill will be heard today. It’s rare for a committee chair’s bill to get killed in their own committee. But there are more reasons. (2/6)
Unlike last year, SB 50 has the support of the state’s construction workers’ union and more robust support from environmental groups. And many who represent tenants — while still wary — have not taken a position while their immediate opposition helped crush the bill in 2018 (3/6)
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New California Gov. @GavinNewsom is proposing a huge new investment in low-income housing and a host of new policies to boost housing production overall in his first budget
This looks like the biggest allocation and deal. $750 million to cities and counties to help spur production
Here’s $500 million for new homelessness funding
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1/4 Zoning reform - ending restrictive zoning that makes housing expensive, reinforces segregation, & worsens climate change - is key to solving CA’s housing crisis. Thank you @latimes editorial board for getting it. CA must make change. #SB50 #MoreHOMES…
2/4 LA Times: “Continuing to preserve single-family neighborhoods as they were decades ago would have left vast swaths of the city unaffordable to many buyers, hostile to new approaches to transportation & still segregated as a result of racially discriminatory housing practices”
3/4 LA Times: “There may be debates over exactly how radical the changes to the status quo should be, but it’s clear that single-family neighborhoods can no longer be sacrosanct. Not if cities are serious about increasing the supply and affordability of housing” . . .
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THREAD: California Sen. @Scott_Wiener revived his proposal to boost homebuilding near transit yesterday. A prior version became the most talked about housing bill in the country before it failed earlier this year. My initial take on the new plan: (1/11)…
The bill #SB50 keeps much of last year’s bill in tact. Four-to-five-stories near rail. Relaxed building rules near frequently used bus stops. No maps yet, but I imagine large parts of LA/SF would still be rezoned. There are three major policy differences that I've outlined (2/11)
You should expect much of the debate to center on those issues and the percent of new development set aside for low-income residents. And unlike last time, where the bill died at the first chance it could, I would definitely expect a debate this year (3/11)
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