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Never think about managing curb parking without thinking about how your approach will affect housing supply, home prices & rents.

We gained majority political support for converting 4 acres of parking into 357 homes at the S. #Hayward #BART Station in no small part by…

…agreeing to provide existing nearby residents with free residential parking permits, so they had no fear of the curb parking in front of their homes becoming overcrowded.

photo courtesy of:…
Agreeing to give free residential parking permits to existing nearby residents also created support for removing all minimum parking regulations, reducing the cost of these affordable & market-rate homes & allowing for lower rents.

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When cities manage curb parking properly, curb parking shortages will disappear & minimum parking regulations can be removed, even in cities where no public transit exists.

If your planners don’t believe me, ask them to critique this presentation.

Corollary: When cities fail to manage curb parking properly, no amount of public transit will prevent curb parking shortages.

Do you doubt that? Try visiting #SF’s #UnionSquare, which has the best transit service of any place west of Chicago, after 6 PM when the meters turn off.
Before 6 PM, #SF’s #SFpark program is in effect in #UnionSquare: demand-based curb parking prices balance supply & demand, so curb parking is easy to find.

After 6 PM, curb parking prices are cut to $0, so curbs become overcrowded. All the buses in the world won't fix this.
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I’m here at the @NewWayCA 2019 Summit with a simple message: We have an obligation to offer California a @CAGOP with broad appeal again – because a vibrant, competitive two-party system is essential for our state.
California prides itself on being a place where innovation is born.

It’s time for our party to tap into that bold attitude – and modernize itself as a party in step with the residents we want to represent.
The @CAGOP must not be a carbon copy of the national GOP.

Each state is a unique laboratory of democracy, and California Republicans need to create a party tailored to the people of California.
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I finally read Enrico Moretti's "The New Geography of Jobs" this week. It was better than I expected - both a good introduction to the topic and interesting details and research results that kept me engaged.
Stylistically, he does an impressive job hewing close to the research results while avoiding jargon and identification strategies. It's a clear, coherent narrative about city growth and decline, with lots of evidence at each step in the argument.
TL;DR: Industry clusters go through a life-cycle. A newborn technology is scattered. It coheres in 3 or 4 clusters, with stars, VCs, or other key factors as coordination points. Rapid employment, productivity, and wage growth follow.
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2019 is an important year for San Diego as we commemorate our 250th anniversary. We became the city we are today with ideas that were big, bold and groundbreaking. In 2019, we must tap into that same spirit to address the challenges that define our time. #SOTCSD
A housing crisis we must tackle. Communities we must lift up. An environment we must protect. These are the issues that will define this year, and help shape our next 250.
Now more than ever it’s important that San Diego works together as one city. Just look at Washington, D.C., to see the alternative.
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By limiting housing supply, we push up the price of housing (both renting and purchasing). Renters respond to this by either moving further away from their work or paying more in monthly rent.

Home owners? They like it.
Effectively, #NIMBY is a huge regressive tax.

Imagine you make $40k and spend $700 on a 1 bdrm in Madison. Over the past few years your rent probably went up by $1,500/yr. That's the same as if your federal taxes had increased by 50%.

Fifty Percent!!
Imagine if Republicans or Democrats proposed increasing income taxes by 50% on the lowest income earners in our country. Totally regressive. There would be a HUGE deal about this. Especially from the left. As there should be.
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Attended a thought provoking lecture today, “The Miracle of Density”: The Politics of Urban Design and Densification in downtown Bogotá" by Federico Pérez, a prof in @Portland_State Honors College

There were some HEAVY lessons therein for the #YIMBY movement, gonna try relay 1/x
First off, we gotta rethink how we talk about density because TBH, it's not density NIMBYs fear, it's overcrowding and all the threats that an urban mob presents 2/x
“The spectre of the crowd has always haunted” urban planning efforts, fear of the “unruly masses”-- We conflate density w overcrowded nhoods, unruly and uncivilized. These fears are “rather spectacularly performed" (think of the children, said the NIMBY) 3/x
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