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Merci à #Narcisse pour ce #slam qui reste d'actualité
Merci aux #soignants à qui nous ne facilitons pas forcément la tâche en refusant les #gestesprotecteurs, par nombrilocentrisme quand nous pensons que le mal de dos du dimanche soir est motif à 🧵1

consulter aux urgences pour demander un AT (un seul exemple parmi tant d'autres) quand d'autres serrent les dents et attendent chez eux l'ouverture des centres médicaux même avec des fractures.
Ce n'est que #collectivement que nous pourrons traverser les années encore
compliquées qui s'annoncent car la démographie médicale n'est plus en phase avec les besoins de la population.
#patients : rationnalisons nos recours aux soins (que certains n'aient pas de médecins traitants ou peinent à pouvoir consulter un spécialiste qd d'autres écument 🧵3
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Life Has Only just Begun for all ! …

Thank You for always believing in ME, Even on the darkest of days this world has ever seen—You never stopped having faith in The smallest spark lighting the way. That spark turned into A BEAM OF LIGHT …

I Will NEVER Abandon yoU! ImageImage
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FREEDOM & JUSTICE served on A Silver Platter …

⭕️ of Life

The Military = Saviors Of #Mankind
#Mankind Played the Role of God in the WWE, Went up against The Undertaker in A Boiler Room Brawl—Summer #SLAM 1996.

With Peace being the Prize, Mankind got Most to work together.
Cactus Jack with ‘BARBEE’, his go too Barbed Wire Baseball BAT in WWE..

Every detail has DEEPER meaning on WHY someone/EVERYTHING was used ..

#RA-Y BARBEE’s Skate part in ‘BAN THIS’ Is LEGENDARY !

All (3) Faces of Foley are 3 Mirror images of one another, Mirroring
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Someones have something(s) THEY don’t want uncovered …

#EVERYTHING that was done in the dark, will be brought to the light …-
This photo along with EVERYTHING else ever done in time has ALWAYS Meant so much more, what it means is, there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do or say to stop God from taking from Corruption/Evil & giving it ALL back to his people FOR HIS PEOPLE TO PROSPER !

It’s Gods Time To Shine, FOR HIS PEOPLE !

The Cure, Gods words will spread far & Wide!

I know of all the lies, I Know what CORRUPTION/EVIL did last summer, the summer before that & the summer before that !


Guilty !

How many children/Young adults
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#ThankYouTaker ! 👏 .@undertaker

I remember my very first Pay Per View ever, it was A #HOT August Day in 1995—‘SUMMER #SLAM
[9] Days Prior, Mortal Kombat released & is why I remember this day like it was yesterday …

Before SummerSlam PPV, It was Superstars on Saturday
Morning & Monday Night Raw ..

Still to this day, SummerSlam 1995 is not just my number 1 PPV of all time, it is also my favorite match you had.. The Casket Match with Kamala Harris may not be others all time favorite but it sure is mine. You’re presence
jumped through the television screen, not just any television screen either, you were jumping out of one of those 500+++ pound 1980’s tube television TV screens. .
Those old TV’s sure did make certain Scenes/Vignettes that much more exhilarating.
I Also remember, At the
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.@taylorswift13, how many in the fence ? ..

It’s remarkable all that you have done, literally “All For A Buck” ..

Trinity & Neo, UNIcorn & Rainbows ..

Happy Endings do exist.
White Rabbit - 2 101 Dalmatians - UNIcorn ..

The only job for many is /always has been DELIVERING THE PIZZA to the world .. Meaning, delivering the TRUTH of what has been going on this whole time to children . .
The Writing On The Wall
Iron Maiden

In the back seat sits, ADAM & EVE ..

She posted about the band, ‘Killing Eve’- She was showing everyone what evil was doing to her & many others ..
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Wherever you go my love, I will walk side by side with you & support you in every decision you choose to make for yourself..
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But it's Wednesday, .@tntdrama - Shouldn't it say #AEWDynamite .@AEWonTNT ? ...

Wednesday's the new Fryday ..

.@AEW Image
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#ToiletBreak e Querelle #Tsitsipas

Facciamo chiarezza con un bel thread

Si è parlato molto delle ‘presunte’ scorrettezze di Stefano Tsitsipas (e di altri tennisti) che utilizzerebbero in modo antisportivo il toilet break.

Partiamo dalle regole attuali

#Tennis #UsOpen Stefanos Tsitsipas e Daniil Medvedev - Foto Ray Giubilo
Il #ToiletBreak, in un match #Slam, è consentito due volte a partita.

È obbligatorio, una volta presa la via degli spogliatoi (con un giudice di linea al seguito), usufruire del bagno.

Non si può chiedere Toilet Break solamente per cambiarsi Foto Ray Giubilo
A #Sinner, che non conosceva la regola, durante il match con #Karatsev a #Lione è stato recentemente comminato un #Warning per essersi solamente cambiato senza aver usufruito del bagno.

Il giudice di linea ha avvertito l'arbitro ed è arrivata l'ammonizione Jannik Sinner - Foto Ray Giubilo
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Imagine KNOWING why & How Cities/States/World was specifically built for someone before they were born, more so when they were born & what it all meant during these tomes.
Imagine KNOWING that there were C_A controlled Cities/States built up all the same way to treat it's people
Like rats in A cage ..

Designing everything around the people to keep control of the mind & or keep them pushed into certain directions towards certain agendas that kept them within A deep sleep..
Now take this concept & apply it to A larger scale ..
EVERYTHING in ones lives
has been manipulated in some way to not only control the mind but also keep everyone as asleep as evil in this world could ..

You also have to apply to this, there has ALWAYS been A group of individuals in the shadows COUNTERING (Moves & Counter Moves) what evil was building
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Good Morning Adam!
TOMORROW Tbrough Wednesday, the bases will end up being LOADed. #WE Hit A #GIANT Grand #SLAM! It's going to be Bobby Roode Glorious!

Straight Away Center Field, 564 Feet. Image
Today, Parkman strikes out ..

First pitch is at 1445.
Second Pitch, 1600.
Third Pitch, the smoke will ##FLY## by at 105 MPH @ 2121 ..
A Week of Offense. Image
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Post ...
WCW 1999

Rick Flair
Rowdy Piper

(5) Posts In Total coming ...
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