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Road to Paris 2024: Qualification System!

In this thread, we cover how athletes will qualify for various sports at Paris Olympics.

First up: Badminton 🏸

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Badminton…
Next Sports: Football ⚽️

16 teams in Men's Tournament. 12 teams in Women's tournament. Let us see how to qualify..

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Football…
Next Up: Shooting!

India has already 3 quotas in Shooting for Paris Olympics. Let us see how the qualification process works..

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Shooting…
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[THREAD] How To Launch A Profitable Betting Tips Business in 23 Steps? 👇

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 Image

Choose ONLY 1 sport, the one you are passionate about. ⚽️🎾🏓🏉🥊🏒🎮

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 #Tennis #Predictions #football #NBA #CSGO #basketball Image

Create an IG and Tiktok account. Create a brand. Don’t overthink! Just do it!

Name + Logo + Main color

#DontOverThink #Act

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 #Tennis Image
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It's my #birthday today. Also happens to be the day where my father's monthly ritual in the first year falls on. We decided to not celebrate this year.
However, on the spirit of birthday, wanted to share an anecdote that is a bit light and funny #memories
I always knew that my #father named me. However, I did not know (or forgot) why. My mother told me about this when we were reminiscing about him.
My father studied at AM Jain, Loyola and MIT, Chrompet
I believe played tennis for the college teams. He was also captain in one of the places.
After graduating from Loyola, he once went back there and in a conversation with the PT master/tennis coach, he was told that there are two new boys who are playing well.
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Weekend tennis, opponent was too good today. Gotta put in more work, tournament season is coming up #tennis
Ran down this drop shot 💨
This was a great lob but a better overhead
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a twitter 10x brainstorm, hear me out:
IF every tweet was assigned a set of Topics via AI/NLP (auto or manual, mock-up below), and IF every creator thereby gained varying levels of “authority” in Topics based on how others w/ authority engaged w/ their tweets, THEN…
could we (1) attack spam/misinfo using next-level community curation (vs. censorship), (2) actually organize the BEST content on twitter, enabling billions more ppl to enjoy media by topic, curated by those w/ authority,(3) empower world’s experts in every topic, wikipedia style?
in the spirit of channeling love-driven-critique of a product into proactive ideas, here are a few thoughts on 1 (community curation), 2 (inverting media machine), and 3 ( incentivizing experts)...just $.02/riffs from a fellow product obsessive/community builder:
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🚨🚨🚨I’m thrilled to release today a new mini docu-series about the power of symbols, memory, and story through an exploration of Monument Ave. in Richmond, VA.

New episodes drop every day, so be sure to check back for more.

Here’s the first one. Let me know what you think!
In part 2 of this mini docuseries we look at the Robert E. Lee monument and how such statues helped create a narrative of white supremacy in the Jim Crow era.
#History #CivilWar #Monuments
Monuments matter because they are symbols. Symbols matter because symbols tell stories. Stories matter because stories make us who we are.

Part 3 of this mini docuseries tackles why we must remove Confederate monuments.
#History #CivilWar #Justice
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Dr Madhav Ghate, practising Psychiatrist, Pune writes on:

Why Tennis is so much more than a game!

I have been playing tennis for more than 55 years. Played it at the school, college, university level and even up to national and international levels.
I have also played many other games like Cricket, Table tennis, water polo, Athletics and so on. But gradually Tennis became my first passion. So much so that my wife used to say that it’s your first wife. Now after seventy years of life, looking back, I have realized that Tennis
has given me a lot of things beyond just the pleasure of playing the game. Without a doubt I can say that I ENJOY life. Every day ! Being a psychiatrist, I have a habit of analyzing things. You see, WHY is an extremely important question not just in psychiatry but in medicine in
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Novak Djokovic issued a statement regarding his #immigration status to #Australia to play #tennis in @AustralianOpen.…
How many poor people are in jails because of "administrative mistakes?" How many migrants are languishing in detention facilities or have been deported because of "administrative mistakes?" How many migrants can't actually practice their professions & instead perform much less
remunerative jobs because of laws which restrict their freedom to work? Deporting Novak or preventing him from competing, assuming #publichealth measures such as movement restrictions, masking & regular testing are followed, will neither stop the #pandemic nor relieve the
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The Novak Djokovic v Minister for Home Affairs, to be held in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia tomorrow, may become one of the most important legal cases involving sport in this country.
#djokovic #AusOpen #tennis #sportslaw
Here are some takeaways from the submission put forward by #djokovic’s legal team and some of the arguments you will hear tomorrow:
#djokovic came to Australia on a Temporary Act visa, also knows as a 408 visa. It is not subject to any condition with regard to vaccination status. It was issued to Mr Djokovic on November 18, 2021.
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2014: Peng Shuai #彭帅 28, atop @WTA, training at Tianjin Tennis Center #天津网球中心—Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 68, a top 7 🇨🇳 PSC leader—when their sex began.

FFWD 7yrs: Abuse claims, WTA suspends play—China impacts TBD at #Beijing2022 #冬奥会 & 20th PC #二十大. #MeToo #米兔 #我也是
For a line-by-line, Chinese-to-English translation of Peng Shuai’s #彭帅 2 Nov Weibo post discussing her relationship w/fmr Politburo Standing Committee, Vice Premier #副总理, Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 see ⬇️:

#MeToo #米兔 #我也是 #WhereIsPengShuai #PengShuai #Tennis #WTA #Beijing2022
Coincidentally, from 2016 Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 headed the Chinese govt’s steering committee @OlympicsCN set-up to “guide, support & supervise the 2022 Beijing Winter Games bid”—his role put him in contact w/high ranking Olympic officials, incl Pres Thomas Bach @IOCThomasBach.
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because nothing appeals more to the majority comics buying audience, middle-income 50 year old straight white males, than Tennis 🤦
#comics #dccomics #tennis #directtvstream
this ad has been in my feed constantly since September,

I'm sorry, its ridiculous, this is done to make Williams & media people happy, not the comics buying audience
#comics #dccomics #marvel #mcu #tennis #manga #advertising #news #DCAboveAll #WonderWoman
Just think this ad through for half a second:

"I wasn't going to get another justice-league issue but i just had to have that one with @serenawilliams"…
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Unverified post from Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, taken down from Weibo within minutes, in which she claims (again unverified) that she was assaulted by former Vice premier Zhang Gaoli, before willingly becoming his mistress. Highest public #MeToo allegation in China Image
China’s quickly-stifled #MeToo movement has ensnared academics, journalists, NGO workers.... but never had a high-level Party official been accused. The burden of proof and the political pressure brought to bear will be huge. And Peng herself admits to having no evidence.
So quickly are social media posts being censored on Chinese sites about this that people are resorting to using #tennis and #melon (meaning drama) in Chinese to talk about this... both terms are trending on Weibo now.
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#ToiletBreak e Querelle #Tsitsipas

Facciamo chiarezza con un bel thread

Si è parlato molto delle ‘presunte’ scorrettezze di Stefano Tsitsipas (e di altri tennisti) che utilizzerebbero in modo antisportivo il toilet break.

Partiamo dalle regole attuali

#Tennis #UsOpen Stefanos Tsitsipas e Daniil Medvedev - Foto Ray Giubilo
Il #ToiletBreak, in un match #Slam, è consentito due volte a partita.

È obbligatorio, una volta presa la via degli spogliatoi (con un giudice di linea al seguito), usufruire del bagno.

Non si può chiedere Toilet Break solamente per cambiarsi Foto Ray Giubilo
A #Sinner, che non conosceva la regola, durante il match con #Karatsev a #Lione è stato recentemente comminato un #Warning per essersi solamente cambiato senza aver usufruito del bagno.

Il giudice di linea ha avvertito l'arbitro ed è arrivata l'ammonizione Jannik Sinner - Foto Ray Giubilo
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I'm as big a hater as the next hater, but even I want @DjokerNole to win @usopen #tennis championship & complete the calendar grand slam.
#1, no man has accomplished this for more than 5 decades. Rooting against Novak at this point is like rooting against the next interplanetary rover just because you don't like the nation which launched it. This is an amazing, inspirational feat. Let's hope Djokovic can do it.
#2, yes, Novak isn't as polished & smooth as Federer & Nadal. But 99% of humanity aren't as smooth as those two. I love @RafaelNadal's honesty, openness & humility. I love @rogerfederer's grace on the court & ease navigating the press & corporate sponsorships & everyday life.
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Before Venus & Serena Williams, there was Margaret and Matilda Peters. They were nicknamed “Pete” and “Repeat” for their doubles playing skills and last name. The Peters sisters attended Tuskegee Institute in 1937.
While they were in college, segregation laws did not allow African Americans to compete against whites, so the Peters sisters played in the American Tennis Association (ATA), which was created specifically to give African-Americans a forum to play tennis competitively.
After graduating from Tuskegee in 1941 they b oth continued to play tennis in the ATA. They won 14 doubles tennis titles between 1938 and 1953. Despite their great skill, the sisters were never permitted to compete against the great white doubles players of the time.
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Sumit Nagal is playing Daniil Medvedev of Russia.. #Tennis.... I dont know why these players are being sent to be slaughtered... Nagal is ranked 144... Medvedev is No.2... What is the point? Just show your face & mark attendance?... #TokyoOlympics
Even in regular tennis tournaments of full strength (128)... Sumit Nagal would not be in the main rounds unless he goes through a qualifier...
Spare me such idiotic replies... Keep quiet if you dont have brains... Nagal is a Pro tennis player... Olympics is once in 4 years.. ATP is round the year... So dont blabber about "Exposure"... #MoronicReplies..
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Der nächste #Olympics-Tag ist übrigens schon wieder angelaufen - die ersten Runden in den #Surfing-Bewerben finden statt. Guten Abend, miteinander. Image
Worauf ihr am zweiten offiziellen Wettkampftag aus österreichischer Sicht zu schauen habt, #Ölympia:
#Shooting: Steiner (2:00), Strempfl (6:00)
#Rowing: Altenhuber/Cavallar (3:30), Lobnig (4:20)
#TableTennis: Habesohn (7:45), Gardos (9:15)
#ArtisticGymnastics: Hämmerle (4:55)
#Swimming: Auböck (Finale/3:30), Grabowski (12:07), Reitshammer (12:56), Kahler (13:12)
#Tennis: Marach/Oswald (2.S. nach 4:00)
#CyclingRoad: Kiesenhofer (6:00)
#CanoeSlalom: Wolffhardt (6:50)
#Equestrian: Schumach (10:09), Bacher (14:15)

Ihr merkt also: Ihr müsst durchmachen.
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🗓️ AGORA COMEÇOU DE VEZ! Toda a programação para o dia de hoje nesse MEGA fio 🧶!

#JogosOlímpicos #Tokyo2020
#Shooting (Felipe Wu #BRA) 🥇
#Handball (#NOR x #BRA)
#Fencing (Natalie #BRA x Rossella Fiamingo #ITA) 🥇;
#TableTennis (Jessica Yamada #BRA x Rachel Moret #SUI);
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#TeamIndia's #Tokyo2020 events on July 24 thread:

#Shooting: Women's 10m Air Rifle: Elavenil Valarivan, Apurvi Chandela (Qual: 5 am, Final: 7:15 am)

Men's 10m Air Pistol: Saurabh Chaudhary, Abhishek Verma (Qual: 9:30 am, Final 12:00 pm)
#Archery: Mixed team event (6am onwards)

#Hockey: Men: 6:30 am, Women: 5:15pm

#Tennis: Men's single - Sumit Nagal: 7:30am

#TableTennis: Mixed Doubles Round of 16: Sharath/Manika: 8:30am

Women's single: Manika vs Tin Ho: 12:15 pm
Sutirtha Mukherjee vs Linda Bergstroem 1:00 pm
#Rowing: Men's lightweight double sculls Heat 2: A. Lal Jat, A. Singh: 7:30 am

#Judo: Round of 32 (Women's 48KG) S.D. Likmabam vs E. Csernoviczki: 8:28 am

#Wrestling: Women's 49kg - Chanu Saikhom Mirabai: 10:20 am
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@naomiosaka dedicated her life to tennis from a young age and, upon reaching a long imagined first grand slam, she was booed in front of a crowd of many thousands. A goal of recognition lost, together with a very public rejection/disapproval
She told of #depression that followed this loss, and of intense #socialanxiety, the latter focused around press appearances and being publicly questionned: an entirely understandable experience. I have met many other top athletes who share this perception of 'doing media'
Social anxiety is a recognised disorder that causes persistent, intense fear or anxiety about specific social situations: distressing thoughts about being judged, embarrassed or humiliated.
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Qualche cinguettata del nostro influenzar blogger preferito: 𝗠𝗿. 𝗕𝘂𝗯𝘂 𝗔𝘀𝘀𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲. Il Leonardo Da Tastiera di questa lunga pandemia. Una raccolta di tweet scelti a caso, non per forza con rigore, ma piuttosto con tanto amore 😉👍 @RobertoBurioni #burioni Image
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More pictures from the official welcoming of #TeamOyo by the @oyostategovt and @seyiamakinde yesterday.
The athletes that won medals and coaches were rewarded.
Gold 🥇5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ naira
Silver 🥈 3️⃣5️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ naira
Bronze 🥉 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣, 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ naira
Each Coach 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣
@seyiamakinde unveiling some of the medals won by #TeamOyo at @nsf_edo
1 - Saheed Adeyemi (2 Gold, 1 Silver in #Darts)
2 - Rofiat Lawal (3 Gold in #Weightlifting)
3 - Sarah Adegoke (1 Gold, 1 Silver in #Tennis)
4 - Clifford Orusa (2 Gold in deaf #ShotPut and deaf #Discuss
This is marvelous and it is beautiful in our sight.
#TeamOyo at the Executive Council Chamber officially meeting with the @oyostategovt led by Governor @seyiamakinde.
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@oyostategovt medal winners @nsf_edo
David Joseph - Gold 🥇
Sarah Adegoke - Gold 🥇
Men's Doubles - Gold 🥇
Mixed Doubles - Silver 🥈
Sarah Ochiba - Gold 🥇
Edward Shinyi - Silver 🥈
#TradoSport (Ayo Olopon)
Johnson Adeoye - Gold 🥇
Men's Team - Gold 🥇
#TradoSport (Ayo Olopon)
Mixed Doubles - Gold 🥇
Seun Aiyedun - Silver 🥈
Yakubu Adesokan - Gold 🥇
Mimo Olabode - Silver 🥈
Noah Adeola - Silver 🥈
Ibrahim Dauda - Silver 🥈
Kazeem Oseni - Silver 🥈
Osewa Toyosi - Bronze 🥉
Rofiat Aanuoluwa Lawal - 3️⃣ Gold🥇🥇🥇
Taiwo Liadi - 2️⃣ Gold🥇🥇 & 1️⃣ Silver🥈
Taiwo Osijo - 1️⃣ Gold🥇 & 2️⃣ Silver 🥈🥈
Latifat Lawal - 3️⃣ Silver🥈🥈🥈
Saheed Adeyemi - 1️⃣ Gold 🥇 & 1️⃣ Silver 🥈
Men's Doubles - Gold 🥇
Alao Adedolapo - 2 Bronze 🥉🥉
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I caught the last set & a half of Marat Safin's victory over Roger Federer in 2005 Australian Open semifinal on @TennisChannel. Unbelievable #tennis & drama. Full match here
My impression is that nobody has lost more Grand Slam matches having had match points than Federer. Is that true?
In fact, Federer has a long list of tough losses in Grand Slam matches: this one to Safin, the Australian Open final to Nadal, Nadal's victory in the dark at the Wimbledon final, Novak twice at US Open down match points, 2 5-set Wimbledon finals losses to Novak, US Open loss
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