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1. Are we #bloated? Do we feel bad-tempered? 😴Sleepy most of the time? Especially after meals? Do we have no energy or enthusiasm for life?
2. Then it’s ideal to start #eating less and eliminate yeast, gluten, reduce sugar and dairy.
3. Bloating is a signal that our #body sends us that it needs changes.

Sport and walking will reactivate digestion and intestinal transit.
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Must Read 🟢
Death of a Myth

We are experiencing the death throes of the #US unipolar hegemony over large parts of world.…
"Until citizens begin to realize the magnitude of their govt’s policy deceptions, it will become increasingly difficult to understand the #US changing global position & adjust to the effects of the growing negative perception of our country held by many people around the world." Image
Since World War II, & particularly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US was the dominant & unrivaled world power. Instead of being a peacekeeper & honest “world's policeman,” the US has increasingly been a destabilizing bully.…
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NEW: Russian authorities appear to be escalating their promotion of false flag information operations to distract from their lack of tangible battlefield gains & slow down the provision of Western military aid ahead of expected Ukrainian counteroffensives.
2/ The #Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) accused the “US and its accomplices” on February 28 of planning to carry out a provocation in #Ukraine using toxic chemicals.
3/ The #Russian MoD relatedly claimed on February 19 that #Ukrainian officials are planning false-flag attacks at hazardous radiation facilities in #Ukraine to accuse Russian forces of indiscriminately striking such sites.
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EVOLUTION OF DIPLOMACY. "Nothing about 🇺🇦without 🇺🇦" is extremely important for the Ukrainian nation. But it also serves the interests of other nations because it doesn't allow 🇷🇺to turn its aggression against Ukraine into a broader confrontation with 🇺🇸.
It's a failed attempt of #Moscow to impose the great power competition scheme and trade its "cooperation" on global issues for allowing it to re-establish spheres of influence in Europe that justified the "suspension" of their participation in the new #START Treaty.
There are no immediate negative consequences of such a decision, and, highly likely, there won't be any in the future, for a new nuclear arms race for Moscow would mean old results – a state collapse.
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A new development with #Russia planned "coup" in #Modova is that Pres. Putin cancelled ONE of the decrees that among other recognized MLD territorial integrity. That happened after Kremlin coup in MLD failed, as #Ukraine intercepted it &Moldova stopped it…
2. As we know #Russian attempt to destabilize #Moldova did not work. #Ukraine President Zelensky announced that its country intercepted the plans. As experts saw, the Kremlin is now trying to use its proxies, sympathizers etc to destabilize the situation
3. I was asked if #Russia really plans to invade #Moldova. I don't think so, tho Kremlin's decision making is so skewed... I do believe, however, that Kremlin expected its proxies in MLD to start a coup "Donbass" style + create instability near #Ukraine
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#Biden in #Kyiv: Why didn't Russia strike a decapitating blow? | Yesterday, 19:59
- Contrary to previous statements, the main overlord of the Kyiv regime, Joe Biden, came to Kyiv on a visit.…
#Biden Speech LIVE: US President Lands In War-Zone Ukraine | Zelenskyy, Biden Walk Together In #Kyiv
Thread | 20 tweets
#US planned the #war and the #EnergyCrisis in #Europe | Sep 13
#Pressure Mysteriously Plunges in #NordStream1&2 | Sep 27, 2023
#Poroshenko #Minsk was merely a distraction intended to buy #time for #Kiev to #rebuild its #military | Jun 17
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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#Bojo Recounts #Putin #Missile Attack Threat | -2h
- "He sort of threatened me at one point and said, 'Boris, I don't want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a #minute,' or something like that," Johnson quoted Putin as saying…
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak
The world has suffered for decades from the #AngloSaxon #AgathaChristie psychopath poisoning operations.
- That is why it is good for everyone that the #satanic forces are vaporized, asap.… ImageImage
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak #PortonDown #Salisbury #Skripals #Syria #Douma #OPCW #Novichok #Navalny
1. #Novichok was used and produced in the #US since 2008. #Patent US 9,132,135 b2 | Sep 17, 2020.
2. #PortonDown: #Salisbury nerve agent 'attack' reveals $70M #Pentagon program
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Good Morning .@VinceMcMahon !

Here is the payment for .@WWE, 1 1907 PENNY—First Order of Business is bringing back the Hardcore Title with A 24/7 McTwist of Fate, The title is defended only through THE FORBIDDEN DOOR against .@AEW talent ..

ATTI2UDE.0 Bleeds Green. Image
Hope Ya’ll Like making money, because there’s A lot more where that came from ..

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Σήμερα είναι η επέτειος του πραξικοπήματος στην #burkinafaso, ημέρα υπουργείου θρησκευτικών υποθέσεων στην #Indonesia και #tamaseseri φεστιβάλ στην #japan.

#σανΣημερα τo 1521 o παπάς #leoX αφορίζει το #martinLuther. Ξεκινάει η #protestantReformation.

Tο 1749 εκδίδεται το πρώτο τεύχος της εφημερίδας #berlingske στη #danemark. Είναι η αρχαιότερη σε συνεχή κυκλοφορία της χώρας.

Το 1957 η εταιρεία #hamiltonWatchCompany κυκλοφορεί το πρώτο ηλεκτρικό ρολόι.

Το 1976 ο #un υιοθετεί τη διεθνή συμφωνία οικονομικών, κοινωνικών και πολιτιστικών δικαιωμάτων.

Το 1977 δημιουργείται η #apple.

To 1993 υπογράφεται από τις #usa και τη #russia, η συμφωνία #start.

To 1999 εκτοξεύεται η αποστολή #marsPolarLander της #nasa.

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Raids are happening swiftly, Midnight Oil …

Banks & Buckets,Call Me— 🤙 ..
You have the #NUMBers
Dark Is Light
Many who claimed to be of light all these years, Evil.
Nothing is what it seems. ImageImage
🕯 1-2H (C)loser

Close. Call

✌️ 22
31-13 Pool Party
+3 10
11 ImageImage
Dale Z
Jesus Z
Step Brothers
Catalina Wine Mixer

College #ZZ
PUeTz #SUNK ⛳️ Happy Wins
Ryan Road

I Am The Beginning & THE END, Back to THE BEGINNING ..
Back To The Future. ImageImage
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LEAKED Footage surfaces from the Air Plane Taking off with the Migrants that came to the United States from Mexico, They stated in An interview they’re “Suing DeSantis because they didn’t get to blow one down with Snoop-A-Lopp while being transferee to
Marthas Vineyard” …

Later Reports came in from the ‘The Daily Test-E’s’—
-John F Kennedy Jr Met with DeSantis, The Mexican Migrants & .@SnoopDogg to Calm the Situation down.
During the 17 Hour long meeting between JK, Snoop, DeSantis & the Migrants—A small portion of
the meeting was overheard: #START Quote;
“Fellas Fellas, there’s no need to Stress, I met with you all here today just to let you know it’s going to be alright, don’t worry”.
I also brought with me my secret stash Called ‘The Deep State of Mind’, I also brought with me THE
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Sempre me pedem por aqui alguma assinatura e carteira recomendada de longo prazo a um preço mais acessível.

Alguma que caiba no investidor que aporta 200, 300 por mês.

Pensando em continuar a democratizar o acesso ao mercado financeiro…
O time da Suno liberou um desconto de 33% na Suno Start!

Por apenas R$ 6,67/mês, cerca de R$0,22/dia, você terá acesso a conteúdos de investimentos e recomendações para investir em uma carteira diversificada em fundos imobiliários, ações e fundos de investimentos.
E o melhor de tudo:

A carteira é toda ordenada por ranking, para você saber quais são as melhores oportunidades do momento.

Se eu estivesse começando agora e com pouco dinheiro, eu definitivamente aproveitaria essa oportunidade.

Mas não demore muito…
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Life Has Only just Begun for all ! …

Thank You for always believing in ME, Even on the darkest of days this world has ever seen—You never stopped having faith in The smallest spark lighting the way. That spark turned into A BEAM OF LIGHT …

I Will NEVER Abandon yoU! ImageImage
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I’m Fully Aware …
Grapes/Bread are the real [EVIL] Ones plaguing/enslaving this world, doing harm upon children/trafficking children …


There is only 1 “Nobody” that could turn water into wine & the story told of it was never something physical that happened ..
It has always been about KNOWING of all those that were/are pretending to be of light/God/Jesus but really the ones doing all the harm upon children/humanity as [they] have been …

Once [they] are all arrested, all the crimes exposed of what’s been happening for the last
5-10-25-60-89-99-500-1,755-2,000 years & Justice is served —Everything can go back to the way it was always meant to be before [they]/evil/the common enemy of Lucifer & Gods infiltrated …
I don’t care if ones chose the “Darkside”, those who chose the
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Good Morning!

So the community I’ve been interacting with that creates content for 2 of the most popular Skateboarding games to date, they’re starting to wake up little bit little.
I’m Noticing more & more conversations are being had like this one, only thing is—Little to None
I’ve interacted with know of what has really been happening all these many years outside of spying on citizens or data mining ones personal info …
The only name that’s been brought up for who they get their info from has been, Alex jones. ..
As soon as I was shown that
Name, all I could reply with was,“How has this guy not had A heart Attack or Stroke yet” …

I had/have nothing to say about him or the way he presents information. .
It’s ones like AJ that will end up causing people to destroy everything around them when finding out the
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The #Crumbling #Empire & its #EU #Vassals are #Locked in an #Economic #War of #Attrition with #Russia, which it did NOT #Expect & against which it has NO #Plan on how to #Win it.
The #Increase of ever #More #Sanctions on #Russia are #Hurting both the #US & even more>>
the #EU-part of the #Empire more than #Russia,
in a steady #Rising way, creating more & more #Resistance against it, both in the #US as in #Europe.
In the #Battlefield- #War-#Theatre however, its clear that the #Russian #Allies are slowly, but #Decisively & #Grindingly>>
#Destroying the #Ukraine #Army & its #Infrastructure, that was #Constructed, #Armed & #Trained by the #NATO-allies in the 8 years since the #Maidan #Coup & #Start of the #Ukraine #Civil #War in 2014.
When the #Policy of #Fighting instead of #Diplomacy continues,
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…And the Transmission just blew on the only vehicle had to do all that needs to be don for the babies on A daily basis, AWESOME !!!

No time to waste on what demons are saying on TV who aren’t real. What is real though, these children & they are way more important …
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Pistol's Ricocheted.
↳ a jukyu filo au

Two young souls who once dreamt of becoming cops together were separated by time. After decades, their paths cross again in one's work field only as a police and a crook.

"Now we got problems and I don't think we can solve them."
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I want to talk about the “7 Deadly Sins” ..

So much has been altered Throughout time that has basically kept everyone/MOST living in A state of fear of actually LIVING, divided & easily controlled .. Not to mention, so much contradiction was added.

Everyone makes mistakes,
Mistakes Can be learned from.
Sin is self reflection of the mind & soul, being able to forgive ones self is important for those who carry the weight of “sin”, but what it “sin” ?
The world has been separated by class, religion, race, Cree & so much more.

Think of this for an
Many poor Individuals see all these wealthy “stars”(some puppets doing all that they do/show the masses on purpose pushing them into agendas) living their extravagant life styles (by design) & want what they have. Many know they will never be able to achieve those riches
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“What’s a DAO?” — A 5 Minute Primer for Normal People

It feels weird writing about DAOs. The concept is simple but at the same time, the application of the concept is complex.

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization.
Simply put, DAOs are communities of people who share the same interests, work on the same projects or in similar industries, or hold the same beliefs.
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