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Gen. Rufus Saxton died #OTD in 1908 at the age of 83. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his defense of @HarpersFerryNPS in 1862, and later raised the first black regiment in the Union Army, the 1st South Carolina Colored Volunteers. He is buried in @ArlingtonNatl Cemetery.
In August 1862, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton authorized Saxton, the military governor of the Department of the South, to recruit up to 5000 troops to form the first federally approved black infantry regiments. @BlackPastOnline #CivilWar
Saxton in turn named his friend Col. Thomas W. Higginson as commander of the newly raised regiment, which proved very effective at conducting coastal raids. Harriet Tubman briefly served with the unit in South Carolina, first as a cook and nurse, then as a spy, and scout.
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Robert Smalls died #OTD in 1915 at the age of 75. Born into slavery in Beaufort, SC, during the #CivilWar Smalls commandeered the confederate transport Planter in May 1862, sailing it from Charleston Harbor and turning it over to the Union, freeing himself and the crew.
Smalls was eventually made Captain of the Planter, which was converted to service in the @USNavy, making him the first African-American to command as US naval vessel. After the war, he founded the South Carolina Republican Party and was elected to the US House of Representatives.
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The city of Wilmington, NC was abandoned by confederate forces under Braxton Bragg #OTD in 1865. It was occupied by @USArmy forces under General John Schofield hours later, closing the last port on the eastern seaboard used by the confederacy during the #CivilWar.
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Colonel Augustus Wade Dwight was born #OTD in 1827 in Halifax, VT. After a privileged life attending @Yale, mining for gold, circumnavigating the globe, and practicing as a lawyer, Dwight joined the @USArmy at the outbreak of the #CivilWar.
Dwight was commissioned as a Captain in the 122nd New York Infantry. He would serve with the regiment for the remainder of the war, mostly as Lt. Colonel, in every major engagement of the Army of the Potomac, including @GettysburgNMP and @USGrantNPS’s Overland Campaign.
Just two weeks before the war ended, while serving as acting Colonel and regimental commander, Dwight was killed by an artillery shell while leading his men in a counterattack near @PetersburgNPS following the failed confederate attack on Fort Stedman.
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The Battle of Okolona, MS was fought #OTD in 1864. Union cavalry under General William Sooy Smith, delayed in riding to support General William T. Sherman’s occupation of Meridian, encountered confederate cavalry under Nathan Bedford Forrest. #CivilWar
Despite being outnumbered almost 3-to-1, Forrest’s troopers routed Smith’s force in a running day-long battle. He stopped only when his men ran low on ammunition, while Smith’s force retreated all the way into southern Tennessee.
During the fight, German-born Private Charles Bieger of the 4th Missouri Cavalry rode forward under fire to save the life of his captain, whose horse had been shot from under him. Bieger was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.
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John H. Winder was born #OTD in 1800, in Maryland. He graduated from @WestPoint_USMA in 1820, and served off and on in the @USArmy for the next 40 years. At the outbreak of the #CivilWar, Winder resigned his commission and joined the rebellion against the United States. Image
In his new capacity with the confederacy, Winder was placed in charge of all prisons, including Libby Prison in @RichmondNPS and Andersonville (@andeNHS) where Union prisoners of war were held. He has been widely vilified for the poor treatment the prisoners received. ImageImage
Winder died of a heart attack before the war ended, and is buried in Green Mount Cemetery in @BaltimoreMD. He was portrayed as a cruel character in MacKinlay Kantor's @PulitzerPrizes-winning novel "Andersonville". ImageImage
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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker died #OTD in 1919 in Oswego, NY. She earned a medical degree at @SyracuseU in 1855 and volunteered for service as a surgeon on the Union Army at the outbreak of the #CivilWar. In that role, she became the only woman ever to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Image
A strong believer in women's rights and abolition, she refused the @USArmy's offer that she could serve only as a nurse, and instead chose to work as an unpaid surgeon until the War Department finally employed her, in Sept 1863, as a Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon. Image
Assigned to the Army of the Cumberland, and briefly as regimental surgeon of the 52nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, she was with the army in the aftermath of the Battle of @ChickamaugaNPS. Image
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The Battle of Valverde was fought #OTD in 1862. It was the first major engagement of the confederate New Mexico Campaign, launched the prior month under the command of Henry Hopkins Sibley, intended to drive all Union forces from the state for the rest of the #CivilWar. ImageImage
Six weeks after crossing into the state, Sibley’s army of 2,500 men approached Fort Craig along the banks of the Rio Grande River. It was the headquarters of a Union force of nearly 4,000 troops under Colonel Edward Canby, an experienced soldier and @WestPoint_USMA graduate. Image
Only 1200 of Canby’s men were well-trained. The rest were militia and volunteers, including the 1st New Mexico Regiment under Colonel Kit Carson. Ft. Craig was a formidable position, though, and Sibley elected not to attack it directly. ImageImageImage
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Frederick Douglass, the renowned abolitionist, social reformer, and orator, celebrated his birthday #OTD in the later years of his life. His exact date of birth is not known, as he was born into slavery in Maryland and the birth was not recorded.(@FredDouglassNPS)
During the #CivilWar, Douglass was a strong advocate of enlisting African-American men into the @USArmy, arguing that since the goal of the war was the abolition of slavery, those most impacted should be permitted to fight for that cause.
Once they were finally permitted to serve, Douglass actively recruited men for the famed 54th Massachusetts Infantry. Two of those men were his sons, Charles and Lewis. Charles was in poor health and did not see action, but Lewis was wounded at the Battle of Fort Wagner.
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General William T. Sherman occupied @CityofMeridian, MS with one wing of his Army of the Tennessee #OTD in 1864. He immediately set about ordering the destruction of the railroad track, locomotives, bridges and storehouses.#CivilWar
The other wing of Sherman's army, cavalrymen under Gen. William Sooy Smith, was intended to reach Meridian from the North, but encountered a force under Nathan Bedford Forrest and were forced to withdraw. Sherman pulled his force back to @VicksburgNPS a week later.
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Admiral David Dixon Porter, commander of the Mississippi River Squadron during the #CivilWar and later Superintendent of the @USNaval_Academy and the second man ever to hold the rank of Admiral in the @USNavy , died #OTD in 1891. He is buried in @ArlingtonNatl Cemetery.
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The Battle of Middle Boggy Depot was fought in Choctaw Indian Territory of what is now Oklahoma #OTD in 1864, when a Union force under Colonel William Phillips moved south from Fort Gibson in an attempt to divide confederate forces in the Territory. #CivilWar ImageImageImage
An advance force of the 14th Kansas Cavarly under Major Charles Willetts encountered a force of 90 confederates at a depot at a crossing of the Middle Boggy River. Willetts ordered a charge routing the small rebel force, killing more than half of them. ImageImage
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Darius Nash Couch, a @USArmy general during the #CivilWar as well as a respected naturalist in the scientific community, died #OTD in 1897. He was 72 years old. Image
A graduate of @WestPoint_USMA in the Class of 1846, Couch served in the Mexican-American War, distinguishing himself during the Battle of Buena Vista. He saw further combat in the Third Seminole War in Florida before serving several years in garrison duty. ImageImageImageImage
During 1853-54, Couch took a leave of absence from the Army to conduct a scientific mission in Mexico for the @smithsonian Institution. While there, he discovered a species of toad, two reptiles, and a bird that became known as Couch’s kingbird. ImageImageImageImage
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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was born #OTD in 1809. His election in 1860 was a catalyst for the southern states’ secession, but his firm, principled leadership guided the Union to victory in the #CivilWar before his assassination in 1865. (@ALPLM) Image
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The #CapitolRiot. How did we get here? About 6 years ago the firehose of disinformation in the US was turned on full blast. The source was #RussianIntelligence. BUT THEN, they stepped back, because the seed was planted.…
The fissures in American society they were seeking to exploit, exploded open. When the dust settled, some of our fellow Americans bought fully into the lies the #GRU was pushing, even prominent educated citizens, journalists, politicians and others.…
Then in 2016 many of the conspiracy theories pushed out by groups like Qanon became convenient fodder for politicians, business people, journalists and everyday citizens seeking to push their own agendas. #CognitiveDissonance THAT is when the dangerous talk about #CivilWar began
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People still don't get it. #America is heading for #civilwar because half of US believes the election process has been tainted. That is regardless on who won in November. (Hint: there is always voting fraud in the U.S., it is the scale of fraud that has perceived to have changed)
With voting so close and obvious statistical anomalies in the Covid19 impacted vote (just analyse the historical pattern vs last year), and 4yrs of Dems saying their election was stolen, and denigrating the Whitehouse, it is obvious the distrust is HIGH that the vote was rigged.
This is the outcome of decades of identity politics and partisan media selling discord to keep the masses distracted from the obvious: the US economy is collapsing under its own massive debt savings mismatch. Social cohesion is breaking down, inequality rising. Covid19 was the
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1. I know I've been raging angry since the #MAGA #DomesticTerrorism attack on our nation, but for 20+ years I swore allegiance to the US Constitution, and I'm still so furious that our own POTUS would encourage our very own citizens to attack our nation.

2. The oath of office we vets take isn't something to be taken lightly. I would literally give up my life to protect our leaders, even those I disagree with. I would lay down my life for people like Trump, @LindseyGrahamSC, & even @tedcruz. I would take a bullet for all of them.
3. The fact that they would not only support, but still continue to encourage the #MAGATerrorists doesn't just hurt me as a citizen, but it destroys me as a disabled combat veteran. Their support of those who wish to bring down our country hurts me in ways #ISIS never could.
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The question everyone, especially law enforcement, needs to ask is: how did #Cult45 members get into the Capital building?? Someone on the inside is complicit in this fascist display. #WashingtonDC #DCProtests
#MitchMcConnell fully enabled & helped create this fascist Frankenstein monster. His empty words now mean nothing.

#Cult45 #WashingtonDC #CapitalHill #Thugs #TrumpRally
#Cult45 thugs roaming the Capital building shouting “DEFEND TRUMP”. Their goal is not truth, democracy or the constitution, it is fulfilling the delusion of a psychopath. #WashingtonDC #TrumpRally
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Private Trip: Ya' the onliest family I got.

And I love the 54th.

#civilwar #Glory
Um hum.
Um hum.
Um hum.
A Negro Regiment in Action--The Battle of Island Mounds--Desperate Bravery of the Negros--Defeat of the Guerrillas--An Attempted Fraud.…
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Starting my next biography with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Get ready for some President Grant!

#Seattle #History #President #America #USA #Army #Rainier Image
Just a few years before the Civil War, Grant was so poor he was peddling firewood on a St. Louis street corner in a faded army overcoat, trying to feed his family.
Ulysses S. Grant was actually named Hiram Ulysses Grant at birth, but when a congressman wrote his endorsement to attend West Point, he accidentally wrote “Ulysses S. Grant,” (Assuming S for Grant’s mother’s maiden name), and West Point refused to correct it. Image
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General Wesley Merritt, a graduate of the @WestPoint_USMA Class of 1860 who rose to the rank of Major General by the end of the #CivilWar, died #OTD in 1910 in Natural Bridge, VA. He was 76 years old.
A cavalry officer, Merritt served under some of the finest cavalry officers in the @USArmy. Gen. John Buford was his commander before the war, and after it began he served as aide-de-camp to Gen. Philip St. George Cooke and adjutant to Gen. George Stoneman.
At the Battle of Brandy Station, Merritt commanded the Reserve Brigade under Buford, and was slightly wounded in the action. He distinguished himself enough that he, along with Elon Farnsworth and George Custer, was promoted directly from Captain to Brigadier General.
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#OTD in 1834, Joseph Howland was born in New York City. A direct descendent of Mayflower passengers John and Elizabeth Howland, he chose to join the 16th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the outbreak of the #CivilWar.
Howland was chosen as Colonel and commanding officer of the regiment just before the First Battle of Bull Run (@ManassasNPS), and briefly saw action there.
On June 27, 1862, while leading the regiment at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill, Howland was shot in the leg, but continued to lead his men from horseback during the confederate assault despite his wound. He was later breveted Brigadier General for his actions that day.
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General George B. McClellan was born #OTD in 1826, in Philadelphia, PA. After rising to prominence during the #CivilWar, becoming General-in-Chief of the @USArmy, McClellan became @TheDemocrats nominee in the presidential election of 1864, losing to Abraham Lincoln.
McClellan was accepted to @WestPoint_USMA when he was just 16, and graduated 2nd in his class when he was still only 19. Within months he was in Mexico, where he served with distinction at the Battles of Contreras, Churubusco and Chapultepec.
McClellan left the @USArmy in 1857 and became a railroad executive, but returned to service at the outbreak of the #CivilWar. He had great success in command of Union forces in West Virginia, and was called east by President Lincoln after the Battle of Bull Run (@ManassasNPS).
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Theodrick “Tod” Carter died #OTD in 1864, in @CityOfFranklin, TN. He enlisted in the 20th Tennessee Infantry at the outbreak of the #CivilWar, and served in all of the regiment’s major engagements, including @ShilohNPS, Murfreesboro (@cityofmborotn), and @ChickamaugaNPS.
Ultimately, he and his unit were part of the confederate assault on the Union position at his hometown of Franklin, in December, 1864. Carter was mortally wounded only 500 yards from his home. Found by family members after the battle, he died in the home two days later.
Carter House is now preserved as a museum, part of the Battle of Franklin Trust (
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