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In Human culture the analogy between day, year and life is very precise: each one has four seasons (that are further divided into three periods each).

#life #age #conlang #calendar #youth #wordoftheday #wordsmith #linguistics #languagematters #language #langtwt #conculture
Let's consider the first periods:
• Primanɔtte (Earlynight) is like Priminvɛrno (Earlywinter) and when you are a bambino (a person from 0 to 7 years old).
• Meʒʒanɔtte (Midnight) is like Meʒʒinvɛrno (Midwinter) and when you are a citto (a person from 7 to 14 years old).
• Tardanɔtte (Latenight) is like Tardinvɛrno (Latewinter) and when you are a ragazzo (a person from 14 to 21 years old).
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The rationale behind alphabetical order in Human:
• 1 vowel, 4 consonants, 1 vowel, 4 consonants...
• Impulse vowel (ɔ) at the beginning, culmination vowel (a) at the centre, cadence vowel (ɛ) at the end.

#conlang #alphabet #language #letters #linguistics #human #langtwt
• Impulse nasal (m) at the beginning, culmination nasal (n) at the centre, cadence nasal (ŋ) at the end.
• Pure letter (h) at the centre.
• Elemental vowels follow the order of the Elements: Water (u), Air (e), Fire (i), Earth (o).
• Non-nasal sonorants near their elemental vowel: Water (ʋ), Air (l), Fire (j), Earth (r).
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👇🏻 A great example of the manipulation of language to gain access to children. #dragqueen #storytelling #children #safeguarding #SafetyFirst
What is a "rich experience"? I do believe they are 'story telling'. What does "interactive" mean? An 'understanding of different communities' is used to manipulate, as is 'can reduce inequality'. A healthy positive start in life for children is one withOUT sexualization
Note how they use language & words to make the audience believe that teaching them about drag, etc. gives children a 'positive start' in life. This is manipulation. Exposing children to drag is going to 'reduce inequality' or normalise drag? #linguistics #questions #manipulation
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One common misconception around obstetrical terms is with the word #caesarean as in Caesarean section or C-section in Spanish “cesárea”. Because most people assume it comes from, obviously
And yes it does come from Caesar but not in the way it is generally thought, which is that it’s called that way because that is how he was born.But historically that will not make sense. At that time that kind of surgery was practiced but still not as well as it is done nowadays
which meant that an operation to get the baby out of the mother was performed when the mother was dead or dying. We know from historical records that Julius Caesars’ mother, Aurelia, lived beyond his birth
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What's happening? Ongoing imperialism and all the other systemic oppressions in #signlanguages #linguistics

Since 2020, at least three hearing scholars in Europe have been awarded substantial + prestigious grants to research the phonology and morphology of signed languages
All have purportedly benevolent intentions to advance the field, to contribute to our understanding how languages work, to promote signed languages, to facilitate comparison with spoken and written languages and many other noble causes
Some also state they want to provide opportunities for deaf PhD and postdocs, positioning themselves as allies who are sympathetic to the constant agitation for human rights for deaf signing peoples. Some have also contributed extensively to these areas.
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لفظ کہا ھوا ھو یا لکھا ھوا__
علم ومعلومات کے ایک نسل سے دوسری نسل تک پہنچنے کاوسیلہ لفظ ہی ھوتے ہیں (Bloomfield Theory*)۔
لکھے ھوئے لفظ کی عمر کہے ھوئے لفظ سے کہیں زیادہ ھوتی ھےاس لئے انسان نے فن تحریر ایجاد کیا۔
ایک زمانہ تھاجب فن طباعت سے لفظ کی عمر اورصحت
میں اضافہ ھوا مگر پھر بدقسمتی سے اسی فن طباعت نے غلط الفاظ کو درست سمجھنے پر مجبور کر دیا ھے۔
طباعت نے کچھ یوں ہماری اردو کا ستیاناس کیا ھے؛
غلط                              درست
انشاء اللہ ان شاءاللہ
انکساری انکسار
اےخدایا خدایا
بارات برات
بخیریت سے خیریت سے
بےنیل ومرام بےنیل مرام
السلام وعلیکم                السلام علیکم
 آب زم زم کاپانی            آب زم زم
بمع اہل وعیال                 مع اہل وعیال
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Does language shape thought? Do the languages we speak affect how we live our lives? In a forthcoming article in Language, I revisit one of the oldest debates in the social sciences. Here's a mega-🧵 to whet your appetite!
"Language shapes reality" --> you've probably heard some version of this before. Linguists generally call this the "linguistic relativity" thesis. You may have heard it termed the "Sapir-Whorf hypothesis"
(Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, for whom it's named, didn't really believe this thesis in its strongest form. But they made important discoveries about human languages and how we use language.)
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خطہ پاکستان میں بولی جانےوالی زبانیں
پاکستان میں #اردو کےعلاؤہ درجنوں چھوٹی بڑی زبانیں بولی جاتی ہیں جوایک قابل فخربات ھے۔
ایک اندازےکیمطابق پاکستان میں 74زبانیں مروج ہیں۔ ایسانہیں کہ ان زبانوں کوحقیر سمجھاجاتاھےبلکہ افسوس تویہاں ھوتاھےکہ پاکستان
کی ان منفرد زبانوں کی درجہ بندی "Athena Log" نامی ویب سائٹ نے کی جس میں جرمنی اور ناروے کے ماہرین لسانیات نے کام کیا۔
اسلام آباد کا ایک غیر سرکاری ادارہ "Forum for Language Initiative" دمیلی، گورباتی، پالولا، یوشوجو اور یدغا زبانوں کی بنیادی گرامر اور الفاظ کے اردو معنوں پرکتابیں
مرتب کرچکا ھے۔
اسکایہ مطلب نہیں کہ زبانوں کو نظر انداز کر دیا گیا ھے بلکہ یہ زبانیں محدود اور مخصوص علاقوں میں بولی جانے کیوجہ سے سب کے علم میں نہیں ھوتی۔
مخصوص علاقوں میں بولی جانےوالی زبانوں کی طاقت اور وجود کا اندازہ ان میں موجود ادب، میوزک اور بولنے والوں کی تعداد سے ھوتا ھے۔
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Over the next century many of the world's languages will stop being spoken and die.

This is an unprecedented loss of cultural diversity.

Why? We wondered if there were common underlying factors driving this endangerment.…

#linguistics #languages 1/n
Each language has a unique history, and has particular threats and challenges. However, what about global factors? We adapted the analytical approaches that have been applied in conservation biology to characterise current threats to language diversity.
We gathered data on factors that influence languages: how they're transmitted, how kids learn them, what policies are there about them, as well as the demographic, environmental, socioeconomic and political conditions they're spoken in. 3/n
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Grateful for advice from #Hebrew and #Linguistics folk.

The Biblical name Naarah (נַעֲרָה) can be translated as ‘girl’.

A bit non-descript perhaps, but then some names are.

Clines, however, reads נַעֲרוֹתֶֽיךָ in Job 41.5 as ‘your sparrows’, which strikes me as plausible. Image
It also finds confirmation in a few apparent cognates from other languages, e.g.,

Mehri «nəγγōr» = ‘stork’,

Akkadian «nēru» = ‘a type of bird’ (from a lexical list), and

Arabic «nuγarat-» = ‘a red-billed sparrow’.
The question:

How much can be inferred about the base form of נַעֲרוֹתֶֽיךָ on the basis of the information above?

And what if anything does that tell me about the likelihood that the name נַעֲרָה is related to a ‘sparrow’ word?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2021…
Linguistic tricks to grab your online audience’s attention…

#linguistics #AudienceAttention #engagement
Mistrust of the CBO is unfortunately a growing bipartisan avocation…

#CongressionalBudgetOffice #data #trust #reports #politics
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My family is transitioning from lower class to lower middle. Like most #Punjabi families, with marriages & the third generation being born, the home language is shifting to Urdu (between siblings, spouses, parents and kids, kids and kids)#sociolinguitics #linguistics #punjabiyat
Even the second generation (=my) siblings speak Urdu or switch b/W Urdu and Punjabi while speaking.
I, however, am an exception who insists on speaking Punjabi for topics that are considered too modern for Punjabi, e.g. technology and business.
Grandparents (mum and dad) to grand kids (my nephews and nieces) communicate in Urdu, only I keep Punjabi on (my niece says 'Shakir mamoo Punjabi boltay hain' Shakir (maternal) uncle speaks Punjabi. And then she laughs sometimes).
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انجمن ستائشِ باہمی
Anjuman Sa-ta-ish-e Baahmi
An organization which is particularly set up by the members to praise others and in return get praised by others. Obviously the important research work by linguists and their organizations in the west is not like that.
However, to an outsider (=me) who only had the opportunity (=privilege) to take part becz he happened to have a scholarship, it sure looked like that: A small group of people (with some variations) gathering on different occasions, at different conferences, talking linguistics
Knowing each other so very well. While at the same time, local researchers from these countries/ communities working on similar issues /topics, couldn't be part of these gatherings because they couldn't afford to travel.
> couldn't do the networking
> couldn't collaborate
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Corpuses — large collections of language data — are very useful for writing and editing language-learning materials. This presentation explores how and why, with some specific examples...

#Tibetan #language #education #corpus #linguistics #materials #development

One key is 'frequency lists'. Frequency lists are lists of words based on how frequently they appear in a language. It tells us if any given word is common or rare.

Frequent words are useful. People use them again and again — meaning learners are exposed to them frequently naturally, too. And, the learner has opportunities to use them again and again — giving practice in production.
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Happy #StarTrekDay! 🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼

Here are our top #StarTrek #language and #communication fun facts 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Image
#StarTrek #language and #communication fun fact:

#Klingon is an object-verb-subject language (instead of "Klingons cherish their honor" >>> "Their honor cherish Klingons") Image
#StarTrek #language and #communication fun fact:

"The #UniversalTranslator could never work. Discuss." makes a great essay topic for #Linguistics 101 students. Image
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****Linguistic diversity in a time of crisis****

Special issue of Multilingua addresses #language challenges of #COVID19 pandemic

Out now. All papers free access, thanks to publisher @dg_mouton… Image
Global public health #communication is characterized by the large-scale exclusion of linguistic minorities from timely high-quality #information #COVID19

What are the #language regimes behind these exclusions and what can sociolinguists do?… Image
#Translation is an important means of enabling access to #information in disaster response

How did volunteer translators in #Wuhan go about procuring medical supplies in the initial stages of the #Covid_19 emergency?… Image
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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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I was once consulting a Leadership Team. I was giving a presentation on Clusters and Market segments. After the presentation, I met the CTO over a cup of coffee. We were talking about the presentation & the many times I'd say cluster is the many times CTO will say Modular
during our conversation. I didn't correct him because the dictionary synonym for cluster is modular. Although cluster marketing strategy is very different from technical architecture modular strategies. On my way back home, the sales linguistics cracked me up! 😂
This was a lesson for me to find out the history and background of a person before consulting them. Sales gets easy when we speak client's linguistic.

#sales #consultations #linguistics #strategy #management #marketing #language #linguistic #leadership #jargon #CTO #CMO
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To what degree is the person of the researcher in the #research? In our latest #RECLAS #ethics rant @HannaEK6 @uniofjyvaskyla reflects on researcher positionality…
This closes our mini series on #ResearchEthics in #AppliedLinguistics by researchers from the #RECLAS center at @uniofjyvaskyla

In previous post, @HondtSigurd explored the implications of #GDPR for #ethnography and data collection in public spaces
In another #RECLAS #ethics rant, @tainasaarinen questioned whether #research funding decisions made on the basis of "societal impact" are ethical…
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This #SOASLangs week, we'll delve in our #African languages holdings @SOASLibrary and @SOAS_SpecColl, or rather just brush on their surface: with several 100s of languages and dialects represented, it is our most #multilingual collection!

#AfricanLanguages #Multilingualism ImageImageImage
Let's start with #Swahili also known as #Kiswahili.

This @SOAS "Language for Lockdown" video is a great introduction to the 1,200 years history of Swahili: .

#SOASLangs #SOASfromHome Image
@SOAS @CAS_SOAS @SOAS_SpecColl hold a great collection of Swahili manuscripts, see

Among them figure a few copies of al-Inkishafi "The Soul's Awakening", a 19th cent. poem by Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Nassir.

#Swahili #SOASLangs #SOASfromHome #Inkishafi Image
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Weekend readings on #language aspects of the #COVIDー19 pandemic from Australia, China, Germany, Mexico, Qatar, and South Africa
What are the challenges faced by new arrival students who are still #learning the #language of their new home during the #COVIDー19 school closures? by @Barakos_E and @simone_carolin @unihh…
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The problem living in multilingual country like India is that, every region have it's blanket dimension, linguistically excluded from the rest of the country. A person living in one region of the country may never understand the geo local news, articles, poems & songs from
another region of the country due to linguistic difference. Any solution to a problem is at the mercy of that region's collective intellects segregated virtually by a language. Maybe in the near future, translations & comprehension will further 'soak' itself in
the information technology literally. The future of Accessible Design in IoT will be measured by visual comprehension beyond borders & measured by linguistic comprehension within borders, specially in the multilingual sub-continent like India.

#language #linguistics #translation
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#LinguistTwitter: What is your current level of proficiency for common notational systems in linguistic subfields?

(Polls below)

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA):…
Leipzig Glossing Rules:…
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Time for the big announcement 🥳🙌🏼 ...

... the winners are: @jecondraysbak @clerotto @lukeealexander @NaomiFillmore @CelesteRLouro ... and an extra one for @sallybgally for including us on her fantastic #linguistics poster
@jecondraysbak @clerotto @lukeealexander @NaomiFillmore @CelesteRLouro @sallybgally: to claim your t-shirt, DM us your size and postal address. We'd love a photo once you receive it 😊
And, just in case you haven't seen it: @sallybgally's fantastic #linguistics poster Image
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