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A new English determinative is being born: "a couple" (e.g., a couple years, a couple things, a couple people). #linguistics #diachronic
It's clearly evolving out of the NP frame "a couple of" + plural NP and may be influenced by the determinative "a few". Even if you don't accept "a couple people", you might find "a couple hundred" works like a gateway drug.
Here's the frequency of "a couple of" + N sinc the 1990s. The first line is the number of tokens, the second is the size of the subcorpus in millions, and the third is the frequency per million words. Not much happening here.
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A linguist named Paul Grice took an interest in how it was that conversations actually work - how did people manage to make themselves understood when speech is such a complex thing? His answers have considerable interest to the #autistic community /1
He realised that underpinning all human verbal communication is quite a bold assumption - that the person we are communicating with is being cooperative. This is at the very core of his theory. #autism #linguistics /2
We assume (as a default position) that the person we're talking to is cooperating with us. We assume they are acting in good faith. And this gives human interaction an awful lot of creative freedom. /3 #autism #linguistics
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🇦🇱 El término del latín medieval Albania, a su vez del griego medieval Αλβανία, procede del nombre Αλβανοί, una tribu iliria cuya primera mención histórica se puede encontrar en el libro III de la Geografía de Claudio Ptolomeo ✍️, escrita en el siglo II.

#linguistics #albanian
👫 El endónimo *Shqipëri*, empleado a raíz del dominio otomano, se puede encontrar por primera vez en el Meshari de Gjon Buzuku, del año 1555.

👥 Sus 5,877,100 hablantes residen en Albania, Grecia, Italia, Montenegro y Serbia, además de la diáspora.

#linguistics #albanian
🌳 El caracter indoeuropeo de esta lengua fue reconocido en 1854 por el filólogo alemán Franz Bopp.

Posteriormente, Gustav Meyer, Holger Pedersen y Norbert Jokl, profundizaron en el estudio de esta relación.

#linguistics #albanian
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For the curious, here are the results of my #unscientificpoll about questions in double modals, plus some reflections:
So, "Might Pat could leave?" was slightly more popular than "Might could Pat leave?" but the majority answer by far was neither of those. >>
I suspect that's because many people who answered the poll just wanted to see the results, and 'neither' seemed like the best answer in that case. >>
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I will be reposting all of the interviews I've done on the first year of the show, one per day, on this thread, with links to the new podcast.

@robsica @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @hfsunde @franciscforde
#1 Oren Amitay: Portuguese Bills on Transgender Rights. #psychology


@docamitay @Muttmere1 @vancitytaraxo @robsica @franciscforde @YzarW @jimfrank @KarinLitzcke @Lauguerreiro
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Joe Procaccino and Hugh Montgomery served under General Donovan, the director of the Office of Strategic Services, and 20 subsequent CIA Directors. Both entered the world of #intelligence on the strength of their foreign #language skills.
Joe was born in Italy and graduated with a major in #linguistics. He joined the OSS and continued on after the establishment of the CIA. Former Director George Tenet described Joe as “The Father of All Reports Officers” because he pioneered many procedures still in use today.
Hugh followed in his mother’s linguistic footsteps and learned eight languages fluently. He spent 24 years serving CIA overseas. In Moscow, Hugh was involved in handling the agent who many believe was the most valuable Russian asset ever run by the Agency, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky.
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Oh, Fiona!
Take the quotes in the “anonymous” op-ed and run a search. You’ll find her there.
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The #threats invaded my #Brexit #genre #thread. It was supposed to be mostly fun and #FBPE-games, but the threads turn it grim . So. I'll establish this new thread of uses of the threat as genre in the Brexit debate. It won´t be a lot of fun. #forensic #linguistics #genrestudies
Before I get going, a little piece of research dissemination on threats by my good colleagues @TanyaKaroli and @MarieEBM:

Exhibit A: @cliodiaspora has had to bear a truckload of abuse and quite a few threats for her engagement. I admire her intensely for sticking to her guns. This one is ugly in many many different ways.

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Gospel for Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Did Jesus get his power to cast out demons from the Prince of Demons? #gospel…
//The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said, "He is possessed by Beelzebul," and "By the prince of demons he drives out demons." (Mk 3:22) #Gospel
//Beelzebub or Beelzebul is a name derived from a Philistine god, formerly worshipped in Ekron, and later adopted by some Abrahamic religions as a major demon. The name Beelzebub is associated with the Canaanite god Baal. #demonology #religion
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Time for results of my unscientific poll (thread):
In the 48 hours the poll was active, 286 twitter users responded. 2/
This does not count the replies that came in as tweets instead of votes. 3/
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Time for results of my unscientific poll (thread):
In the 48 hours the poll was active, 286 twitter users responded. 2/
This does not count the replies that came in as tweets instead of votes. 3/
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