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I am taking my son to a 2nd/3rd grade dance tonight. I might not make it home with my wits intact. If you speak of me, speak well.
He will have a great time and that’s all that counts. But life didn’t prepare me for a big room full of 8-year-olds and What Does The Fox Say on loop.
Will say I have a healthy respect for my 7-y/o’s ability to BOOGIE in the middle of the floor and not care about all the kids being awkward around him. Genuinely filled with pride at him being better than his old man at this.
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1.✍️This is my thread re: #BeliefPatterns & how our minds can be manipulated.
🧠 Knowledge is power 💡

Read on patriots! 🇺🇸

Recently, I shared my blog article called #WhatAreYouGoingToBelieve 💊📺🤔🐇

👇To read article here click on link here👇…

2. How is that the #MSM #FakeNews media was able to control a #ProgrammedNarrative that has enslaved our minds for decades? 🧠🆘❗️🤡


A link Ive shared is called the #CenturyOfTheSelf

3. The word "Programming" requires no symbolism.

😮😮😮It's in your face. 😮😮😮

🎸Jim Morrison said:

#WhomeverControlsTheMediaControlsTheMind 🧠

(Side note: do you know what Jim's dad did? Dig...)


(Why did Jim really die? Why do so many celebrities die?)
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We are always being told to #EnjoyTheShow

What does this mean?

In order to prepare your mind for calculus, you have to first learn simple arithmetic.

#QAnon : #TheStageMustBeSet 🎞

Q tells @POTUS to #SetTheStage 🎥🍿

Q asks us: #DoYouBelieve ?
🛸What does he mean? ✝️🙏🏼
💊 Learn Basic RedPill101 💊

Q & @POTUS and men like @GenFlynn 🙌🏼 know you cant just dump all the facts without setting the stage.

Like an atty (I know a few good ones @Mark923to25 & soon @FederalistNo78 ;) who walk into a courtroom, we must first lay a solid foundation.
#HowDoYouMakePeopleAwareOfAnAlternateReality ?


The mind must be prepared to receive the out-of-this-world info thats coming.



The Bible really has all these answers. Read it. Look beyond dogmas.
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a friend sent me this gif and it made me lmfao. "this shit sounds 110% like honeycomb propaganda" #thetruthisoutthere #sheeple #artisanalhandcraftedpackets4u
in all seriousness tho. I'm gonna try and say something real here, without it coming across like a pompous arse:

most of this "honeycomb propaganda" is an peek 1-5 years into the future for those of you who write code that runs in prod.

use us or no, you should know this.
I have always loved being on the bleeding edge of tech. I'm not the greatest engineer in the world, but I get *so* much energy from solving problems that nobody else has yet.. in production.

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Forget the Chief of Staff, focus on a new White House spell checker
Smock 'em if you got 'em
This all makes sense if you assume Trump is shorting the market
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