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You may have seen the Ontario PCs spamming links to The Hamilton Independent.

So I asked the question, what is this new “news org” and after doing extensive research I have found the following EXPLOSIVE…. 1/

#cdnmedia #onpoli ImageImageImage
Just kidding, took two seconds and a single google search to find their connections to Jeff Ballingal and Canada/Ontario Proud. #CdnMediaFailed

HI is a fake news source basically putting out articles to benefit Canada/Ontario Proud and Jeff Ballingals clients (CPC & PCPO) 2/ ImageImage
The Hamilton Independent is also tied to The Niagara Independent, another fake news site. #CdnMediaFailed 3/
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Feels like corruption and press freedom in the multipolar world are under-reported topics. Shall we do a few tweets on the topic today? 🤔

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I wrote this to a #BJP supporter who wanted to know my political position. I am expanding and sharing it here.

1. BJP is as corrupt and inefficient as #Congress, but it gets a free pass because it is successfully advancing the cause of #Hindu #majoritarianism.

2. Examples are #Rammandir, #kashivishvanathtemple, #Article370, #TripleTalaq, #UCC, #CAANRC, #Cowslaughter bans, random #lynchings of Muslims, ban on #Azan in public, etc. A majority of Hindus in India support these, as they believe these will "put Muslims in their place."

3. In fact, #Corruption under the BJP is likely to be far worse than under Congress rule, because the media (which is now entirely under the control of Modi's corporate cronies like A&A) simply refuses to investigate any BJP corruption scams. Examples: #Vyapam, #Rafale...

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📢 Thread: RBI Withdraws ₹2000 Banknotes, Here's What You Need to Know! 💵🏦
👉RBI is withdrawing ₹2000 banknotes introduced in 2016 after demonetization. These notes will still be legal tender, but their usage has decreased, so RBI wants to replace them with other denominations. #RBI #CurrencyWithdrawal
👉The decision is part of RBI's "Clean Note Policy" to ensure good quality banknotes in circulation. You can still use ₹2000 notes for transactions, but it's better to deposit or exchange them by September 30, 2023. Banks will help with the process. #CleanNotePolicy
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1/ The head of @FIIA_fi, @MikaAaltola, warns that in the long run, #Russia will try to turn #Finland into a ”different and special” #NATO member, something between #Hungary and #Norway.

This is noteworthy as there is a cabinet formation process going on in Helsinki.

2/ In Hungary, Russia used three important tools to increase her influence, eventually enabling Orbán’s autocratization:

1) Demoralization in front of the totalitarian heritage (inadequate #lustration)
2) Corrupt networks of the ancien regime
3) Organized crime with Russian ties Image
3/ While Finland was never a communist dictatorship, all the elements above were present in the country after the Cold War.

#Finlandization turned into #PostFinlandization, protecting local #KGB-connected elites. Staying outside #NATO made the problem even more dangerous. Image
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There are over a dozen forms of public sector corruption recorded & monitored globally, yet only few of them seem to be talked about.

Corruption isn't just a far-off concept—it's a reality that affects us all.

In this thread, I'll explore the most common forms 1/11. #Corruption Image
💰💼 Corruption can be financial or non-financial, direct or indirect.

Financial corruption involves the misuse of public power for private gain, often involving money.

Non-financial corruption doesn't always involve money but can still have severe impacts. 2/11 #Types
Examples of financial corruption include bribery, embezzlement, fraud, & extortion.

Non-financial corruption can take the form of favoritism, cronyism, patronage, nepotism & abuse of state organs.

Mistakenly, ppl think this is the worst type due to the financial loss. 3/11
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Silicon Valley of India 🇮🇳 #Bengaluru in #Karnataka has changed rulers Global Deep State is watching @INCIndia must ensure 0 #Corruption Incorporate Chanakya Niti on managing Traders Merchants & profiteering Discard Crony capitalists @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi to make it #2024
Siphoning off monies in Foreign Shores Dubai Cayman Delaware must stop 🛑 Policies shldB drawn up to bring back trillions of dollars stashed abroad Invite runaway HNIs to come back 0 Tax like Dubai Remove P Notes & DTAAs @PChidambaram_IN @varinderanand @BhavikaKapoor5 Jai Hind!🇮🇳
Abolish 100s of Government of India 🇮🇳 departments who have not been able to stave off flight of capital & humans Stop special treatment to NRIs All are equal Remember "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan" With all these come out with blazing Manifesto @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi Trust India !
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“Is #Ukraine a #Democracy? Separating #Fact From #FictionImage
“Free and Fair Elections

#Ukraine's president is directly elected by the people, while the country's lawmakers are elected in both single-seat constituencies and through proportional representation.
The legislature chooses the prime minister by majority vote, and the president appoints members of the supreme court after they have been nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice.
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1/3 Energy giants BP and Equinor agreed to press ahead with plans for £1.5bn development in #Teesside #Freeport after demanding a guarantee they are not becoming involved in a project marred by corruption.

#Houchen #corruption…
2/3 "Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen, who is running the #Teesworks project, confirmed that a “bespoke clause” was inserted into their legal agreement, at the request of the two energy firms."
3/3 “BP and Equinor wanted assurances, given the noise they were hearing,” he (Houchen) told The Yorkshire Post. “We were able to provide those assurances and they signed the deal last week. Now they’re investing north of £1.5bn on this site. If anything, it exonerates us.”
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@vonderleyen The #Qatargate #Scandal: Could It Signal The #End Of The ‘#BrusselsEU’? | Apr 21
- A vice #president of the #EuropeanParliament and other EU #lawmakers have been #bribed by the governments of #Qatar, #Morocco, #Mauritania, and possibly other countries…
@vonderleyen Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between #Pfizer And #EUCommission Chief For Sale Of #Vaccines | Sep 18
- Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to #ransom making bizarre demands asking for #bankreserves, #embassy buildings and #military bases.
@vonderleyen The #EuropeanCommission's #refusal of public access to text messages #SMS exchanged between
@vonderleyen and the CEO of a #pharmaceutical company on the purchase of a #Covid19Vaccines
- CASE 1316/2021/MIG - OPENED ON Thursday | 16 Sep 2021
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#Eurobrometri paljastaa suomalaisten alistuneen, syövän lailla minsteröihin ja erityisesti koko #oikeuslaitos'een levinneeseen, #vapaamuurari-#mafian aiheuttamaan, yhteiskuntaa näivettävään sairauteen.
- 'Difficult to prove anything' ImageImage
#EUROBAROMETRI - #Korruptio - #Suomi
#Finland 1011 interviews | Fieldwork: 22 March‐18 April 2022
#EU:… Image
- concerning is the fact that 53% of Europeans reported not knowing how to #report #corruption when they came across it, while 48%cited the difficulty of #proving allegations as a reason for not coming forward…
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Hello and welcome to Azad Kashmir Anar Ul Haq's coalition government has decided  to amend the law to raise the number of  ministers from 16 to 26 at the  expense of people's wellbeing in  order to ensure that his rule  is not threatened. 1/3
What's Interesting  is that a bill seeking the renaming  and restructuring of  the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell  (JKLC) has been lying with the  government  for months but has yet to be  introduced in the assembly. Kashmiris can keep dying, but  their interests must come first.
This is the reality of Azad Kashmir's ruling elite.
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Missouri farmers were sold out by lobbyists like this. #WeThePeople are DONE with lobbyists paid for politicians like these. Thank you to @SCooperGG for listing the groups we need to target with boycotts to stop corruption & keep poison out of our food supply. #HB1169 did NOTHING……
Yesterday the lobbyists from Missouri Cattlemen and elsewhere threatened all the politicians on the committee. Said they would end their careers if they voted against #HB1169. THIS is the problem in DC & our state capitals. The LOBBYISTS are controlling the politicians. We need……
We also need to thank the individuals that stood against the pressure from the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and others. Thank Holly Jones, Bill Hardwick, & the others that had the courage to do what was right over what was easy.
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The dust seems to have settled down. I am referring to the discussion around the #BJP-#AIADMK 2024 poll alliance. Ever since reports of Annamalai’s intention to go alone in 2024 came out and subsequent contradicting statements from some senior BJP leaders, [1/7] 2024 is going to be a significant year in TN politics, this
everyone seems to have understood what Annamalai is thinking. After his meeting with HM in Delhi, he seems to be more assertive and confident. The seniors in the party also seem to have got the message. This is what happens with a strong leader.[2/7]
The questions from #media, statements from #AIADMK leaders, #Twitter trolls, etc. seem to have toned down. AIADMK seems to be on the defensive. the new leader still seems unsure of himself. There is a sense of artificial camaraderie in the AIADMK camp.[3/7]
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#SouthAfrica: Today the finance minister went back on the decision to exempt #Eskom from reporting expense regularities and the electricity minister lifted the state of disaster declared two months to deal with #loadshedding. These developments are good, but--
--it's alarming that they were made in the first place, because the first was an attempt to cover up the #corruption that we know to have occurred and the second would've simply opened the door to further corruption.
Then, to see government flip flopping on decisions is never a good sign, primarily because it signals a lack of decisive leadership with a vision. What was the plan? Was there a plan? And what was the end goal? Surely only something nefarious.
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#अधिकारी_वेंडर_नेक्सस का नया स्वरूप-अधिकारी स्वयं बना वेंडर!
हालांकि जानकारी वेरीफाइड है,तथापि व्यक्तियों और कंपनियों के नाम रिडेक्ट किए गए हैं,सूचना कुछ इस प्रकार है-

1. ExED/E/Vig ###RailwayBoard ###, earned huge money by misusing his position & power..
@PMOIndia @RailMinIndia
2. He invested huge corrupt money in the firm M/s ###/Haridwar whose owner is Mr S# ##. This firm is approved vendor for supplying electric locomotive items and electrical coaching items.

@srinandjha @kuldeepsriv041 @kkgauba @Clwrailindia @rajtoday @tnmishra111 @narendramodi
3. Mr ### opened a firm R###/Okhla industrial Area, Delhi whose real owner is his son Mr M### with joint partnership with S### owner of M/s ###/Haridwar.

4. M/s R### used to supply and do turnkey projects of Signalling work/items.

@cabsect_india @NITIAayog @DrAshokTripath
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🧵 1/14 The Struggles of #AddisAbeba Under the Rule of Abiy Ahmed 🇪🇹
This extended thread delves into the challenges facing #AddisAbeba, Ethiopia's capital city, under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mayor Abebech Adane, and the urgent need for change.👇
#Ethiopia #AbiyAhmed
🧵 2/14 Who is Abiy Ahmed? 🤔
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Prime Minister since April 2018, was initially seen as a beacon of hope. However, his tenure has been marred by persistent social issues that plague Addis Abeba and the nation.
#AbiyAhmed #EthiopianPolitics
🧵 3/14 Who is Abebech Adane? 🏛️
Abebech Adane, the Mayor of Addis Abeba, has faced criticism for her inability to address the city's pressing social issues effectively. The government needs to prioritize the well-being of its citizens to prevent further deterioration.
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🧵1. 🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥: @airasia CEO @tonyfernandes_ recently held a 🧑‍✈️pilot's town hall meeting where he shared several key updates about the company's future.

However, the meeting has raised eyebrows given his ongoing involvement in several high-profile scandals.
2. Tan Sri @tonyfernandes_ is currently embroiled in the @Airbus bribery scandal (COUNT 1: MALAYSIA), which involved the company paying off officials in several countries, including Malaysia, to secure aircraft contracts.
3. TonyF has denied any wrongdoing, but the scandal has put a spotlight on his leadership and integrity. He has also been linked to the @RollsRoyce scandal, which involved the company bribing officials in several countries to secure engine contracts.…
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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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1/5 Let’s talk about Switzerland’s Credit Suisse Bank.

It is in shit street financially and needs a $54Bn bailout from Switzerland’s Central Bank.

Credit Suisse is 160 years old and is one of the largest banks in the world. This bank has a history of… ImageImage

1986 - The bank was implicated in helping to store $10bn stolen by Phillipines Ferdinand Marco and his wife Emelda siphoned from the country. Credit Suisse open fake accounts for this couple under the names of William Saunders and Jane Ryan to hide the stolen money. The…… ImageImage

2009 - Credit Suisse was fined $536m for circumventing sanctions by the US Gov, including Iran and Sudan between 1995-2007. At the time the bank claimed it was “enhancing procedures” and taking action internally.

2011 - Credit Suisse paid $150m dollars to settle an…… ImageImage
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Let’s start a thread of best Ukrainian war, TikTok dances. Please add to it. From one crisis to the next - they didn’t even change the script. yet the sheep still follow. Baa Baa
That’s all remember there’s no dance floor in a real war🤔.
#Ukraine #Fakewar #tiktokdances
Let’s keep the thread going, because dumb ass didn’t learn from the Covid scam. Add your favorite war TikTok dance? Help build the thread They’re not hard to find. #scam #pukraine #dance
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