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"To upgrade oneself, the object to work on is our brain. The process may include unlearning to learn and learning to unlearn. Whichever is the case the #brain can never be over exploited.

In every ideal #society, learning is required for universal relevance and/
acceptance. Anyone who cease to learn cease to grow and signed in for demotion or #stagnancy.

Engaged in a discussion with one of my sons this morning, I made him realized there are ways we learn without alerting our #teacher in quote, so learning may be cheap atimes./

However, active learning comes by deep interactions between the master and the learner. It's therefore extremely tedious and most time not #achievable to be a master of what is not deeply learnt or handed over to one by a sacrificial #learning act.

@UnboxTherapy @MentallyAwareNG
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Topic: Importance of a strong and tactically astute leadership.

1. Over the last 35 days India has made more global headlines than probably ever in her history. The biggest / most influential nations are talking about India.

2. India is the only country, who is able to

evacuate all its citizens (nearly 20K) from war torn Ukraine free of cost; when most developed countries have only issued notices to citizens to make way to a nearby safe country on your own, and fly back, on your own.

3. Over this period, Russian president Putin has

spoken to PM Modi multiple times; Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has also spoken seeking help; and several world leaders have pressurised India to toe the West, but India refuses.

4. In a recent UN vote, 140 countries voted decrying Russia as the aggressor.

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I’ve read about 150 books (mostly on management, leadership and business) in the last five years. Here are books I recommend for those transitioning into a leadership role, and/or are middle managers. #BookRecommendations #leadership
Transitioning into a leadership role is very exciting but can be challenging. As a leader, you have to effectively (1) lead yourself, (2) lead & inspire others, (3) manage time, resources, and projects to get results. Here're the books I recommend. Five on on each (1, 2 & 3)
On self-leadership:
1. Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker
2. True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George, Peter Sims
3. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
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The day after my pregnancy-loss I showed up to work like …everything was fine. Did you?

[THREAD] #LeadershipMatters #DEI
After realizing the pain I was in, I communicated with my (amazing) boss that I was having a “medical issue”, which he never questioned (blessed). But to this day, I have never shared to him, or my colleagues who I spent the majority of my life, what I was going through. Why?
A. Pregnancy-loss, fertility are issues often not discussed in the workplace. Even though the impact can be physical & mental.
B. Most Managers are not equipped/trained to talk about these issues.
C. Most Companies do not consider these issues in equity & inclusion initiatives.
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Grenfell Tower Inquiry diary week 54: ‘Our consideration of evacuation at this time was something of a blind spot’…

IS @NexusChambers #MichaelMansfieldQC @_lesliethomas WHO ARE WITH THE CIRCLE OF @OCCRP WHO ARE THERE TO LIMIT THE DAMAGE TO @taxpayers DENYING THE @VictimRightsLaw .

WHILE THE @grenfellinquiry IS DOING AS @InquiryCSA HAS DONE TO US THE @ProductsSystem.

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We often search outwardly for #leadership advice. Another strategy is looking inward for advice: exploring the self might be more fruitful, and here’s why:
How we #lead is merely a projection of the self. If we take more time to explore and know our self (our beliefs, assumptions, values, opinions, fears, etc.), then maybe we can better understand the style and manner in which we lead.
Others have their own style and manner in which they lead. Their style, which is unique, is merely a projection of their values, their opinions, their fears and hopes—all unique. These projections will never mirror your projections.
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🔍🔍Data Investigation 🔎🔎

After not sharing parent & staff feedback on the Districtwide survey for over a year, CCSD finally posted some old data.

Let’s investigate to see what they may have been hiding from the public!

#NVed #CCSD Image
Posting survey results on their website is required of CCSD by Nevada law.

We originally called them out for this in December 2020.

#WheresTheData #ComplianceDefiance Image
We called CCSD out again in Aug. of 2021

They still had not posted results for 2019-20
nor 2020-2021

By law, the results from the prior school year are to be posted by the start of the following school year

e.g., 2020-21 results posted by Aug 9, 2021.

#WheresTheData Image
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🚨🚨Sound the Alarm🚨🚨

The Clark County School District, under the leadership of Jesus Jara, is losing teachers/licensed staff faster than ever before!

This thread reviews the latest data!
We’re in the 3rd month of the school year & 664 teachers/licensed staff have announced they're leaving CCSD.

- 66% more than a typical year
- 31% more than the next highest year
It’s rare that an employee is so frustrated w/ CCSD that they say they are leaving because they’re “Dissatisfied with the District”

In a typical year at this point, less than 6 teachers/licensed staff have left for this reason.

Let’s see what it looks like this year…
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Are you ready for more big malaria news? @PMIgov 2021 Strategy centers localization. Its principles include country ownership, #equity, & local leadership. 3 of its 5 focus areas incl community & local initiatives. Read on I want to share this rare gem example of impact.
Many of you saw this tweet that expressed a frustration that many researchers feel when funding is primarily provided to Global North-based institutions to “help” implement an LMIC-based program. 🧵re: a story of our collective #decolonizegh advocacy

Hundreds of you amplified the above tweet which was shared the same day that @rajpanjabi was appointed @PMIgov Global Coordinator. As the founder of @lastmilehealth we told him that we expected better and appealed to Him to improve PMI’s approach to empowering local leadership.
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Vote NO on the #RepublicanRecall. Because #LeadershipMatters.

A thread. 🧵
We’ve seen & heard the disqualifying statements & positions from some candidates related to woman’s rights – especially reproductive rights.

Here’s @GavinNewsom’s record in support of reproductive freedoms – and why it matters. 2/
Across the nation, reproductive rights are under attack.

This year alone, 500+ state bills sought to advance abortion restrictions. If a conservative Supreme Court were to overturn #RoeVWade, 24 states would likely prohibit & criminalize abortions outright. 3/
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Vote NO on the #RepublicanRecall. Because #LeadershipMatters.

A thread. 🧵1/ Color photograph of Rusty Hicks and Gavin Newsom looking at
@GavinNewsom There’s lots of talk about the candidates on Question 2 of the recall ballot. And rightfully so. They are unfit for the office. They are unprepared to do the job. They are out of step with California’s values. 2/
Yet, far too little attention is given to @GavinNewsom's strong record of accomplishment – especially in leading our State through an unprecedented global pandemic. 3/
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#Leadership is about being a role model that people look up to - Prof. @FrancisOmaswa

Follow the #thread below
#Leadership starts with you being in the right state physically, mentally, spiritually. Do you take care of yourself? Do you have a moral anchor? -- @FrancisOmaswa
#Leadership also takes personal discipline. Be in charge of yourself. Where do you want to be in 2 years and how do you get there? Have a to-do list - Prof. @FrancisOmaswa
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Biden currently blaming Trump, this is amazing
he's complaining about the "spring fighting season"

"what could I do, not stick with trump's agreement?"

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Hopes to go back on live tour in US @ronnychieng in 2021 and looking forward it. Thinks stand up comedy has moved on from DJT. That a different focus than the @TheDailyShow which needs to be aware of daily news.
Answering his own journey for cultural identity. Arrived to US in 2015. Asian person raised in Asian who voluntarily moved to US for work.. if you come by choice - 1st gen - are optimistic and wide eyed. If 2nd gen have rightfully so expectations of more and frustrated if can’t!
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Leadership transition, a challenge at the best of times, is much harder when the incoming leader is inheriting discontent, division, underperformance and the results of poor leadership by a predecessor. I have more to say on this. #LeadershipDevelopment #LeadershipTransition
Biden will find again the thing that makes turnarounds difficult is that the situation is always worse than is publicly known. Denial, cover-ups, withholding of information, and finger-pointing rather than accountability.
In #leadershiptransition, finding the data & putting facts on the table for all to confront, ends closed cronyism and invites more people to the discussion of what can be done. This provides the foundation for a more unified approach. #leadershipdevelopment
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Why I call it an epic failure of leadership in the US.

-Some countries had great leadership & are winning.

-Other countries failed despite trying their best.

We failed but didnt even try. Instead leaders mocked masks, disobeyed rules, insulted scientists, & tarnished CDC
We can live with an all out strategy that failed. Where we tried our best to test, trace. Where we clearly told people about important of masks once it became obvious that masks were important. Where we provided PPE & resources to hospitals.

But we don’t have a plan in November
But we have a unrelenting series of mixed messages.
A never ending stream of leaders minimizing the pandemic. Multiple events where safety rules are broken by people who should be implementing and promoting them.

That’s the difference between not trying and trying.
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It's out!

A deep dive into making the Spotify model work with @jrasmusson, author of Competing with Unicorns @prag_notifier, formerly at @SpotifyEng.

Check out the full interview:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans
Here are a few key takeaways from the interview:

1. It's easy to copy the Spotify model

We all know about squads, tribes, guilds and so on, but that's just scratching the surface. You need the soul of the model.

2. Management is the soul

You need to change your approach to management to make the Spotify model work.

#Management #LeadershipMatters
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Looks like I’m up next for #PAScholarStrike! I’ve been tapped to talk about the imperative for organizations to conduct “social justice audits.” #ScholarStrike
In particular, I’m going to be talking about the need to identify the white supremacist roots of our organizations (I’m looking at you academia) and transform how power operates within them—and that traditional approaches to self-study are inadequate and even harmful.
While I’m focusing today on white supremacy, it’s necessary to remember that systems of oppression intersect and therefore any thorough social justice audit needs to consider all forms of oppression within an organization. Approaches to inclusivity need to as well.
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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Pakistan is set to demonstrate to the world that it is not a MUST for a modern State in this Century to have schools, colleges, universities,hospitals, an enviable communication infrastructure, railways,airlines,steel mills,good public transport etc. That we can do without it all
BUT,if the Pakistani nation,as a whole and from every walk of life and profession,comes together Pakistan can resurrect itself into a solid,united,coherent,harmonic, cohesive,energetic,enterprising, vigorous, integrated and a rapidly developing nation and Country in a short time
Choice of what we want to make of our beloved Pakistan lies crystal clear before the political, judicial,bureaucratic and military leaders of Pakistan.They,together, MUST stem the rot and remember that ALMIGHTY ALLAH is watching and so are the people of Pakistan-patiently for now
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What a beautiful county Pakistan we have.Indeed.But each one of us 220million Pakistanis must admit our criminal negligence in not doing justice to our beautiful Pakistan.Everyone off us,to the last man,is guilty of neglect,omissions and commissions that have caused great harm
Time for Pakistanis to make up for lost time and wrong doings.Every Pakistani,in or out of uniform,in or out of Govt service,to the last man and woman must put their hands to their hearts and swear before ALMIGHTY ALLAH to become productive and law abiding citizens of Pakistan
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If I was a CM in KP,Punjab,or Sindh(badly COVID19 hit Provinces) I would NOT repeat NOT have cared a fig whether the Federal Govt had ordered a lockdown,or not,and would have done what would have been best for my Province.If necessary,I would have closed my Provincial Borders too
I would have done everything to convince the PM and CMs on why that kind of a firm action was necessary.I would have done my utmost to make the top echelon of the country agree to a national plan.BUT if they wouldnt listen to reason I would go do what was best for my Province.
This is only possible when Pakistan begins to have real life autonomous Chief Ministers. I can say with all the emphasis at my command that Pakistan has never EVER had CMs who have been their own men.They, in fact, become CMs because of their compromises before they take oath
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Numerous Pakistanis including doctors were opposed to a pre EID lifting of the lockdown. We had all predicted the ongoing surge in cases.Why couldn’t the Govt assess this?It was so obvious.The next 4 weeks are DANGEROUS for all.None can stop us from staying home.Please STAY HOME
The right way to do it would have been to wait for EID to be over and,thereafter,the lockdown should have been lifted in a planned and phased manner; not haphazardly like it was done by the Govt and aggravated by a SCP order. Am not using hindsight.I and many said this then too
Sense of responsibility is important. In this case the responsibility for the rapid-rate surge in COVID19 cases clearly lies at the doorsteps of the Fed Govt and the SCP. Govt should just own up and say it was an error of judgement which it was and redesign an effective strategy
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Abubakar Suleiman makes one want to open a Sterling Bank Account.

Even if you don't have a Sterling account, follow @suleimana for the value and insights of his tweets.

Or simply to learn how to represent your brand - personal or business..


#FridayFollow #TopTenFollow

Are you a Youth? Follow @MomentsWithBren for personal and career development; for opportunities in Educational sector - grants/scholarships/interndhips/school applications and so much more.

Her Telegram group is pretty cool👊
Follow @tosinolaseinde and @themoneyafrica
To expand your financial literacy and wealth-building strategies. To build your money habits & discipline.

For tips & strategies on how to navigate a post-pabdemic world, economically.

Ask about their subscription-based WhatsApp group
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