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Aku pikir sudah hilang, tapi ternyata...-

(A thread)

Aku mau numpang cerita pengalamanku yaaa..
Yang berkenan dan penasaran silahkan dibaca thread ini..

Entah ini thread horor atau bukan, nilai sendiri deh hehe. Tapi kejadiannya bikin aku keinget terus sampe skrg.
Ok mulai. Aku kuliah di salah satu perguruan tinggi di kota malang. Ini tahun 2017 dan awal kuliah itu bulan september. Terus ada salah satu kegiatan di kampus itu yang mengharuskan menginap di asrama selama 1 minggu tanpa gadget dan melakukan kegiatan² keislamian slma disna.
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My experience as a #VolunteersAgainstCovid19 4 #Elders in #Bhubaneswar
@ajmahapatra started a #Facebook page inviting local non-contact volunteers 2 assist Elders namely- Covid19 Support 4 elders

Cc: @meeramohanty @SarangiSudhansu @cpbbsrctc @HFWOdisha
A core team was formed with few senior volunteers 2 plan out Non-contact based volunteering guideline
to create awareness, overcome loneliness, co-ordinate online support & facilitation of essentials deliveries.
IT volunteer prepared google doc 2 get volunteers on board.
A WhatsApp group brought all volunteers under one roof for ensuring that the guidelines laid are strictly adhered to & there is no legal complications or issues at a later date. It was 2 be non contact program, mere comfort calling, coordinating, no financial transaction .
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Dear medical professionals,
Do you know how to perform high quality #cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

You have been invited to speak with one of the board members of a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria about your proposal.
1)During the first 10 minutes of your conversation, you noticed that the man has been coughing and holding his chest, suddenly he falls to the ground and you discover that there is no pulse or respiration

As a medical practitioner, what is your first call of action?
2)Do you know the universal sign to differentiate between Cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Are you confident about what to do at this point?

Do you know how to activate emergency response system?

#Nurse #medic #Emergency #heartattack #cardiacarrest
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Pernah kejadian, ke wonogiri nyariin keris tinggalan leluhurnya ibu. Aslinya jalurnya dari mbah buyut untuk kakek terus ke pakde terus ke mas sepupu. Namun sama kakek dititipkan ke mbah carik. #threadhorror
Langsung saya menuju ke rumah mbah carik. Dengan sedikit basabasi saya disambut baik oleh keluarga mbah carik, memang almarhum simbah dan almarhum mbah carik adalah sahabat baik, sehingga hubungan antar keluarga pun baik.
Satu jam lebih kami mengobrol, dan tibalah satu kesempatan untuk menyampaikan maksud tujuan sebenarnya. Gayung bersambut, kala itu anak almarhum mbah carik mengajak ke senthong tengah, tempat menyimpan pusaka #threadhorror #MalamSatuSuro #malam1suro
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The Time I Got Freaky on FaceTime 😏#Threads #threadstorytime #storytimethread
So this all happened literally last night. I was on FaceTime with my lil summer fling( we gonna call him Ricky). Now I’m on Vacation atm with my family and I’m sharing a room with my little cousin(he’s like 8)
So my little was sleeping in the bed and I was on an air mattress. I had in nothing but a jacket a bra, some lace underwear. Now by time I called Ricky I was already in the mood, so I was tryna get him to notice, so I took off my jacket
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How me and my bestfriend fucked at my grandmother cookout 💦😋👅 #threads #thread #threadstorytimes #freaky #freakthreads #viral #explorepage #read #enjoy #threadstories #threadtrends #explore #threading
Ok so this was summer time around early June a couple months faster me and my bestfriend fucked so after we fucked we didn’t fuck no more but we were still so close. If you haven’t ready the past story you won’t get it so go read it but anyways my bestfriend name is going to be—
Jay, so anyways I invite jay to my grandmother cookout because it was just something we always did. The night before I ended up staying at his house and sadly nothing happend. So when I got up that morning I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my face routine and make up then—
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STORYTIME!!: how I lost my virginity and regretted it. 🙄 #StoryTime #Thread #threadstorytime #threadstorytimes #threadstories #storytelling
Soooo I lost my virginity to my off&on ex G (refer to my other storytime.) this was in August & it happened multiple times.. the first was August 10th.🙄 first of all I was scared & i was mad because i went straight to his damn house after they stank ass football practice.
So we went to his house we was kissin or whatever in his room while his brother was in the front & he started fingering me & sucking my titties & shit. After awhile he was like are you ready im like hell nah, i was hella scared and not ready.
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